11th EuropeanPrivate Banking SummitReshaping the industry for the future – new markets and business models                ...
2   Private Banking SummitReshaping the industryPrivate banking has not gotten easier – or more profitable – since this ti...
Private Banking Summit         311th European Private Banking Summit / Panelists, speakers and chairmen          Dr. Mario...
4   Private Banking Summit    Monday, September 17th 2012    9.30–10.00                                                   ...
Private Banking Summit         5    15.40-16.00                                                                       16.3...
6   Private Banking Summit    Tuesday, September 18th 2012    8.30-9.00             Reception with coffee, tea and croissa...
Private Banking Summit    7                                                              Wednesday, September 19th 201215....
8   Private Banking Summit    Wednesday, September 19th 2012    Global compliance developments for                        ...
Private Banking Summit   9Impressions from last years’ European Private Banking SummitWho should attend this conference?Fr...
10 Private Banking SummitSponsorshipLunch-Sponsor 17th September 2012                            Ortec Finance is a global...
Private Banking Summit 11Exhibitor and Basic SponsorshipExhibitor                    Assentis Technologies offers innovati...
Fax registration: +41–43–444 78 79 | 11th European Private Banking Summit / Compliance Management and Customer Relationshi...
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European private banking summit 2012


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European Private Banking Summit

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European private banking summit 2012

  1. 1. 11th EuropeanPrivate Banking SummitReshaping the industry for the future – new markets and business models me o gramSeptember 17th to 19th 2012, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Zurich le te d pr rs Comp p eake d di t io nal s w i th a Panelists and key note speakers (between others): Rolf Bögli, Ian Ewart, Stephen Richards Evans, Andrea Lacalamita , Salman Mahdi, Managing Director, Global Head Marketing Head of Private Bank Europe, Global Head of Products Managing Director, Member COO Private Banking, and Products, Middle East, Africa, India & and Marketing, UniCredit of the PWM Executive Credit Suisse (CH) Coutts & Co. (GB) The Americas, Standard Private Banking (I) Committee, Deutsche Bank (GB) Chartered Private Bank (UAE) Jeremy Marshall, Tracey L. Reddings, João Albino Winkelmann, Thomas Winther, Dr. Urs Zulauf, CEO, CEO UK Private Wealth Head Director of Bradesco Head of Strategy, General Counsel, Member of the Hoare & Cie. (GB) Management J.P. Morgan Private Bank (BR) Danske Bank (DK) Management Board, FINMA (CH) Private Bank (GB)Together with another 24 highly reputed speakers from Europe and overseas e.g. from: September 19th / Post-Conference Day Compliance Management and Customer Relationship Managementwww.private-banking-summit.com Conception and organisation by
  2. 2. 2 Private Banking SummitReshaping the industryPrivate banking has not gotten easier – or more profitable – since this time last year.In fact, it is probably more challenging and laden with risk than ever before. The back-drop is a combination of: Ever-tougher regulatory and compliance obligations, whichmake it more time-consuming and burdensome to open new accounts and transactfor clients; excessive cost-income ratios made worse by staff turnover amid stiff com-petition; and choppy markets, creating volatile and uncertain investment conditions.There are also some key game-changers which are shaking the foundations of and Agenda for European Privateshaping the trends within the global private banking landscape. Among them are: The Banking Summit 2012:end of the glory days of investment banking; the resultant crackdown on remunerationacross financial services; the criminalisation of certain non-compliant advice in relation The new regulative and taxto client funds; the intense scrutiny over the competency of individuals working in this environmentindustry; and the spotlight on more rigorous and objective performance measurement The strategies of the different financialcriteria. The future for any private bank which is not preparing itself and its staff centers and banksaccordingly is bleak. It is not possible to fight this evolution, so it must now be about Different approaches and businessreally understanding what value means to a client today, and how to deliver it. And modelsalso being aware that these answers are changing constantly, and will continue to Changing role of skills of relationshipdo so. managers Business and service models forThis translates into: the future Delivering investment performance in a tangible, transparent and rational way Putting in place the most appropriate, relevant and tax-compliant structures Having a much more detailed awareness and understanding of regulation and its Agenda for Post-Conference Day: impact, whether local or global in nature Compliance Management and Understanding the role and value of technology as a way to support interactions Customer Relationship Management with clients and to enhance their experience Building networks and relationships onshore in domestic markets FATCA-QI for compliance officers and Re-indexing client and staff expectations relationship managers Being able to advise the next generation MiFID II – Client benefits in focus of Being more professional your strategy Understanding the cash flows ofTake the opportunity to learn first-hand from industry-leading experts and to discuss terrorismwith them opinions, experiences, and projections. Be inspired to successfully position Setting up bespoke compliantyourself and your organization in an ever more uncertain environment. solutions – financial services offeringsWe look forward to seeing you at the summit in key marketsDr. Mario A. Bassi Claudia Gabriel Anja Heker To get an impression of lastConference Chairman Editor-in-Chief Senior Conference Manager year’s summit in form of a Schweizer Bank Euroforum Switzerland short movie look at:
  3. 3. Private Banking Summit 311th European Private Banking Summit / Panelists, speakers and chairmen Dr. Mario A. Bassi, Dr. Anja Hochberg, Osmond Plummer, João Albino Head Asia, Solution Providers Managing Director, Managing Director Winkelmann, Singapore Pte. Ltd. and Vice Head of Investment Strategy, Wealthcoaching.ch, Head Director of Chairman Swiss Business Asset Management Division, (CH) Bradesco Private Bank Association Singapore (SGP) Credit Suisse (CH) (BR) Tracey L. Reddings, Rolf Bögli, Laura Huntley, CEO UK Private Wealth Thomas Winther, Managing Director, Head of Education Wealth Management, J.P. Morgan Head of Strategy, COO Private Banking, Management Europe, Private Bank and Head of Danske Bank (DK) Credit Suisse (CH) UBS (CH) Private Banking Committee, British Bankers Association (BBA) (GB) Victoria Dalmas, Fritz Kaiser, Robin Züger, Dr. iur. Renate Schwob, Managing Director, CEO, Co-Founder and Executive Head oft he Financial Dynamic Tree Asset LawInContext Pte. Ltd. (CH) Chairman, Kaiser Partner Market Switzerland, Deputy Management (CH/CAN) Holding Anstalt (FL) CEO of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) (CH) Sinikka Demaré, Dr. Adrian Künzi, William M. Sharp Sr., Dr. Urs Zulauf, Director, CEO, Partner, General Counsel, Ortec Finance (CH) Notenstein Privatbank (CH) Sharp Kemm P.A. (CH/USA) Member of the Management Board, FINMA (CH) Sebastian Dovey, Andrea Lacalamita, Ray Soudah, Dr. Stephan A. Managing Partner, Global Head of Products and Founder and CEO, Zwahlen, Scorpio Partnership (GB) Marketing, UniCredit Private Millenium Associates, Deputy CEO, Maerki Banking (I) Zug (CH) Baumann & Co. Ltd.- Private Bank (CH) Stephen Richards Evans, Salman Mahdi, Tilmann F. Spohr, Head of Private Bank Europe, Managing Director, Global Managing Director, Middle East, Africa, Head of Key Clients, Member XVISORY Ltd. (CH) Standard Chartered of the PWM Executive Private Bank (UAE) Committee, Deutsche Bank (GB) Ian Ewart, Philip Marcovici, Michael Stanhope, Global Head Marketing retired from the practice of CEO, and Products, law, provides business and Hubbis (HK) Coutts & Co. (GB) related consulting services, Hongkong (HK) Jean-Claude Favre, Jeremy Marshall, Markus Tanner PhD, COO, CEO, Global Head of Education, Crédit Agricole Private Banking Hoare & Cie. (GB) Wealth Management, Services (CH) UBS (CH) Lyubomir Georgiev, Prof. Dr. Sita Mazumder, Rüdiger von Wedel, Senior Associate, Professor of Banking Senior General Manager Baker & McKenzie (CH) and Finance, Institute for Wealth Division and Member Financial Services (CH) of the Executive Committee, National Bank of Abu Dhabi (UAE) Dr. Katja Gey, LL.M., Dustin Milne, Rolf Wietlisbach, Director, Office for Head of Legal Compliance & Director FS Strategy & International Financial Affairs, Tax, Executive Director, Operations, Government of Vontobel Swiss Wealth PricewaterhouseCoopers (CH) Liechtenstein (FL) Advisor (CH) For more detailed information about speakers, panelists and chairmen please visit www.private-banking-summit.com
  4. 4. 4 Private Banking Summit Monday, September 17th 2012 9.30–10.00 Future Private Banking in Europe Reception with coffee, tea and croissants Distribution of conference documentation 13.30-14.00 Opportunities and challenges in European 10.00-10.15 Private Banking Welcome and introduction of the conference theme • Challenging environment – rather revolutionary than by the chairman evolutionary Dr. Mario A. Bassi, Head Asia, Solution Providers Singapore Pte. • Client needs in today’s environment Ltd. and Vice Chairman Swiss Business Association Singapore (SGP) • New reality and outlook Rolf Bögli, Managing Director, COO Private Banking, Reshaping the global wealth management Credit Suisse (CH) business – strategies and visions 14.00-14.30 10.15-10.45 European case study: Unlocking your client base by Wake-up: The realities of the HNW client revolution unleashing their smart phones – strategies and visions of future wealth • How Danske Bank is exploiting mobile platforms to • What is so wonderful about global private banking? enhance the client experience (A review of the benchmark of industry results) • What do mobile banking platforms do better? • Life after Apple: Codifying the customer journey and • How do smart phones supplement the traditional private understanding the stages of purchase banking model? • The digital planet: How are we all going to get HNW • Tablet banking solutions – the next big thing? clients excited (a journey into the future wealth world) Thomas Winther, Head of Strategy, Danske Bank (DK) Sebastian Dovey, Managing Partner, Scorpio Partnership, (GB) 14.30-15.00 Break with coffee and tea Private banking outside Europe – new strategies and business models Afternoon session: The new regulative and tax environment – status quo and next steps 10.45-11.15 Keynote: The future of a dedicated international 15.00-15.40 private bank on the global stage Tuning up the corporate regulatory choir: Opinions • Coping with fast growth on collective industry responses to global regulatory • Taking a different view of the world since the new and political changes – how much regulation can regulations scenarios are in place the different models take? • A new type of strategic mind Power talk on the following topics: Stephen Richards Evans, Head of Private Bank Europe, • The need for industry associations Middle East, Africa, Standard Chartered Private Bank (UAE) • The benefit of acting in concert to respond to developments 11.15-11.45 • Is there a place for a customer watchdog for wealth The new big thing – private banking with Brazilian • Viewpoints on upcoming regulatory issues from a flavour – it is not just salsa, football and the beach – strategic level – such as FATCA, MiFID etc. is there anything different from Brazilian banks? Participants: João Albino Winkelmann, Head Director of Dr. Katja Gey, LL.M., Director, Office for International Financial Bradesco Private Bank (BR) Affairs, Government of Liechtenstein (FL) Philip Marcovici, retired from the practice of law, provides 11.45-12.00 Summary and discussion business and related consulting services (HK) 12.00-13.30 Apéritif and Lunch sponsored by Tracey Reddings, Head of the Private Banking Committee, Ortec Finance British Bankers Association (BBA) and CEO UK Private Wealth Management, J.P. Morgan Private Bank (GB) Dr. iur. Renate Schwob, Head oft he Financial Market Switzer- land, Deputy CEO of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) (CH) Dr. Urs Zulauf, General Counsel, Member of the Management Board, FINMA (CH)
  5. 5. Private Banking Summit 5 15.40-16.00 16.30-17.00 Goal based advisory – greater client satisfaction Closing speech: Change management – and compliance with the regulations the example of Notenstein Privatbank • From asset only approach to goal driven advisory • Successful project management • How to meet suitability requirements whilst increasing • Challenges in Swiss Private Banking client satisfaction Dr. Adrian Künzi, CEO, Notenstein Privatbank (CH) • Key components of suitability: Ability to take risk and goals of the client 17.00 End of the first conference day Sinikka Demaré, CFA, Director, Ortec Finance (CH) 18.30 Get together / Restaurant BAUR AU LAC 16.00-16.30 The big picture: Ideas on how you can paint one and how you can get your clients to appreciate • What is the role of research in the investment process: Trigger or justifier? • Advisory versus discretionary business: Are there The Restaurant BAUR AU LAC located in the heart of different needs? Zurich is one of the city’s most famous locations. Enjoy • How can you differentiate yourself? a delightful view on the nearby lake of Zurich and get • Key to success: Being right but for the right reason in touch with international key players of the Private Dr. Anja Hochberg, Managing Director, Head of Investment Banking and Private Wealth Management scene. Strategy, Asset Management Division, Credit Suisse (CH) Presented by "La Banque Suisse" is the magazine for banking professionals in the Swiss La Banque Suisse Romandie. This monthly magazine offers as "Schweizer Bank" well also back- Foerrlibuckstrasse 70, ground information on current trends and industry highlights, innovative problem, P.O. Box, CH-8021 Zurichsolving strategies for current challenges and elaborates on the strategies which leading players from the Contact: Christian Santafinancial industry have chosen to follow. "La Banque Suisse" informs its readers about the changes within Head of Advertising Salesthe financial industry in a competent and future oriented way. This banking and financial magazine is Phone: +41–43–444 58 71intended to be an educational tool for the politically, economically and technologically highly exposed E-Mail: christian.santa@axelspringer.chfinancial industry specially for French readers."La Banque Suisse" and "Schweizer Bank": the new offer for up-and-coming managers and top leadersat banks and asset management institutes at the level of coverage you require. Quality journalism fromone source with an unique facing for bankers anywhere in Switzerland. Schweizer Bank The Swiss magazine for banking professionals offers background infor- Schweizer Bank mation on current trends and industry highlights, innovative problem-solving strategies Foerrlibuckstrasse 70, CH-8021 Zurich for current challenges and elaborates on the strategies which leading players from the Contact: Christian Santafinancial industry have chosen to follow. "Schweizer Bank" informs its readers about the changes within Head of Advertising Salesthe financial industry in a competent and future-oriented way. The magazine is intended to be an educa- Phone: +41–43–444 58 71tional tool for the politically, economically and technologically highly exposed financial industry. E-Mail: christian.santa@axelspringer.ch
  6. 6. 6 Private Banking Summit Tuesday, September 18th 2012 8.30-9.00 Reception with coffee, tea and croissants 11.45-12.15 The future of corporate leadership – being on the 9.00-9.15 right side of change to move industries Welcome and introduction by the chairman • Facing up to the realities in the wealth management Dr. Mario A. Bassi • Standing up for what you believe in • The opportunities for the industry 9.15-9.45 • A guide to the requirements of leadership in wealth Embracing the new paradigm – management companies Marketing opportunities in a regulated world Fritz Kaiser, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Kaiser Partner • What does the new paradigm represent? Holding Anstalt (FL), Member of the World Economic Forum (CH) • Where will opportunities be? • Can regulation be a virtue? 12.15-12.30 Summary and discussion • What insight can draw on? 12.30-14.00 Apéritif and Lunch sponsored by iShares Ian Ewart, Global Head Marketing and Products, Coutts & Co. (GB) 9.45-10.15 Product Innovation and Customers’ behaviors 14.00-14.30 • Impact on Customers’ behaviors of market volatility Panel discussion: What is the point of good leader- • Product Innovation: Transparency, simplicity, protection ship in difficult markets? – current challenges and • Example of service model to answer clients’ needs possible strategies for the future Andrea Lacalamita, Global Head of Products and Marketing, Fritz Kaiser, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, UniCredit Private Banking (I) Kaiser Partner Holding Anstalt (FL), Member of the World Economic Forum (CH) 10.15-10.45 Break with coffee and tea Salman Mahdi, Managing Director, Global Head of Key Clients, Member of the PWM Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank, International financial centers / financial London (GB) institutions facing new challenges and threats Dr. Stephan A. Zwahlen, Deputy CEO, Maerki Bauman & Co. Ltd. – Private Bank (CH) 10.45-11.15 Key ingredients for a successful private bank of the 14.30-15.00 future – who will survive and who will fail? “Small is beautiful” – why and how to grow your • Why private banks are cheap and should be bought private bank at this time • Why an independent and traditional approach is still • Switzerland must emerge stronger from the crisis or popular with HNWIs surrender to other centers • The challenges to staying small and independent Ray Soudah, Founder and CEO, Millenium Associates, Zug (CH) “Everything must change in order to stay the same” – future plans 11.15-11.30 Jeremy Marshall, CEO, Hoare & Cie. (GB) Will London become the premier center for Private Wealth Management after Switzerlands’ troubles? 15.00-15.30 Tracey L. Reddings, CEO, UK Private Wealth Management, Private Banking Outsourcing Services – J.P. Morgan Private Bank, London (GB) the model of Crédit Agricole • Origin and philosophy of the Credit Agricole Private 11.30-11.45 Banking Services outsourcing model Wealth management opportunities from a gulf • Sharing much more than costs and resources perspective – will the gulf gradually challenge • A Private Banker as Business Process Outsourcing • Switzerland and Singapore? provider, which benefits? • Differentiation of Gulf Private Banking • An international partner as a sound basis to sustain • Onshore versus offshore your growth • Cultural challenge • Future of BPO in an increasingly complex regulatory Rüdiger von Wedel, Senior General Manager Wealth Division environment and Member of the Executive Committee, National Bank of Jean-Claude Favre, COO, Crédit Agricole Private Banking Abu Dhabi (UAE) Services (CH)
  7. 7. Private Banking Summit 7 Wednesday, September 19th 201215.30-16.00 Break with coffee and tea Post-conference day:Delivering the perfect client experience Compliance Management and Customer Relationship Management –16.00-16.30 Current challenges and improved informationThe science of clients sharing in the future• The clients economics in private and wealth management• The key drivers of client experience in private banking Compliance is becoming a significant burden on private• The role and design of the client advisory process banks wherever they are based. The compliance function• Ways to manage excellent client experience is no longer limited to Anti-Money Laundering controls Tilmann F. Spohr, Managing Director, XVISORY Ltd. (CH) and avoidance of terrorist funding. As governments change in the developing world, networks fray and in-Changing role of skills of Relationship dividuals previously regarded as quality clients have theirManagers – new tools and services in the era credentials called into question. How should a bank react?of Facebook, Twitter and iPad In the developed world there is greater focus on private individual tax compliance with a consequential focus on16.30-17.00 the role of offshore private banks in aiding individuals toNature or Nurture: How corporate training enables evade taxation in their home country. The attacks on pri-sustainable results with client relationship managers vate banks are unprecedented in number and strength.Develop your people – develop your business –how training contributes to the bottom line (CLE) In an ever-more globalised world it is not possible for• UBS Wealth Management Diploma and UBS Wealth a bank simply to hide behind a jurisdictional fire wall Management Master and rely on the protection of an (often small) country or• Alignment of training offering with the business strategy territorys legal system. The fate that befell Swiss based• How training and learning accelerate business change Wegelin Bank in early 2012 has changed the rules of• Adaptation of global standard training offering to local offshore private banking for ever. With the US, UK and circumstances (Example Europe) German governments already active in seeking personal Markus Tanner, PhD, Global Head of Education Wealth information through varied means and the implications Management, UBS (CH) of FATCA far from certain, compliance and regulation Laura Huntley, MA, Head of Education Wealth Management now pose a significant threat to the traditional offshore Europe, UBS (CH) private banking model.17.00-17.30 This day will focus on the issues facing private banks inDelivering relationship manager education online – an increasingly globalised environment where legislationthe success story of Hubbis has the power to cross national boundaries. Talk to the• How to engage your staff, enhance the client experience leading edge practitioners in this constantly evolving field. and make more revenue• How to deliver effective and robust training 8.30-9.00• Being compliant – and staying that way Reception with coffee and tea and croissants• Implementing learning – how to monetize training and Distribution of conference documentation optimize sales performance• Retaining talent – a sustainable way to incentivise your 9.00-9.15 staff and keep them loyal Welcome and introduction of the conference theme by Michael Stanhope, CEO, Hubbis (HK) the chairman: Compliance – where is the international regulation17.30-18.00 of money flows headed?Strategic legal, tax and compliance knowledge Osmond Plummer, Managing Director Wealthcoaching.ch,necessary to support Relationship Manager success Faculty Member of the European University in Geneva and Swissin client retention / new business generation correspondent of wealthbriefing.com• Leveraging know-how to guide clients to compliant, holistic solutions that meet their needs Victoria Dalmas, CEO, LawInContext Pte. Ltd. (CH)18.00 Summary and conclusion of the conference
  8. 8. 8 Private Banking Summit Wednesday, September 19th 2012 Global compliance developments for Setting up bespoke compliant solutions – financial institutions – Keeping abreast of Financial services offerings in key markets the compliance trends and a focus on traps/ tips in the business structuring context 13.45-14.15 Swiss Private Banking Model for US persons: 9.15-10.00 US securities law and tax laws FATCA-QI for compliance officers and relationship • US regulatory registration requirements and exemptions managers: an opportunity or nightmare? – from the perspective of a non-US financial institution • Impact of FATCA generally on financial institutions • Important changes triggered by the Dodd-Frank around the world Act of 2010 • New proposed FATCA regulations (expected by • Taxation of SU persons on worldwide income: September 2012) tax filing duties and enforcement obstacles • Analysis of draft foreign financial institution agreement Dustin Milne, Head of Legal and Compliance, (anticipated release before September 2012) Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors (CH) William M. Sharp Sr., Partner, Sharp Kemm P.A. (CH/USA) 14.15-14.45 10.00-10.45 How to achieve regulatory compliance in MiFID II – Client benefits in focus of your strategy Canada – the proactive approach of a Swiss based Rational: MiFID II should not only be seen as a Asset Manager regulatory hurdle but also as a client benefit • Regulatory environment in Canada Rolf Wietlisbach, Director FS Strategy & Operations, • Risks of non-compliancy with Canadian laws PricewaterhouseCoopers (CH) and regulations • How to achieve compliance with Canadian 10.45-11.15 law and regulations Break with coffee and tea • Q&A Robin Züger, Managing Director, 11.15-12.00 Dynamic Tree Asset Management, (CH/Canada) Compliance and Economics: Understanding the Cash Flows of Terrorism 14.45-15.15 Discussion and summary • Todays’ norms force financial institutions to 15.15 End of post conference day monitor cash-in, cash-thru, cash-out to fight financing of terrorism • Understanding the phenomenon including costs and financial flows of terrorism will show that this approach will not raise global security Prof. Dr. Sita Mazumder, Professor of Banking and Finance, Quotes from past delegates Institute for Financial Services Zug (CH) "The best conference of its kind!" Walter H. Ramboussek, Scorpio Partnership Ltd. 12.00-12.15 Discussion 12.15-13.15 Apéritif and Lunch "High profiled speakers and participants, the 13.15 -13.45 themes are very accurate and very relevant, Information Exchange, FATF, OECD: interesting insights." Grgic Ljubica, Detecon Schweiz AG Understanding the gauntlet of developments and their impact on business models "One of the best conferences about Private Banking." Ian Woodhouse, PricewaterhouseCoopers Discussion of the impact on business models of the following: OECD standards and no-names basis requests, availability of beneficial ownership and identity definitional "Very useful event for professionals." Sakari Tuomainen, Nordea Bank Finland Plc. issues, confidentiality of information issues (authorities publishing, losing or sharing received data), FATF recom- mendations, FATCA inter-governmental arrangements, and EU automatic exchange approach Lyubomir Georgiev, Senior Associate, Baker & McKenzie (CH)
  9. 9. Private Banking Summit 9Impressions from last years’ European Private Banking SummitWho should attend this conference?From Private Banks and Wealth/Asset Management In the last years the summit was attendedCompanies: Chairmen, Chief Executive Officers, Managing by delegates from various countries:Partners, Chief Investment OfficersPlus: Heads of Business Development, Heads of Marketing, Austria HungaryHeads of Client Relationship Management, Relationship Azerbajjan IrelandManagers, Investment Managers, Wealth Advisors, Belgium ItalyIndependent Financial Advisors Brazil Kuwait Canada Liechtenstein China LuxemburgReasons why you do not want Cyprus Maltato miss this conference Denmark Monaco Estonia NetherlandsGenerating fresh sources of income is the key success France Polandfactor in private banking. Participate in the discussions of Germany Russiamajor players of the Swiss and the international private Great Britain Switzerlandbanking scene. Get hands-on, practically-oriented infor- Greece Turkeymation and discuss new opportunities for growth withtop management executives. Make use of an extensivenetworking platform to gather information and inspirationthat will benefit your own business. For further information please contact Sponsoring and exhibition +41–43–444 78 73 The conference will give you an opportunity to present your company, products and services Anja Heker to an exclusive gathering of clients. For further Senior Conference Manager information please contact: Email: anja.heker@euroforum.ch Friederike Hintze Frank Schirmer, Senior Conference Coordinator Manager Sponsoring & Exhibitions Phone: +41–43–444 78 73 Phone: +41–43–444 78 60 Email: friederike.hintze@euroforum.ch Email: frank.schirmer@euroforum.ch
  10. 10. 10 Private Banking SummitSponsorshipLunch-Sponsor 17th September 2012 Ortec Finance is a global provider of technology and advisory services Ortec Finance AG for risk and return management, combining quantitative skills, business Poststrasse 4 awareness, and extensive practical know-how for delivering innovative CH - 8808 Pfäffikon SZ and practical solutions. Switzerland www.ortec-finance.ch Our focus is on improving investors’ decision making and monitoring these decisions for institutional and private investors. Ortec Finance Contact: Raymond Hamersma designs, builds and applies solutions for asset liability management, Managing Director performance measurement and attribution, risk management and Phone: +41-55-410 38 38 financial planning. We maintain our leading-edge innovation through E-Mail: raymond.hamersma@ortec-finance.com our strong ties with practioners, regulators and the academic communities.Lunch-Sponsor 18th September 2012 iShares is the leading force in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). As per iShares / BlackRock Asset Management end of March 2012, iShares had registered more than 500 ETFs in Schweiz AG various countries, representing assets under management of $671.7bn. Claridenstrasse 25 Globally, 39.3% of all assets held via an ETF vehicle are invested in P.O. Box 2118 iShares ETFs. iShares is backed by the resources of BlackRock, the CH-8022 Zurich world´s largest fund manager. Blackrock has developed the first index Phone: 0800–33 66 88 investing strategy some thirty years ago. E-Mail: iSharesSwitzerland@blackrock.com www.iShares.ch In Switzerland and in Europe, iShares offers a broad range of funds providing exposure to a wide range of asset classes and markets, from broad-based equity and bond funds, through to more specialist areas such as alternative assets and emerging markets.
  11. 11. Private Banking Summit 11Exhibitor and Basic SponsorshipExhibitor Assentis Technologies offers innovative customer communication Assentis Technologies AG management for private banks including solutions for the acquisition Blegistrasse 1, 6343 Rotkreuz, Switzerland of new clients, fact sheets, on-boarding, customer reporting and www.assentis.com control documents. Our solutions enable private banks to efficiently Contact: Adrian Birrer and consistently support their customers to communicate through Business Development Manager different channels such as paper, email or the web. Phone: +41–41–790 9192 Assentis Technologies is used globally by more than 130 banks. Fax: +41–41–790 9193 E-Mail: adrian.birrer@assentis.comBasic Sponsorship Working together with Private Banks American Express Services Europe Limited International Currency Cards American Express International Currency Cards are a leading issuer of 76 Buckingham Palace Road Currency Cards available in US$, € or £. Supporting global high net London SW1W 9AX worth individuals with premium charge cards, we are engaged with United Kingdom over 500 Private and Retail Banks in 200 countries globally. www.americanexpress.com/eurodollar To find out more about our products and how we could work together visit www.americanexpress.com/eurodollar Profidata Group is a Swiss provider of investment- and wealth- Profidata AG management software. Over 70 Investment Advisors, Portfolio In der Luberzen 40, CH-8902 Urdorf and Asset Managers, Family Offices, Institutional Investors, Fund Email: info@profidatagroup.com Administrators, Custodians and Hedge Funds in six countries rely on www.profidatagroup.com the software products e-AMIS and XENTIS. Founded in 1985, the Contact: Roland Walter, companys headquarters and development centre are located in Urdorf/ Sales Management Zürich. Services are provided to the international clientele out of Phone: +41–44 736 47 47 Switzerland and the offices in Frankfurt, Saarbrucken, Luxembourg Fax: +41–44 736 47 07 and London. E-Mail: roland.walter@profidatagroup.com Swisscard is the only company in Switzerland offering the three leading Swisscard AECS AG credit card brands – American Express, MasterCard and Visa – available Neugasse 18 Postfach in CHF, € and US$ from a single source. Swisscard offers both Private CH-8810 Horgen Banks and their discerning clients a wide range of attractive premium web: www.premiumcards.ch products, including the Centurion Card from American Express, the Contact: Thomas P. Reitz world’s most exclusive credit card. Our premium products are tailored Relationship Manager Private Banks to the needs of your most demanding clients. phone: +41–44–659 68 49 fax: +41–44–659 68 80 e-mail: thomas.reitz@swisscard.ch
  12. 12. Fax registration: +41–43–444 78 79 | 11th European Private Banking Summit / Compliance Management and Customer Relationship ManagementInternet PDF H ow to re gi s te r fax: +41–43–444 78 79 e-mail: anmeldung@euroforum.ch internet: www.private-banking-summit.com postal: EUROFORUM Schweiz AG P.O. Box/Foerrlibuckstrasse 70, CH-8021 Zurich Ad dre s s chan g e s phone: +41–43–444 78 70, fax: +41–43–444 78 80 e-mail: info@euroforum.ch Q u e s tio n s /Co nt a c t Anja Heker (Senior Conference Manager) Friederike Hintze (Senior Conference Coordinator), phone +41–43–444 78 73 e-mail: friederike.hintze@euroforum.ch Yes, I wish to participate in the "European Private Banking Summit" and in the post-conference day [P5100632M013] "Compliance and Customer Relationship Management" from 17th to 19 th September 2012. CHF 3950 p.p. (approx. EUR 3250) plus VAT Yes, I wish to participate in the "European Private Banking Summit" from 17th to 18th September 2012. CHF 2950 p.p. (approx. EUR 2450) plus VAT [P5100632M012] Yes, I wish to participate in the post-conference day "Compliance and Customer Relationship Management" on 19 th September 2012. [P5100632M300] CHF 1950 p.p. (approx. EUR 1600) plus VAT I am interested in exhibition and sponsoring opportunities. Please amend my address as shown. (Should you wish to change your address by telephone, please call +41–43–444 78 70) Date an d Pla ce name-1: September 17th to 19th 2012 position: Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute Langhaldenstrasse 21, CH-8803 Rüschlikon/Zurich department: e-mail: H otel Acco mm o datio n Hotel Belvoir name-2: Säumerstrasse 37, CH-8803 Rüschlikon phone: +41-44–723 83 83, internet: www.hotel-belvoir.ch position: A limited number of rooms is available at the Hotel Belvoir. Please contact the hotel department: directly to make your reservation, stating that you will attend the "PRIVATE BANKING SUMMIT". e-mail: company: Co n ditio n s of Par ticipatio n The conference fee per person is payable upon receipt of the invoice. This fee includes contact: conference documentation, lunches and tea/coffee. You will be sent a confirmation slip and invoice upon receipt of your registration. Registrations can be cancelled (in writing) address: without penalty up to 14 days before the event. For cancellation after this date half the conference fee will be reimbursed. The full fee will be due if participants do not attend the conference, or cancel on the conference date. The registered participant may of course send phone.: fax: a substitute. The organizers reserve the right to amend the program of events if necessary. number of employees Payment by credit card is of course possible! up to 20 21–50 51–100 101–250 251–500 501–1000 1001–5000 over 5000 Just register and you will receive a link with all relevant reservation data. Use the link and make your credit card payment in an easy and secure way. invoice to (name): Co n ce p tio n an d O rgani s atio n department: EUROFORUM Switzerland facilitates the exchange of high-value business information, content and networking opportunities address: amongst decision makers in various industries, governmental organisations and aca- demic institutions by providing dedicated platforms, such as premium conferences and seminars. date, signature:Fax to the attn. Friederike Hintze: +41–43–444 78 79 www.private-banking-summit.com