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This book gives you an idea of what goes on in Bob Dylan's demented mind destroyed by Heroin and HIV.

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  1. 1. THE POLITICS OF A JEWISH NAZI AS EXPRESSED IN BOBDYLAN’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY CHRONICLESFears a powerful thing, Bob DylanIt can turn your heart black you can trustItll take your God filled soulAnd fill it with devils and dust - B. Springsteen Louis Ferdinand Celine was the author of Journey To The Endof the Night a cult anti-war classic of the early 1960s popular amongthe Beats. Henry Miller visited this Nazi collaborator and Jew hater inpost-war France in the late 1950s. After the visit Miller becameconvinced that "the great artist is not always the great human being."Perhaps Bob Dylan is the best living example of this. There is no doubtin my mind that Dylan is a great artist. But as far as the human beingthing goes he is sinking lower and lower. I know what is going on inwhat is left of his mind - his anti-Zionist beliefs are starting to turn reallysour and is becoming Jew-hatred. How could a Jew be an anti-Semite?It happens more often than one would expect. Lyndon LaRouche, aNazi economist, has a shitload of Jews working for him. Fred Newman,a Jew himself, runs a Jew hating cult in New York City. Rabbi MordechiWeberman, my own freakin cousin, meets with Jew haters on a regular basis. Dylan has awhole history of self-hate. After he converted to Christianity, unlike the other members of theVineyard Christian Fellowship, he focused on the Jews killed Christ aspect of fundamentalismand wrote, "on the way out of Egypt through Ethiopia, the judgment of THOSE WHO KILLEDCHRIST" or "to the judgment hall of the Christ" however you hear it. Then came the Swiftian
  2. 2. allegory about Israel on UNDER THE RED SKY and how it was unbelievable that Israel actedthe way it did during the Intifada. Now Dylan is downplaying the evil of the Nazis by comparingNazi Germany to modern day Israel in MODERN TIMES. Next he will be denying the Holocaustand verbally attacking his own people in his poetry. I understand that Dylan is a bitter alta-cocker. I would be bitter too if I was HIV postive,especially to fall from such a high place. As the prison psychologists told the inmates at MDC,the prison where I was incarcerated, "Its those who end up here from Park Avenue, not thosewho lived in the projects, who are most likely to attempt suicide." Dylan is committing suicide viahis own self-destructive political philosophy. For the love of G-d, take pity on yourself. In Chronicles Dylan crossed the line and became a Patrick Buchanan type thinker - butfortunately there is no perception of this by the public due to the fact that no journalist orreviewer wants to be out of step with the rest of the media and point out certain passages fromChronicles 2004 that on their face indicate that there is something seriously wrong with Dylansthinking - something that reeks of a diseased mind.HITLER WAS A TOWERING FIGUREThis paragraph is from Chronicles 2004: "Hitler, Churchill, Mussolini, Stalin, Roosevelt - towering figures that the world would never see the likes of again, men who relied on their own resolve, for better or worse, every one of them prepared to act alone, indifferent to approval - indifferent to wealth or love, all presiding over the destiny of mankind and reducing the world to rubble." Hitler was a towering figure? The dictionary defines towering figure as: very great - a towering figure in the British art world. Dylans view of Hitler appears to be not unlikethat of Louis Farrakhan, a notorious Jew hater, "Here come the Jews [sic] dont like Farrakhan,so they call me a Hitler. Well, thats a good name. Hitler was a very great man." It also remindsme of a statement that Nazi collaborator Gertrude Stein made in 1937: "There is too muchfathering going on just now and there is no doubt about it fathers are depressing. Everybodynowadays is a father, there is father Mussolini and father Hitler and father Roosevelt and fatherStalin..." Stein was one of the few Jews to meet with Adolf Hitler. Somebody should have put abullet through this bitch! She should never have been an icon of the counter-culture.ROBERT ALLEN ZIMMERMAN: I FEEL AKIN TO NAZI CHARLES LINDBERGH
  3. 3. Here is what Dylan writes about Lindbergh, "There were other Minnesotans, too, that I felt akinto. Charles Lindbergh, the first aviator to fly nonstop across the Atlantic in the 20s. He was fromLittle Falls." In September 1939, two weeks after the Nazi invasion of Poland, Lindbergh delivered a nationwide radio address urging the United States to stay out of the war. In this speech Lindbergh proclaimed that Nazi victory in Europe was certain and because of this America should stay out and deal with the consequences. Later in the speech, Lindbergh commented “These wars in Europe are not wars in which our civilization is defending itself against some Asiatic intruder”. A later article by Lindbergh in Readers Digest continued:“Our civilization depends on a western wall of race and arms which can hold back…theinfiltration of inferior blood."EZRA POUND AND T. S. ELIOT In his letter, he made mention of some lines in a song of mine that places T. S. Eliot andEzra Pound symbolically fighting in a captains tower.) "Pound and Eliot were too scholastic,werent they?" he says. What I know about Pound is that he was a Nazi sympathizer in WorldWar II and did anti-American broadcasts from Italy. I never did read him. I liked T. S. Eliot. Hewas worth reading. When T. S. Eliot spoke at the University of Virginia arent a few weeks after Hitler cameto power, he said that in a well ordered society "Reasons of race and religion combine to makeany large number of free-thinking Jews undesirable." I dont care you good a poetry this guywrote, he was a piece of shit and thats that. DYLAN ON ADOLF EICHMANN Dylan asked Ray Gooch, the smack dealer Dylan crashed with when Dylan first hit New York City, what it was like to work in a plant where animals were slaughtered. Gooch compared it to a prison where people were slaughtered. Dylan elaborated, "[Auschwitz] was one of the Nazi death camps in Europe and Adolf Eichmann, the chief Nazi Gestapo organizer whod managed them, had been put on trial recently in Jerusalem. Hed escaped after the war and was captured by the Israelisat a bus stop in Argentina. His trial was a big deal. On the witness stand Eichmann declared hewas merely following orders, but his prosecutors had no problem proving that he had carried outhis mission with monstrous zeal and relish. Eichmann had been convicted and his fate was nowbeing decided. There was a lot of talk about sparing his life, even sending him back toArgentina, but that would have been foolish. Even if he was set free he probably wouldnt last anhour. The State of Israel claimed the right to act as heir and executor of all who perished in thefinal solution. The trial reminds the whole world of what led to the formation of the Israeli state. The first thing that caught my attention was that when Gooch compared Auschwitz to aslaughterhouse in the Midwest Dylan did not report registering any objection. Only the mostfanatical Animal Liberationists would equate the two. Later Dylan writes that the Eichmann trialwas a "big deal." A big deal can be defined as something of special importance but it can bealso sometimes used ironically as an interjection. Dylan went on, "There was a lot of talk aboutsparing his life, even sending him back to Argentina, but that would have been foolish. Even if
  4. 4. he was set free he probably wouldnt last an hour." Set free? Who the fuck even suggested hebe set free? Much of the talk about returning Eichmann to Argentina came from Argentinasmilitary dictatorship and from Nazi groups that had brought him there in the first place. In 1964Dylan was one of those who thought it was wrong to execute Eichmann or go after Nazi warcriminals "irma goes t israel an writes me that there, they hate nazis much more n we overhere do. eichmann dies yes, an west germany sends eighty - year - old pruned - out gestapohermit off t the penitentiary."ROBERT ALLEN ZIMMERMAN BETRAYS THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENTDAVID DUKE: MOVIE STAR Throughout Chronicles 2004 Dylan sings the praises of various black musicians,composers and lyricists, such as Robert Johnson, pointing out how their genius influenced him.Dylan sang at the March On Washington in 1963, he wrote Blowin In The Wind but now this iswhat he has to say about David Duke, a Nazi, Klansman and convicted embezzler: "The ex-Klansman David Duke from Metairie in Jefferson Parish had been elected to the Louisiana StateHouse of Representatives and he was being interviewed. He said that welfare wasnt workingand that workfare would be better make people on welfare work for the community instead ofgetting a free ride. He also wanted to put prisoners from state pens on work programs. Didntwant them getting a free ride, either. I hadnt seen Duke before; he looked like a movie star. I gathered myself together [allowed him to help formulate my ideas, I accumulated my ideas] and went back in to work with Dan." Is this all Dylan has to say about David Duke, that he looked like a movie star? By his absence of criticism as a one time member of the Civil Rights Movement Dylan is tacitly endorsing David Duke. Dylan should be saying, "Ban the Klan! Death to the Klan!" Dylan has a wife and daughter who David Duke would call NIGGERS. Dylan has worked with numerous black people. And all Dylan can say aboutDuke is that he looked like a movie star and wanted to stop Blacks from getting a free ride. THEONLY FREE RIDE BLACKS GET IN THIS COUNTRY IS CHAINED UP TO JAIL OR PRISONOR TO A COURT APPEARANCE IF THEY CANT MAKE BAIL. Dylan makes me puke.DAVE VAN RONK - THE GRAND DRAGON OF FOLK MUSIC "David was the grand dragon. If you were on McDougal Street in the evening and out to see somebody play, hed be the first and last vital choice of the night." This is how Dylan describes Dave Van Ronk, a socialist and anti-racist until his recent death? A Grand Dragon is a high-ranking member of the Klan! To become a Grand Dragon you got to do some shit, like kill, injure, and mess up some Black people. Dylan sings the praises of Van Ronk throughout his book and everyone knows that Dylans first album was not much different than Van Ronks early work which everyone back then would listen to ask themselves, "You believe this dude is white?" Hey I lived through this era sports fans. What did Dylan do for Van Ronk anyway? Did he ever try to helphis career, did he ever let him open at one of his concerts?
  5. 5. DYLAN’S BEST FRIEND AND HOST RAY GOOCH WAS A FOLLOWER OF ROCKWELLAND A FRIEND OF DAN BURROWSZimmerman has this to say about Ray Gooch: He was a nonconformist, a nonintegrator and a Southern nationalist. Ray had said thatNew York City was the city that won the Civil War, came out on top-that the wrong side had lost,that slavery was evil and that the thing would have died out anyway, Lincoln or no Lincoln. Iheard him say it and thought it was a mysterious and bad thing to say, but if he said it, he said itand thats all there is to it. What is a motherfucking "nonintegrator"? A segregationist. A racist. I believe I heard of adude named Ray who lived on the far West Side from a cat named Dave Moore who lived nextdoor to me at 146 Sullivan Street in 1965. Gooch was a smack dealer. No wonder Dylan nevermentioned him before. Previously Dylan wrote that he stayed with MacKenzie’s and with VanRonk then said he got a pad on the Lower East Side and trekked or shmecked his way to theVillage for gigs. But perhaps the most telling episode indicative of Dylans racism was revealed when Dylan described an encounter with Frank Sinatra Jr. "He talked about the civil rights movement, said his father had been active in civil rights and had always fought for the underdog-that his father felt like he was one himself...The conversation rolled along. "How do you think it would make you feel," he said, "to find out that the underdog had turned out to be a son of a bitch?" "I dont know," I said, "probably not so good." Zimmerman fails not only to challenge someone who in my opinion sounds like a racist pig, he agrees with him. Frank Jr. was saying that"the underdog had turned out to be a son of a bitch" - all Black people were gangbangers, bad-assed or lazy niggers, dopers, rip offs, welfare mothers and Dylan agreed with him?Zimmerman said he was with his wife, which wife? The African-American one or the Jewishone?DYLAN ON JEW-HATING BLACK RAPPERS A few years earlier, Kurtis Blow, a rapper from Brooklyn who had a hit out called "TheBreaks" had asked me to be on one of his records and he familiarized me with that stuff, Ice-T,Public Enemy, N.W.A., Run-D.M.C. These guys definitely werent standing around bullshitting.They were beating drums, tearing it up, hurling horses over cliffs. They were all poets and knewwhat was going on. Somebody different was bound to come along sooner or later who would know that world, been born and raised with it ... be all of it and more. Professor Griff the Mental Stiff of Public Enema had previously said anti- Semitic remarks on stage but his quotation that Jews were responsible for "the majority of the wickedness that goes on across the globe" were greeted with shock and outrage, especially by White critics that previously embraced the group. Faced with a major crisis, Chuck D faltered. At first he fired Griff, then he brought him back to the group and then he broke up the group. Griff gave one more interview where he attacked Chuck D and PE, which led tohis permanent departure from the group.