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Circulatory system m

  1. 1. Circulatory System By:Emma, Caitlin, Morgan, and Rachel “ The Road to Life”
  2. 2. Parts of The Circulatory System!! Morgan The Heart Rachel The Artery Caitlin The Vein Emma The Capillary
  3. 3. The Circulatory System A Segment of: The Basics of Biology: The Human Body: Organ Systems Working Together
  4. 4. / Tim and Moby Click to watch!!
  5. 5. The heart pumps blood to your arteries From the arteries, the blood goes to the capillaries The little blue and red things in the middle are capillaries. They pump blood to the veins. The veins are all around your body. They bring blood back to your heart. All The Circulatory System’s Body Parts!!
  6. 6. The Heart!! Top 5 1. Your heart is actually a muscle 2. The heart pumps blood throughout your body so that every cell gets the food and oxygen that it needs 3. Blood enters the heart through the veins and leaves through the arteries 4. The right side of your heart sends used blood to your lungs to acquire a new supply of oxygen 5. Your heart is about the size of your fist Questions: 1. The heart is a powerful muscle... A. True B. False 2. What can the size of your heart be compared to? A. Thumb B. Head C. Fist D. Foot
  7. 7. Top 5: 1. Arteries help blood travel away from the heart and capillaries 2.Arteries get very narrow when they begin to travel to the different body parts 3. Arteries bring the blood to the lungs where it picks up a fresh supply of oxygen 4. An artery is a blood vessel that carries blood 5. The walls of arteries are elastic Question: 1. Arteries help blood... A. Travel to the veins B. Leave the body C. Travel away from the heart D. Travel to the heart Arteries!!
  8. 8. Capillaries 1. Capillaries are small roads for blood 2.Capillaries carry blood from the arteries to the veins 3. Capillaries are your narrowest blood vessel 4.Capillaries tend to be bunched together 5. Capillaries and veins connect Top 5: Questions: Capillaries are... A. Fat B. Small roads for blood C. Connecters to the heart D. Friendly blood cells
  9. 9. Veins!! 1.Veins carry blood from capillaries to your heart 2.Veins are thicker than capillaries, but thinner than arteries 3.Veins are roads for blood 4. Vein hold 70% of your blood 5. Veins are probably your most important blood vessel Top 5: Short Answer: What percentage of your blood is currently in your veins??
  10. 10. Interesting Facts!! 1. Your heart is pumping 5 quarts of blood in 1 minute 2.Your blood is traveling through more then 60,000 miles 3. Your heart is the size of your fist 4.Did you know plasma is in your body 5. Circulatory System = Cardiovascular System 6. When you feel your pulse you are actually feeling the arteries expanding and relaxing.