AKTIIVI in english 2011


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AKTIIVI in english 2011

  1. 1. AKTIIVIwww.aktiivi.info
  2. 2. Active Citizen of the Open Learning Environments (AKTIIVI) is an ESF-fundeddevelopment program coordinated by theFinnish Ministry of Education and Culture.
  3. 3. TARGET GROUPS• Projects and their workers getting funding from the same development program (15 projects, 2 starting)• Control group and financier of the whole program• Through projects education, free educational work, adult education, library, culture actions and staff of these, civic organization and area’s working life organizations• Broad target group, which different projects can be divided in four groups: – Library projects – Museum projects – Projects that develop citizens skills of information technology – Projects that support learning and teaching
  4. 4. GOALS• Promote networking and collaboration• Refine and disseminate best practices and methods• Predict, research and evaluate achievement of goals of the development program
  5. 5. RESULTS 1/3Networking and coordination in the development program• Networks that are developed between projects• Dissemination of information and best practices, learning together• Effective communication• Developing business models• Via research and development methods common visions and experiences are collected to information that can be exploited• Methods and tools for versatile communication through projects: development of own project, avoiding overlapping actions, dissemination of produced information of own project for other projects to be exploited
  6. 6. RESULTS 2/3Open Learning Environments• Produced examples of functional open learning environments in which: information is shared, new information is built, is reflected, already learned is taken to use for own needs• Has built confidential networks, in which is adventured to collaboration and for new challenges with new different factors• Openness encourages to dissemination and changing of resources, contents and experiences• Continuous lifelong learning is possible, when the resources of learning are available for everybody regardless of residence and property
  7. 7. RESULTS 3/3Active citizenship• New tools and operation model for use in organizations, continuous support and analysis of changing process as individual and community level• Analyzed information and sensations of people: promoting the process in a common importance field’s framework to a desired direction, when factors will be activated• Open occasions and events for everybody• Open network education for everybody
  8. 8. PROJECTS
  9. 9. Creating together `xw|t tÇw ZÉâÜÅxà yÉÉw Tietotaitotalkoot is a collaborative 12-hour workshop, where your community or organisation can work together to create a mediapublication of your choice (video, audio, Internet site, web or print). Theworkshop also includes cooking a delicious meal! Our instructors bring the necessary equipment and materials for the entire process. http://www.tietotaitotalkoot.fi/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2qhFJRMtt8
  10. 10. http://avaramuseo.blogspot.com/, pauliina.kinanen@museoliitto.fi
  11. 11. “Getting netted” http://verkkohaltuun.wordpress.com/, paivi.jokitalo@seamk.fi
  12. 12. Lähellä kaupungissa/Near In the City http://users.utu.fi/vijoke/blogi/, virpi.hirvesalo@utu.fi
  13. 13. Sápmi Miehtá: Virtual Developmental and Learning Environment of Sámi Language and Culture www.sogsakk.fi/virtuaalikoulu http://sapmimiehta.wordpress.com/ eeva-liisa.rasmus@sogsakk.fi
  14. 14. Mobiilisti/MobiLearn http://www.mobiilisti.com/ jaana.nuuttila@hamk.fi
  15. 15. • http://ttstyt.wordpress.com/• teemu.rauhala@uta.fiOpen Zone – Towards a multicultural library• http://www.turkuamk.fi/public/default.aspx?contentid=117792• leena.aaltonen@turkuamk.fiKiravo - the library as open learning environment• http://kiravo.kirjastot.fi/• anne.ojanpera@hel.fi
  16. 16. AVO – Open Networks for Learning• http://www.eoppimiskeskus.fi/avo• tiina.front-tammivirta@eoppimiskeskus.fiAYVOT – Open communal and virtual learning environment• http://www.amk.fi/avoinyhteisollinenvirtuaalinenoppimisymparis to-ayvot.html• marja.rautajoki@amk.fiAISTIEN• minttu.raty@laurea.fi