My Cousin Nechemya

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The connections between accused child rapist Nechemya Weberman and Neturi Karta.

The connections between accused child rapist Nechemya Weberman and Neturi Karta.

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  • 1. MY COUSIN NECHEMYA HE WAS A SHOFAR WAITING TO BE BLOWNMy cousin Nechemya Weberman (he is the grandson of my grandfather Herman’sbrother, Ben Zion Weberman) is truly evil incarnate. As a serial child rapist he stolethe innocence from many young virgin Jewish girls just as the mythical serpent in theGarden of Eden stole innocence from Adam and Eve. He is a member of the Nazi-loving, Israel hating Neturei Karta Sect, he snitched out his child rape victim’s 70-year-old grandmother for Medicare fraud, he embezzled money from a non-profitgroup that was supposed to help poor members of the Satmar cult, he extortedmoney from other Satmar and he perjured himself numerous times. He is a bogusRabbi, a bogus therapist and a sexual sadist. I made a website for my cousin thatdocuments his crimes and reveals the history of the part of Weberman family thatspawned him. Read about it HERE in the Forward.
  • 2. NECHEMYA’S DAY OF RECKONING My cousin Nechemya was remanded and he will be sentenced before Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice John Ingram. BE AT THE COURTROOM MONDAY JANUARY 14, 9:00 AM FOR HIS SENTENCING. Write letters to Judge Ingram (Hon. John G. Ingram Supreme Court Kings County 320 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY 11201) and ask him to give Weberman the max. Other Satmar arealso facing jail or prison time in this sordid affair – soon they will be enough for a jailhouseminion. January 3, Weberman attorney Farkas Sr. did an interview for Ami Magazine. This magazine is run by Rabbi Yitzchok Frankfurter who is no Hebrew National. A childhood student of the Satmar Cheder, Rabbi Frankfurter continued his education at Yeshivas Brisk in Meir Sharim. This comprehensive article contains disclaimer which is really a veiled threat against Weberman’s victims. Why should this be a life and death matter for the accuser? Who is going to takeher life? If you leave the Satmar expose it you must die. It is a cult, not a religion. This articlemakes reference to Nat Lewin. Lewin put forth the idea that when a terrorist is apprehendedin Israel not only should he be put to death, but his entire family, wife or wives, children,babies go with him. What we are dealing with here Jews with a genocidal mentality? Buthere is the good news – NECHEMYA THREATENED TO KILL HIMSELF AND IS ONSUICIDE WATCH. Farkas was asked,
  • 3. Farkas, who swears he is in it because he believes my cousin is innocent won’t even go out to “the rock” and visit my cousin in person. Maybe it would break the monotony of the prisoner’s day? So Nechemya is in a cell where he is watched by other prisoners 24 hours a day to prevent him from committing suicide. That means he might have threatened to commit suicide or told Farkas he was thinking about it and Farkas asked Judge Ingram to order he be put on suicide watch. The simpering wimp can’t take it. The child molesting maggot has been locked up for about two weeks and is already flipping out. Child rapist Jerry Sandusky went on suicide watch shortly after his incarceration. The suicide watch cell will be very sparse and offer him no privacy. The sheets will be made of a fabric that he cannot fashion into a rope. There will be no toilet paper in the cell as he might stuff it down his throat. No plastic knives to eat with. No razors to shave with below the cheekbone. No darkness 24 hours a day. Psychotics in the other suicide watch cells. Welcome to Hell Nechemya. This article asked “Where you able to put any witnesses on the stand who were counseled by Weberman.” The interviewer than asked Farkas, “Are you dealing now with a lot of things youdidn’t have to deal with years ago?” He answered, “Actually I don’t have to deal with them. Ihave to ignore them.” Could this be a reference to Baila Gluck? I wrote “This jive-assedJewish bitch lied like a motherfucker. Real credible witness; She said she had left home, hitthe streets and found a boyfriend. Who was her boyfriend? Fifty Cent? She was a-hookin’and a-crookin’ if you ask me.” Now that I think about it, it was revealed that she was a relativeof Weberman. The fat fuck was schuping his cousin and I am the one who is illegitimate?What Farkas is saying here is that the juror’s went on the net, read this passage about Bailathat was written in the vernacular and decided she was not a credible witness. I doubt it but ifI played any role in the downfall of the predator, so be it.
  • 4. The word out on the gas: “This is just a defense for doing a lousy job. Everyone knows that you dont put the defendant on trial. Perhaps Webermans conceit took him down; did he insisted on taking the stand?He was proved to be a liar and so was the principal, so apattern of lying was demonstrated. Farkas should have briefedhis client and witnesses to own up to the truth; there is a Vaadand whoever sends children to our school must adhere to its rules. Weberman could havesaid that he uses the organization to avoid paying taxes...Furthermore, according to thedefense witness Weberman violated yichud, his entire demeanor of choosing to sit nearhis provocative female lawyer, ignore his wife and claim to be a paragon of piety; heremoves his glasses in the street so that he should not G-d forbid see an improperlydressed woman spells liar! On the other hand the victim held up very well under crossexamination and the defense was unable to shake her testimony. In addition, the judge andjury probably heard about his attempt to intimidate the victim and stare her down during herrecess. This sounds like a lousy lawyer and a conceited Haman whose conceit was hisultimate downfall. Isnt Satmar embarrassed that we are forced to turn to secular courtssince the pikuach nefesh of our children is in such jeopardy? They finally ran scared andfired Reichman! Dumb BY Grad A fan from him a day ago” This was contradicted byFarkas in the Ami interview. He claims Stacy Richman is still part of the team. My cousin Nechemya did sit next to his wife and his two sisters during the trial. Idon’t consider Stacy Richman provocative looking but I suppose provocative is in the eyesof the beholder. His wife can’t sit next to him other than in the spectator’s gallery. If mycousin would have said he used the non-profit to avoid paying taxes he would have beensubject to a federal charge rather than a State one. Nechemya took off his glasses in thestreet to avoid seeing scantily dressed women? What about when he was driving? Addreckless endangerment to his list of crimes.
  • 5. There is an ongoing dispute between the People of the State of New York andthe Satmars; however both agree that Nechemya Weberman belongs in the Tombs.The Satmar believe he belongs in the Tombs of the Patriarchs in Hebron while NYS puthim in the Tombs at 100 Center Street in Manhattan. He was moved to Rikers but whatwas it like in the tombs? If he was granted Protective Custody or Medical Isolation hewill be in a dismal cell in what was once the Bernard Kerik Correctional Center or in theold building at 100 Center. His cell will have a small window in it that will overlookCenter Street or China Town. From 6 AM to 9 PM there will be an endless din ofstupidity from every lowlife the police picked up, some of whom couldn’t make bail. Inthe middle of the day the prisoners will be ordered back in their cells and Nechemya willbe allowed to use the telephone and walk around a bit. People who hate Webermanshould not complain if he gets kosher meals. Although he is a prisoner and a scum hestill has rights. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 states “Government maysubstantially burden a persons exercise of religion only if it demonstrates thatapplication of the burden to the person (1) is in furtherance of a compellinggovernmental interest; and (2) is the least restrictive means of furthering that compellinggovernmental interest.”THE SATMAR: MEN WITHOUT A COUNTRY The Man Without a Country is a short story by American writer Edward EverettHale about a man convicted of treason and stripped of his nationality. The Satmar aremen without a country. To them America is not really their country. It is a transit pointuntil the Messiah leads them back to Israel. Israel is not their country because theybelieve it is an abomination impeding the coming of the Messiah. Sadly, they arestateless like the lead character in The Man Without A Country.December 24, 2012. One of the reasons this abuse was allowed to go on for yearsdespite the fact it had been reported to Rabbinical Courts on numerous occasions wasbecause all of the complaints against Weberman seem to have all involved females.Because they believe their role is to keep the Jewish religion just as it has always beenthe Satmar Rabbis on these courts regard women as they were regarded in Mosaictimes: as inferior beings. They take the love and joy out of the lives of their daughterswith arranged marriages. Then they added more ways to denigrate women by makingthem shave their heads and never looking at their bodies even while having intercourse.What if the Rabbis had received complaints of little boys being molested? Would it havemade a difference? Rabbi Yakov Horowitz reported Weberman even told some of thegirls he was abusing that (hold your stomach) they were reincarnated separately,but they had been married to him in a previous gilgul (lifetime), and that the intimateacts he was performing were intended as a form of teshuva (repentance) for sinscommitted in their previous lifetimes. This dovetails with my theory that many Satmar
  • 6. knew their daughter’s were going to be abused by Weberman and sent them there aspunishment.OI VESMIR MY COUSIN IS QUEER Add homosexual child molester to Nechemya’s rap sheet. Joey DiAngello, born Yoel Deutsch into the Satmar sect 32 years ago, showed up at almost every day of the trial. DiAngello, a heavy-metal drummer and hardcore rocker said someone molested him when he was eleven to twelve years old – a man named Nechemya Weberman who had worked at that time for his father. At first he wasn’t sure if the man who was now on trial was the same Weberman. At the time, there were no pictures of Weberman available. DiAngello was determined to find out. According toDiAngello and others who observed the scene, DiAngello walked up to Weberman, tookhis picture on a cell phone and stared hard at him. Another observer said Webermanlooked very shocked. DiAngello then went back to the group that was there to supportthe victim and told them that Weberman was indeed the man who molested him. Hewalked up to Weberman and told him, “Karma is a bitch, ain’t it.” Why did this heavymetal performer come out of his mosh pit and point the finger at Weberman? Somethingmust have transpired or is Joey a child molester groupie who attends various criminaltrials and tells the press “He also molested me.” Very unlikely. So the maggot was intolittle boys. He didn’t give a mozer’s ass that homosexuality is considered anabomination in the eyes of God because Nechemya Weberman is a fake Jew. He was apsychopath and con man leading a double life. Add sexual sadist to Nechemya’s dossier: The depths ofWebermans psychopathic sexual perversions was limitless and hiscruel and premeditated program of abuse grew into acts that in theworld of pornography would be known as sadomasochism (S & M) orhumiliation. One day during a lesson in his study when he beganburning his victims bare stomach with a lighter, simply because hefound it arousing, she said. He told me, "When you go home, you put on peanutbutter," she said. I stayed in my bed for three days. I didn’t get out of bed. I didn’t eat. Ijust wanted to die... I was 13, I think.” Two chassidish men, both in their thirties and wellintegrated into the community told Rabbi Yakov Horowitz that Weberman burned theirwives on their abdomens while violating them. One of the fellows said that he firstdiscovered the abuse when his wife screamed and nearly fainted when he inadvertentlypassed a (havdala) candle close to her midsection. It was only then, that she told himthe story of what she had gone through in her counseling sessions with
  • 7. Weberman.” Nechemya was a classic sexual deviant right out of Kraft Von Ebbing’sPsychopathia Sexualis.THE VERDICT: GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS It is 10 AM on Monday December 10, 2012. Spectators are waiting for the jury toissue a verdict. It came in much quicker than expected in after lunch about 2PM.Instead of the foreperson reading the verdict the jury shouted it out. They all wanted apiece of Weberman. I don’t blame them. He is a multiple serial child rapist who shouldbe locked up for life. He is a thief of innocence; he is the evil Serpent from Genesisincarnate. A Jewish Jerry Sandusky. Weberman was convicted on one count of Courseof Sexual Conduct Against a Child in the First Degree, 12 counts of Criminal Sexual Actin the Second Degree, two counts of Criminal Sexual Act in the Third Degree, 18 countsof Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree, 25 counts of Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree,and one count of Endangering the Welfare of a Child. The top count of Course ofSexual Conduct Against a Child in the First Degree carries a maximum penalty of 25years in prison. He faces a total of 117 years.December 9th The press is reporting that the jurors are split probably because of thelack of physical evidence. This was a false report probably spread by this one African-American alternate juror who wore a hoodie to court every day. I bet he was the onewho came an hour late one day and held up the proceedings. The DA’s office did agreat job despite the DA’s office. When the victim filed her case the DA’s office justwanted to make it go away. Weberman is a big macha in the Satmar community.According to the victim he is regarded as a God. After he got arrested thousands ofSatbots came out to support him. The DA’s office did not get search warrants for thecomputer; DNA or semen, the office only obtained a warrant to photograph the place.This does not make sense in a child rape investigation where child pornography mighthave been present. The victim told Detective Bruno that my cousin stuck his finger inher vagina when she was 12 and she bled. There could have been blood evidenceuncovered with Luminal like on the CSI programs on TV. The office didn’t want to startup with Weberman until the New York Times exposed the fact that Mr. Hynes, theBrooklyn DA, turned cases like Weberman’s over to religious courts in return for theSatmar block vote. That’s right! DA Hynes office had turned over numerous child rapecases to that biggest laugh of all courts short of those that adhere by Shar’ia law, theBeth Din, the Satmar religious court comprised of Rabbis. My cousin’s bust occurred prior to this series when the Brooklyn DA office wasstill in the cover-up mode. Get it. That’s why the Defense called Detective Bruno as awitness and not the prosecution, because they knew the first part of the investigationwas a cover up. Detective Bruno testified that he caught the case randomly but I thinkhe was assigned the case for a reason. After years on the force he had not significantly
  • 8. advanced. He only made four pages of notes covering years of abuse. The DA’s officeturned Detective Bruno into a scapegoat since they couldn’t blame this on the BrooklynDA’s office and still keep their jobs. Maybe they could not get a proper search warranton the basis of the complaint? Also a year had elapsed since the victim had summonedthe courage to come forward to try to put an end to the sickness’s predatory behaviorbut a surprise search right after the charges were filed might have turned up something.It was worth a try. At a preliminary hearing Weberman’s defense attorney made onemotion. The police department had searched Weberman’s house with a warrant to lookfor photographs pertaining to the case. The warrant had called for no opening of closetsand drawers but apparently the police had ignored that clause. It was determined thatany materials found under this warrant was not admissible to the court. So there couldhave been physical evidence in this trial but the DA’s office “accidentally” screwed it up.Ah Brooklyn? Where goest thou? The case was prosecuted by Kevin O’Donnell, First Deputy Bureau Chief of theSex Crimes Bureau; Linda Weinman, Unit Chief of the Crimes Against Children Bureau;and Anthea Bruffee, First Deputy Bureau Chief of the Appeals Bureau. Rhonnie Jaus isChief of the Sex Crimes/Crimes Against Children Division. They have experience withperverts and psyched Weberman out. They called someone from the Department of State Licensing Division to find out if Nechemya was a licensed anything? The closest he came to being licensed was being licentious. Then the defense asked, “Do you license spiritual advisers?” The witness answered “No.” “Spiritual Advisor?” What is my cousin a fucking gypsy fortune teller? Does he look into his crystal matzo ball? Once the heat was on the DA’s office they came down on the Glatt KosherNostra like gangbusters and popped them for trying to bribe the victim. Check out the
  • 9. above BEFORE and AFTER pictures. Why would they offer a bribe if Weberman wasnot guilty? The DA assigned some of his best prosecutors to the case but they werehandicapped by the initial cover up. Another problem here is that the judge is actually givingmy cousin a fair trial, something unheard of in Brooklyn for years,especially in Kings County Civil Court. The trial Judge is JusticeJohn Ingram. Unlike many of the judges in Brooklyn, he did notpurchase his seat on the bench from the late Appellate CourtJustice Theodore Jones’s former law partner, Clarence Norman,who is currently incarcerated. He was appointed by GovernorPataki, a Republican. Judge Ingram is a learned man. 1 The judgeis an expert in fairness in arbitration and that helps the defense side. He wouldn’t letother victims of Weberman testify. At least five have come forward. Now check this out.THE SATMAR REBBE CLAIMS THERE IS A CONSPIRACY AS MANY OTHERWEBERMAN ACCUSERS HAVE SURFACED Even the Satmar Rebbe knows that others have said they have been raped bythe Jewish degenerate Weberman. On Saturday night, Dec 1, 2012 the Satmar Rebee,Aron Teitelbaum of Kiryas Joel (KJ) delivered a speech to raise money for hisorganizations. As part of the speech he disparaged the alleged victim of NechemyaWeberman as a whore. Here is a link to the speech MP3 in Yiddish and below is atranslation I was in the city (Williamsburg) for Shabbos, and spirits are very broken. If you keep up with the news of what’s happening in the city-it is terrifying! A Jewish daughter has descended so low, terrible! … (Quoting the parsha:) ‘Is our sister to be like a whore?’ Terrible! Terrible! (Quoting the Talmud:) When they go down, they go down to the ground. I think there hasn’t been such a disgusting saga in [the history of] Charedi Jewry…. Yes! Nebech!
  • 10. The Samech-Mem (Satan/the Devil) has succeeded… She too is a daughter of our forefather Jacob, it’s a great shame, oy! And nebech, she isn’t the only one. A whole group, nebech! It is terrible! It is terrible! I tell you. I was in the city for Shabbos, it is very broken. They [who are causing this trouble] come from Chasidish parents, with shtreimels and bekitches… We must keep watch on the chinuch of our children with seven eyes, may God protect every Jew and every Jewish home…. This girl was not the first Weberman had raped. This was sent to a prominentRabbi. The author wished to remain anonymous: My daughter was sexually abused by Nechemya Weberman! When my daughter was 15 years old she began to dress differently than our family’s dress code and my husband and I were very worried about what this signified. We were advised to take her to Nechemya Weberman, the chassidishe therapist for “troublesome” girls. We trusted Weberman fully, as he was also my husband’s good friend. During the 2 something years my daughter was in “therapy” with him she did not tell us what went on during almost every session. After my daughter’s wedding, one day she told me, ‘Mommy if you would know what Nechemya Weberman did to me you would kill yourself! He showed me relations videos, he made me do--- ----to him, he did ------to me, and he told me that I should never, ever tell anyone because no one would believe me; I was known as a “troublemaker” and he was a very Choseve (prominent) person, I would have no credibility and would only damage my reputation further! He tried to convince me that no one understood me, cared for me or loved me as he did. For sure my parents did not understand me or love me!’ In hindsight I now remember that whenever I called him for a progress report or an update on my daughter a strange thing happened. He would actually instigate me against my daughter! I used to wonder why doesn’t he say something like - Don’t worry - we are working with her – there is hope for improvement – instead he would say what an “Azas Ponim” she was, how she would burn in Gehenim for her behavior!’ I would be so very angry at her and she at me; we were going at each other all the time. When the campaign in support of Weberman was started this winter and I saw the signatures of the Rabbonim I couldn’t bear it anymore. I myself went to Rabbi Teitelbaum (R’ Zalmen Leib’s son) and to Rabbi Pollack and told them my story. They were shocked - ‘Oiy, Oiy vie, we didn’t know, we were told he was the victim of a bilbel (libel). However, you should know – we are still Yiddishe kinder and for this Weberman doesn’t have to sit in
  • 11. jail, we will take care of him and he will never do this again, and do not hinder us from protecting him!Ezra Friedlander, a columnist for the newspaper Five Towns wrote: Last week, as the trial captured the attention of the masses, I met someone who confided to me that his daughter’s best friend was also abused by Weberman. Stunned, I asked him if anyone else knows about this. “No,” he answered. “And that’s how it should remain.”My maggot cousin was a serial rapist. Wanna hear more? While this is truly difficult for me to share, I feel that it’s my duty and obligation to shed some light on this very controversial case. When I was a young adolescent I had the unfortunate “PRIVILEGE” of getting to know Nechemya Weberman over a period of 2+ years. During my “COUNSELING” sessions with him, I got to know the real monster behind his beard and peyes. Without going in to all the “Dirty” details, I will say this much. The constant barrage of emotional, psychological, and physical and most of all sexual abuse was to say at the very least devastating and severely damaging. I still shudder at the memories of those awful visits with him. I would like to share some insight on this case as a Survivor from Weberman’s Abuse. Firstly, I am grateful every day that there is no permanent damage/scaring which can be used as evidence of the abuse. For those of you saying there is no physical evidence, you are right. But ask yourselves this, what kind of physical evidence can anyone really expect to see? It’s not like he is stupid enough to allow an audience while he held down his victims with the full weight of his body and forced himself on them. There are many other victims like myself, I know because we speak on a daily basis, which will not come out against him in effort to protect their identity. Either because they are now living happy lives and refuse to disrupt it for anyone else’s personal gain or because their statute of limitation is over so they can’t take legal action anyway. Why put yourself through the torture the other victim who did confront him endured, if legally it won’t hold any grounds. I also know for a fact that there are testimonies from MARRIED WOMAN who had consensual relations with this pig. Yes everyone you saw right “An Aishes Ish”. However, this information is not actionable since the both participants were more than willing, and overage. Of course from a legal standpoint these facts are irrelevant since being a sick perverted animal, isn’t a
  • 12. felony. In case you were wondering, yes – he did show us pornography, he did have exact specifications what to wear externally as well as underwear, and yes- he did violently force himself on us (it was not a mutually enjoyable relationship. The horrifying memories of those years still haunt me every day, but thanks to hashem I am on the road to recovery with the help and support of my wonderful husband, and my loving family. The bottom line here is that Nechemya molested young virgin harmless childrenwhen they came to him for help. He is a serial rapist. He should be suspended by histesticles or as we say in Brooklyn, hung by his balls.December 6th The defense lawyer Stacy Richman gave her finalarguments and summation of the previous testimony. Stacy isthe daughter of Murray “No worry” Richman, an attorney andpower broker from the Bronx who carved out a reputation (andstarted making real money) in the 70s when he defended astring of mobsters. He quickly became one of the mostprominent Mob lawyers in town and went on to rep members ofall five of the citys families (Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino,Genovese, and Lucchese) during the 70s and 80s. By defending different families itwas harder for the Feds to label him a “mob house attorney” and disqualify him fromrepresenting OC defendants as they did with Bruce Cutler. But he representedmobsters of other ethnic backgrounds, too (such as Latino drug lords and EasternEuropean gangsters) as well as a handful of fallen political leaders including formerSecretary of Labor Raymond Donovan and Democratic politician Paul Adler. Like themob and the “No Snitch” gangbangers, the Satmar have their own code of silence.Spacey started out waving her hands around saying ”Witches, Salem Witch Hunt” “theMcCarthy era Witch Hunt for Communists” then told the jury there was a witch huntgoing on by the D.A.’s office targeting Satmars. Too dramatic! she looked like she wasin some High School play, and she stated, “During the Salem witch trials, people wouldnever be given a fair shake. In the 1950s, it took one word from a neighbor to getsomeone accused of being a Communist,” she said. “What’s the most we can saytoday? Child sexual abuser. And it is an awful thing. But the wrongful accusation of achild sexual abuser is even worse.” But guess what? She was wrong about Webermanand wrong about McCarthyism. When the KGB files were released we learned that theKremlin had a policy of recruiting CPUSA members as spies so it was smart to be onthe lookout for them! She was condescending to the jury, and kept repeating the samething over and over and over again, “there is no corroborating forensic evidence” and“the big bad vaad” (the Satmar Modesty Squad) as in the big bad wolf in the fairy taleThe Tree Little Pigs. That was apropos as The Three Little Pigs were sitting in front of
  • 13. me in the courtroom, Nechemya and his two sisters. To counteract this playing down tothe jury she kept dropping big words like indicia. The victim is just this little wisp of a girl and it took guts to stand up to thesebullies. This girl comes from a good family and was an A student. Her rebellion wasreally minimal. In the closing arguments the ADA said it was a shame the victim had toexperience her first sexual encounter with Nechemya who was characterized as a “fatold man.” He is a fat, disgusting piece of shit. No doubt Richman thinks blacks are “dumb schvatzers” and so she keptrepeating the same thing over and over to make sure it was drummed into to the headsof the variegated jury. She was condescending to them and I hope they picked up onthis. This woman is a feminist traitor. Feminist groups managed to get a law passedwhere the victim’s previous sexual history cannot be introduced as evidence during arape trial. But this turd bag tried to get it in anyway. She claimed the victims chargeswere revenge for my cousin ratting her out to her parents about an affair she washaving with her boyfriend that Nechemya convinced her father to videotape. Hey, anaudio tape would have sufficed but Nechemya wanted to get his jollies off by makingher father watch her giving her first boyfriend a BJ. But if the victim wanted revenge shecould’ve gotten her boyfriend, Bori, who was a neighborhood watchman dude to get acouple of his friends together and kick the shit out that fat ugly pervert. She didn’t haveto go to these extremes where the world would know what he did to her. A Jewishwoman like Richman having to defend a molester of young Jewish girls should havenauseated her. What if it happened to her children? These lawyers know they aredefending a guilty party as other complaints about the pervert with pais came in beforeand during the trial. They are in a better moral position defending mob guys.December 5th I came into the courthouse this morning a little late assomeone had passed out on the train. I saw Farkass Jr. a formerprosecutor turned high profile defense attorney haul his ass in and liftup a restraining ribbon on the first floor of the courthouse and duckunder it. When the session started Farkas was nowhere to be seen. Iheard people saying, “I hope is alright.” That sounded a little strangeto me. So I told his father, Farkas Sr. that I saw him come in. Hedidn’t seem too happy to hear it from me. Where was this Junior? When he finallyarrived in court he was making all kinds of jokes and asides during the testimony. Hecouldn’t remember if he was the defense or prosecution. Judge Ingram told him to coolit. If you ask an expert on drug use like myself he was high on coke, and that was whyhe was late. He stopped in the men’s room to snort a few lines. This father and son team are in the not just for the money although they wouldnot do it pro bono. Daddy Farkas claims he was kicked out of numerous Yeshivas when
  • 14. he was a kid, and that he feels no attachment to Judaism when he lays tzfillen. So he isdoing this out a subconscious guilt complex for not completing Yeshiva and being afrum guy. This is the circuitous way he convinces God to let him into heaven. It was a big day. The first thing I saw was my cousin. He figured out who I was bythis time, the last living direct descent of Moshe Weberman, the patriarch of theWeberman family who came over here in the late 1800’s from Satmar, Hungry. Anangel of death summoned from the past to flick buggers at his wife and sister as I satbehind them as much as I could. My cousin gave me a look as if he wanted to killme. He is good at those intimidating looks because he has a split personality. On theone hand he is Mr. Nice Guy helping Satmar’s find their way in life, a family man with 10children and many grandchildren and on the other hand he is an embezzler and childrapist. The newspapers here reported that when my cousin went passed a conferenceroom where the victim was he also gave her a threatening look. What’s he going to do?Send the modesty squad around and make me button up my blouse. Or zip my fly. TheModesty Squad (Vaad Ha’Tznuis) enforces the Satmar regulations regarding howwomen must dress and look and think. A member of the Vaad Squad would tellan individual or family that they faced embarrassment and serious loss of social statusbecause of some infraction of the modesty code. The Vaad would then ask forpayments of anywhere between $5,000 and $30,000 for “therapy” and other expenses.The vaad would select the “therapist” who might be a member of the vaad himself, likeWeberman. Sometimes it was Yaakov Yagen, a “torah therapist,” who worked out ofWeberman’s Classon Avenue office. Like Hollywood should make a remake of Dragnetand the Mod Squad based on the adventures of this group of masked men known as“The Vaad Squad.” The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. CLICK HERE My name’s Saturday, my partner’s name is Nechemya Weberman, we’re religious police. It was 1300 hours and a hot day in Williamsburg. My partner and I were exchanging jokes about goys when we were told to interview the owner of a chasidishe underwear store on Pitkin Avenue about some immodest contraband she was selling under-the-counter. We arrived at Victoria’s Besodik at 1330 hours and asked Victoria if my partner could try on some of her stockings to make sure they were thick enough. I told Victoria, we want the facts, nothing but the facts. Nechemya went into the dressing room and when he came out he was wearing a bra from Fredrick’s of Hollywood. “I found this in there when I was trying on the stockings. Looks like you are in deep dreck, Victoria.”
  • 15. Oh yeah, the running joke in this case is that the Detective who took the victimscomplaint was unable to add two two digit numbers and said he could not do it becausehe was under pressure. He knew what was going on and he deliberately discreditedhimself. Nechemya Weberman is fucking weird; like I wrote a Jeckel and Hydepersonality. Like he sees this young girl, maybe 7 years old and his dick gets hard andhe falls in love with her. He becomes obsessed with her and is intent on making her hiswhore as in some 19th Century French novel. He moves in on her family and co-opts herdad Bernie. Bernie lends the child molesting piece of shit his car to let his daughter bemolested in during a 12 hour molest fest Nechemya pulled off, and believe me he gotpulled off numerous times during this ride. Fucking pervert! This guy is a con man and hustler. The fat fuck set up a charity to collect moneyfor poor Satmar families. But guess what he kept the money for himself and went on ashopping spree at Victoria Secret. Now it has been intimated that my cousin used thisnonprofit money to buy underwear at Victoria Secret for some girls he had crashing athis pad. I don’t think he was buying it for the crashers, I think he was buying it forhimself. On the other hand it is unlikely he would do anything with a cross in it, likecross dressing. Returning to Bernard, the father of the victim, he is the biggest schameil in thewhole sordid affair. The victim’s mother got suspicious when my cousin had arrangedthis 12 hour fuck fest disguised as a trip to the Catskill’s to sooth the victim’s nerves. Ifthe fucking jury doesn’t catch on to this shit it is going to be a sad day in Brooklyn. Thevictim’s mother told Bernard that this violated Hilchos Yichud. This is some law KingDavid drew up ages ago where men and women who aren’t related can’t be in a lockedroom together because his daughter was raped. But all this locked room stuff also hassymbolic meaning as Nechemya is going to be in a locked room for 23 hours a day 7days a week for decades.SATMAR HO’ BAILA GLUCK, 23 “NEVER ON A SHABBOS” But that is sad. The dude is just misunderstood. Yousee my cousin is really a hippy at heart, like myself, and rana crash pad for young girls. Like totally cool man. He had atleast three chicks crashing there. The hippy “Rabbi” and his“counterculture” attorneys brought in one of them, aWeberman related Satmar lady, a crasher at my man“Nechs” crib who testified that the lock on my cousin’s smaller office, backroom doorwas inoperative so he could not have turned it into a cubicle as in a Times Squarewhorehouse. This jive-assed Jewish bitch lied like a motherfucker. Real credible
  • 16. witness; She said she had left home, hit the streets and found a boyfriend. Who was herboyfriend? 50 Cent? She was a-hookin’ and a-crookin’ if you ask me. Gluck said aftershe had no place to stay following troubles at home, “He offered (for me) to come live athis house [crash at his pad].” She added that during her time there, two other hotSatmar chicks occasionally camped out there. One of those girls has told authoritiesshe caught Weberman and Gluck in a compromising position. That person refused totestify for fear of retribution, a source said. But Gluck, asked if one of the girls everwalked in and saw her sitting on Weberman’s lap while he had an erection, replied “No.”He got his kicks off Satmar chicks. This guy has ten kids, he is schup city. He shouldhave opened up a sperm bank. But he had as much of a chance of getting head off hiswife as the Pope turning Jewish. A survivor of Weberman’s rape wrote “I know for a factthat one of Weberman’s character witnesses were physically intimate with him, whetherit was consensual or forced I can’t attest to, but she was certainly a minor at the timeeither way. The sad truth is that she is still under his grip, which trust me is way strongerthan any of you can imagine, and therefore she will do anything to protect him. (Yes,including perjury).”DECEMBER 4 The trial is getting to be a family reunion. I sit in back of NechemyaWeberman and his two sisters who don’t wear wedding rings. I wouldn’t be surprised ifhe was doing them. The sisters, the Weberman wife and some other rag heads startedcackling when one of Nechemya’s defense lawyers stated that there was nocorroborating forensic evidence in this case, only the word of the victim. The reason forthis was that the NYPD and the DA’s office never conducted a forensic investigation.This was because Nechemya’s bust went down before the New York Times articlecame out that exposed the fact that the DA Hynes was turning a lot of Haredi childmolesting cases over to Beth Dins. Then I found out that the head of the Girls Yeshivasection of the United Talmudic Academy where the victim attended is married to aWeberman. Nechemya got a loan from the school of $71K which he has no intentions ofpaying back. He also managed to shake down the family of the victim by for $35K bygiving a corrupt Rabbi in a Jewish Court a kickback and using his status as aWeberman. So add grifter to his list of crimes. And the dickhead is also a freakingmoser, a snitch, an informer. The victim’s mother was questioned about some minormedicate fraud – the judge told her to shut up and the next day she took the fifth.Medical records are almost impossible to obtain and there is no way a judge would havesigned an order to release these records as Medicare fraud had nothing to do with thecase. These records had been given to Weberman after he wormed his way in to thevictim’s family in order to ensnare his prey.NOVEMBER 29 I began attending his child rape trial on Thursday November 29, 2012. Iarrived at the courthouse at 10AM only find the trial was to resume at 1PM due to afuneral that the judge had to attend. I had three hours to kill so I walked across the
  • 17. Brooklyn Bridge to Chinatown and rescued three lobsters from the tank they wereswimming in. When I arrived at the courthouse I was told I was not allowed to bring livelobsters into the courtroom. I split but being a garbologist I found a garbage can withlittle in it behind a car so I lifted up the bag and put the lobsters between it and the metalof the can. They would stay cold and not have to come into contact with garbage as Ihad to do in the courtroom. I sat down behind a group of devout women who came to support this little wispof a girl who had the nerve to stand up to the most pathological group in the JewishCommunity, short of Neturei Karta. The victim stood tough against cross examination by“its” attorney, George Farkas. Farkass was trying to prove that she made up the 88incidents of rape because she was angry about a film of her having sex with her firstboyfriend made Candid Camera style by Nechemya Weberman and Bernard, who wasrumored to be a defense witness but this never came to pass. The victim would not givean inch and said she didn’t recall this and she didn’t recall that. Like I can identify withthe victim having grown up in an Orthodox Jewish household and not digging it in theleast. She wrote poetry and songs, I called myself “Boph the Poet.” She tried to runaway from orthodox camp, so did I. The victim does not have the mentality of a Satmar in that she wants to think for herself. As a result she had problems at the United Talmudic Academy girl’s school which was partially founded by the Weberman family. Rabbi Ben Zion Feurewerger, Webermans Cousin named after Ben Zion Weberman, runs the Satmar Girls School and Himself Gropes After Women. Feurer-werger swore under oath that the Vaad Squad was non-existent. After that anything he testified to had no credibility. The only reason he runs the school is because he won the longest pais contest three years in a row. Theydidn’t like the way she dressed or thought. The brainwashing was not working. She putdown her feelings about her oppressors in poetry and songs which Farkas made a bigdeal out of as if it were a crime to do so. He also focused on her relationship with herfirst boyfriend, his arrest instigated by Weberman and her father, the video tape of herhaving sex with him, the fact that her present husband was her first boyfriends bestfriend, the restraining order, the fact she called her first boyfriend the love of her life, thewhole sordid megellah. There was only one minor problem here. Nechemya Webermanhad stuck his finger into her vagina when she was twelve years old and messed up hermind, maybe for life. How is she supposed to have a normal sex life? Then he comesalong and gets her father to make this video so the father has to watch his daughterhaving sex because some dude is moving in on his thing.
  • 18. What makes this pervert different from all other perverts? Jews believe Jewsadhere to higher moral standards and it hard to believe that a religious man would dosuch a thing for fear of missing out on the afterlife. The Satmar believes that life reallybegins after you croak and your role on earth is to be a soldier of God and make manysacrifices in this life. What caused this? That side of the Weberman family comes from areally limited the gene pool and everybody is like related to everybody. Is it that mycousin is a genetic defective? All ten of his children seem like well-programmedSatbots. The victim testified that my cousin had his eye on her since she was a young girl.He manipulated her whole life but the plan backfired and now he will be locked down ina Special Housing Unit 23/7 that is if he is lucky and not placed in general population.He will be allowed to attend religious services, although a Jewish prisoner might shankhim there. You see Nechemya will not do well in General Population as he has neverbeen in general population even outside of prison! He has only associated with fellowcult members, and even that association became more rarified when he joined theSatmar Religious Secret Police Force, the Vaad Ha’tznius. Weberman would win thetrust of the children and teens he was counseling. They would confess their sins toFather Weberman in Weberman’s version of a confession booth, a locked back room.Say one of them told him she had a cell phone although she knew that was against therules. Weberman would get his posse who were wearing white sheets as masks andraid the child’s home in the middle of the night in order to remove the cell phone. AndWeberman was one of these guys! Nechemya Weberman Grand Kleagle of Jewishversion of the KKK. The D.A. said he was a power broker and used the information fromhis counseling sessions to advance his position in the Satmar community. There were many people that made me proud to be a Jew. Abigail, from who was covering the trial. This is an excellent websitefor more complete coverage of the proceeding. There is a wall of shame indicates thatthis sort of thing is much more widespread in the Orthodox community. RabbiRosenberg was there. This mensch stood up not only to the sicknessesin his community but to DA Charlie Hynes who looked the other way for many years. I call him the Victor Riesel of the Haredim. Riesel was a crusading labor columnist who was blinded by the mob. Rabbi Rosenberg was attacked by Meilech Schnitzler, 36, of Williamsburg (photo left). Rabbi Rosenberg suspects his father of being a pervert. Schnitzler was charged with felony assault, misdemeanor assault, menacing, criminal mischief and criminal possession of a weapon. Looks like they are
  • 19. throwing the Five Books of Moses, and the Talmud, and the Gommorah, and theShulchin Orach at him! The big question for me when I left the courthouse that day was, “Were mylobsters still there?” they were there and they looked happier than Nechemya’s cousin,Rabbi William Mordechai Weberman, at a Holocaust Denial Convention in Tehran.NOVEMBER 30 I put on my New York Department of Sanitation hoodie, as I wasdealing with Weberman trash, and I took a seat directly in back of my cousin and histwo mousey looking sisters. These synagogue mice (no way were they church mice)were conversing in Yiddish about trivial gossip. After they had a brief conversation witha journalist the female member of the defense team came over and warned all three notto talk to the press. My counselor from Camp Maple Lake, Avi Dershowitz, made acameo appearance. I believe he was there to defend an orthodox Jew who wasconvicted as a child molester even though the witness against him said he wasmolested at a time when they were apart. The session started an hour late thanks to atardy juror. Judge Ingram said, “This case is very important to the State of New York…” IfWeberman gets off the hook people are going to accuse the District Attorney’s office offavoritism to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish cults who vote in blocks. It’s not going to lookgood for the Brooklyn Democratic Party that controls the courthouse. Also Judge Ingramhas taken a fatherly interest in the defendant and he knows from years of experiencethat she is telling the truth. If there was ever an impartial judge it was him.The ADA handling this case, Kevin O’Donnell, is conversant withJewish law and pointed out to the Jury that unrelated single menand women are not allowed to be alone in the same roomtogether. Yichud (seclusion) Jewish Law prohibits men and womenfrom being alone together in a secluded location unless they aremarried to each other or are close family members. This evenapplies to a patient being alone in a closed room with a physician.Same room together? The pervert had a freakin’ whorehouse inhis backroom. He had a bolt lock on the office door so he wouldn’t be interrupted whenhe was raping one of his victims. The ADA talked about a car trip the victim andperpetrator took together and there was no objection from Farkas because it happened.And the family was billed $1500 for it. The victim was asked how she knew the Satmarcommunity was trying to silence her. She responded, “They tried to bribe me.” JudgeIngram started to like flip out. He said “Strike this from the record” and instructed thejurors that there was nothing linking Weberman with any bribe attempt. But havingsomething struck from the record is like putting toothpaste back in the tube. There washowever, a bribe attempt on my cousin’s behalf. When asked her motivation in bringing
  • 20. forth these charges she said she did not want to see what happened to her happen toanyone else again. Farkas had the nerve to ridicule this statement. Then Farkas askedabout money that the victim’s family owed Weberman. They had been payingWeberman for the so-called counseling sessions! Basically he had co-opted this familyand used them for his own perverse ends. The victim testified that he showed herpornography and then made her reenact the sex acts during their closed-doormolestation sessions. I had to “copy what was in the porn,” the blond 17-year-oldtestified in Brooklyn Supreme Court. “I remember it happening a lot.” How did the Nechemya Weberman story end up on the front page of the Timeshopefully insuring his conviction and life sentence? It was due to a confluence of events.The first was my cousin’s arrest. This came after the victim told a licensed mandatedreporter that she had been traumatized and molested, who reported it to the police, andshe was called in to file a complaint which she did. The second factor was that Yiddish posters announced that there was a benefitbeing thrown for an accused Brooklyn, New York child rapist by the Satmar Hasidicsect. This flipped people out. The third factor in Nechemya’s demise was a three partexpose in the New York Times about how the Brooklyn D.A.’s office mishandled childrape claims in the Satmar community. The fourth was the bribe attempt. The fifth was the arrests of four men at the trial when the Satbots used their cell phones to photograph the victim then their plan was to plaster her picture all over Williamsburg and on the Internet. After this was discovered everyone had to surrender their cell phones and were searched. One of the moron’s who was arrested changed his name to Lemon Juice. Imbecile. He said he was going to name his kids Grapefruit and Orange. Farkas said he helped make the proceedings into a circus. The charges against one of the four, who came from a rich Satmar family, were dropped. Acourt officer opined it was similar to a gang trial involving the Crypts and the Bloods asfar as witness intimidation went. “What you have done, apparently, is take the photos inthe courtroom yesterday and today,” Ingram said. “You know about the law, you knowabout the Torah, you know about rabbinical courts — this is a civil court.” He added,“You might want to avail yourself of counsel. Never come into my courtroom ever againand bring a phone with you.” As stated when the maggots victim was composing herselfin the conference room with her husband during a break in her testimony Webermanappeared outside the glass, said Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, a family friend of the victim.“He gave her an angry, threatening look and wouldn’t leave,” said Horowitz. “Shejumped up and said, ‘Get out of here!’ When I came in, her hands were shaking.” Law-enforcement sources confirmed that the alleged intimidation was reported to the court.
  • 21. “We can’t control any alleged complaints. I’ll only say that it’s pure, unadulteratedbullshitt,” said Farkas. As stated he gave me the same look but it gave me a warmfeeling. Sitting behind him in the courtroom I would have loved to take out a garrote andchoke him to death but boy would I have gotten yelled at.BENEFIT FOR THE EMPIRE STATE KOSHER CHICKEN HAWK Who ever heard of a benefit for a serial child rapist? The Jewhaters had a field day with this one. The surreal “Support Your LocalChild Rapist” scene was described thusly: “On the street outside theContinental catering hall in Williamsburg, Weberman’s supportersfilled the sidewalk, spilling onto the street to be pushed back bypolice. Inside the packed room men of all ages listened to theircommunity elders speak out in support of a man they claim has been wrongly accused.Across the street, a group of around 100 advocates, abuse survivors and supporters ofthe victim had set up a counter-demonstration, carrying placards that read "protectvictims, not abusers" and chanting "denial enables abuse." At the start of the evening,there was a brief clash and an arrest as one of the rally-goers crossed the street toconfront protesters.” "People came out tonight to support the American ideal of innocent till proven guilty," said Yossi Gestetner, a Satmar Hasid who was appointed official press contact by the rallys organizers the day before the event when news of it reached the media. "Many people in the community are fed up that this whole case gets tried in the court of public opinion not the court of law. People feel under siege." Yossi Gestetner has nearly 3,800 followers on Twitter. There he expresses hisconservatism and suggests that Bill Clinton bears some responsibility for 9/11 or thatPresident Obama may not be an American-born citizen. Accordingly, Ed Cox (whoincidentally grabbed me when I threw a tomato at his father-in-law, Richard Nixon), theNew York State GOP chair considered the 27-year-old Gestetner to be a natural fit tobring Jewish voters out for the Republican Party when Cox appointed him to the post ofNew York State GOP Director of Jewish Outreach.An expose by The Jewish Channel put an end to this when it airedan interview between Gestetner and journalist Steven Weiss, inwhich Gestetner’s past work consulting for the group True TorahJews Against Zionism was revealed. Meir Weberman, Nechemya’sgreat uncle is the head of this front group for Neturei Karta in which
  • 22. Meir’s son, Mordechai Weberman is a leader. This is a case of interlocking directorates.When confronted in the interview, Gestetner equivocated often about his previous workas well as his personal views on Zionism and Israel, never endorsing the idea of aJewish State: “I’m an American, I live in the United States, and I hope to see that peoplewho live in Israel, such as I have immediate family, that they are safe and sound.” Theinterview also touched on accusations that Gestetner advocated on behalf of allegedcriminals and child abusers in the Hasidic community. On Gestetner’s blog, one canfind a vigorous (and baffling) defense of the decision by the family of Leiby Kletzky—theeight-year-old Hasidic boy whose murder made headlines across the country lastsummer—to rely on a local Jewish civilian patrol (shomrim) to investigate the boy’sdisappearance instead of immediately calling the New York Police Department. Lessthan 30 minutes after GOP State Chairman Ed Cox found out about the investigation ofhis new appointee, Gestetner had resigned. BENEFIT POSTER AND BUST AT THE MOLESTER BASH BOORI’S CAFE AND RUBIN BUSTED FOR BRIBERY YOU CAN GET ANYTHING YOU WANT AT BOORI’S RESTAURANT (EXCEPT FOR BOORI)
  • 23. The next nail in his coffin (bad metaphor Jews are not allowed to be buried withmetal) came after a Satmar operative was arrested for allegedly offering a $500,000bribe to Weberman’s victim to get her to drop charges against him. Abraham Rubin 48,of Williamsburg offered the hush money to the victim using her boyfriend as a cut out.Prosecutors charged Rubin with bribery, witness tampering and coercion. They said thathe had been recorded offering the accuser’s boyfriend the money, and he suggestedthat the young couple could flee to Israel to avoid testifying. So she would have to leavethe United States, leave her family and be further victimized in return for a lot of money?And where was this money coming from? Did they raise half a million dollars at thebenefit for Weberman? Or was the money part of the payment the Neturei Kartareceived from Iran in return for attending the Iranian Nazis Holocaust DenialConference. Shortly after that conference Mordechai Weberman was spotted driving abrand new SUV. Rubin also offered to provide them with a lawyer who could help themavoid cooperating with prosecutors. Rubin told him that Weberman and the communityas a whole would be better off if she took the bribe and the case went away. AbrahamRubin, 48, was indicted on charges including four counts of Bribing a Witness, twocounts of Tampering with a Witness in the Fourth Degree and one count of Coercion inthe Second Degree. If convicted, Rubin faces up to seven years in prison. I met afriend of Rubin who told me that the feeling in the Satmar community was that he wasentrapped. This is what transpired before the bribery bust - D.A. Hynes was aware thatallegations had been made in blogs that deal with the Haredi world by the victims’boyfriend, Borie, that he had been offered half a million dollars to make this whole thinggo away and when he refused his Kashrut certificate was revoked. Deutsch reportedthat “Rabbi Shmuel Berger a notable kashrut endorser in Williamsburg, has revoked mykashrut certificate from my restaurant Old Williamsburg Cafe at 45 Lee Avein retaliation for my role in the Weberman affair.” Prosecutors charged three brothers,Jacob, Joseph and Hertzka Berger with coercion, saying they threatened and thenremoved the kosher certification of a restaurant run by the accuser’s boyfriend. Thebrothers are sons of Shmuel Berger who issues kosher certifications to stores. Thedefendants warned him they would rip down the sign on his store if his girlfriend did notgo along with their plan. One afternoon, in fact, they allegedly tore down the sign toshow they meant business. The Glatt Kosher Nostra? Joseph, Jacob and HertzkaBerger have been charged with Coercion in the Second Degree. Joseph Berger wasalso charged with Aggravated Harassment in the Second Degree. Jacob Berger hasbeen additionally charged with Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree. If convicted,Joseph and Hertzka Berger each face a year in jail while Jacob Berger faces up to fouryears in prison.
  • 24. None-the-less arresting these men in a pre-dawn raid was overkill. They shouldhave been allowed to self-surrender as they have never been accused of a violentcrime. Jews are civilized; we are The People of the Book. When I grew up in Brooklyn inthe 1950’s we ran all the books.THE MECHITZA IS AS HIGH AS AN ELEPHANTS EYE (from Satmar song, Oh WhatA Beautiful Shabbos “Oh what a beautiful shabbos, oiy what a beautiful day, I got awonderful feeling the Moshiach is coming my way.”) One of the reasons I think Weberman is guilty is because no one can ever adequately answer the question “Why have an old fat Orthodox man counseling young Orthodox girls?” It makes no sense. There is strict separation of the sexes in the ultra-Orthodox Satmar community. Men and women sit in different parts of the synagogue separated by a wall known asa mechitza. In the Satmar shuls the mechitza’s are the same height as the IsraeliSecurity Wall. Men dance with men at weddings which put the caterer’s liquor license atrisk in the 1950’s. Satmar men cover their wives body with a sheet when they haveintercourse with her. Like Abraham Rubin’s use of Borie, they use cut outs. To illustratehow far-reaching this separation is the Satmars issued an edict forbidding men andwomen’s clothes to be washed together. If I was issuing edicts I would insist men’s andwoman’s garbage should also be separated. How did Weberman get away with it for so long? How did Jerry Sandusky getaway with it for so long? He intimidated his victims like some Mafia gangster threateningthem with everything and anything if they told anyone what transpired when they wereleft alone with the fat pervert Weberman. Parents didn’t suspect him because part of hiscover entailed being part of a circle of Satmar zealots who preached stricter standardsof sexual modesty. As stated part of Weberman’s cover was that he was a member of“Vaad Ha’tznius,” roughly translated as “modesty patrol,” a group that confrontsmembers of the Hasidic community when they act “immorally” so he could do no wrong.THE NY TIMES EXPOSE: THINGS LOOK DIFFERENT IN HYNES SIGHT The New York Times expose of the way Brooklyn D.A. Hynes treated sex crimeswithin the Satmar community hit my cousin like a ton of Sidurim. The Times reportedthat in return for their votes the Satmar were allowed to hear complaints of child rape ata Beth Din. Jewish child rapists seemed to have gotten better deals than others. It wasa big flap. My cousin asked for a change of venue to Kiryat Joel but did not get it. Butthat’s the way the Shmira Matzo crumbles. You destroy people’s lives your life getsdestroyed. And my cousin is not going to do easy time. He is a child molester and a
  • 25. Jew, which is two strikes against him – the third – his case got a lot of publicity. Threestrikes and you are dead kosher meat. He better ask for protective custody.THE APPEAL The convicted sex offender fat perverts lawyers are going to appeal the verdict.Good luck. Judge Ingram gave him a fair trial which is more than I would have done. Iintend to get the appellate transcripts and post them on DAs office had an appeals expert there so the pig with pais doesnt have a chance.The pervert’s posse took out a two-page spread in the Williamsburg-based Satmarcommunity’s largest newspaper in an effort to raise $1 million for an appeal. “The entirecommunity is sitting on that defendant’s bench God forbid,” reads the two-page spreadin the Der Yid newspaper. “In the coming weeks we must come up with a million dollarsto be able to continue pursue the case to rescue the ‘scapegoat’ Nechemya.” Sourcesclose to the case say the unnamed group hopes to hire famed criminal defense attorneyAlan Dershowitz, who helped get O. J. Simpson acquitted of murder. Dershowitzrepresented me or at least he was my counselor at Camp Maple Lake, in LivingstonManor, New York in the mid-1950s. He was at YU at the time and known as Avi. Avihas experience defending Jewish perverts. He has a case pending in the same CriminalCourt as Weberman regarding a chaside whose initial conviction he helped overturn. Healso defended a Jewish hedge fund CEO and Democratic Party contributor who wasanother child rapist who operated out of Miami. Defending child rapists and Israeldoesnt really do Israel that much good. It would be in everyones interest if he did nottake the Weberman Appeal. Heres a translation of an ad, which ran in the Satmar rag Dvar Yom Beyomo,made by the source who emailed it to a website called Failed Messiah. As the beginning of the grand $1 million dollar campaign to help save the korban tzibur [the communitys sacrifice or atonement] HaRav HaChasid Rabbi Nechemya Tzvi ben Dinah [Weberman], God should lengthen his life and years, we must by the coming week raise the sum of $125,000 dollars to be able to go ahead with the legal process and hire the best advocates [attorneys], therefore we must quickly gather 500 donations of $250 dollars to be able to raise the needed sum of $125,000 until end of next week. Volunteers: We must quickly gather 100 volunteers that can [each] bring 5 people who will donate, if you are able to help, please make connections now with the askanim [activists].Contributors: those who can immediately give the minimum donation of $250 dollars for the campaign should call us now, everyones help is important and every day counts. Contact the askanim [activists] now at Tel: 347.470.1303 Email:
  • 26. Address: 169 Classon Ave #205 Brooklyn NY 11205 The Mitzvah of Pidyon Shvuyim (Hebrew: ‫ ,פדיון שבויים‬literally: Redemption ofCaptives) is to bring about the release of any Jew held captive by gentiles includingBernard Madoff. The goyim gave him 150 years when all he did was help some fellowJews disgorge themselves of their assets.DEBASED AND LOWLY ELEMENTS We are now faced with the trial of the important askan R Nechemiah Tzvi ben Dinah Weberman about whom the debased and lowly elements from the fringe of society have made false claims and slandered. Therefore the teachers have been requested to pray for him together with the young students and implore Gd every day he should go free. Therefore people should have this in mind when they answer "Amen Yehe Shmei Rabbah" which is a segula to annul bad decrees against a person. In addition Chapter 20 of Tehilim should be said and then the name that G-d should help and that the slanderers should have no hope and Nechemia Tzvi ben Dina Weberman should be freed from all actionsAMEN. Be fully aware that if this type of low and disgusting slander succeeds in thiscase then every single person is in danger of being a victim. We have no other strengththen our mouth for use as gifts and prayer. Our enemies will bow and fall but we will riseand be upright. [The only thing upright about Nechemya is his dick].EARLIER DEVELOPMENTS This chain of events started when my cousin, an unlicensedbogus psycho-therapist was accused by a girl that he counseled ofhaving sex with her while she was between the ages of 12 to 15. Oneof his charges reads: ORAL ANAL SEXUAL CONDUCT which meansconduct between persons consisting of contact between the mouth andthe penis, the mouth and the anus, or the mouth and the vulva orvagina. As stated Webermans defense attorney was George Farkas, aMafia attorney. One of Farkas’s clients was Frank (Frankie Steel)Pontillo who was arrested in 1991 during the bloody Colombo family war for a plot tomurder members of a rival faction by disguising himself as a Hasidic Jew. Farkas claimed in early news reports that a year before the other allegationsemerged the girl - still underage - had an older boyfriend. Her father concerned that the
  • 27. pair had embarked on a sexual relationship, secretly videotaped them alone and theboyfriend was brought before a judge. Farkas says that although Weberman advisedagainst the scheme, the girl blames him and wants revenge. “She is beingmanipulated,” Farkas says, by "nefarious, vicious people out to bring Weberman down.He would die before he would molest anyone,” said Farkas, calling the charges“horrendous. They are disgusting. And they’re despicable. Not just — it’s absolutelyawful. But what I will tell you is that this man will die before he’s branded a childmolester,” Farkas said. Farkas added that Weberman “has a very high standing in thecommunity and has helped troubled families in the past.” Then he blamed the victim,saying that the family that brought the charges was “dysfunctional.” The problem here,however, is that as reported many others have made allegations against my cousin. On July 18, 2012 Farkas stated, "There is a motive of revenge," when asking tointroduce the sex tape evidence at trial. "I havent seen the video, but I heard its veryexplicit," a source said. Prosecutors acknowledged the tape was shown to them andthat the case against the boyfriend was eventually dropped. They note that Webermanaccompanied the father to the district attorneys office in 2010 to make an allegation ofstatutory rape. But they argued the decision of the alleged victim, now 17, to accuseWeberman of molesting her at age 12 came after she heard that he molested others."We would strongly oppose to bringing in the complainants other sexual activities," saidprosecutor Anthea Bruffee, citing the stringent rape shield law, which generallyprecludes evidence on victims sexual conduct. "You have a high hurdle to leap over,"Justice John Ingram told Fark-ass. The judge will ruled in late August he would not make an exception to the shieldlaw and allow the jury to hear about the sex tape. He also issued a decision onprosecutors requests to bring other witnesses who claimed Weberman abused them -even though no other charges have been filed against him - and to introduce a Hasidiccultural expert as a witness. There were no other witnesses who said they were abusedby Weberman and no Hasidic expert testified. Farkas asked that the video tape beshown in open court. This would dissuade the complainant from testifying. Read moreabout this in The New York Post.A leaked version of events: A father was convinced his 16-year-old daughter was having a relationship with a 17-year-old boy, so the father set up a hidden camera in the house. What he recorded shocked him — what he saw the daughter doing to please the young man. They are Orthodox Jews, in Brooklyn. The father had already taken the daughter to seek counseling with Rabbi Nechemya Weberman in years past. Just as he had taken her older sister. It is a common practice in the community for a respected person to be a
  • 28. counselor, or serve as a therapist because he is not a mandated reporter. Weberman is affiliated, police said, with Brooklyn’s United Talmudic Academy, a yeshiva. Now, the father went to the Brooklyn DA’s office with the tape, and Rabbi Weberman. The Brooklyn DA’s office set up special channels of communication to bridge cultural gaps that might be beneficial to both sides. However, the more that investigators talked to the parties involved — especially when they spoke with them separately — the more that there were questions which indicated something was not right. Around Feb. 16, 2011 the girl told a counselor at school that the rabbi has been raping her for years. The counselor reported it, and when the investigators talked to her again, she claimed there were at least 16 incidents at 263 Classon Avenue, in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, which serves as Weberman’s home and office. It is where the counseling sessions took place. The girl told investigators it began in 2007, when she was 12; and continued through 2010. Detectives assembled sufficient preliminary evidence to start a case; and arrested Weberman on Wednesday February 25, 2011. He was brought to Brooklyn Criminal Court that night, and told he was being charged with rape, endangering the welfare of a child, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct against a child, and engaging in a criminal sexual act.This appeared in frum women’s blog and tells the story in detail: In great pain we feel the need to publicize a terrible situation that occurred in our own community with the hope that something can be done to heal a terrible wound and prevent future tragedies from occurring. The victim was a bright 12 years old in the sixth grade in a Chassidic Yeshiva school for girls. During class she would ask many theological questions, some which the teachers were incapable of responding to. The teacher turned to the principal for guidance and answers to the questions. The principal summoned her to his office and berated her for asking such questions calling her an apikorus (heretic). He demanded that she see a counselor in order to stay in the school. With great personal sacrifice, the parents invested tremendous time and money in therapy with Nechemya Weberman. Each session lasted a minimum of three hours at a cost of $150 an hour. At one point they were required to pay $7,000 in advance to the principal, to guarantee that she remain in therapy. Unfortunately they trusted both the school and Mr. Weberman. When they did have questions or concerns, they were intimidated and threatened. At one point Mr.
  • 29. Weberman took her alone on a 12 hour trip upstate – when the mother asked about hilchos yichud he responded in great anger. Rather than calming her, he threatened to stop treatment if she wouldn’t apologize in writing. Finally, after two years of embarrassment and pain at school, the victim was switched to another school. The new school assigned her to a therapist. Throughout the sessions the therapist discovered what had occurred with Mr. Weberman over the past few years. The law in NY State requires that a therapist report any abuse that happens to a child whether or not the parents agree. Thus it was a shock when the parents of the victim were called down to the police station and informed of what happened. Those unfamiliar with how the DA’s office works blamed the parents for the charges and publicity, yet they themselves had no control over the process. Initially the parents did not believe the story and the police refused to allow the girl back home. For three weeks the girl was placed in another home. With time and investigation it became clear that the painful stories were true. Numerous other victims have come forward to share their stories as well. The victim’s family wanted to keep the story quiet in order to preserve the dignity of the Weberman family, yet the Weberman’s in trying to deny the charges has made this public and widespread. The defendant, who is an aggressor according to Jewish law, an aggressor, is now playing the role of a victim. As religious people, the victim’s family would like to handle this according to the Torah. They have informed the Rabbis and advocates that they are ready and willing to go to any Rabbinical Court to uncover the truth and follow their guidance. As a community, we hope you can share in their pain and do what needs to be done to keep our kehilla safe.THE SATMAR: A STUDY IN PATHOLOGICAL JUDAISM
  • 30. The Satmar cult is pathological in that it wants to destroy itself. The Satmar arethe Jews with the fur trimmed hats and long frock coats. One reason they dress the waythey do has nothing to do with the Bible, Talmud, Shulchan Aruch or any other holybook. When the Satmar were in Hungry the nobility there provided them with somedegree of protection against the blood thirsty, Jew hating, peasantry so a few chasidumemulated their dress. The other reason is they want to separate themselves fromeveryone else. Satmar have created their own ghettos. They should be locked in atnight, as they did in the ghettos of Europe. They hate the Christian world who theyconsider the worshipers of a dangerous heretic but if you are Jewish they will visit you inhospitals and in prisons. Unlike the Chabad they have no formal outreach programs. Although the Satmars practice the religion of Biblical times a lot of their thinkingis based on the Talmud, rather than the Old Testament. The orthodox believe theTalmud was given to Moses in Biblical times despite the fact that it deals with situationsin much later times. It is often called the “the oral” law. So we are talking about Diasporareligious philosophy that includes such diverse commandments such as don’t return toIsrael in masse until the Messiah leads you back or at least pays for your ticket on El-AlBusiness Class. Satmar believe there is a covenant with God not to conquer Israel untilthe Messiah finally shows up so Israel is an abomination and must vanish before theMoshioch will come. This coincides with the Satmar beliefs that the Nazis weremessengers of God whose role was to punish Jews for being Zionists. Everything isbashert with them, the Yiddish word for “destined” so those men, women and childrenkilled in the Holocaust were destined by God to die because of the Zionists. Theyinbreed and are subject to genetic disease and a stagnant genetic pool. They rarelyamount to more than a hill of hummus in American society but they do know how tomake money and run big retail operations selling electronic equipment or issuinghekshers – a certificate that food is Glatt Kosher. They do this for FAIRWAYMARKETS 2 in New York City. Because they maintain major religious differences withSephardic Jews they are some of the Whitest, most racist Jews in the world. It is thisEuropean Christian genetic heritage that causes them to make Judaism into aMessianic religion like Christianity. Satmar is my genetic heritage on my father’s sideand Nechemya Weberman is my first cousin twice removed. Soon he will be removedfrom Riker’s Island (the Rock) to a prison in upstate New York so he will be three timesremoved.
  • 31. THE SATMAR REBBE - A VILE, TWISTED MAN In 1928 Joel Teitelbaum was a Rabbi at Satu Mare, Hungry who was never all there mentally. Satu Mare means Saint Mary in Hungarian so he is really the Saint Mary Rabbi. As a child he suffered from an obsessive compulsion to wash his hands over and over again. Later on in life he would become obsessed with woman’s stockings. Something tells me his first sexual experience involved a woman’s legs and he became sexual fixated on them in an unhealthy way. Rabbi Joel hated the Zionists with a passion. The Bnei Akiva Zionist youth group was shut down by the government before the time when the anti- Jewish laws were passed in Hungary, and the halutz who ran it was deported. Those anti-Jewish laws, meant to mimic theNuremberg Laws, were passed in 1938. The closing of Bnei Akiva would have takenplace in 1936 or 1937. A survivor whose mother was friendly with a police officer askedhim why Bnei Akiva had been closed by the government when no other Jewishorganization had been targeted. The police officer told her that the Satmar Rebbe, JoelTeitelbaum, had bribed the prefect (governor) to have the halutz deported and BneiAkiva shut down. Teitelbaum was a very wealthy man at the time. Anna Porter, in herbook, Kasztners Train, has this to say about the "Grand" rabbi of Satmar: "A Zionistactivist went to the Satmar Rebbe to warn him and his followers that the Nazideportation trains would be taking them to their death, not to a relocation site. TheSatmar Rebbe threatened this man with with excommunication and ordered him to besilent. He did not want his followers panicked." The Satmar Rebbe never told the Jewsof Satmar where those trains were headed. The Jews of Satmar went like sheep toslaughter. The Satmar Rebbe, on the other hand, went into hiding. The Satmar roots trace back to a dark time in Jewish history when Rudolph Kastner (photo left) convinced Hungarian Jewry to go quietly to their deaths in return for saving the lives of what he claimed was a cross section of Hungarian Jews however there was a disproportionatenumber of his friends and family on the train. The Nazis loved Rudolph and wishedthere were more Jews around like him, a Zionist who worked with the Jewish AgencyRescue Committee in Budapest who had signed a secret pact with Adolf Eichmann to“settle the Jewish question” in Hungary. The pact sealed the fate of 800,000 Jews. Theagreement entailed the saving of sixteen hundred Jews on the condition that silencewas maintained about the fate of Hungarian Jewry. According to Israeli historianYehuda Bauer, the train was stopped at the Hungarian-Austrian border, where it couldhead west, or east to Auschwitz. The passengers started panicking; he writes that JoelTeitelbaum and his party sent off messages asking people to save them, and only them.
  • 32. Eichmann decided, for reasons that remain unclear, to divert the train to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in northwest Germany, near Hannover.[22] Rabbi Joeleventually was allowed into Switzerland (see photo below) and from there to Palestine. Kastner has chosen Rabbi Joel to be part of this "Kastner Train" and Rabbi Joelwas allowed to go to Palestine. Kastner was tried in Israel for his actions in the courseof a libel suit. In its verdict, the court acquitted Kastner accuser Malkiel Grunwald of libeland concluded that Kasztner "sold his soul to the German Satan." The highly partisanIsraeli Supreme Court overturned the ruling but some righteous Jewish nationalists blewthis Nazi collaborator away on a Tel Aviv street around 1957. Kastner’s daughterZsuzsi, a hospital nurse in Tel Aviv, reported that her father called Rabbi Joel to testifyin his favor in court, and the Rebbe refused, saying, “Kastner did not save me. G-dsaved me.”NETUREI KARTA OR GUARDIANS OF THE WALL Another one of my cousins is William Mordechai Weberman, who calls himself a“True Torah Jew” but who relies more on the Talmud than the Torah or Old Testament. RABBI BILLY WEBERMAN
  • 33. Willie’s uncle, Nechemya Weberman, is also a self-hating anti-Zionist Jew withties to an organization dedicated to the destruction of the State of Israel known asNeturei Karta or Guardians of the Wall. Just as Students for a Democratic Society(SDS) spawned the Weather Underground, the Satmar spawned Neturei Karta’s UnitedStates branch. The only walls these Guardians should be guarding are on the inside ofmental institutions as they want to destroy Israel to hasten the coming of the Messiah.As a member of the Weberman family I know for a fact that Nechemya is tied inpolitically with Rabbi William Mordechai Weberman. My father was Ezra Weberman. His father was Herman Weberman, the son ofMoishe Weberman born 1852 in Satmar, Hungry who was the brother of Ben ZionWeberman, who is the father of Meir Weberman. Nechemya Weberman is MeirWeberman great nephew and William Mordechai Weberman is Meir Weberman’s son. My cousin Nechemya davens (prays) at a Neturei Karta “Malachim” shul run bymy cousin Rabbi Mordechai Weberman and his father Meir Weberman. Although hedenies it when he speaks with other members of my family, Mordechai met with theIranian Hitler Ahmadinejad and with members of the British National Front.HISTORY OF THE WEBERMAN FAMILYNECHEMYA DESCENDS FROM A LONG LINE OF SELF HATING, ISRAEL-HATINGULTRA ORTHODOX JEWS The reason that my cousin had such widespread support was because he is aWeberman, and the Weberman family founded the Satmar Sect in the Williamsburgsection of Brooklyn. As stated Nechemya Weberman is the nephew of Rabbi Meir(Myron) Weberman who heads the Hasidic group, The Malachim (the angels). This splinter group was involved in kidnapping Lubavitchka rabbinical scholars and cutting off their beards and pais. Meir’s son Mordechai Weberman (above at a Zionism Equals Racism demonstration in Dafur) is also a Malach and was one of the maggots who went to Teheran’s holocaust revisionist conference at the invitation of Iranian President Mahhmoud Ahmadinejad. Nechemya approvedof his cousin’s travels despite the fact the Satmar and the Edah Hacharedis condemnedthem. Mordechai is a leader of Neturei Karta a small group of psychopaths determinedto help anyone who will destroy Israel and its inhabitants. Nechemya and Mordechaiwant to see Israel destroyed by a nuclear Iran because they believe it will hasten thecoming of the Messiah. These maggots want to see another Holocaust. Their Israelibranch desecrated a monument to the Holocaust with slogans like “The Zionists wantedthe Holocaust!”; “If Hitler hadn’t existed, the Zionists would have invented him”; and
  • 34. “Persecuting Jews! You declared war on Hitler in the name of the Jewish people. Youbrought about the Shoah!” One of the messages was signed: “World ultra-OrthodoxJewry.” Thirty-one-year-old Elhanan Estrovich, a haredi resident of Bnei Brak, wasarraigned for defacing Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust memorial and museum,with anti-Zionist and pro-Nazi slogans and for similarly defacing national war memorialsin Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley, including Ammunition Hill. Estrovich is one of fourharedi suspects from Jerusalem, Ashdod and Bnei Brak who were arrested for thosecrimes. All are members of Neturei Karta. At least one of the four underwent apsychological evaluation after the arrests. A lot of Neturei ^These so called “True TorahJews” deny that six million Jews were systematically murdered during the NaziHolocaust or that gas chambers existed. Here is what the vermin say: Firstly, the facts. There is no doubt what so ever, that during World War 2 there developed a terrible and catastrophic policy and action of genocide perpetrated by Nazi Germany against the Jewish People, confirmed by innumerable eye witness survivors and fully documented again and again. I personally was spared the worst effects of the War because I was living in England which thankfully was not occupied by Nazi Germany. However, I and many many others lost countless friends and relatives who perished under the Nazi rule by intentional murder and genocide. Three million Jews in Poland, more than half a million in Hungary, many tens or hundreds of thousands in Russia, Slovakia, France, Belgium, Holland and more. The figure of six million is regularly quoted. One may wish to dispute this actual figure, but the crime was just as dreadful whether the millions (and there were millions) of victims numbered six million, five million or four million. The method of murder is also irrelevant, whether it was by gas chamber (and there were eye witnesses to this), firing squads or whatever. The evil was the same. It would be a terrible affront to the memory of those who perished to belittle the guilt of the crime in any way. MOSHE WEBERMAN
  • 35. Meir, Mordechai, Nechemya and Alan Jules Weberman (A. J. Weberman)descend from the family patriarch, Moshe Weberman. Moshe Weberman was the son ofa Chasidic Rabbi of Tisa Lik, Szatmar (Satmar) Hungary who immigrated to the United States in 1885. Moshe was an ordained practitioner of ritual circumcision. Moshe was also a practitioner of the ancient Jewish procedure of metzitzah b’peh, in which an adult male, usually the circumciser, places his mouth directly on the wound created by the removal of the infant’s foreskin to suck away the blood. Aside from being into fellatio he was also a practitioner of ritual animal slaughter, a KosherButcher. Finally he was proprietor of a kosher deli and delicatessen factory on RivingtonStreet in the Lower East Side. Moshe Weberman was a generous man when it came tohelping other Jews. If a Jew could not afford to cater a Bar Mitzvah or Bris, my greatgrandfather gave them kosher food for free. He rewarded those who wore their tzitzis"out" with free products. He seemed like a nice guy but was opposed to any form ofsecular education, fearing a negative influence on religious observances. Moshe Weberman’s son, Ben Zion Weberman, was born in the Lower East Sidein 1896. Despite the fact that Moshe Weberman opposed secular education Ben ZionWeberman was privately tutored. Following the completion of his high school diploma,he studied at City College, NYU, and Fordham Law School. At Fordham, he wasallowed to make up exams scheduled for Jewish holidays. His father did not supportBen Zions law studies. To show his objection to his sons law studies,Moshe Weberman did not speak to his son for three months. Moshe was a full of kosherphony baloney.
  • 36. In 1917, while in law school, Ben Zion Weberman became involved in theestablishment of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, located in Williamsburgh. The yeshiva wasfounded by Ben Zions brother-in-law, Binyomin Wilhelm (b. 1886). Several yeshivashad already existed in the Lower East Side; this, however, was the first yeshivain Brooklyn. Moshe Weberman (Wilhelms father-in-law) was opposed to the effort,which was to incorporate secular studies. "A yeshiva should be all holy," he averred.Moshe wanted to be sure every Jewish kid sent to Yeshiva could not escape to thesecular world. The founding of the yeshiva was successful, however, opening with afestive procession. Ben Zion Weberman spent the rest of his life bringing the hatred of Zionism toorthodox Jews. He was an activist in the Williamsburg branch of Young Israel and asstated a founder of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas and Bais Yaacov Seminary for Girls. He lefteach of these institutions (Young Israel in the 1920s; the other institutions in the 30s)following heated disputes over religious principles and practice as nobody was religiousenough for Ben Zion Weberman, as we shall see - not even the Satmar Rebbe.President of the Williamsburg branch of Young Israel in 1925, he left the organizationbecause of their refusal to abandon mixed dancing (between men and women, which heviewed as counter to the Torah). He left Bais Yaacov school for girls, which he founded,because of the introduction of Torah studies, which he considered as not being inaccordance with Orthodox tradition (limiting Torah study to males only). He opposedALL secular studies other than reading, writing, and arithmetic, which he deemednecessary and unobjectionable. Questioned about his own secular education, Ben ZionWeberman responded: Im like Yisro (Jethro). Yisro says “Now I know.” The Talmud explains, “He tried out all the idol worship in the world and now he knows whats right” Ben Zion was a hypocrite like his father. At thesame time that Moshe Weberman immigrated to NewYork Yaakov Horowitz left Hungary and settled in NewYork. Yaakov Horowitz, together with his four sons andhis son-in-law, Yitzhak Margareten, established whatbecame the world-famous Horowitz-Margareten Matzoh Bakers. Ben Zion Webermanmarried Yittel (Julia) Horowitz in 1920. Their youngest son is Rabbi Pinchas AaronWeberman, who is now the Chaplin for the ATF, and a Zionist. His sons own a cateringbusiness in the Weberman tradition that has been hurt by the sex scandal. Ben ZionWeberman graduated from law school in 1921 and opened a practice on the Lower EastSide. His clientele were members of the Jewish community in the Lower EastSide, Williamsburg, and the Torah Vodaas yeshiva community crowd. Soon Ben ZionWeberman moved to Williamsburg, and joined his brother-in-law Binyomin Wilhelm. He
  • 37. continued working on the executive committee of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, becoming thedirector of secular education. Up until the late 1930s, when Ben Zion Weberman movedaway from Williamsburg (to the Bronx and later to Crown Heights), he devoted most ofhis time and energy to the yeshiva. Ben Zions views that the other Jews weren’t frum (religious) enough andcritiques of the way they choose to practice Judaism rankled the New York OrthodoxJewish community, itself in an emergent stage prior to the Second World War.Opposition from within the Orthodox community led to social ostracism, decline of hislaw practice, and according to one account, death threats. Ben Zion never lifted a fingerto fight the Nazis as pathological Jews like him believed the Nazis were servants of Godcarrying out his will. Opposing the existence of the State of Israel left the Jews at themercy of Nazis, Islamists and other Jew killers and was tantamount to suicide. Many ofthe twisted ideas advocated by Ben Zion Weberman became widely accepted followingthe postwar influx from East Europe and the post-1960 Orthodox shift to the "right", buthe never regained the socially prominent position he had held in the 1920s and early30s.SATMAR PRECURSORS: THE MALACHIM In the 1920s, a meshugana Rabbi with delusions of grandeur arrived in New Yorkby the name of Rabbi Chaim Avraham Ber Hacohen Levine (d. 1938). An immigrantfrom Ilya, White Russia, Levine was known as the Malach (“Angel”). The Malachestablished himself as Rabbi of a synagogue in the Bronx. In White Russia, the Malachhad been a follower of the Zemach Zedek and the appointed tutor for the lattersgrandson, Yosef Yitzchok (he became sixth Lubavicher Rabbi, in Crown Heights,Brooklyn). However, the Malach left this duty, reportedly because of dissatisfaction overhis pupils interest in secular works. In the aftermath of this parting, the Malach wasexpelled from Chabad. The Malach attracted a small following in the Bronx, coming to him from the Lower East Side, Williamsburg, and more distant locations, seeking learning and spiritual advice. Moshe, Ben Zion and Ben Zions sons Meir Weberman (seen on the left) and Judah Weberman became followers of the Malach and soon formed the Malachim - the precursor to the Israel-hating Neturei Karta. The Malach was an impressive mystical figure: Rabbi Mendelowitz of Torah Vodaas, although a believerin secular education (unlike the Malach) encouraged groups of his yeshiva students tovisit the Malach, along with other European Jewish luminaries who visited or came to
  • 38. reside in New York City. Ben Zions son Meir Weberman recalls the Malach as a personwith enormous charisma. Meir Weberman recounted, Grandfather Moshe Weberman told my father, "I’ve found someone who must be seen.” That was the Malach. Everyone began going to him. Especially we young boys. We began changing our way of life. I recall one time as a small boy, I said to my father, "Tell the rabbi to bless me." He took me between his holy knees, placed his hands on my head, and blessed me. Our outlook on life changed drastically, but imperceptibly. I wouldnt say day after day; Id month after month. After a period of six months Id look back and wouldnt recognize myself. The truth of the matter is that we used to go once a week until Mendlowitz (who wore pais and tstis) stopped the thing, every Tuesday. The Malach taught us how to pray, how to pour forth the heart to the Holy One. His conversations led us to understand that the purpose of the world was only by praying properly, by performing the laws the way they should we would reach our eventual goal. He did tell us which books to learn: Likutei Torah, Derekh Mizvoseha. I asked him once why to some he tells one way, with others differently. He told us, "In a stable, every horse has its own training." He told me one time, "I can tell by your appearance if you have studied today or not.” My father told me he felt he was a ha’ara (ray) of Mashiach Zidkenu (Messiah). The people at that time accused Rabbi Levine of farkishefen (ensorcelling - bewitching) the young men. And they were right, but not in the sense they meant it. We changed totally. There was substance there. It was like food and drink. You can have someone explain a difficult Maimonides, help me out with that, but that doesnt mean hes my Rabbi. We had decided at the time as a group that we would cleave to Rabbi Levine, that we would accept no other person as a Rabbi. Thats what we decided. The closest example I can give you is Ben Kalba Savua, who went in hungry as a dog, and came out satiated. His way of service was totally different from people we knew at the time. One time, during a weekday, he stood shmone esrei (the standing prayer) for two hours. The followers of the Malach were not numerous (lessthan a hundred, including several converts); the movement,however, is of negative historical significance, being the veryfirst known instance of an anti-Zionist Chassidic movementdeveloping on American soil. The sick branch of theWeberman family, Nechemya Weberman, followers of the
  • 39. Malach, the Weberman children, and grandchildren still gather on 3 times a day and onSabbaths and Jewish holidays at the Nesivos Olum Synagogue in Brooklyn(the Malachim Shul), currently led by Ben Zions son Rabbi Meir Weberman. But cousinMeyer is ill (he has been described as a vegetable) and so he has William MordechaiWeberman, a Nazi collaborator, running the shul where Jews pray for the destruction ofIsrael. Billy Weberman (AKA Billy the Yid as that is what Satmar’s call each other; Yids)is not an ordained Rabbi – he is a self-ordained Rabbi without simichas - he is as muchof a Rabbi as I am an Eskimo. By the 1930s a rift had developed between the Malach and Rabbi Mendelowitz.A group of Torah Vodaas students, including Meir and Judah Weberman (encouragedby their father, and then in their early teens), had been strongly influenced bythe Malach. They began to change their dress, growing long sidelocks, and wearingtheir talis katan (ritual fringed garment) on top of their shirts, and displayingthe tsitsis (fringes) outside of their garments. This was normal and expected practiceamong many Orthodox Jews in East Europe and Russia, but not at that period in NewYork. The Webermans were instrumental in convincing Jews to wear the clothing ofPolish nobility as they did in the ghettos of Poland as a tribute to the nobility thatprotected them from the bloodthirsty Polish peasants. Rabbi Mendelowitz was concerned that the Old World dress would alienate the majority of students and school supporters. He had been hoping to create a New World version of Orthodoxy which blended Torah and worldly ways, in accordance with the teaching of Rabbi Hirsh of Germany. Encouraged by the Malach, who now saw Mendelowitz as having dangerous, heretical views, a group of Torah Vodaas students began to openly defy their principal. Faced with a potentialrebellion, Rabbi Mendelowitz began seeking external support. Mendelowitz draftedletters of inquiry to the greatest of the European Rabbis, dealing with the variety oftopics under dispute between his New World Orthodoxy and the Malachs followersattempt to reinstitute Old World Orthodoxy. This included such questions as whether, ina non-Jewish environment, the talis katan and tsitsis should be worn openly or"modestly"; if secular studies are appropriately taught within a yeshiva; and if studentscould be punished for adopting religious practices that were "excessive", and "arrogant". In 1936, having received support for his views from at least some of therespondents, Rabbi Mendelowitz decided to have a group of fanatical students with aghetto mentality expelled from the yeshiva, including Ben Zions two sons, Meir andJudah Weberman.[29] Family members recall an epic confrontation betweenMendelowitz and Ben Zion Weberman. Ben Zion had confronted Rebbe Mendelowitz,asking him how he could oppose the boys way of dress when he wore pais (side locks)
  • 40. and a long beard himself. Pinchas Aaron, who was five years old at the time, tells thestory as follows: We had a two story apartment. We three little ones were supposed to be sleeping, but there was a lot of noise coming from downstairs. So I sneaked down the staircase and peeked into the living room. I saw Rabbi Mendelovich standing up and my father and him yelling at each other. I saw Mendelovich getting a hold of his beard, [saying] "Here, you can have my beard!" The impression is very clear in my mind. For Ben Zion Weberman, one of the founders of the yeshiva, the expulsion of hischildren was a painful blow, personally and socially. His neighbors began to alienatehim. His close relatives encouraged his wife to divorce him, and his daughter to leaveher father. His clients deserted him and his legal practice foundered. There werereportedly death threats. For a time, he thought of taking up another occupation, ormigrating to Palestine, but the Malach dissuaded him from doing so. His view that theNazis were instruments of God also didn’t endear him to the Jewish community. In 1940 Ben Zion Weberman moved to the Bronx, along with his family, hoping torebuild his business and community life. His sons, then well into their teens, lived at theMalachim yeshiva in Williamsburg, attempting to hold their own against Torah Vodaasand its supporters. While Ben Zion Weberman was a follower of the Malach and supported his sonsin their acceptance of the Malach as their rabbi, Ben Zion Weberman dressed in a short,double-breasted jacket and "derby". He did not wear long sidelocks; he shaved hisbeard, and wore a small goatee. He immersed himself in the Talmud, rising at 2AM prior to his law practice. He did not study Chabad. Despite this anomaly Ben Zion Weberman was intensely religious and did nothesitate to criticize Jewish individuals and organizations, members and rabbis alike,when he considered them to be mistaken--in either ideology or morals, and was often atodds with other members of the Orthodox Jewish community in New York. He pointedto the Biblical example of Pinchas, who took the lives of adulterers by his own hand,encouraging his progeny to be zealots in Gods service. The fiercest rhetoric wasreserved for Zionism. Because of his objections to Zionism, Ben Zion Weberman nevervisited Israel.BEN ZION WEBERMAN BRINGS JOEL TEITELBAUM, THE SATMAR REBBE,FROM ISRAEL TO BROOKLYN AND THE SATMAR SECT IN AMERICA BEGINS
  • 41. Nechemya Weberman was the driver for Aron and Zalman Teitelbaum’s latefather Grand Rebbe Moses Teitelbaum the son of Joel Teitelbaum, the first SatmarRebbe. In 1947 Ben-Zion Weberman was the immigration attorney who did thepaperwork to bring Rabbi Teitelbaum to America. Teitelbaum settled in Brooklyn, NewYork and in 1953 became rabbi of the Neturei Karta community in Jerusalem althoughhe remained in New York and only visited Israel every few years. Later his ties with theNeturei Karta weakened but his book Vayoel Moshe is still extensively quoted: Everyone ignores the fact that it has been these Zionist groups that have attracted the Jewish people and have violated the Oath against establishing a Jewish entity before the arrival of the Messiah. It is because of the Zionists that six million Jews were killed. The fact is that this is the bitter punishment stipulated in the Talmud that results in the payment of a spiritual and physical debt from the Jewish People...if we place all the immodesty and promiscuity of the generation and the many sins of the world on one side of the scale, and the Zionist state on the other side of the scale by itself, it would outweigh them all. Zionism is the greatest form of spiritual impurity in the entire world. They are polluting the entire world. They have polluted the Jewish people with their heresy, Heaven help us. It is no surprise why Gods anger comes down from heaven. It is necessary to repent and escape from them more than from a lion who is chasing a person to kill him. It has been explained that before the coming of the Messiah this regime will come to an end, as Messiah cannot come any other way, since the Zionist state holds up the redemption of the world. We need Gods mercies that divine intervention should bring about the end of the state. May God have mercy on us all. For a time, Ben Zion and Joel maintained good relations, but a disagreementsoon ensued. The Satmar Rabbi agreed to give a talk at Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, at theinvitation of Rabbi Mendelowitz. Ben Zion Weberman considered Mendelowitz to bea maskil (a follower of the Enlightenment), and castigated the Satmar Rabbi for
  • 42. accepting the invitation. A loud argument reportedly ensued in the rabbis office, andBen Zion Weberman was asked to leave. The deaths of the Malach (1938) and Mendelowitz (1948) passed with littlenotice, except by their close cult followers. Following the war, there was a noticeableideological shift away from the assimilationist Hirshian views; and toward an exclusionistOrthodoxy derivative and characteristic of the ghettos of East Europe. Chassidicdynasties and Lithuanian yeshivas were transplanted to the U.S., and began to undergoa period of vigorous growth, particularly in New York. Ben Zion Weberman moved yetagain in 1950, this time to Crown Heights, following his daughter and son-in-law. By thistime, Chassidic rabbis had become well established throughout Brooklyn,and Torah Vodaas was no longer the only, or even the most important yeshiva. Themasses of new Jewish immigrants knew nothing of the expulsion of the boys fromTorah Vodaas, and Ben Zion Weberman was able to gradually rebuild neighborly andfamily relations. He rebuilt his law practice, but he never became rich. Much of his lawfees were given away as charity, or as loans that were never repaid. I will give him thismuch; he was a spiritualist, not a materialist. Ben Zion Weberman kept up his self-hating ways well into his later years, deeplycritical of Zionism, even after some form of the movement had been embraced theOrthodox Jewish community (as in the case of the Agudah, which back faced from itsearlier position opposing Zionism). He championed the right of the Malachim yeshiva,headed by his son Meir Weberman, to engage in purely religious education, and toexclude secular education altogether. The battle was waged up to the State SupremeCourt level. The case was lost (1952), but the yeshiva has not compromised its stanceof keeping Jews ignorant. This divorce and court case helped drive my cousin WilliamMordechai Weberman over the edge. When I met him at my Grandfather HermanWeberman’s place at 474 Brooklyn Avenue and I asked him what he wanted to be whenhe grew up he replied “A gangster.” But Mordechai out did any gangster when it cameto killing as he aids and abets those who want to commit genocide against the Jews. Asfor Ben Zion – he wouldn’t eat at my Bar Mitzvah because it was not kosher enough forhim. The case (that Rabbi Willy denies exists and that he claims I made up) that helpedturn Mordechai into a self-hating, Jew hating, mental case can be found in the appendixof this document. Ben Zion Weberman lived long enough to see the widespread contagion of manyof the Satmar ideas he had espoused a half century prior. Black fur trimmed hats, longblack coats, hair covering by women, arranged marriages, abandonment of mixeddancing, the adoption of various humras (strict observances), advanced Torah study,rejection of higher education, religious separatism, and opposition to Zionism hadnow become increasingly common among self-hating Satmar Jews.[39]
  • 43. As stated they spawned the American branch of Neturei Karta, a group thatsupported the massacre of Jews and others in Mumbai. The Satmar has throughoutmany years driven a campaign in Yemen with the purpose of persuading Yemeni,Sephardic Jews to immigrate to the United States, and not Israel. When they arrive inthe community of Monroe, New York, their children are taken away from them and put incustody of the Satmar and must give up their Sephardic ways. They have no love ofJews other than other Satmar. Their spokesman is Rabbi Mayer Schiller, who is alignedwith numerous Nazis and Neo-Nazis. Now everyone realizes how off the wall they areafter they had a benefit for a child molester. The poster that they put out advertising thebenefit has anti-Israeli overtones as rockets are being fired into Israel by its enemies.THE ZIONIST SIDE OF THE WEBERMAN FAMILY All praise to Allah my parents were not Satmar and were pro-Israel and sent methere in 1959. I was the president of the local chapter a liberal Zionist group, YoungJudea. There are many Webermans living in Israel and my cousin Pinchus Webermanis a pro-Israel Rabbi in Miami. 3 My grandfather, Herman Weberman, was a Spanish-American war veteran. He was married to Lena Weberman and had two sons, Danny“Dudy” Weberman, Ezra Weberman, my father, and a daughter Blossom Weberman,who died of cancer when I was six. Blossom never got married and lived at home withHerman and Lena until her tragic death. She was good people and turned me on to thesong, Old Man River. Danny Weberman fought in World War I and World War II. Hewas the original Sad Sack in the movies, was the star of the TV Series for DoctorPosner’s Shoes (he never invited me to the studio to sit with the rest of the kidsbecause it involved travelling on the Sabbath) he produced a mystery series on NBCentitled Ellery Queen and also produced the NBC-TV version of the Macy’s thanksgivingday parade. He gave me a swastika armband covered with blood. He had killed a Nazi.This guy was a fucking mench but he never got married because the women heintroduced to his parents were not religious enough for them. He slept on a cot in mygrandparent’s dining room. My father spent at lot of time at his parents’ house whichupset my mother. My father hated my maternal grandmother and grandfather because
  • 44. they were not religious enough and would not associate with them. This was a sickfreakin’ family. Of course Grandpa Herman hated me because I could not read Hebrewand had skinny arms. He abused me for this, made me cry, but I lived through it, itretrospect I might have deserved it. Herman got all upset when men and women werefirst allowed to swim together in Jerusalem in the late 1950’s but he never visited Israelso what was it his business? The Webermans often have a holier than thou mentalityand was dysfunctional and definitely exhibited pathology but the Neturei Karta side ofthe Weberman family are lowest scum on earth as they collaborate with the Nazis andIslamist terrorists to kill Jews. You can say the messy divorce, the court case, turnedMordechai Weberman into a mental basket case but there is also a component of evilthere. Other members of Neturei Karta have histories of mental disorders and acted outevil scenarios. One member tied his mother up and tortured her for several days. Whenconfronted with this other NK members didn’t not deny that it happened but said it was aluchen hora – a sin because Jews are not suppose to degrade other Jews. How didNeturi Krackpot come about?A HISTORY OF NETURI KRACKPOT In 1937 Rabbis Amram Blau and Aharon Katzenelbogen, Hungarian Jews who had moved to Jerusalem to study Torah founded Neturei Karta. Neturei Karta, which means Guardians of the City (Jerusalem) in Aramaic, started out as an umbrella group of Torah scholars living in Safat who moved to Meah Shearim in the Old City because of natural disasters and Muslim attacks. In order to survive in a hostile environment, Neturei Karta memberstransformed itself into a group of fervently Orthodox Jews who opposed Zionismostensibly on theological grounds. Neturei Karta cites this passage from the Bible tojustify its belief that Israel should not exist: It will be that when all these things come upon you, the blessing and the curse that I have presented to you, then you will reflect upon it among all the nations where HaShem your God has scattered you. And you will return to HaShem your God and you will obey His voice according to everything I have commanded you today, you and your children with all your heart and with all your soul. And HaShem your God will bring back your remnants and have mercy on you, and He will gather you in from all the peoples to which HaShem your God has scattered you. If your dispersed will be at the ends of the heavens from there HaShem your God will gather you and from there He will take you. And HaShem your God will bring you to the land your fathers inhabited and you shall inhabit it, and He will be good to you and you will increase even more than your fathers. HaShem your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your
  • 45. offspring to love HaShem your God with all your heart and with all your soul that you may live. HaShem your God will place these curses upon your enemies and upon your haters who pursued you. And you will return and listen to the voice of HaShem and you will do all His commandments which I have commanded you today. (Deuteronomy 30) What this means to me is that the God of the Jews will gather up every Hebrewexile from the most remote corners of the earth and bring them to the land of Israel.Nowhere does this passage forbid the establishment of the Zionist state, but it is apromise to every exile to bring them back to the “Promised Land.” But the Neturei Kartatheologians’ exegesis proved most expedient, as it made them much less of a threat tothe Muslim population and insured their safety to a point. Ironically, the founders ofNeturei Karta were descendants of the students of the Vilna Gaon, the Lithuanian anti-Haredi 4 (Those Who Fear God” – the ultra-Orthodox Jews who have beards, sidecurls,and special dress) who regarded Hassidism as heresy. In accordance with the VilnaGaons wishes, three groups of his disciples and their families, numbering over 500,immigrated to Palestine between 1808 and 1812. This immigration is considered to bethe beginning of the modern settlement of Israel.Neturei Karta also cites the Talmud (Tractate Kesubos 111a or Ketuvot 111a) whichteaches that that god foreswore Jews with three oaths –One: that Jews are not to go up en mass to the Land of Israel.Two: that Jews are forbidden to take up arms against any nation.Three: we should not attempt to bring about the redemption before its proper time.In order to better understand these Jews I had its scholar’s translate the Tractate, (1) The Jewish people must not ascend from the nations of the Exile to the Land of Israel, forcibly, en masse; (2) The Jewish people must not rebel against the nations of the Exile; and (3) The nations of the Exile must not overly persecute the Jewish people (111a). However, in a messianic reference to the future ingathering of the Jewish peopleto, and the resurrection of a sovereign Jewish nation-state in, the Land of Palestine, theMidrash (a method of exegesis) of a Biblical text warns that if the gentile nations shouldoverly persecute the Jewish people in violation of the Three Oaths, then "they cause theEnd of Days to come prematurely." (Shir HaShirim Rabba, 2: [7]1) For some, the
  • 46. Holocaust, the murder of at least six million Jews, might qualify as “over persecution”but not for these Jews. As stated many of Neturei Karta leaders have evidenced bizarre behavior, asone must have a degree of mental illness to advocate what is ultimately one’s ownextermination. When Rabbi Amram Blau urged Orthodox females to commit suiciderather than accept conscription in the IDF some began to wonder about his sanity. RuthBen David who was born in Calais, France, of Catholic parents brought Rabbi Blau’spsychosis in the public eye. Ruth was an actress who married during the war and had ason, then got divorced and entered the French Resistance. In 1951 she and her sonconverted to Judaism. After her son went to study in Israel she secretly visited Hebron,which was part of Jordan, a daring journey for a Jew at that time. In 1961 it wasarranged that Ruth Ben David would marry the Rabbi Amram Blau. By this time he was65 years old, was widowed and had ten children, the majority already married and shewas 45. Why did he choose her for a bride? In the 1950s, during one of the anti-Israelidemonstrations, Blau suffered a blow to his testicles that rendered him sterile. There isa biblical commandment that forbids a man with permanent damage to his genitals tomarry a daughter of Israel, but marriage to a convert is permissible. During a very longperiod, many obstacles prevented this marriage: such a union, with one of the leadersof the Hasidic community, was indeed startling for the Jews of Meah Shearim who didnot swallow the broken testicles story. A beautiful French convert to Judaism who hadbeen an actress and a resistance fighter against the Nazis marrying a decrepit old Jew?Blaus two grown sons opposed the match. They argued that such a marriage - to aforeigner who was also an actress - was inappropriate for a public figure. The couplewas married in 1964. They endured stonings and were forced to take refuge in the cityof B’nai Berak for a year until tempers cooled. Ruth Blau continued to act as her ownindependent wing of Neturei Karta even after her husband died in 1974. If Zionism is the greatest sin on earth because it is preventing the return on theMessiah than the Jewish illegitimate State of Israel must be wiped off the map. Butsome Jews must be saved, namely the non-Zionists. Neturei Karta believes it hasimmunity from jihadi attacks. This was generally the case however residents of MeahShearim were saved in March 2001 from a huge explosion from a bomb planted in aparked car that was dismantled before it could explode. This was the fourth suchincident in two months. The first bomb was neutralized on Shivtei Yisroel Street, thesecond on Shomrei Emunim Street. The third bomb, placed in a car in the Beis Yisroelneighborhood, actually exploded, but there were no casualties. Neturei Karta leaderRabbi Yisrael Meir Hirsch explained, That was Hamas. I called up then Hamas political leader Dr. Abdel Aziz Rantisi after it happened. He said it was a terrible sin, a mistake. He said that he didnt mean to do this to the Jews. We have contact with Hamas.
  • 47. Although lately, there doesnt seem to be anybody in charge! If I had been alive at the time, I would have gone to Hitler. He got enraged when the Zionist leaders called for a boycott of him…This boycott hurt Germany like a fly attacking an elephant – but it brought calamity upon the Jews of Europe. At a time when America and England were at peace with the mad-dog Hitler, the Zionist ‘statesmen’ forsook the only plausible method of political amenability; and with their boycott incensed the leader of Germany to a frenzy. He banged on the table and said, Ill show those Jews! What if we had tried to appease him, instead? The Neturei Karta run paid advertisements in Nazi publications denouncingZionism in the belief that if the Nazis come to power again they will be spared. I firstcame across their ads in the New York Times then in the Nazi rag Spotlight. I couldn’tbelieve my eyes – Jews placing an ad in a Nazi newspaper. After her husband died Ruth Blau cultivated a friendship with the AyatollahKhomeni. When four rabbis from Neturei Karta visited Iran in the late 1980’s some ofthem said that the thirteen Jews on trial there for espionage had been duped by theZionist entity, which tantamount to saying that they were guilty. Rabbi Yisrael Weiss, thehead of the delegation, told Yusef Hamadani-Cohen, the leader of Iran’s 30,000-strongJewish community, the thirteen suspects had been “tricked” by the Zionist entity intocollecting sensitive information on Iran. “Zionism is separate from the Jewish faith, andwhoever becomes involved in Zionism ends up the loser,” Rabbi Weiss said. Neturei Karta leader Rabbi Moshe Hirsch stated. "We say Iran is an autonomousstate; why shouldnt they be a nuclear power? Why is it permissible for France and notfor them?" Hirsch was born in New York’s Lower East Side but has lived in Israel formost of his sixty years calls himself a Jewish Palestinian and writes Palestine as hiscountry of residence. He was designated a cabinet minister and Yassir Arafat’s advisoron Jewish affairs when Arafat arrived in the West Bank city of Jericho in 1994 afterArafat signed interim peace accords with Israel. Hirsch, now in his seventies, wears aglass eye, blue like his good one. About ten years ago, a Kahanist attacked him after heleft morning prayers. Rabbi Cohn was asked about an upcoming Holocaust RevisionistConference that was being planned by the Government of Iran, “I dont find it offensiveat all. If people want to debate the details of the Holocaust, theyre welcome to. Wehappen to know. We were involved.” In December 2006 the Iranian Government heldthe conference in Tehran.
  • 48. APPENDIX
  • 49. In the Matter of the Application of Rose Auster, Petitioner, for a Writ of Habeas Corpusto Determine the Custody of William M. Weberman, an Infant. Myron Weberman, Respondent [NO NUMBER IN ORIGINAL] Supreme Court of New York, Special Term, Kings County 198 Misc. 1055; 100 N.Y.S.2d 60; 1950 N.Y. Misc. LEXIS 2078 September 27, 1950 SUBSEQUENT HISTORY: [***1] Order Affirmed February 5, 1951; See 102 N.Y.S.2d 418 PRIOR HISTORY: Habeas corpus proceeding.
  • 50. HEADNOTES:Constitutional law -- freedom of religion -- (1) in proceeding by motherto acquire custody of boy from father, it appears that boy is beingeducated in parochial school whose curriculum does not comply withEducation Law; regulation of curriculum of parochial school byLegislature constitutional -- (2) if father does not comply with EducationLaw by sending boy to school teaching curriculum required byEducation Law, custody of boy should be awarded to mother -- (3) courtwill not pass upon wearing by child of long hair and of certain apparel,which are religious matters.1. In a habeas corpus proceeding by a mother seeking custody of herson, who is of the age of seven and a half years and presently in thecustody of the father, it appears that the son is being educated in aparochial school whose curriculum does not comply with the EducationLaw. The curriculum of a parochial school may properly be regulated bythe Legislature of the State for the common good and the Legislaturemay provide that certain studies plainly essential to good citizenshipmust be taught. Such laws are [***2] constitutional.2. If the father wishes to retain custody of his son he must comply withthe State Education Law (§ 3204, subds. 2, 3; § 3205) and provide asystematic secular education in the eleven basic subjects required bysection 3204 and if he is not sent to a school which teaches thesubjects required by such law, the custody of the boy should be givento the mother.3. The court will not pass upon the wearing by the child of long hair orthe matter of his wearing apparel which are religious matters.COUNSEL: George M. Aronwald for petitioner.Benjamin Ben Zion Weberman for respondent.JUDGES: Murphy, J.OPINION BY: MURPHYOPINION: [*1055] [**61] There are some judicial determinations whichso closely touch the hearts and minds of those affected that theyassume extraordinary significance. Of such is this decision, for it deals
  • 51. with delicate, sensitive and vital matters, arising out of the care andeducation of a boy who is the product of a broken home.The facts are these: The petitioner is the mother of William MordecaiWeberman, now just over seven and a half years old. She seeks hiscustody in this habeas corpus proceeding. Her former husband is therespondent, as he [***3] now has custody of the boy. The petitionermother and the respondent father were [*1056] divorced in 1947, andby an agreement entered into at that time the custody of a youngerchild, their daughter Barbara, was given to the mother, and that of theaforesaid boy to the father. Both the mother and the father have sinceremarried. In March of this year this court awarded custody of thedaughter to the mother, but this action has little or no bearing on theinstant proceeding.The petitioner mother here seeks custody of her son on the followinggrounds:1. That the boy is now enrolled by his father in a Yeshiva (a Jewishparochial school) which is not approved by the Board of Regents of theState of New York or the board of education of the city of New York;2. That the aforesaid Yeshiva is being maintained in violation of article17 of the State Education Law and does not include in its curriculumsubjects required by said law in article 65;3. That both the petitioner and the respondent husband are liable toprosecution because of their failure to enroll their son in a school orYeshiva complying with said State Education Law;4. That since October, 1949, the father has [***4] refused the mother allrights of visitation and that the father wrongfully restrains and detainsthe boy from seeing his mother and his sister Barbara;5. That as a result of such alleged detention by the father the son doesnot have the companionship of other children, which a normal childshould have;6. That the father insists upon the enrollment of the subject son in theaforesaid school because it is almost entirely devoted to the teaching ofreligion and that he is fearful that said infant, if permitted to be in thecustody of his mother, would be brought up as an agnostic or anonbeliever;
  • 52. [**62] 7. That the said infant is clothed by the father in a mannerdifferent from that of normal American Orthodox Jewish children andthat he wears his hair long (Payas) and is therefore subject to ridiculeon the part of other children; and8. That the father is fanatical in his religious beliefs and insists uponbringing up the said infant in the same fashion.On the basis of the foregoing charges the mother seeks an order of thiscourt giving her custody of the son. The fathers answer substantiallydenies all of the mothers aforesaid allegations.Three separate hearings were [***5] held by the court in this matter, 316pages of testimony were taken from nine witnesses, including thepetitioner and the respondent, two Rabbis and two officials [*1057] ofthe citys board of education. Several exhibits were introduced intoevidence by each party. Because of the nature of this proceeding andthe delicate questions involved the court purposely allowed a widelatitude to both sides in their presentations.The most vital charge made by the mother is that which states that theboy is not receiving the education required by the New York StateEducation Law. That law requires that "each minor from seven tosixteen years of age shall attend upon full time day instruction"(Education Law, art. 65, § 3205, subd. 1). The subject boy does notcome within any of the exceptions of the aforesaid requirement. TheState Education Law also provides that the course of study shallprovide for instruction "in at least the eleven common school branchesof arithmetic, reading, spelling, writing, the English language,geography, United States history, civics, hygiene, physical training andthe history of New York State" (Education Law, art. 65, § 3204, subd.3).Subdivision [***6] 5 of the aforesaid section was added by theLegislature of 1950 (L. 1950, ch. 135) and provides that a pupil may beexcused from the study of health and hygiene by the Board of Regentsif such study conflicts with the religion of his parents or guardian.Section 3204 of the State Education Law also provides that a minormay attend a public school or elsewhere but that the requirements ofthe section, as quoted above, shall apply to such a minor irrespective ofthe place of instruction. The section also provides that instruction maybe given only by a competent teacher and that English shall be the
  • 53. language of instruction and the text books used shall be written inEnglish. Subdivision 2 of said section provides: "Instruction given to aminor elsewhere than at a public school shall be at least substantiallyequivalent to the instruction given to minors of like age and attainmentsat the public schools of the city or district where the minor resides."Counsel for the respondent, who, incidentally, is respondents father,conceded at the first hearing that of the eleven basic subjects requiredto be taught to minors by the State Education Law, only arithmetic is[**63] taught [***7] at the Yeshiva or school which the subject boyattends. Arithmetic is taught to him only as he learns it from the study ofhis religious subjects. That means that the lad has no systematiceducation in reading, spelling, writing, the English language,geography, United States history, civics, hygiene, physical training andthe history of the State of New York.[*1058] The respondent claims that the Yeshiva which the boy attendsis a religious institution, that it does not come within the purview of theState Education Law or the regulations of the board of education of thecity of New York; that the court has not the right to require the boy toreceive systematic secular education as that is forbidden by the laws ofthe Jewish Orthodox religion. In this regard the father invokes theprovisions of the Constitution of the United States which secures toevery citizen of this country the right of religious worship and thefreedom to follow the dictates of his conscience in religious matters. Asto this constitutional question raised by the respondent father, the courtfeels that the great weight of authority is to the effect that the State hasthe power to legislate for the common [***8] good. In Pierce v. Societyof Sisters (268 U.S. 510, 69 L. Ed. 1070, 45 S. Ct. 571) the courtconsidered an Oregon law which provided that all children must go topublic schools and held that this interfered with the fundamentalfreedom of parents in selecting the type of schools in which theirchildren should be educated. At page 534 the court stated: "Noquestion is raised concerning the power of the State reasonably toregulate all schools, to inspect, supervise and examine them, theirteachers and pupils; to require that all children of proper age attendsome school, that teachers shall be of good moral character andpatriotic disposition, that certain studies plainly essential to goodcitizenship must be taught, and that nothing be taught which ismanifestly inimical to the public welfare." (Italics added.) See, also, onthis constitutional question People v. Sandstrom (279 N. Y. 523, 18
  • 54. N.E.2d 840); De Lease v. Nolan (185 App. Div. 82, 172 N.Y.S. 552);and People ex rel. Vollmar v. Stanley (81 Col. 276, 255 P. 610).It appears to be the plain duty of this court to enforce the provisions ofthe State Education Law. This law was enacted to [***9] protect and tostrengthen the youth of our State, to insure the adequate preparation ofour children for useful and productive lives, and to set up standards ofeducation which the Legislature, in its wisdom, determined to be theminimum for each minor from seven to sixteen years of age. When thislaw was enacted, and from time to time since when it was amended,the Legislature of our State was composed of members with variousreligious backgrounds; some were Orthodox Jews, some wereCatholics, some were Protestants. Surely, they intentionally wouldenact no law [**64] which would require a child to receive instructionthat would be offensive to his religious belief or the religious belief of hisparents; nor would this court condone such a practice were itattempted, for we all personally and collectively [*1059] cherish the rightto practice our respective religions according to the dictates of ourconsciences and according to our religious teachings.I do not believe that it is my duty to determine in this case whether ornot the Orthodox Jewish law prohibits systematic secular education.Both the petitioner mother and the respondent father are OrthodoxJews, loyal [***10] to their faith and its precepts, as they understandthem to be. But they disagree on this matter, the mother contendingthat the Orthodox Jewish law does not forbid systematic seculareducation; the father claiming that it does. The mother produced twoRabbis as witnesses, both of whom maintained that the OrthodoxJewish law does not forbid systematic secular education. The father, onthe other hand, introduced into evidence quotations from profoundJewish theologians which, he contends, prove unequivocally thatsystematic secular education is prohibited by Orthodox Jewish law.This phase of the matter, however, is an ecclesiastical question whichrightfully belongs to an ecclesiastical tribunal. In fact, the courtrespectfully suggested that the parties submit this question to aRabbinical committee, composed of one Rabbi selected by thepetitioner, one by the respondent, and one by the court, all to be Rabbisin the Orthodox Jewish faith. The proposal was rejected by therespondent, which, of course, was his civil-law right. Parenthetically, itmight be said that both parties to this proceeding state that in the eyes
  • 55. of Orthodox Jewish law it is sinful to have a matter of [***11] this kindplaced before a civil court.If, in its wisdom, a Rabbinical committee were to decide that systematicsecular education is forbidden by Orthodox Jewish law, then apresentation of such findings could be made to the State Legislature,which, in turn, would undoubtedly give the matter serious considerationin all its aspects. In fact the aforesaid 1950 amendment to the law withrespect to the teaching of health and hygiene was passed by theLegislature and approved by the Governor at the instance of theChristian Science Church. This court, however, must interpret andenforce the law as it finds the law to be. Hence I reach the conclusionthat the boy, William Mordecai Weberman, must be sent to a schoolwhere he will have the education in the subjects required by the StateEducation Law. There are Yeshivas here in Brooklyn, according to thetestimony, which are conducted according to the tenets of OrthodoxJewish law and which Yeshivas also comply with the requirements ofthe State Education [*1060] Law and the rules and regulations of theBoard of Education of the City of New York. In fact, the respondentsfather was at one time an active officer of such a Yeshiva. [***12] [**65] The testimony of the officials of the board of education of the cityof New York, including that of Herman Rosenthal, Esq., as well as thereports of Archie H. Greenberg, acting division supervisor, andAbraham Silverman, the attendance officer, regarding the Yeshivawhich the boy attends, leads the court to no other conclusion than that itis not conducted as required by the State Education Law, howeversincere its religious training may be.My decision, therefore, is that if the respondent father wishes to retaincustody of his son he must comply with the State Education Law andprovide for the boy the systematic secular education in the eleven basicsubjects required by said law. If this decision is not complied with withintwo weeks after the signing of the order to be entered hereon, thecustody of the boy will be given to the mother. Meanwhile presentvisitation arrangements of the boy with his mother shall be continueduntil modified.The court will not pass upon the wearing by the child of Payas or longhair, or the matter of his wearing apparel. That is a matter which shouldbe decided by a Rabbinical committee. The court in all sincerity asksboth the mother [***13] and the father to relieve him of this perplexing
  • 56. burden as it is delicate and theological in nature, and rightly belongs inthe realm of the theologians of the Orthodox Jewish faith.Regarding the other allegations of the mother, they would seem torequire no determination because they will be resolved in the process offulfilling the decision reached above.This case went all the way up to the Supreme Court. November 26, 1951 WEBERMAN v. AUSTER AND DONNER ET AL v.NEW YORK ON THE COMPLAINT OF SILVERMAN.Appeals from the Court of Appeals of New York. Reported below: PerCuriam: The appeals are dismissed for the want of a substantial federalquestion. MR. JUSTICE BLACK and MR. JUSTICE DOUGLAS are ofthe opinion probable jurisdiction should be noted.
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  • 61. community liaison. Rabbi Weberman is the recipient of awards from the City of Miami Beach, Miami-DadeCounty, South Florida Institute of Criminal Justice, Jewish War Veterans, American Legion, Veterans ofForeign Wars, Israel Police, South Florida Shomrim Society, U.S. Immigration & NaturalizationEnforcement Services, U.S. Department of Justice ATF, Miami Beach Police Department, InternationalConference of Police Chaplains, Knights of Columbus, Greater Miami Jewish Federation, PonevezYeshiva, Lubavitch Yeshiva, Mesivta of Greater Miami, Bais Yaakov of Miami, Miami Beach ExecutiveClub and the Kiwanis Club. He is the author of the book "The Rabbis Message: Modern Thoughts OnAncient Philosophy" and the recently published "The Rabbi’s Message Around the Year: Capsules ofWisdom drawn from the Torah, Talmud and Jewish Mystical teachings"