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  • Students extrapolate and discuss future formats & consumption patterns – 50 yrs on


  • 1. ROLE OF MEDIA IN SOCIETY Dr Akhlas Ahmed, Greenwich university Lecture-2, Feb 24th 2014
  • 2. Media – What’s it? Media refers to various means of communication:-  Newspaper  Radio  Television  Internet etc. The term can also be used as a collective for:-  Press or News reporting agencies.
  • 3. Role of Media  To Educate about Human Rights.  Building the Society.  Aware against Social & Economic Evils.
  • 4. Advantages of Media  2 E’s of Media:- Education & Entertainment.  Benefits from Internet.  Promoting Literacy.  Keeps informed & Updated.
  • 5. Disadvantages of Media  Chutpatti or Masala News.  Bad impact on Children.  Improper Stuffs.  Internet Curse.
  • 6. MASS OPINION How do media influence public opinion?
  • 7. Conclusion:  Media brought the world at our room.  Get Weather Reports very easily.  Get NEWS of various parts of the World.  Entertains massive part of the public.  But addicted to various serial is harmful for daily lives, especially Younger generation of the society leave their studies to watch TV serials.  Grows the children violent by maliciously showing wrestling in many sports channels.
  • 8. Media – Black & White Sides:  Media has its both Black and White sides of it.  White part for awesomeness and  Black side is its Reverse.
  • 9. Mass Media Influence on Society Over the last 500 years, the influence of mass media has grown exponentially with the advance of technology.
  • 10. First there were books, then newspapers, magazines, photography, sound recordings, films, radio, television, so- called New Media of the Internet, and now social media.
  • 11. Mass Media Influence on Society Today, just about everyone depends on information and communication to keep their lives moving through daily activities like work, education, health care, leisure activities, entertainment, traveling, personal relationships, and the other stuff with which we are involved.
  • 12. Mass Media Influence on Society According to a recent Fortune 500 list, the top five in terms of revenue are: •Walt Disney Company •News Corporation •Time Warner •CBS Corporation •Viacom
  • 13. How does News Influence on Society
  • 14. Mass Media Influence on Society
  • 15. How do Ad Influence on Society
  • 16. Media of the future?
  • 17. How is the ‘media’ a good thing?
  • 18. Can the ‘media’ be harmful?
  • 19. Why study the ‘media’?
  • 20. Focus on ‘print’ media texts:- •Newspaper articles •Magazine articles •Leaflets •Brochures •Advertisements •Guidebooks •Websites
  • 21. Text type Audience Purpose
  • 22. •Inform •Explain •Describe •Advise •Persuade •Argue •Analyse •Review •Comment Purpose •Newspaper articles •Magazine articles •Leaflets •Brochures •Advertisements •Guidebooks •Websites
  • 23. Audience – the central cog The intended ‘consumer’ of a media text shapes its form and purpose – •Age •Gender •Education •Socio-economic status •Hobbies and interests
  • 24. Analysing a media text Presentational features Language Structure & organization Content
  • 25. Presentational features •Typography •Titles & captions •Layout •Graphics & images •Colour •White space
  • 26. Language •Word type & effect •Emotive language •Jargon •Tone •Rhetoric •Sound effects •Puns & wordplay
  • 27. Structure & Organization •Sentence length & type •Paragraph length & structure •Order & sequence of information
  • 28. Content •Fact •Opinion •Bias •Anecdotes •Exemplification •Reported speech
  • 29. Role of Mass Media in society with political influence with particular reference to Pakistan
  • 30. Thanks