Sexism Ethics


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Sexism Ethics

  1. 1. Sexism { José Carlos De la Rosa Jimena Corzo Alex Rolas Juan Pablo Borrayo Lesly Urbina
  2. 2.  According to Merriam Webster, Sexism is unfair treatment of people because of their sex, especially. What Is Sexism?
  3. 3.      Sexism could also be called “Gender Discrimination” Is prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender. Much of the discrimination comes from stereotypes. Extreme Sexism causes sexual harassement Various receive unequal treatment to the other gender. Characteristhics
  4. 4.  Sexism has come since the begining of times, when men saw that woman could not work in farms or agriculture they were discriminated and men thought that they were inferior to them. History I
  5. 5.  In ancient times people discriminated lonely woman and said they were witches. But there were no men witch. Only women because they looked strange to the other people. History II
  6. 6.    A stereotype is a way of thinking of how a woman or man behave. This could be included Gender Roles in the society. Like washing dishes or picking garbage. Women roles are almost always designated. Gender Stereotypes
  7. 7.     In Guatemala there is education “Non-Sexist” and “Non-Racist”. This has started in schools because since kids this education has to be taught. In schools boy and girls calle each other “dumb”, “ugly” this should change because in future this could affect Guatemala. It sometimes starts with adults outside the school. Sexism in Guatemala
  8. 8.   This happens when girls come from departmens of Guatemala and the others judge them just because of their clothing, language and culture which is not right. This sometimes affects the Wage Gap that women employees have. They win less than male employees for just being female. Sexism in Guatemala
  9. 9. Reflection made by every member of the group. Reflection
  10. 10.  My point of view is that sexism is not in Guatemala that strong. It happens sometimes but in other places is worse. Like in India women are very limited and have a lot of children. José Carlos De la Rosa
  11. 11.  It has damaged the society, it happens more in the woman because it is discriminated in work and house. It all starts in the house and the change starts in us. We have to teach our children to respect and that a woman can do what a man can do. You can not change society in minutes. So thats why you start in the home. Jimena Corzo
  12. 12.  In society is not good that women are discriminated because they can do a lot of things and can do things certain men can’t do like organizing and more etc etc. Juan Pablo Borrayo
  13. 13.  Society has made us like this, now is less than before. Women have a less important role in society than men. But women are capable to develop in every aspect that there is. Lesly Urbina
  14. 14.  Sexism is bad because if our society wants to progress we have to notice that discriminating someone just for their gender is bad. Everyone knows how to progress and women are capable of great things in life. Alex Rodas