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AKI Japan Growth Support
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AKI Japan Growth Support


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Japan market growth strategy implementation. Hands-on, practical support for companies entering the market or wishing to improve their performance

Japan market growth strategy implementation. Hands-on, practical support for companies entering the market or wishing to improve their performance

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Japanese Business Growth Support A.K.I. Japan KK January 2014
  • 2. AKI: A registered Japanese company with headquarters in Osaka, Japan Established in 2006 with the objective of helping non-Japanese companies to work effectively with their Japanese and other Asian counterparts globally A diverse, multi-national, multi-lingual team focused on the wider Japanese market Works in an open, collaborative way with business partners, associates and employees – we only take on projects that we believe are feasible and of benefit to our clients. We like challenges and like to find ways to stretch the boundaries of feasibility – we like scoring goals! We aim to complete projects in the minimum time possible so that our clients report favourably on our performance AKI is a highly cost-conscious organisation – we help customers to achieve their objectives cost-effectively Expertise Experience Connections
  • 3. The A.K.I. Japan Team Expertise Experience Connections  Team members from multiple business fields to cover all requirements  Strong networks in Japanese commerce and industry  Fast access to decision-makers – growth accelerator  Able to manage cross-border projects to avoid common pitfalls for companies working with Japanese customers and business partners  Able to provide credible local presence and communication  Flexible – resources tailored to suit project timing and needs  Experienced managers, multi-lingual, multi- skilled: Commercial, Technical, Strategy, Negotiation and Organisational Development
  • 4. Why Use AKI? •Japanese automotive OEMs control over 30% of global vehicle production. In other business areas the percentages vary, but the market challenges are similar. •Japan has a distinct and difficult business culture, with challenging customer-supplier relationships and a lot of information unspoken •Japanese companies are hierarchical and many decisions are ultimately taken in or strongly influenced by Japan •Japanese customers are more comfortable working with other Japanese companies – strong local communication and cross- border bridging are needed to compete. •Japanese suppliers have strong, established relationships with decision makers in Japan, communicate in a user-friendly way and provide local service and support to a level that a Western supplier would normally find excessive. Non-Japanese suppliers need to achieve similar relationships, communication ability and responsiveness. “All cultures are different but I now realise that Japan is more different” European CEO of major Japanese manufacturer just before resigning “Why do we use 2 to 4 times more engineering resource on JOEM projects and still have dissatisfied customers and disappointing order levels?” CEO Japan major European global automotive supplier
  • 5. Why Use AKI? The Japanese laugh at their own obsession with risk in a traditional saying “We even check before every step when crossing a stone bridge (Ishibashi wo tataite wataru)” – everyone knows a stone bridge is safe, but they check anyway. This attitude is strongly apparent in their choice of suppliers - they find it difficult to understand and trust Western suppliers. Building trust takes a lot of effort. A strong local presence removes many obstacles to this process. AKI’s logo shows a traditional Japanese “drum” bridge and symbolises our work in bridging very different cultures. The drum bridge is very steeply curved and hard to cross but if you persevere you will reach the other side. We work between our customers and the Japanese teams to build the bridges needed to make commercial and technical cooperation successful. We don’t simply accept the Japanese way of doing things or push the Western way, but help both sides to compromise and reach their objectives. In a competitive business environment, the ability to work in a way that the customer can accept can be the difference between success and failure “We need the AKI representative in the meeting because he understands the Japanese way” Japanese OEM senior engineering manager “We really appreciate the support you have given in the communication with other group companies on this project” Japanese engineering manager at JOEM engineering dept
  • 6. Team Member Profiles - David Syrad More profiles can be found on our website David has set up, grown and restructured businesses in Europe and Asia and has extensive experience of building and working with teams from N and S America. He has managed global business relationships with Japanese customers and partners for 32 years and has 28 years’ experience in the automotive industry. This has brought a wide network of connections. David’s connections in the Japanese automotive industry, combined with a deep understanding of Western and Japanese business and culture, allow him to initiate and manage relationships and guide clients to successful results In addition to managing commercial and technical discussions he acts as interpreter during meetings with Japanese customers. He has managed technical and commercial meetings in a wide range of areas – engine components, transmissions, chassis and suspension, body and roof systems and motors/electronics. He has negotiated M&A, JV and Alliance deals and managed numerous difficult commercial discussions in Japanese on behalf of AKI customers. David is a member of: The Japan Strategic Management Society, The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Mayor of Osaka’s Foreign Business Network, Organising Committee for Hope International Japan Expertise Experience Connections David Syrad – Founder and CEO British. Japan connection 32 years Worked in Japan 20 years Japanese & Italian - fluent French - medium, German – basic Previously: VP Purchasing Magna Steyr JP VP Sales Karmann JP, VP Purchasing Karmann JP VP Asia Inalfa, CEO Ohi-Inalfa JV, VP Inalfa Korea, Resp. Inalfa China VP Global Sales EURAC PDC Manager OEM Sales GKN Italy Japanese Liaison Exec GKN plc
  • 7. Team Member Profiles – Takashi Kondo Takashi handles communication with OEM and 1st Tier customers and with potential partner companies for our customers. He has handled discussions with Aisin, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Toyota , Toyoda Gosei, Daicel, Moriroku and others, all of whom highly appreciate being able to communicate with a Japanese representative in their own language and time-zone. Takashi has the essential qualities for successfully selling and maintaining relationships in Japan – patience linked with a sense of urgency. Often it will require up to 20 phone calls and 4 or 5 emails to set up a meeting with a buyer or an engineer in Japan – many do not return calls or answer emails. Setting up a factory visit overseas for a Japanese buyer requires meticulous and detailed planning and scheduling. It requires determination to succeed in this environment and Takashi regularly demonstrates this quality. Expertise Experience Connections Takashi Kondo – Sales Japanese. Car enthusiast Graduated in Law English – business level Previously: Electronics company
  • 8. Team Member Profiles – Seishiro Andou A graduate of Tokyo University, Andou san enjoyed a long career with Nissan, working as a Director in Nissan UK and later becoming Managing Director of Akita Ohi, a first tier supplier to Nissan, Honda, Toyota and Suzuki. He has a deep understanding of both the OEM and 1st Tier sides of the automotive industry. He has worked with AKI on projects for Karmann Japan, Magna Steyr Japan and Titan ITM making use of his connections to make introductions and gather information and his technical/quality expertise to manage the interface with Japanese customers. He is a member of the Japan Strategic Management Society GK and maintains regular, active contact with Nissan board members. He is currently supporting manufacturing companies in Japan in upgrading their quality systems. Expertise Experience Connections Seishiro Andou – Adviser Japanese. Engineer English – business level Previously: Director – NIssan CEO– Akita Ohi
  • 9. Team Member Profiles – Masami Gotou Gotou san enjoyed a long career with Nihon Corin achieving significant growth in a highly competitive market. As CEO he guided them to their IPO. He has numerous medical sector contacts and is currently working with several Japanese start- up companies providing business advice and business development support. He has worked with AKI on projects for myonic, Anteis and research into the coronary stent market making use of his connections to introduce members of the medical profession and technical expertise to support discussions with NSK Nakanishi, Hitach Medical, Toshiba Medical, Shimadzu. Expertise Experience Connections Masami Gotou – Adviser Japanese. Engineer English – business level Previously: CEO – Nihon Corin
  • 10. A.K.I. Support Activity – We Make it Happen We have worked with all Japanese automotive OEMs, many major 1st Tier manufacturers and numerous manufacturing, service and IT companies. We have achieved supported projects and achieved breakthrough results with Japanese/Western customers globally for: Magna Steyr, Karmann, Inalfa Roof Systems, CIE Automotive, ACS, GKN, Inalfa, Stabilus, Schunk, Linamar,Tenneco Japan, Titan ITM, EURAC, BT-KDDI, BP, Penrite, Boeing, Bayer, Corning, Newall Rubbermaid, EMC, GE Medical, Vialle, MSXI, myonic, Whitefox, TUEV Sued, Taunton Cider, Rhino Rugby, Osaka City Govt., iNAGO KK, Medical Planning KK… Some companies/organisations we have worked with: Toyota, FHI, Daihatsu, Hino, Honda, Honda Motorcycles, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, MMC, Yamaha, Isuzu, Nissan Diesel, Hitachi Construction Equipt, Yanmar, Toyoda Gosei, Calsonic Kansei, Mitsui Kinzoku, Ube Kosan, Toko (Tepco), Renesas, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, Murata, Furukawa, KDDI, Hitachi Medical, Toshiba Medical, Shimadzu, NSK Nakanishi, ASICS, Yagi Tsusho, Sumitomo Corp, Itoh Chu, Osaka City, JRFU Expertise Experience Connections How did you get a meeting with (major JOEM) without an introduction?” Japanese CEO of Japan subsidiary, US company
  • 11. A.K.I. Support Activity – We Make it Happen AKI teams have won business in Japan and globally, set up manufacturing operations in Japan, negotiated M&A, JVs and Alliances, managed post-merger integration and turned around underperforming businesses in Japan and Korea. We are able to initiate contacts and build relationships with or without introductions. We have won orders for products and services from Nissan, Honda, Aisin, Toyoda Gosei, NSK Nakanishi, Honda We have represented two long-term European customers since 2008, supporting: Technical audits in Japan and Spain, Purchasing and Technical relationship management leading to RFQs from Honda (global), Mazda (global), Toyota Auto Body, Nissan, Aisin N and S America, Toyoda Gosei, Showa, Calsonic and to technical discussions with MMC, Suzuki, Toyo Seat, Fuji Kiko, JTekt. For other customers we work on defined-length projects to revise strategy and create effective organisations. This often starts with face-to-face, end-customer interviews to uncover their real requirements and roadblocks to success. Expertise Experience Connections
  • 12. A.K.I. Service Menu – We Deliver Results  Growth Strategy Definition and Implementation We advise on what can be achieved based on available resources and support the interface YOUR COMPANY <-> JOEM. We can also build and staff your own organisation in Japan  M&A, JV, Alliances Target identification, Introduction, Negotiation Support, PMI Our team will evaluate targets and advise on the approach most likely to achieve success. We can support or lead relationship building and negotiations and manage the interface post-deal  Business Development, Technical, Purchasing and Quality Management – Representation by a Japanese-speaking team of managers, sales and technical staff on the ground with Western ability to push for results. We provide relationship building, technical communication support, commercial negotiation support – a solid presence close to headquarters making your company user-friendly to your Japanese customer. Expertise Experience Connections
  • 13. A.K.I. Service Menu cont’d..  Representative Office service (address, tel, email, Japanese-speaking staff) – solid presence in Japan is a major factor in winning the trust of JOEMs. We provide this without major investment in fixed costs (only available with fixed-term contracts)  Project Management – We provide the skilled, Japanese-speaking staff you need for the period of the project and advise on how to deal with Japanese counterparts. We help with technical and commercial negotiations and keep communication on track.  Turnaround and Performance Improvement – We carry out gap analysis, identify Key Success Factors and re-align organisations externally and internally. If required we send interim managers to help at the time of peak resource requirement.With our partner company we create kaizen projects (delivered globally) to improve quality and increase cost competitiveness  Rework activity – Much lower cost than using JOEM-specified companies in Japan, faster results and consistent quality (projects executed for US and European companies) Expertise Experience Connections