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Dylan compares Israel to Nazi Germany. He doesn't give a rats ass about the Palestinians, he just hates himself and other Jews.

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  1. 1. THUNDER ON THE MOUNTAINThunder on the mountain, and theres fires on the moonA ruckus in the alley and the sun will be here soonTodays the day, gonna grab my trombone and blowWell, theres hot stuff here and its everywhere I goTHUNDER (to utter violent denunciation. In It’s Hard Rain A-Gonna Fall Dylan "heard [learnedby common report, such as the news media] / the sound [as in "sound the alarm"] / of aTHUNDER [violent denunciation. In the historical context of 1962 when this poem wascomposed; threats of nuclear war being exchanged by the Soviet Union and the United States over the issue of Russian missiles in Cuba] / it ROARED [syn. for THUNDER] out a warning." ON THE MOUNTAIN (D to E: MOUNTAIN - bully pulpit, especially in Israel: In Hard Rain Dylan wrote, "And Ill tell it and think it and speak it and breathe it / And reflect it from the MOUNTAIN so all souls can see it" just as Jesus did when he gave the Sermon on the Mount outside Jerusalem. THUNDER ON THE MOUNTAIN becomes roughly, "A violent denuncation of the State of Israel!" AND THERES FIRES (D to E: FIRE - passions as in "Dylan is getting allfired-up") ON THE MOON (about a problem that is unlikely to be solved - "Reach for the moon"means you are trying to achieve something that is very difficult. In Chronicles Dylan writes"There was no way I could make its purpose mine, but it was great meeting him, a man who hadreached the MOON when most of us scarcely make it off the ground") A RUCKUS IN THEALLEY (and there is a disturbance; a commotion and conflagration in Israel. The alley as Israelmetaphor first appeared in Dylans CD UNDER THE RED SKY which was poetic allegory aboutIsrael and the Intifada. In It’s Unbelievable on UNDER THE RED SKY Robert Allen Dylan wrote,“they said it was the land of milk and honey [“So I have come down to rescue them from thehand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spacious land, aland flowing with milk and honey --”Exodus 3:17)] now they say it’s theland of money / How could you ever make that STICK? [How couldIsrael, a Jewish state, fabricate weapons and become an world classarms merchant?] / Its unbelievable you could get rich that quick[sarcastic, it is understandable judging from the desire of dictatorships toobtain armaments such as the Uzi submachine gun and Israels desirefor money]” On UNDER THE RED SKY ALLEY appears in The Cat’s In The Well: “The cat’s in the well [the Jews are in the Middle East poisoning the well - this time metaphorically: In medieval times we were accused of literally poisoning wells] / and grief is showing its face [and as a result there is misery for the Palestinians] / The world’s being slaughtered and it’s such a bloody disgrace [the first intifada had already broken out when Dylan wrote this in the early 1990’s. Dylan and others such as Woody Allen were ashamed of Israeli soldiers for shooting rubber bullets and live ammunition at Palestinian children who were armed only with rocks] / The cat’s in the well, and thehorse [a horse of a different color a person of a different kind - the Israelis are more often thannot Europeans rather than Middle-Eastern looking. Also horse as cavalry, army] / is going
  2. 2. bumpety bump [is removing or forcing the Palestinians from a position or dwelling previouslyoccupied; "The Jews bumped the Palestinians by demolishing the homes of suspected intifadaand terrorist leaders." Also bumping off, assassinating, PLO leaders] / Back ALLEY [sneakyIsrael, a country that is subject to back channel, back alley, diplomacy] / Sally [Sarah - theMatriarch of Judaism] / is doing the American JUMP [is eagerly going along with Americanforeign policy, having mimicked what America did to the Native Americans by having forced thePalestinians from Palestine. Also JUMP as in "claim jumper" - someone who steals someoneelses rights to land].” Continuing this recurrent Palestinian-Israeli theme in another poem onUNDER THE RED SKY Dylan wrote, "There was a little boy [the Palestinian Arabs] / and therewas a little girl [the Jews] / and they lived in an ALLEY under the red sky [in an atmosphere thatis changing for the worse; old adage “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning,sailor’s warning”] Thunder On The Mountain continues: AND THE SUN WILL BE HERE SOON (D to E: SUN - Knowledge, brilliance, in the public eye; but in this particular context SUN is fusion energy as in Dylan’s Gates of Eden: “Upon four-legged [bestial, fierce] / forest [dense] / clouds [mushroom clouds produced by an atomic explosion. In a first draft of Gates of Eden Robert Allen Dylan wrote, “Upon the fungus forest cloud” - fungus - any of a major group (Fungi) of saprophytic and parasitic spore-producing organisms that include mushrooms] / Thecowboy [someone who is reckless or irresponsible] / angel [and is the guiding force of Americaand its military might] / rides [thrives] / With his candle [enhanced intellectual illumination that noone can hold a candle to, qualify for comparison with] / lit into the SUN [tapping the energy ofthe sun - energy production in the sun is accomplished by nuclear fusion] / Though its glow[intensity - glow: shine with an intense heat. Additionally there is a common misconception thatradioactive substances glow in the dark] / is waxed [increases in its phase or intensity] / in black[hopelessness, will initiate the doom of civilization].” The SUN is fusion energy - an atomicexplosion is going to take place in Israel shortly due to the proliferation of nuclear technology) TODAYS THE DAY (an era of existence) GONNA GRAB (make a grasping or snatching motion with the hand) MY TROMBONE (my weapon. The word TROMBONE appears three times in the body of Dylan’s writing. In Tarantula he wrote, “empty ships on the desert & traffic cops on the Broomstick & weeping & hanging onto a goofy sledgehammer & all the trombones coming apart, the xylophones cracking & flute players losing their intimates...”Examination of these words reveals a common thread in their lesser used meanings -BROOMSTICK has the word BROOM and STICK in it that as you can see by clicking is usedconsistently as "weapon." The hammer in sledgehammer can mean a part of a gun thatdetonates a bullets primer as in the expression, "I dropped a hammer on him." Coming apartcan mean disassembled, as in what is done to weapons when they are cleaned. Cracking canmean make a very sharp explosive sound; "His gun cracked." Note: In Chronicles writtendecades later, it was no coincidence that Dylan again associatedtrombones with traffic, “He could imitate just about anything-cloggedwater pipes and toilets flushing, steamships and sawmills, traffic, violinsand trombones.” The word trombone derives from the Italian, from trombatrumpet. "Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holyMOUNTAIN: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for THE DAY OFTHE LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand." Joel 2:1 Thunder On TheMountain continues: AND BLOW (BLOW: land a powerful stroke with aweapon; "The Israelis gave Hamas a blow it will never recover from when they assassinated
  3. 3. Sheikh Yassin") WELL, THERES HOT STUFF HERE (theres radioactive material such asplutonium and enriched uranium in Israel: HOT STUFF as in Smithsonian Magazine The HuntFor HOT STUFF In The Former Soviet Union. NOTE: HOT STUFF as radioactive material fitsingeniously and complexly with SUN as fusion) AND ITS EVERYWHERE I GO (and enricheduranium is now in the hands of Pakistan, India, North Korea and soon the Islamic Republic ofIran will be able to produce it).”I was thinkin bout Alicia Keys, couldnt keep from cryingWhen she was born in Hells Kitchen,I was living down the lineIm wondering where in the world Alicia Keys could beI been looking for her even clear through Tennessee I WAS THINKIN BOUT ALICIA KEYS (nuclear proliferation brought to mind the State of Israel. Alicia Keys is an arbitrary metaphor for Israel discernible only through context. Note: The singer and composer Alica Keys was born in Harlem, not in Hells Kitchen) COULDNT KEEP (this forced Dylan) FROM CRYING (D to E: CRY - to say something or protest in public) WHEN SHE WAS BORN IN HELLS KITCHEN (Israel was born after the Nazis cooked up a living hell for the Jews of Europe by putting them in ovens - crematoriums.Also the Middle East was a hostile environment for the establishment ofa Jewish State.) I WAS LIVING DOWN THE LINE (Dylan believed in thenecessity for its existence and followed the Zionist line. In 1962 Dylanwrote, I’m Walkin’ Down the Line - Dylan is towing the folksinger line,following a moral boundary agreed upon by a group of people. Onanother level "live down" means live so as to annul some previousbehavior; "NEVER AGAIN!" - was the slogan of Meir Kahanes JewishDefense League) IM WONDERING WHERE IN THE WORLD ALICIAKEYS COULD BE? (so at this point in time Robert Allen Dylan wondering when a Jewishhomeland would come into existence?)I BEEN LOOKING FOR HER EVEN CLEAR (Robert Allen Dylan and other Jews weresearching for homeland with a mindset characterized by freedom from troubling thoughts;especially e.g. guilt; "a clear conscience") THROUGH TENNESSEE (to the point where theywould accept an Israel that had to secure itself by developing nuclear weapons. A secret sitewas erected at rural Oak Ridge TENNESSEE for the large-scale production and purification ofuranium-235).Feel like my soul is beginning to expandLook into my heart and you will sort of understandYou brought me here, now youre trying to run me awayThe writing on the wall, come read it,come see what it say
  4. 4. FEEL LIKE MY SOUL (D to E: SOUL - the seat of real life or vitality; the source of action; the animating or essential part of the State of Israel) IS BEGINNING TO EXPAND (is beginning to become more and more expansionist annexing large areas of Jordanian, Egyptian and Syrian territory. 15,500 websites contain the words "Israeli expansionism") LOOK INTO MY HEART (D to E: HEART - the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience: "the heart and soul of the Jew"; Judaism mandates certain borders for the State of Israel that include the West Bank of the Jordan River, what the settlers call Judea and Sameria) AND YOU WILL SORT (SORT - itemssegregated into groups according to a specified criterion) OF UNDERSTAND (and you mightget some inkling of Israel’s rationalization for this but unless you are Jewish you will never trulyunderstand) YOU BROUGHT ME HERE (G-d brought the Jewish people to the land of Israel inbiblical times and said that Israel should border the Jordan River) NOW YOURE TRYING TORUN ME AWAY (but now G-d is forcing me to cut and run by pressuring me to leave the WestBank. He is also putting WMDs in the hands of my enemies) THEWRITING ON THE WALL (according to biblical mythology, on thenight of a royal feast in Babylon writing mysteriously appeared on awall at which no one stood and shortly thereafter EmperorBelshazzar of Babylonia was killed and the Persians (Iranians) tookover the kingdom of Babylonia. Presumably G-d was the author of"the writing on the wall" and it meant that the future lookeddisasterous) COME READ IT (interpret its significance) COME SEEWHAT IT SAY (SAY - communicate or express nonverbally; "What do the problems in theMiddle East say about Israeli policies?)"Thunder on the mountain, rollin like a drumGonna sleep over there, thats where the music coming fromI dont need any guide, I already know the wayRemember this, Im your servant both night and dayTHUNDER ON THE MOUNTAIN (an ominious threat) ROLLIN (D to E: ROLLING - increasingin intensity) LIKE A DRUM (like a threat that is growing more and more genocidal - when the Soviets excavated the Lublin Death Camp they found furnaces containing human bones and more than five hundred DRUMS of Zyklon B gas) GONNA SLEEP (sarcastic - D to E: SLEEP - be content or complacent) OVER THERE (with the way Israel treats the Palestinians) THATS WHERE THE MUSIC COMING FROM (thats where the new concentration camps have been established. The Nazi concentration camps typically had an orchestra which played classical music as the prisoners marched to work or to the gas chambers) IDONT NEED ANY GUIDE (a model or standard for making comparisons such as comparingthe concentration camps of the Third Reich to the Palestinian refugee camps. Also reference toRobert Allen Dylans Zionist buddy One-Legged Terry who worked as a tourist guide in Israel) IALREADY KNOW THE WAY (I already KNOW THE WAY you treat the Palestinian Arabs)REMEMBER THIS, IM YOUR SERVANT BOTH NIGHT AND DAY (sarcastic: like thePalestinians I am your slave laborer - servant - one in a state of constant - NIGHT AND DAY -subjection or bondage. "Thou wast a SERVANT in the land of Egypt" --Deuteronomy v 15.)
  5. 5. The pistols are poppin and the power is downId like to try somethin but Im so far from townThe sun keeps shininand the North Wind keeps picking up speedGonna forget about myself for a while,Gonna go out and see what others needTHE PISTOLS ARE POPPIN (the war in Iraq is raging) AND THEPOWER IS DOWN (and the power of the United States to influence worldevents, such as preventing Iran from producing nuclear weapons, hasdeclined sharply) ID LIKE TO TRY SOMETHIN BUT IM SO FAR FROMTOWN (Israel would like to bomb the Iranian centrifuges but they arescattered about in remote areas to the North of Israel) THE SUN KEEPSSHININ (D to E: SHINE - become eminent, conspicuous - the issue offusion devices is conspicuously in the public eye) AND THE NORTH WIND KEEPS PICKINGUP SPEED (SPEED - rate of motion - and the Iranian centrifuges are spinning faster and faster)GONNA FORGET ABOUT MYSELF FOR A WHILE (going to forget about Israel having nuclearweapons and the ability to deliver them) GONNA GO OUT AND SEE WHAT OTHERS NEED(going to worry about Iran and others obtaining the materials they NEED to have a nucleararsenal - sardonic - sounds like a statement of selflessness).Ive been sittin down studyin the art of loveI think it will fit me like a gloveI want some real good woman to do just what I sayEverybody got to wonder whats the matterwith this cruel world todayIVE BEEN SITTIN DOWN (sarcastic: I have been passive) STUDYIN THE ART OF LOVE (theart of war) I THINK IT WILL FIT ME LIKE A GLOVE (more sarcasm: Israel already has a closeconnection to it, as in hand in glove. Dylan associated violence with gloves in the liner notes toTHE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN "the gloves of garbage had clobbered the canvas") IWANT SOME REAL (real - not to be taken lightly) GOOD (most suitable or right for a particular purpose) WOMAN TO DO JUST WHAT I SAY (I want soldiers, male and female, who will follow orders to the utmost extent) In Handy Dandy on UNDER THE RED SKY Robert Allen Dylan wrote, “Handy Dandy if every bone [argument, contention] / in his body [in the body of Israeli law and in Torah law] / were a-broken [were violated by Israel’s actions] he would never admit it / He got an all girl [the Israeli army has 50% women in it as they are subect to the draft] / orchestra [a band of people with instruments, in this case instruments of war. Note the continuation of the musical instruments as weapons metaphor as in trombone ] / and when he says strike [make a sudden attack, inflict damage on] / up the band [a group ofpeople with a common interest - a band of armed Palestinians] / they hit it [hit them with gunfireor artillery fire right on the mark] / Handy dandy, he got a STICK [weapon] / in his hand [ability] /and a pocket full of money…”) Thunder On The Mountain continues: EVERYBODY (the civilianpopulation, women in the IDF) GOT TO WONDER (be amazed at) WHATS THE MATTER(some situation or event that is thought about such as) WITH THIS CRUEL WORLD TODAY?”(Palestinian suicide bombers. CRUEL describes weapons or instruments causing suffering andpain "cruel weapons of war" while CRUEL WORLD is a stereotypical phrase from a suicide note- "Goodbye cruel world!")
  6. 6. Thunder on the mountain rolling to the groundGonna get up in the morning walk the hard road downSome sweet day Ill stand beside my kingI wouldnt betray your love or any other thingTHUNDER ON THE MOUNTAIN (an enormous threat) ROLLING (D to E: ROLLING - steadilyincreasing) TO THE GROUND (and spreading to the masses of Israelis. D to E: GROUND - themasses. In the liner notes to The Times They Are A-Changin Dylan wrote “for my road isblessed with many flowers [the best artists] / an the sounds of flowers / lost voices [cultural andpolitical expressions] / of the ground’s people [the oppressed masses"]) GONNA GET UP INTHE MORNING (D to E: WAKE UP IN THE MORNING - come to arealization while Israel was still in the early part of its existence. InRollin and Tumblin Dylan sings "I rolled and I tumbled, I cried thewhole night long /Woke up this mornin I must have bet my moneywrong") WALK THE HARD ROAD DOWN (Israel will take a path ineconomics and politics that causes hardship, pain or sorrow. Example:hard times have come for some Israelis) SOME SWEET (D to E:SWEET - rewarding; "he had a sweet hustle going on") DAY (period ofprominence) ILL STAND BESIDE MY KING (a competitor who holds apreeminent position; a very wealthy or powerful businessman: "an oil baron" - America) IWOULDNT BETRAY YOUR LOVE (be unfaithful to the fundamental truth of Americancapitalism. D to E: LOVE - truth. In LOVE MINUS ZERO Dylan wrote, "My love she speaks likesilence / without ideals or violence") OR ANY OTHER THING (or, sarcastic, betray you in thesense of "to deliver to an enemy by treachery” like the Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard did whenbetrayed the United States by spying for Israel).Gonna raise me an army, some tough sons of bitchesIll recruit my army from the orphanagesI been to St. Hermans church, said my religious vowsIve sucked the milk out of a thousand cows GONNA RAISE ME AN ARMY / SOME TOUGH SONS OF BITCHES (kibbutzniks - socialist collective farmers - who turned the desert into an oasis through intensive labor. Also Sabras - native born Israelis - named after the pear cactus - TOUGH on the outside, soft in the inside) ILL RECRUIT MY ARMY FROM THE ORPHANAGES (the Kibbutzniks children were often separated from their parents and raised in another area of the Kibbutz as an experiment in socialism) I BEEN TO ST. HERMANS CHURCH (Saint Herman, Russian Saint born in Moscow. The Kibbutz movement is largely leftwing. Also Mount Hermon is located in Israel and is surrounded bykibbutzim) SAID MY RELIGIOUS (paid lip service to socialism. D to E: RELIGION - politics,usually leftwing politics. In Tarantula Dylan wrote this to his former leftwing folk fans, “watchadoing? hows the new religion? feel any different? gave it up myself”)VOWS (a promise of fidelity - In My Back Pages Robert Allen Dylanwrote, “Equality,” [the sameness in state and continued course asWhites] / I spoke the word [preached, wrote it my poetry] / As if awedding vow [as if I was wedded to this concept]" IVE SUCKED (I haveattracted by using an inexorable force, inducement, etc) THE MILK (themoney) OUT OF A THOUSAND COWS (from innumerable cash cows.In other words Israel sucked both conservative and liberal American
  7. 7. Jews into contributing money. This is also a continuation of the kibbutz references, as thekibbutizim were initially primarily agricultural. D to E: MILK - money. In Ballad of A ThinmanDylan wrote this about the interaction between the media and the Civil Rights Movement, “Yousee this one-eyed midget [D to E: EYE - mind. A minority group with a single thought, single-minded] / shouting [protesting, chanting] / the word Now [Freedom Now! - the slogan of theCivil Rights Movement in the 1960’s] / You ask for what reason? [the media asks a stupidquestion] / And he says ‘How?’ [the Blacks are not interested in answering questions, all theywant to know is how to achieve their freedom] / And you say ‘What does this mean?’ [and youstill don’t understand what the Civil Rights Movement is about] / And he screams back [with allhis effort] / ‘You’re a COW [you have material wealth - Golden Calf, cash cow also a you are asacred cow - a person unreasonably held to be immune to criticism] / give me some MILK[wealth] / or else go home.)”I got the porkchops, she got the pieShe aint no angel and neither am IShame on your greed, shame on your wicked schemesIll say this, I dont give a damn about your dreamsThunder On The Mountain continues: I GOT THE PORKCHOPS (Israel has the pork - money from pork barrel legislation, special pet projects - Israel is the largest recipient of American foreign aid) SHE GOT THE PIE (D to E: PIE - distribution of wealth as in I finally got a piece of the pie America has the a large proportion of the world’s wealth) SHE AINT NO ANGEL (D to E: ANGEL - guiding influence. America is not a guiding moral influence rather America is a “cowboy angel”) AND NEITHER AM I (nor is Israel beyond chicanery) SHAME ON YOUR GREED (shame on Israel for taking this money from the United States in return for carrying out its policies) SHAME ON YOUR WICKED SCHEMES (shame on the Israel Lobby for taking over Congress by making largecampaign contributions that are in reality bribes. Shame on men like JackAbramoff! Psalms 26 “Do not take away my soul along with sinners, my lifewith bloodthirsty men, in whose hands are WICKED SCHEMES, whoseright hands are full of bribes” WICKED SCHEMES also appear in TheBook of Ester and mean genocide, "But when it came to the kingsattention, he commanded by letter that his WICKED SCHEME which hehad devised against the Jews, should return on his own head, and that heand his sons should be hanged on the gallows") ILL SAY THIS (at the riskof hurting my career since the entertainment industry is controlled by Jews)I DONT GIVE (give - contribute to some cause; "I gave at the office") A DAMN ABOUT YOURDREAMS (D to E: DREAMS - a visionary scheme; a wild conceit; an idle fancy; in this sense,applied to an imaginary or anticipated state of happiness; as, a dream of bliss; the dream of aJewish State”)Thunder on the mountain heavy as can be Mean old twister bearing down on meAll the ladies in Washington scrambling to get out of townLooks like something bad gonna happen, better roll your airplane down
  8. 8. THUNDER ON THE MOUNTAIN HEAVY AS CAN BE (D to E: HEAVY - troublesome psychologically or intellectually) MEAN OLD TWISTER (an unforeseen development; "events suddenly took an awkward turn for the Israel lobby") BEARING DOWN ON ME (overthrowing or crushing it by force; as, to bear down an enemy) ALL THE LADIES IN WASHINGTON (D to E: LADIES - oligarchy, someone in charge, in authority, AIPAC, an Israeli special interest group recently implicated in an Israeli-American espionage scandal in Washington, D.C.) SCRAMBLING TO GET OUT OF TOWN (making haste to leave Washington, also making unintelligible by encoding as in"scramble the message" since some are Mossad spies) LOOKS LIKESOMETHING BAD GONNA HAPPEN (some Israeli spies are going toend up in federal prison) BETTER ROLL YOUR AIRPLANE DOWN(better roll up your spy operation in the United States, better jump onEl-Al Airlines and head back to Israel).Everybody going and I want to go toDont wanna take a chance with somebody newI did all I could, I did it right there and thenIve already confessed - no need to confess again EVERYBODY GOING (going to bomb Irans nuclear reactors) AND I WANT TO GO TOO (Israel also wants to take part in this mission but cannot, since if it did it would look as if the strike were on Israels behalf) / DONT WANNA TAKE A CHANCE WITH SOMEBODY NEW (Irans President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was a relatively obscure figure in Iranian politics until his election in 2005) I DID ALL I COULD, I DID IT RIGHT THERE AND THEN (on June 7, 1981 16 American-made Israeli warplanes bombed and destroyed Iraqs Osirak nuclear research facility nearBaghdad) IVE ALREADY CONFESSED (admitted to this reprehensiblething. This represents a 360 degree shift in position for Robert AllenDylan. In Neighborhood Bully Dylan wrote this about Israel, "Then hedestroyed a bomb factory, nobody was glad / The bombs were meantfor him / He was supposed to feel bad / Hes the neighborhood bully")NO NEED TO CONFESS AGAIN (no need for me to have to bomb theIranian nuclear facilities when Christian America will do it for Israel!)Gonna make a lot of money, gonna go up northIll plant and Ill harvest what the earth brings forthThe hammers on the table, the pitchforks on the shelfFor the love of God, you ought to take pity on yourself GONNA MAKE A LOT OF MONEY (D to E: MONEY - currency, credibility) GONNA GO UP NORTH (engage in a gound war with Iran, same metaphor as "the North Wind is pickin up speed") ILL PLANT AND ILL HARVEST (“As ye sew, so shall ye reap”) WHAT THE EARTH (D to E: EARTH - "the grounds people" - humanity) BRINGS FORTH (brings to light, makes manifest. Since the Jews have sewn hatred in humanity because of their devilish oppression of the Palestinians Arabs they will reap millions of deaths when the atomic bombs fall on Tel Aviv, Haifa and other major Israeli cities) THE HAMMER (D to E: HAMMER - justice, a
  9. 9. gavel, here justice for the Palestinians) IS ON THE TABLE (is on the negotiating table) THEPITCHFORKS (the instrument the devil uses to prod people into something, in this case nuclearweapons) ON THE SHELF (D to E: ON THE SHELF - currently in a state of inactivity. InWorkingman Blues#2 Dylan wrote, "My cruel weapons have been put ON THE SHELF") FORTHE LOVE OF GOD, YOU OUGHT TO TAKE PITY (have the humane quality of understandingthe suffering of others and do something about it) ON YOURSELF (on not only the Palestiniansbut on yourself as nothing good can come out of this sort of oppression).