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Dylan has achieved the status of subhuman for writing that hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed by Hitler not six million.

Dylan has achieved the status of subhuman for writing that hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed by Hitler not six million.



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  • 1 BOB DYLAN: JEWISH HOLOCAUST DENIER Bob Dylan - Duquesne Whistle Video When this video first hit the streets many observers were wondering why all the violence? The answer is simple, the stalker is A. J. Weberman – Dylan hates me and would like to hit me in the knees with a baseball bat. In 1971 Dylan loved to threaten me. Dylan would tell me while I was coming down from caffeine citrate after hanging out all day with him in his studio as the sky grew progressively gray. “Al, if you get into my life I might gain a soul.” I get it. The girl in the video! Dylan told me if I ever messed with his wife he would beat the shit out of me and I had messed with her that very day when he came after me on Elizabeth Street and that lonesome bell tolled in that valley of stone as I bathed in his pure white heat. The woman in the video is Sarah Dylan.
  • 2 The Gasolio Brothers? There is no such group. Live in concert. This is the sickness implying that many Jews gassed during the Holocaust are actually alive. He will get his someday. One of the first videos I posted on You-Tube was called Rock Doves. I subsequently removed it.
  • 3 In the early 1970’s I became friendly with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Here I am going through trash.
  • 4 Note the badge. Dylan said I had a pig mentality. Said I outta wear a badge. After Dylan attacked me on Elizabeth Street he ripped off my FREE BOB DYLAN DLF button and threw it to the ground. Just before I am dumped someone throws a small object out the window of the van.
  • 5 Here I am, a stalker who got what was coming to him for interfering with a superstar’s life and career. Forty years ago Bob Dylan was one proud Jew. Now Dylan is in the land of sick, self-hating and Israel hating Holocaust denial psychopathology. As a researcher for the Jewish Defense Organization I have witnessed a progression that Jews like Zimmerman make from anti-Zionism to Holocaust denial. Alfred Lilienthal was the first Jew to come out against the State of Israel in a piece for Readers Digest Magazine. From there Lilienthal went on to claiming that the Diary of Anne Frank was a forgery and speaking at Holocaust denial meetings of the Institute for Historical Review, a Nazi front group. I have witnessed a similar progression take place in Bob Dylan. He started out by writing pro-Hitler lines in his 1965 book Tarantula and the liner notes to his LPs after he crashed with a Nazi named Ray Gooch. From there he embedded racist subcontent in his lyrics. Then, during his Christian period, he wrote that the Jews were forever cursed and exiled for having killed Christ. Next he protested against Israeli suppression of the intifada in Under the Red Sky. He went on to compare Israel to Nazi Germany and finally wrote that hundreds of thousands, not millions of Jews were murdered during the Holocaust. His latest CD also contains embedded racist content. So we are really not dealing with a human being here. We are trying to understand schtick dreck.
  • 6 Chronicles, Dylan’s autobiography. Robert Allen Zimmerman, Jewish on both sides of his family, was born in May 1941. Had Nazi Germany had triumphed over the Allies the Zimmerman family would all have been rounded up and systematically murdered. You would think self-preservation, the first law of nature, would have made Robert Allen Zimmerman hate Nazis and Nazism. But for most of his life this sick puppy admired Adolf Hitler. Dylan’s beliefs were reinforced or inculcated by his benefactor Raymond Gooch who was born on February 16, 1931 and died on October 15, 1991. Gooch’s SS #224-38-4122 was issued in Virginia. Gooch was a follower of neo-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell and a member of the American Nazi Party. Chronicles, “I was in New York City, communists or no communists. There were probably plenty around. Plenty of fascists, too. Plenty of would-be left-wing dictators and right-wing dictators. Radicals of all stripes…” Dylan kept his association with Gooch secret for decades. He told reporters that in 1961 he crashed in doorways and was a street person. Dylan, however, would have frozen to death. He wrote that he lived with Dave and Terry Van Ronk, in their roach infested 15th Street pad. He also stated that he crashed at the Hotel Earle, a flea bag hotel located not far from Washington Square Park. Then he wrote that he moved in with McKenzie family on West 30th Street. Maybe he crashed in all these places but in his autobiography Chronicles he
  • 7 revealed for the first time that spent most of his time in the far West Village pad of Ray Gooch. Chronicles, Ray was maybe ten years older than me - from Virginia he was like an old wolf, gaunt and battle scarred - came from a long line of ancestry made up of bishops, generals, even a colonial governor. He was a nonconformist, a nonintegrator and a Southern nationalist. He and Chloe lived in the place like they were hiding out. Ray was like a character from out of some of the songs I'd been singing, someone who had seen life, done deeds and lived romances-had traipsed around, had a broad grasp of the country, its conditions. Though there was an undercurrent of upheaval reverberating, and in a few years the American cities would tremble, Ray took little interest, said the real action was "in the Congo." “Ray was maybe ten years older than me - from Virginia he was like an old wolf, gaunt and battle-scarred” old wolf sounds like Rommel, the Nazi desert wolf “came from a long line of ancestry made up of bishops, generals, even a colonial governor” his ancestor, Sir William Gooch was a colonial governor of Virginia. He was a real American, not some child of second generation immigrants like Dylan “He was a nonconformist” he did not go along with the liberal orientation of New York City “a nonintegrator” he believed in the separation of the races, he was a racist “and a Southern nationalist” and he believed the South should succeed from the Union rather than give up Jim Crow “He and Chloe lived in the place like they were hiding out. Ray was like a character from out of some of the songs I'd been singing, someone who had seen life, done deeds and lived romances-had traipsed around, had a broad grasp of the country, its conditions” he was unhappy with the way Whites were being treated “Though there was an undercurrent of upheaval” though there was an undercurrent of a great change and disturbance “reverberating” which would have a prolonged and continuing effect “and in a few years the American cities would tremble, Ray took little interest, said the real action was ‘in the Congo’” if you really want to kill n-worders become a mercenary in the Belgian Congo. Ray had an elite background, even studied at Camden Military Academy in South Carolina, which he had left with ‘sincere and utter hatred.’ He'd also been ‘expelled with gratitude’ from Wake Forest Divinity School, a religious college. Ray wasn't like that. He wasn't somebody who would leave any footprints on the sands of time, but there was something special about him. He had blood in his eyes, the face of a man who could do no wrong--- total lack of viciousness or wickedness or even sinfulness in his face. He
  • 8 seemed like a man who could conquer and command anytime he wished to. Ray was mysterious as Hell. Had Gooch been expelled because of his Nazi beliefs? Dylan wrote that “Ray wasn't somebody who would leave any footprints on the sands of time” Ray would not make history “but there was something special about him” yet he had an amazing influence on me, more so than anyone else “He had blood in his eyes” “blood” descent from a common ancestor; parental lineage was apparent in his thoughts “the face of a man who could do no wrong” he was a White American Protestant Southerner, the pride of the White race “total lack of viciousness or wickedness or even sinfulness in his face” and his race manifested the highest qualities of America “He seemed like a man who could conquer and command anytime he wished to” it was men like Ray Gooch who made America a world power “Ray was mysterious as Hell” mysterious, Satan is also mysterious. Keep this word in mind when I translate the “the mystery tramp” as Hitler in Like a Rolling Stone. Dylan described Ray’s arms cache “Everything in plain sight. A lot of firearms, too. You'd think that Ray was part of the police force or a licensed gunsmith or something. There were different parts of guns - of pistols, large frame, small frame, Taurus Tracker pistol, a pocket pistol, trigger guards, everything like in a compost heap, altered guns” semi-automatics converted to machine guns “guns with shortened barrels” sawed-off shotguns “different brands of guns - Ruger, Browning, a single-action Navy pistol, everything poised to work, shined out. You'd walk into this room” you would enter his life “and feel like you were under the vigilance of some unsleeping eye.” Gooch was a vigilante “It was weird. Ray was anything but a macho tough guy. I asked him once what he did with all this stuff back there, what it was for. ‘Tactical response,’ he said.” A tactical response is an armed response involving paramilitary operations that are small, close to base, and of short- term duration, like shooting a n-worder that riots. Ray Gooch was a walking time bomb as many Nazis are. Chronicles continues: Ray was a Southerner and made no bones about it, but he would have been antislavery as much as he would have been antiunion. ‘Slavery should have been outlawed from the start,’ he said. ‘It was diabolical. Slave power makes it impossible for free workers to make a decent living-it had to be destroyed.’
  • 9 Gooch did not look at slavery in terms of racism but from the point of view of a poor White competing with the Blacks for jobs and even Dylan had to admit: Ray was pragmatic. Sometimes it was as if he had no heart or soul. Ray was not a guy who had nothing on his mind. He knew what he thought and he knew how to express it, didn't make room in his life for mistakes. The mundane things in life didn't register with him. He seemed to have some golden grip on reality, didn't sweat the small stuff, quoted the Psalms and slept with a pistol near his bed. At times he could say things that had way too much edge. Once he said that President Kennedy wouldn't last out his term because he was a Catholic. When he said it, it made me think about my grandmother, who said to me that the Pope is the king of the Jews. Not only did Gooch hate Blacks, he hated Catholics just as the Klan once did. Dylan’s remark about his grandmother makes me wonder if he inherited some particular gene from her? Dylan didn’t hate Catholics and thought this remark could be a self-fulfilling prophecy and that Gooch was a potential assassin of President Kennedy. Chronicles continued: How much did I know about that cataclysmic event [the Civil War]? Probably close to nothing. There weren't any great battles fought out where I grew up. No Chancellorsvilles, Bull Runs, Fredericksburgs or Peachtree Creeks. What I knew about it was that it was a war fought about States' Rights and it ended slavery. “States Rights” is a dog whistle phrase meaning racism and segregation. Ray had said that New York City was the city that won the Civil War came out on top that the wrong side had lost that that slavery was evil and that the thing would have died out anyway Lincoln or no Lincoln. I heard him say it and thought it was a mysterious and bad thing to say but if he said it, he said it and that's all there is to it. “Ray had said that New York City was the city that won the Civil War came out on top” Ray, a neo-Confederate, blamed the Jews for starting the Civil War so that they could benefit economically “that the wrong side had lost” that the Confederacy should have won “that that slavery was evil and that the thing would have died out anyway” after how long? “Lincoln or no Lincoln” and that Lincoln was evil “I heard him say it and thought it was a mysterious.” it created a feeling of strangeness, curiosity, and wonder,
  • 10 again the word “mysterious” in connection with a racist leader “and bad thing to say” and was a bad thing to express; but not to think about “but if he said it, he said it and that's all there is to it” but if the great Raymond Gooch said it, it was true! Chronicles: Ray was working in a tool-and-die factory in Brooklyn, but before that had drifted around, had been employed at the Studebaker plant in South Bend and also at an Omaha slaughterhouse on the kill floor. Once I asked him what that was like. ‘You ever heard of Auschwitz?’ Gooch compared the slaughter of animals to the slaughter of Jews; if Gooch would have known that Dylan was Jewish he would probably not have asked him if he ever heard about Auschwitz. What Jew hadn’t? Dylan responded: Sure I had, who hadn't? It was one of the Nazi death camps in Europe and Adolf Eichmann, the chief Nazi Gestapo organizer who'd managed them, had been put on trial recently in Jerusalem. He'd escaped after the war and was captured by the Israelis at a bus stop in Argentina. His trial was a big deal. In other words the Eichmann trial was blown out of proportion; In his book Tarantula Dylan wrote, “so i shoot dope once in a while. big deal.” Dylan was not always a Jewish traitor and historical revisionist. In Talkin John Birch Society Blues 1962 he wrote, “Now we all agree with Hitler’s' views / Although he killed six million Jews.” In With God On Our Side 1962 he wrote “though they murdered six million in the ovens they fried / The Germans now too have God on their side” however, at an unknown point in time, Dylan began omitting this verse from the song. Evidence that there was something radically wrong with Bob Dylan’s brain surfaced in Eleven Outlined Epitaphs 1964, “I talked with one of the sons of Germany” I spoke with a Nazi who was really nothing more than a patriotic German. The word “son” can be looked at in two ways. It can mean a young man or a patriot, as in “sons of the American Revolution “while walkin’ once on foreign ground” while visiting East Germany “an’ I learned that he regards Adolf Hitler as we here in the states regard Robert E. Lee” I and learned that he regards Hitler as a misguided patriot.
  • 11 In Some Other Kinds of Songs 1964 Dylan ridiculed Israelis for not forgiving the Nazis and expressed sympathy for the mass murderer Eichmann and the high-ranking Nazi and Hitler henchman Rudolph Hess who was the only prisoner at Spandau Prison after being convicted of War Crimes at Nuremberg. Dylan calls him a “hermit.” irma goes t’ Israel an’ writes me that there, they hate nazis much more ‘n we over here do. eichmann dies yes, an’ west germany sends eighty-year- old pruned-out gestapo hermit off t’ the penitentiary. In his book Tarantula 1965 he wrote, “down with you sam. down with your answers too. Hitler did not change history. Hitler WAS history” Down with America, Uncle Sam, and your reasons for fighting in World War II. What Zimmerman is saying here is that Hitler was not a leader who was a charismatic demagogue who imposed his genocidal and militaristic ideas on Germany, but Hitler came to power because of history – that is the Treaty of Versailles imposed unfair harsh penalties on Germany and the German people. Never a bad word about Hitler of Nazism from Herr Zimmermann! In Promoting Democracy--An Obsession Whose Time Has Passed crypto-Nazi Ron Paul stated: Promoting democracy is now our nation’s highest ideal. Wilson started it with his ill-advised drive to foolishly involve us in World War I. His utopian dream was to make the world safe for democracy. Instead, his naiveté and arrogance promoted our involvement in the back-to-back tragedies of World War I and World War II. It’s hard to imagine the rise of Hitler in World War II without the Treaty of Versailles. Also from Tarantula “we must be willing to die for freedom (end of fact) now what I wanna know about the fact is this: could Hitler have said it?” “Freedom” represents the free world - the countries of the world that have democratic and capitalistic or moderately socialistic systems rather than communist or totalitarian systems. In other words Hitler was not such a bad guy because he opposed Communism. Only good words about Hitler and Nazis from Bob Dylan! In his autobiography entitled Chronicles 2004 Dylan called Hitler a towering figure and put him on the same level with Churchill and FDR,
  • 12 Hitler, Churchill, Mussolini, Stalin, Roosevelt—towering figures that the world would never see the likes of again, men who relied on their own resolve, for better or worse, every one of them prepared to act alone, indifferent to approval-indifferent to wealth or love, all presiding over the destiny of mankind and reducing the world to rubble. In Chronicles 2004 Dylan continued to express sympathy for Adolf Eichmann, who would have put him in an oven: Auschwitz was one of the Nazi death camps in Europe and Adolf Eichmann, the chief Nazi Gestapo organizer who’d managed them, had been put on trial recently in Jerusalem. He’d escaped after the war and was captured by the Israelis at a bus stop in Argentina. His trial was a big deal. “Gestapo organizer?” Zimmerman makes Eichmann into a death camp victim “Organize” death camp jargon for stealing or scrounging clothing, food etc. that frequently made the difference between life and death “manage *the death camps+.” “manage” as in succeed in accomplishing or achieving, especially with difficulty. SS Commander Reinhard Heydrich disclosed to Eichmann in autumn 1941 that all the Jews in German-controlled Europe were to be murdered. In 1942, Heydrich ordered Eichmann to attend the Wannsee Conference where Germany's anti-semitic measures were set down into an official policy of genocide. Eichmann was given the position of Transportation Administrator of the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question", which put him in charge of all the trains that would carry Jews to the death camps in the territory of occupied Poland. Eichmann was never in charge of the death camps. “His trial was a big deal.” Dylan implied that his trial was blown out of proportion; Tarantula, “so i shoot dope once in a while. big deal.” On the witness stand Eichmann declared he was merely following orders, but his prosecutors had no problem proving that he had carried out his mis- sion with monstrous zeal and relish. The Nuremburg prosecutors failed to prove that Eichmann was not just following orders and all they could prove was that he just got overly enthusiastic in doing so “Eichmann had been convicted and his fate was now being decided. There was a lot of
  • 13 talk about sparing his life, even sending him back to Argentina, but that would have been foolish” no one talked about freeing him and sending him back to Argentina except other Nazis and Bob Dylan “Even if he was set free he probably wouldn’t last an hour” setting him free was the wrong thing to do not because it was immoral, but because it would be impractical. Chronicles continued, “The State of Israel claimed the right to act as heir and executor of all who perished in the final solution” they claimed the right to do this to receive reparations from Germany as all these money grubbing Jews were interested in was gelt “The trial reminds the whole world of what led to the formation of the Israeli state” it was only a show trial to justify the existence of the “Zionist entity.” What a sick Jew. So it should come as no surprise that in Tempest’s Narrow Way we discover Bob Dylan is an Israel-hating, anti-Zionist Jew. The Tea Party is pro-Israel and they are not Holocaust deniers and Hitler admirers as is Robert Allen Zimmerman. Not only did Dylan admire Nazis, he also admired the Klan and Robert Allen Zimmerman, ex-bar mitzvah boy, wrote this in Chronicles 2004: The ex-Klansman David Duke from Metairie in Jefferson Parish had been elected to the Louisiana State House of Representatives and he was being interviewed. He said that welfare wasn't working and that workfare would be better; make people on welfare work for the community instead of getting a free ride. He also wanted to put prisoners from state pens on work programs. Didn't want them getting a free ride, either. I hadn't seen Duke before; he looked like a movie star. Dylan liked David Duke’s ideas. Factor this into the equation when you decide if Dylan is a racist or not? “Work programs?” The Klansman David Duke wanted to bring back chain gangs, a form of torture!! The “movie star” David Duke paid a plastic surgeon to make him look like was Colonel Ben Cameron, the head Klansman from Birth of a Nation. In an interview with Bill Flannigan in April 2009 Dylan was asked about Hitler: BF: Do you think actors have to be sincere?
  • 14 BD: Not at all. Mae West wasn’t. She was just who she was on the screen. Just like Jimmy Stewart and Burt Lancaster. Yeah, Lon Chaney, too. BF: Could that mean that Alec Guinness is Hitler? BD: Well sure, a part of him is. But of course he’s not Hitler. And neither is anybody else. Hitler was Hitler. BF: Do you remember images of Hitler from growing up? BD: No, not growing up. He was dead by the time I was four or five. I never had a real understanding of that. BF: Never had an understanding of what? BD: How you take a failed landscape painter and turn him into a fanatical mad man who controls millions. That’s some trick. I mean the powers that created him must have been awesome. BF: Well, the social and economic conditions of the Weimar Republic were so different than now. BD: Yeah sure, looking back in hindsight, you can see that someone would have to take control. But still, it’s so perplexing. Like why him? You could see that the man’s a total mutt. No Aryan characteristics whatsoever. You couldn’t guess his ancestry. Brown hair, brown eyes, pasty complexion, no particular type of stature, Hitler mustache, raincoat, riding whip, the whole works. He knew something. He knew that people didn’t think. Look at the faces of the millions who worshipped him and you see that he inspired love. It’s scary and sad. The torch of the spoken word. They were glad to follow him anywhere, loyal to the bone. Then of course, he filled up the cemeteries with them. BF: It brings to mind Hitler talking to the crowd in Triumph of the Will by Leni Riefenstahl. BD: Yeah, it’s clear as day. Dylan began with a statement that on its surface says nothing “Hitler is Hitler.” Why is Dylan being non-judgmental here? Then when asked about Hitler and Nazism Dylan replied that “I never had a real understanding of that.” What he is saying here is the way the history of Hitler and the Nazis was taught to him in school and the way the media
  • 15 portrays it was false. This takes the interviewer by surprise “Never had an understanding of what?” as he senses that Dylan is about to defend Nazism. Dylan responded, “How you take a failed landscape painter and turn him into a fanatical mad man who controls millions. That’s some trick. I mean the powers that created him must have been awesome.” Who took a failed landscape painter and turned him into a dictator? What sinister, behind the scenes power created him? What group has enough power to control the world? The Zionist Jews more often than not get this distinction, in forgeries such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Flannigan is starting to see that Dylan is demented. Instead of asking him “What hidden powers created Hitler and Nazism?” he says “Well, the social and economic conditions of the Weimar Republic were so different than now.” Dylan was not talking about social and economic conditions; he was talking about some sinister conspiracy that installed Hitler and the Nazis. “Yeah sure, looking back in hindsight” looking back at the establishment of the State of Israel “you can see that someone would have to take control” you can see that the Zionist Jews put Hitler in power. Note: Dylan is not talking about Hitler, he is talking about these mysterious conspiratorial forces. Dylan’s only objection to Hitler is that he was not racially pure enough to be a symbol of Nazism: You could see that the man’s a total mutt. No Aryan characteristics whatsoever. You couldn’t guess his ancestry. Brown hair, brown eyes, pasty complexion, no particular type of stature, Hitler mustache, raincoat, riding whip, the whole works. Dylan continues, “He knew something. He knew that people didn’t think. Look at the faces of the millions who worshipped him and you see that he inspired love. It’s scary and sad.” Hitler knew that people’s emotions were more important than their thoughts and he inspired the emotion of love in the German people. Dylan had to qualify his remarks with “this is scary and sad” rather than “frightening and tragic” but then he calls Adolf Hitler “The torch of the spoken word” “torch” anything regarded as a source of enlightenment, guidance, etc. the torch of Nazism. “They were glad to follow him anywhere, loyal to the bone.” The German were justified in their loyalty to Hitler “Then of course, he filled up the cemeteries with them” however he was a poor military tactician. What all this boils down to is that the much loved Bob Dylan is a
  • 16 hardcore self-hating racist pig who embraces conspiracy theories that could have originated with Lyndon LaRouche. He is the lowest form of a Jew on the planet earth. This kind of thinking would lead to Bob Dylan becoming a Holocaust revisionist. The Holocaust Revisionist Movement is merely a Nazi front. Its members know there was a Holocaust and they know that at least 6 million Jews perished but they deny it so that there can be another Holocaust which they can also deny. But Dylan is a special kind of Holocaust denier: while these men are not Jewish, Dylan is. He joins the ranks of Jews like Norman Finkelstein and Alfred Lilienthal. These scums either deny the Holocaust ever occurred at all or claim that the number of Jews killed was exaggerated in order to justify the establishment of the State of Israel. By Bob Dylan saying that hundreds of thousands of Jews died rather than millions of Jewish people died this scum bears some of the guilt of the mass murderers. Once again Robert Allen Zimmerman, a Jew on both sides of his family, is shtick dreck. Since Dylan was influenced by Gooch in 1961 or 1962 Dylan immediately took the racist road and embedded racist dog whistle messages in songs that ostensibly were anti-racist. No one is going to believe that the anthem of the civil rights movement advocated apartheid. I can understand this. It is a revolutionary concept formulated by a revolutionary. BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND
  • 17 How many roads must a man walk down Before you call him a man? Yes, 'n' how many seas must a white dove sail Before she sleeps in the sand? Yes, 'n' how many times must the cannon balls fly Before they're forever banned? The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind The answer is blowin' in the wind. “How many roads” how many courses in life “must a man” must a blackman “walk down” take such as rape, murder, theft, the creation of dangerous public schools and generations of single welfare mothers “Before you call him a man?” before the Whites realize that he is a genetically inferior being who can never amount to anything more than a male servant, a subordinate, “man” as in ‘Man Friday’ which is more like a “boy” (unless “man” had two meanings the first two lines of Blowin’ In The Wind are redundant). “Yes, 'n' how many seas must a white dove sail” how long will it take before White supremacist apartheid (who ever heard of a black dove?) that brought racial peace and stability to South Africa, sails effortlessly across the ocean to America “Before she sleeps in the sand?” and becomes a part of America history? “Yes, 'n' how many times must the cannonballs fly” how many times must the n-worders become suddenly enraged, commit gun crimes ‘fly off the handle’ “Before they're forever banned?” before they are treated in the same way as South Africa treats its n-worders? Under the former system of apartheid, “banned” meant to deprive a person suspected of illegal activity of the right of free movement and association with others “The answer” the answer to the ‘Negro question’ in America “my friend, is blowin'” is spreading “in the wind” in something that destroys “wind” as in ‘The winds of war.’ On another level the answer is to treat n-worders as they did in the Old South, the answer is in White vigilantism, lynch ‘em and let ‘em blow (cause to move by means of a current of air) in the wind! Billie Holliday, Strange Fruit, “Southern trees bear a strange fruit / Blood on the leaves and blood at the root / Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze / Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.” “Roads” as ways and courses of action; Playboys and Playgirls, “Your insane” your immoderate and wild “tongues” language, rhetoric, “of war talk ain't a-gonna guide my road” Song to Woody, 1962 “I’m walking a road other men have gone down” I am trying to master a path in life of that of a folksinger as so many others have in the past. Also
  • 18 “roads” as John Cecil Rhodes a mining magnate and politician in South Africa and a violent and brutal racist who used forced labor tactics as a means of founding De Beers Diamonds. “Walk” as live; Ballad of Donald White, “But the jails they were too crowded, / Institutions overflowed / So they turned me loose to walk upon / Life's hurried tangled road.” All Over You 1962, “You made me to a walkin' wreck” a living wreck. “Sleep” as co-exist with, be comfortable with; You’re No Good 1962, “You got the ways of a devil sleeping in a lion's den” Let Me Die In My Footsteps Before I Go Down Under the Ground 1962, “Let me sleep in your meadows with the green grassy leaves” let me co-exist in America with great books of poems such as Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman “Let me walk down the highway with my brother in peace.” Tomorrow is a Long Time 1962, “only if she was lying by me I would lie in my bed once again.” Eleven Outlined Epitaphs 1964, “an' I'm still on that road, Jim / I'm still sleepin' at night by its side.” “Sand” as history; Chronicles, “Ray Gooch wasn't like that; He wasn't somebody who would leave any footprints on the sands of time, but there was something special about him.” To the Left in Tears of Rage 1968, “We pointed out the way to go” we told you that you should move in the direction of the Right “And scratched your name in sand” and tried to cancel any major role you will play in history “But you just thought it was nothing more than a place” but you just thought it was nothing more than a suitable setting and occasion “for you to stand” for you to stand the test of time, to endure and to take a stand on certain key issues. “Cannonball” as a “crazy n-worder” I’m In The Mood For You 1962, “Sometimes I'm in the mood, I'm gonna sleep in my pony's stall” sometimes I am content to be continually drunk in a bar, “stall” booth, cubicle, or stand used by a vendor “Sometimes I'm in the mood, I ain't gonna do nothin' at all” sometimes I want to be shiftless like an urban Negro on welfare “Sometimes I'm in the mood, I wanna fly like a cannonball” sometimes I want to fly off the handle and commit a violent gun crime like the n- worders do. The Weight 1967, “Catch a cannonball now” find a Black heroin dealer, catch a n-worder by the toe “t'take me down the line” so I can lay out a few lines of smack to snort “My bag” of dope “is sinkin' low and I do believe it's time.” Mary and the Soldier 1993, “Perhaps in battle I might fall / From a shot from an angry cannonball.”
  • 19 “Pony” as intoxicant, glass for beer and liquor; Poem To Woody 1961, “And tomorrow's mornin' seems so far away / And you feel the reins” restraint and control “from yer pony are slippin'” New Pony 1978, “I had a pony, her name was Lucifer.” “Blow” to move along or be carried by or as if by the wind: It’s in the wind, it’s spreading rapidly; Poem to Woody 1961, “You need a cyclone wind” you need a destructive force “on a steam engine howler” that will drown out others songs, howl down a performer “that's been banging” slang: causing a sense of excitement; a thrill “and booming” and suddenly increasing, as in popularity “and blowing forever” and spreading forever. Worried Blues 1962, “I'm going where the chilly winds don't blow.” Go Away You Bomb 1962, “I want it blowin' from every pore” Brownsville Girl 1986 “And you know it blows right through me like a ball and chain.” “Wind” something that disrupts or destroys; Eleven Outlined Epitaphs 1963, “with its old stone courthouse decayin' in the wind” Eleven Outlined Epitaphs: “south Hibbing is where everybody came t' start their town again. but the winds of the north came followin' an' grew fiercer” Dignity 1994, “Chilly wind sharp as a razor blade” Cold Irons Bound 1997, “The winds of Chicago have torn me to shreds” Note: when Dylan’s fans, or “friends” heard the word “wind” in Blowin In The Wind it was defined as a tendency; a trend: the winds of change. How many years can a mountain exist Before it's washed to the sea? Yes, 'n' how many years can some people exist Before they're allowed to be free? Yes, 'n' how many times can a man turn his head Pretending he just doesn't see? “How many years can a mountain exist” how much longer can the mountainous problem of the Negro be allowed to exist “Before it's washed” before the true nature of the problem will wash, will be made believable, obvious “to the sea?” to America. Also how many years will the problem of the Negro plague America before they are herded on to a boat and forced to make the long voyage across the sea to Africa where they can join their fellow savages! George Lincoln Rockwell offered free passage back to Africa for Blacks and made up mock one-way steamship tickets to this effect “Yes, 'n' how many years can some people exist” how many years will America allow poor Blacks
  • 20 to live at a minimal level; subsist “Before they're allowed to be free?” before the are allowed to receive free money, an allowance, through the welfare system “Yes, 'n' how many times can a man turn” how many times can a man change “his head” his leader, the United States President “Pretending he just doesn't see?” fooling himself into believing that this is not the truth about Blacks and electing a liberal Democrat or middle of the road Republican President rather than a Dixiecrat or a Goldwaterite Republican; Also “pretend” as one who sets forth a claim to a throne. “Mountains” as problems: someone who can move mountains can solve a difficult problem. Beyond Here Lies Nothin' 2009, “Beyond here lies nothin' / But the mountains of the past.” In Changin of the Guard 1978 Dylan wrote this to the Communist Party, “I've moved your mountains” I’ve helped you with your problems like gaining acceptance to the American people “and marked your cards” and I almost became a card-carrying Communist. “Sea” as America; God Bless America, “from sea to shining sea” In the Summertime 1981, “By that soft and shining sea” When The Ship Comes In 1963, “And the chains of the sea would have busted in the night” and the present restraints preventing the American working class from getting it’s just due would be thrown off “and be buried on the bottom of the ocean” and will never return after the Communist revolution. Emmett Till 1962 “While Emmett's body floats the foam of a Jim Crow southern sea” while Emmett is a corpse because of the intense anger and rage of a segregated South in the United States. Emmitt Till came to Mississippi from Chicago only to be mutilated and murdered for ogling a White woman. How many times must a man look up Before he can see the sky? Yes, 'n' how many ears must one man have Before he can hear people cry? Yes, 'n' how many deaths will it take till he knows That too many people have died? “How many times must a man look up” how many times must the Whiteman become better, improve himself, advance; ‘things are looking up.’ “Before he can see the sky?” before he can see he is the best of the various races “sky” as the highest level and degree; ‘reaching for the sky’ or ‘The sky’s the limit’ “Yes, 'n' how many ears must one man have?” and how much sympathy, as in ‘lend a
  • 21 sympathetic ear’ must the White Man have “Before he can hear people cry?” before he can hear that his own people are suffering as a result of integration “Yes, 'n' how many deaths will it take till he knows” yes and how many Black on White homicides will it take until he learns “That too many people have died?” that too many White people, not a bunch of nappy-headed Black criminals, have been murdered. “Sky” as the highest level and degree; ‘Trails of Trouble 1962, “I walked down by the river” I went to an area of great abundance, the folk music scene “I turned my head up high” I thought on a higher level than the one I was on “I saw that silver linin'” an articulate interior covering of my thoughts “Silver” eloquent; persuasive: ‘a silver voice’ “That was hangin' in the sky” that was hanging like a fine painting and would elevate me to much higher level and degree. “River” as an abundant stream or flow; To Dave Glover 1962, “They damned up the clear runnin river of ‘Love thy neighbor’ said by Jesus Christ.” Where Teardrops Fall 1989, “By rivers of blindness” God Knows 1990, “God knows there's a river” god knows there was abundance of wealth in Palestine “God knows how to make a flow” God knows how to make it abound and teem “God knows you ain't gonna be taking nothing with you when you go” God knows that when you are driven out of your homeland by the Zionist Jews all you wealth will be lost. Dylan expressed his views on Black on White crime in Chronicles, “He *Frank Sinatra Jr.] talked about the Civil Rights Movement, said his father had been active in civil rights and had always fought for the underdog-that his father felt like he was one himself. Frank Jr. seemed pretty smart, nothing faked or put-on or ritzy about him. There was a legitimacy about what he did, and he knew who he was. The conversation rolled along. ‘How do you think it would make you feel,’ he said, ‘to find out that the underdog had turned out to be a son of a bitch?’ ‘I don't know,’ I said, ‘probably not so good.’” Dylan made chumps out of his political opponents by having them adopt a song with an embedded racist message as their national anthem however only a miniscule number of people were aware of this so in the long run he furthered the cause of what he considered to be wrong. He was a racist, absurdist and opportunist.
  • 22 Once upon a time you dressed so fine You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn't you? People'd call, say, "Beware doll, you're bound to fall" You thought they were all kiddin' you “Once upon a time” when you were in fantasy land, in a story-book like land “you dressed so fine” you applied medication to a social wound and it was satisfactory; it worked just fine “You threw the bums a dime” you casually gave colored folk welfare, such as Aid To Dependent Children (ADC) wherein mothers were paid by the child thus increasing the Black birthrate “in your prime didn't you?” on a federal level as in U.S. Government Grade A Prime or as in ‘The prime rate’ “People'd call” demand a meeting of; convene a legislative session “say Beware doll” and say beware you doll, you who acts so kindheartedly “you're bound to fall” you are destined to decline in political influence and in ratio to the non-White population “You thought they were all kiddin' you” and you thought they were joking; putting you on and America could never be overrun by non-Whites. You used to laugh about Everybody that was hangin' out Now you don't talk so loud Now you don't seem so proud About having to be scrounging for your next meal
  • 23 “You used to laugh about / Everybody that was hangin' out” you used to laugh off, not take seriously, all the pregnant Black welfare mothers on ADC “Now you don't talk so loud” now you are not so insistent, no more loud denials, Mr. White American? “Now you don't seem so proud?” now you no longer show racial pride, do you White man? “About having to be scrounging” about having to be foraging in an effort to acquire something at no cost, asking for charity “for your next meal” so that you can feed your own White American family while your tax dollars goes to feed countless illegitimate Black babies. How does it feel? To be on your own With no direction home Like a complete unknown Like a rolling stone? “How does it feel” sarcastic: it doesn’t feel so good does it? “To be on your own” to have lost your birthright as a White American “With no direction” with no authoritative indication, order and command “home” to get you to your goal of preserving your race “Like a complete unknown” like a member of the silent majority, like a person whose action and effect is unknown and unpredictable “Like a rolling stone?” like a Rightwing political force that is gathering momentum. “Stone” as reactionary, Rightwing; to the Left in It Ain’t Me Babe 1964 “Go melt back into the night / Everything inside is made of stone” The Times They Are a-Changin’ 1964, “And accept it that soon / You'll be drenched to the bone” to the core; Property of Jesus 1981 “He's the property of Jesus / Resent him to the bone” “If your time” life “to you is worth savin' / Then you better start swimmin'” you better get into the swim of things “Or you'll sink like a stone / For the times they are a-changin'.” You've gone to the finest school all right, Miss Lonely But you know you only used to get juiced in it And nobody has ever taught you how to live on the street And now you find out you're gonna have to get used to it “You've gone to the finest school all right,” at one time you attended safe, highly rated public schools when the Rightists controlled America “Miss Lonely” where the children there were all White and well behaved, one lone race “But you know you only used to get juiced in it” but you lost political power over your school district and now a
  • 24 bunch of n-worders are being bused in. “Juice” slang, political power and influence; clout “And nobody has ever taught you how to live on the street” and you were brought up in a civilized fashion with a mother and father not by a single mother in the slums so you don’t know how to survive in a jungle, the ghetto “streets” the streets of a city viewed as the scene of crime, poverty, and dereliction “And now you find out you're gonna have to get used to it” and now thanks to these race mixing politicians whose children attend private schools the thing you love best in the world, your children, are being mixed in with a bunch of savages. “Juice” as influence; What Was It You Wanted 1989, to the Communists, “What was it you wanted? Can I be of any use? Can I do something for you? Do I have enough juice? Wherever you're off to, one thing you should know. You still got seven hundred miles yet still to go." You said you'd never compromise With the mystery tramp, but know you realize He's not selling any alibis As you stare into the vacuum of his eyes And say do you want to make a deal? “You said you'd never compromise” you said you would never make a concession to something detrimental and pejorative; compromise your morality when it came to dealing with certain people such as “With the mystery” with a person that arouses curiosity and suspense because of an unknown, obscure, and enigmatic quality; a racist leader “tramp” who will tread down; trample upon these untermenchen until they are driven back into the ghetto or shipped off to Africa “but now you realize” but after having your kids thrown in with a bunch of baboons it has suddenly dawned on you “He's not selling any alibis” racists are not making any excuses for these jigaboos “As you stare into the vacuum of his eyes” as you look with wonderment into his thoughts wherein he proposes to vacuum, make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted people like n- worders “And say do you want to make a deal?” now you have come to your senses and are willing to compromise and you say how about formulating programs and policies to promote economic recovery and social reform that would benefit Whites like a racist
  • 25 variation of the New Deal? Dylan is actually promoting George Lincoln Rockwell, the most dangerous Nazi in America at that time. You never turned around to see the frowns on the jugglers and the clowns When they all come down and did tricks for you You never understood that it ain't no good You shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you “You never turned around” you never changed direction and moved to the Right “to see the frowns” so that you could observe the displeasure of “the jugglers” the police “and the clowns” and the soldiers, the National Guard “When they all come down” when they came down to the ghetto, the inner city, when they came down on the n-worders case “and did tricks for you” and performed a convention or specialized skill peculiar to a particular field of activity ‘learned the tricks of riot suppression’ and quelled the racial disturbances there for you “You never understood that it ain't no good / You shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you” you should have formed a vigilante group and did the job yourself with much more brutality, mutilate a couple of n-worders, like what was done to Emmet Till, that will put the fear of God in them! “Jugglers” as police; Tarantula, “lenny” Lenny Bruce who was busted by the fuzz on numerous occasions “laughing in a fake sombrero & the jugglers trying to smother the queers” Obviously Five Believers 1966, “Fifteen jugglers / Five believers” true believers in Catholicism “All dressed like men / Tell yo' mama not to worry because / They're just my friends.” “Tricks” knack, specialized skill; Tarantula, to the folk community “yowee i'm here because i'm starving” desperate “& swallowing” believing and accepting without questioning or challenge “your tricks” your conventions or specialized skills peculiar to a particular field of activity, getting the knack of playing folk music “into my stomach”
  • 26 even though a lot of it is difficult to stomach, bear, tolerate Chronicles, “On weekends, if you played all the joints from dusk 'til dawn, you could make maybe twenty dollars. Weeknights it was hard to tell. Sometimes not much because it was so competitive. You had to know a trick or two to survive.” You used to ride on the chrome horse with your diplomat Who carried on his shoulder a Siamese cat Ain't it hard when you discovered that He really wasn't where it's at After he took from you everything he could steal “You used to ride” you used to allow to continue without interference, you used to support “on the chrome horse” candidates who supported regimes that practiced apartheid (South Africa is the world’s biggest producer of chrome) “with your diplomat” and your government had diplomatic relations with them while the South Africans “carried on his shoulder” shouldered a burden, the White Man’s Burden of having to uplift inferior races and cultures such as “a Siamese” a closely connected or very similar; twin “cat” slang for a Black man, the South Africans also have to deal with the burden of living with n-worders “Ain't it hard when you discovered that” ain’t it hard for Whites to really believe “He really wasn't where it's at” that apartheid was an evil system and was worthy of economic and political sanctions “After he took from you everything he could steal” after you learned that apartheid was “stolen” from Jim Crow a practice that
  • 27 originated with Whites in America. “Steal” to use, appropriate, or preempt the use of another's idea. In other words, apartheid is as American as apple pie. Princess on the steeple and all the pretty people They're drinkin', thinkin' that they got it made Exchanging all precious gifts But you'd better take your diamond ring, you'd better pawn it babe “Princesses” the outstanding men in a particular group or class “on the steeple” of the Protestant clergy “and all the pretty people” and all the ostensibly and superficially attractive but lacking in substance and conviction people, the liberals “They're drinkin'” taking it in eagerly through the senses and intellect “thinkin' that they got it made” thinking they were responsible for the Civil Rights Movement “Exchanging all precious gifts” desegregating the schools, sending children, God’s most precious gifts, to Black schools and having Black students attend White schools “But you'd better take your diamond ring” but you better take your separatist principles and take the risk of expressing them. “you'd better pawn it babe” and are put at risk for their lives “pawn” risk, hazard; ‘pawn one's life.’ “Diamonds” are a Dylan symbol for South Africa which is the world’s number one producer of diamonds. “Steeple” as church; I Shall Be Free 1962, “Now, the man on the stand he wants my vote / He's a-runnin' for office on the ballot note / He's out there preachin' in front of the steeple / telling me he loves all kinds of people” Tarantula, “Matty Groves, who secretly at midnight tries to chop down the church steeple.” You used to be so amused At Napoleon in rags and the language that he used Go to him now, he calls you, you can't refuse When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose You're invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal. “You used to be so amused” at one time you didn’t take this seriously and you laughed at, ridiculed “Napoleon” a person who you initially believed was crazy “in rags” and whose ancestors were Jews in the garment industry; Senator Barry Goldwater “and the language that he used” and the tough language that he used when it came to integration and forced busing “Go to him now, he calls you, you can't refuse” vote for him now, it is in your self interest, it is an urgent matter that you do so “When you got
  • 28 nothing, you got nothing to lose” when the government has taken away your right to protect your loved ones from harm what more can you lose? “You're invisible now” sarcastic; you can’t be discriminated against now because you are White since your skin color is not visible “you got no secrets to conceal” so you no longer have to be ashamed of being a member of the White Race as the race mixers want you to be. The message about bussing in Like A Rolling Stone is totally different than what he wrote in Iron Train A-Travelin’ 1962 “Does the burning of the buses give your heart a pain?” This was the poem that tipped me off that Dylan was a racist and changed my entire perspective on his poetry. Like once you have this key it all fits into place. But the question that arises is “Is it better that I accomplished my life’s goal of understanding Dylan’s poetry” or could I have gone to David Duke’s website and learned the same things? CAN YOU PLEASE CRAWL OUT YOUR WINDOW? 1966 He sits in your room, his tomb, with a fist full of tacks Preoccupied with his vengeance Cursing the dead that can't answer him back I'm sure that he has no intentions Of looking your way, unless it's to say That he needs you to test his inventions. “He sits” the Democratic Party occupies a seat as a member of a body of officials; “sits” in the Senate or the House “in your room” in your area, your Congressional or Senatorial District; a space that may or may not be occupied; Hard Rain 1962, “a room full of men with their hammers a-bleedin.’” “his tomb” the prison he has constructed for White people “with a fist full of tacks” sustained by a fist full of tax dollars. A Fistful of Dollars was a spaghetti western that was popular at the time this poem was composed. “Preoccupied with his vengeance” focusing his attention on war; World War II and the Korean War were initiated by Democratic Administrations “Cursing the dead that can't answer him back” damning those who died in previous wars by his current actions “I'm sure that he has no intentions” I am convinced that the Democrats have no honorable purpose “Of looking your way” of doing something on your behalf “unless it's to say / That he needs you to test his inventions” unless it’s to say that he needs you to
  • 29 test his new military hardware, such as nuclear weapons, invented during Democratic Administrations, on the battlefield. “Tomb” as prison, a place of confinement; Tarantula, “accept this tomb, this want of Recollection & reward” Day of the Locusts 1970, Oh, the benches were stained with tears and perspiration The birdies were flying from tree to tree There was little to say, there was no conversation As I stepped to the stage to pick up my degree “Oh, the benches” oh the place where the players on a team sit when they are not participating in a game “were stained” were disgraced “with tears and perspiration” by my emotion and fear, sweat. What You Gonna Do On That Dreadful Day 1962, “You're gonna start to sweat / And you ain't gonna stop / You're gonna have a nightmare / And never wake up.” “The birdies were flying from tree to tree” I was hurrying between venues where the audience was intent on punishing me “Tree” as punishment; Ballad of Donald White 1962, “I guess you'll feel much better when I'm on that hanging tree.” Unbelievable 1990 “That don't come back with stories untold are hanging on a tree.” “There was little to say, there was no conversation” sarcastic: I told them off during my sets “As I stepped to the stage to pick up my degree” as I went on stage to increase my relative social rank, dignity and position. I glanced into the chamber where the judges were talking Darkness was everywhere, it smelled like a tomb I was ready to leave, I was already walkin’ But the next time I looked there was light in the room “I glanced into the chamber” I took a furtive look into the politically charged area “where the judges were talking” where those who determine the winner of a contest were debating my fate “Darkness was everywhere” darkies were everywhere in their minds “it smelled like a tomb” it had the aura my career becoming extinct “I was ready to leave” I was leaving the folk scene “I was already walkin'” I was getting a walk from the judges, they were getting rid of me entirely “But the next time I looked there was light in the room” but the next thing I knew there was hope in my life.
  • 30 “Tomb” as extinction, Black Diamond Bay 1975, “You can take your money [talent], but I don't know how / You'll spend it in the tomb.” Chronicles, “When he said to the crowd that I preferred isolation from the world, it was like he told them that I preferred being in an iron tomb with my food shoved in on a tray.” Chronicles, “ghosts of women and men who have sinned and who've died and are now living in tombs.” Can you please crawl out your window? Use your arms and legs it won't ruin you How can you say he will haunt you? You can go back to him any time you want to. “Can you please crawl” can you please crawl” advance slowly, feebly, laboriously “out your window?” and disregard the faith you have in your political party? “Use your arms” use your power, White Power, also use an administrative or functional branch, as of an organization, like the local Republican Club, which is an arm of the Republican Party “and legs” and become active. Also vote in one of several contests that must be completed successfully in order to determine the winner of a competition, vote in a political primary “it won't ruin you” it will not reduce you to poverty or bankruptcy as the Democrats claim it will “How can you say he will haunt you” how can you say the Democrats will continually pervade the American political scene because of their actions during World War II and the Great Depression “You can go back to him any time you want to” sarcastic; you can go back to the Depression Era Democrats anytime you want to as they have not changed since the 1930’s! He looks so truthful, is this how he feels Trying to peel the moon and expose it With his businesslike anger and his bloodhounds that kneel If he needs a third eye he just grows it He just needs you to talk or to hand him his chalk Or pick it up after he throws it. “He looks so truthful” the Democrats seem as if they are going to advance science “is this how he feels?” is this their real motivation? “Trying to peel the moon” trying to pull off, effectuate a moon shot “and expose it” and photograph a man on the moon; “expose” subject a photographic film to the action of light “With his business-like anger” with his friends in organized crime, Murder Incorporated, “and his bloodhounds” and his
  • 31 policemen, detectives “that kneel” that are subservient and do his bidding because they are corrupt “If he needs a third eye” if he needs an additional vote ‘the ayes have it’ “he just grows it” he commits election fraud “He just needs you to talk” he just needs you to spread rumors; gossip about conservative Republicans “or to hand him his chalk” or to get him elected, vote totals are written in chalk “Or pick it up” or vote for his opponent “after he throws it” after he purposely loses a fixed primary or election. “Kneel” as in submit; George Jackson, “He wouldn't take shit from no one / He wouldn't bow down or kneel.” “Knees” as subservient; Shot of Love 1981 “Don't need a shot of turpentine, only bring me to my knees.” don’t need a shot of alcohol it will only make me subservient to it. Why does he look so righteous while your face is so changed Are you frightened of the box you keep him in While his genocide fools and his friends rearrange Their religion of the little ten women That backs up their views but your face is so bruised Come on out the dark is just beginning. “Why does he look so righteous” why does he think what he is doing to White people is morally justifiable “while your face” while your race “is so changed” is being changed and polluted by the Civil Rights Movement “Are you frightened of the box you keep him in” are you afraid of the ballot box, are you afraid to vote for Republicans who don’t believe in integration? “While his genocide fools” while the Democratic Party’s race mixing, mix master politicians who plan to dilute, then virtually exterminate, the White race through miscegenation “and his friends” and their friends; the Earl Warren Supreme Court “rearrange” put into a new social order and arrangement “Their religion of the” their “religion” a cause pursued with zeal; such as that of an activist jurist “little ten women” of the Supreme Court of the United States with less (little) than
  • 32 ten justices “That backs up their views” that supports with their legal decisions such as Brown v. Board of Education, the Democrats push for Civil Rights and integration “but your face is so bruised” but it is your race that is being blackened, discolored, n- worderized, by being forced to associate with a bunch of coons “Come on out” sarcastic; come on out, be part of it “the dark” the race mixing with the darkies “is beginning” has just taking its first steps to fruition. I WANT YOU 1966 The guilty undertaker sighs The lonesome organ grinder cries The silver saxophones say I should refuse you The cracked bells and washed-out horns Blow into my face with scorn But it’s not that way I wasn’t born to lose you I want you, I want you I want you so bad Honey, I want you “The guilty undertaker” the Blackman convicted of murder “sighs” vocally expresses unhappiness - Hard Times Come Again No More 1992, “Though her voice it would be merry, 'tis sighing all the day.” “The lonesome” dejected because of a lack of companionship “organ” a euphemistic word for penis “grinder” slang an erotic rotation of the pelvis – the n-worder rapist “cries” emits a rallying call or signal: a cry to arms. “The silver saxophones say I should refuse you” the liberal Democratic party hacks say I should be unwilling to accept you “The cracked bells” “cracked” informal crazy Christian clergy (church bells) “and washed-out horns” and the depleted of strength or energy Jewish establishment (shofars – ram’s horns) “Blow into my face with scorn” remind me I am Jewish and reject or refuse me with derision “But it’s not that way / I wasn’t born to lose you” but it’s my destiny to awaken the White race and not lose the superior European civilization it has created! “Undertaker” as murderer: I Wanna Be Your Lover 1965, “Well, the undertaker in his midnight suit / Says to the masked man, "Ain't you cute!" well the murdering communist in his darkest hour appreciates the masked anti-Communist, Bob Dylan.
  • 33 Blind Willie McTell 1983 “I can hear them tribes a-moaning” I can hear the twelve tribes of David being tortured to death “I can hear the undertaker's bell” I can hear the mass murderers toll the bell “(Yeah), nobody can sing the blues / Like Blind Willie McTell” yeah no race has had it worse than the Jews. The drunken politician leaps Upon the street where mothers weep And the saviors who are fast asleep, they wait for you And I wait for them to interrupt Me drinkin’ from my broken cup And ask me to Open up the gate for you “The drunken politician leaps” the politician, intoxicated with power, quickly advances, leaps on his prey, exploits “Upon the street” upon the streets of a city viewed as the scene of crime, poverty and dereliction “where mothers weep” where mother’s mourn for their children deliberately killed by savage Blacks or by stray bullets “And the saviors who are fast asleep” and the George Lincoln Rockwell’s and other Nazi leaders who lie dormant as fringe group figures “they wait for you” they wait for the White race to awaken “And I wait for them to interrupt / Me drinkin’ from my broken” I wait for them to interrupt me taking in knowledge through my exhausted or weakened, as through genetics or misfortune, “cup” lot in life “And ask me to / Open up the gate for you” and ask me to let the Whites out of the prison they have created for themselves. Well, I return to the Queen of Spades And talk with my chambermaid She knows that I’m not afraid to look at her She is good to me And there’s nothing she doesn’t see She knows where I’d like to be But it doesn’t matter “Well, I return” well I deliver or render a verdict “to the Queen of Spades” to the head n-worder “spade” offensive slang used as a disparaging term for a Black person. “And talk with my chambermaid” and end up talking to a female domestic “She knows that I’m not afraid to look at her” she knows that I am not afraid to look down on her -
  • 34 to regard her with contempt or condescension. “She is good to me” the Blacks support Dylan “And there’s nothing she doesn’t see” sarcastic; the Blacks have no idea that he is a racist “She knows where I’d like to be” sarcastic: she knows I would like to be in a lily- white America “But it doesn’t matter” but she is too stupid to understand. “Spade” as “n-worder” Tarantula, “jack of spades - vivaldi of the coin laundry - wearing a hipster's dictionary - we see him brownnosing around the blackbelts & horny racing car drivers - dashing to & fro like a frightened uncle remus.” FROM I MARRIED ISIS 1975: “I was thinkin' about turquoise” I was thinking about a gemstone that is produced in South Africa “I was thinkin' about gold” I was thinking about South Africa, the largest producer of gold “I was thinkin' about diamonds” I was thinking about DeBeers diamonds, Dylan’s symbol for South Africa and apartheid “and the world's biggest necklace” and the South African n-worders who put burning tires around the necks of informants working against the African National Congress “As we rode” as we were sustained and supported “through the canyons” by the crater, the emptiness of Al’s mind “through the Devilish cold” through the fact that he had not gotten a clue to my views of race and twisted my thoughts around to support race mixing “cold” as informal (of a seeker) far from the object of a search “I was thinkin' about Isis, how she thought I was so reckless” I was thinking about the Left and how it would have labeled me the same way it did Barry Goldwater. Goldwater was characterized as being reckless in regard to United States – Soviet relations. Dylan would be labeled as being “reckless” when it came to race relations. One would think that during Dylan’s Christian period he would cool out the racism. He did to some extent in regard to Blacks but he focused on the Jews-killed- Christ aspect of Christianity. I am certain he didn’t express these views to the other members of the Vineyard Christian fellowship otherwise they would have kicked his converted tochus out of their church so he expressed them in the lyrics of his Christian songs. PRECIOUS ANGEL 1979 My so-called friends have fallen under a spell. They look me squarely in the eye and they say, “All is well.”
  • 35 Can they imagine the darkness that will fall from on high When men will beg God to kill them and they won’t be able to die? “My so-called friends have fallen under a spell” it is not I who has fallen under the spell of Christianity but my Jewish friends and family who have fallen under the false religion of Judaism “They look me squarely in the eye” they are exposed to my conservative Christian values “square” a formal and conservative person with old- fashioned views; Tarantula, “a dangerous nickel” a nickel bag of heroin “lays on the town square” is laid on some- one it should not be “and they say, ‘All is well’” I am happy being an immoral Jew “Can they imagine the darkness that will fall from on high / When men will beg God to kill them and they won’t be able to die?” can’t these Jews realize that all is not well and they should think about, imagine, the fate that awaits them when they end up in hell for rejecting the Son of God, Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Savior? You’re the queen of my flesh, girl, you’re my woman, you’re my delight, You’re the lamp of my soul, girl, and you torch up the night. But there’s violence in the eyes, girl, so let us not be enticed On the way out of Egypt, through Ethiopia, to the judgment hall of Christ (also the judgment of those who killed Christ). “You’re the queen” you have eminence and supremacy “of my flesh, girl” over my rapacious sexual appetite “you’re my woman, you’re my delight” you are my sex object, my pleasure “You’re the lamp of my soul girl” you light the path with knowledge for my soul to travel and offer me hope “and you torch up the night” and you illuminate the present state of my art “But there’s violence in the eyes, girl, so let us not be enticed” but there is violence in the thoughts of the Jews, Jesus, so let us not be lured into a trap by them, as you were, otherwise there might be a great penalty for God’s chosen people “On the way out of Egypt, through Ethiopia,” on the route the Jews took after being exiled by the Romans “to the judgment hall of Christ” to the judgment which the Jews justly deserved, 2,000 years of exile, for killing the Son of God, for committing the only known act of deicide. I hear this lyric as “to the judgment of those who killed Christ.” DEADMAN 1981 Dead man, dead man When will you arise? Cobwebs in your mind Dust upon your eyes.
  • 36 “Dead man” putrid walking rotting corpse of a Jew “dead man” dirty hell bound kike “When will you arise?” when you gonna wake up and accept Jesus? “Cobwebs in your mind” the Talmud in your mind and not the Old Testament “Dust upon your eyes” garbage, excrement in your thoughts. The glamour and the bright lights and the politics of sin, The ghetto that you build for me is the one you end up in, The race of the engine that overrules your heart, Ooh, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it, Pretending that you’re so smart. “The glamour and the bright lights” the Hollywood celebrity scene “and the politics of sin” and letting celebrities off the hook with light sentences or acquittals for their crimes “The ghetto that you build for me is the one you end up in” the Hollywood that you created for me is the hell you will end up in “The race of the engine” the racial group that used its superior intellect to achieve a purpose “that overrules your heart” that prevents your emotions from objecting “Ooh, I can’t stand it / Pretending that you’re so smart” I can now longer endure you pretending to be intellectually superior to the goyim when you can’t even see something as simple and apparent as the fact the Jesus was the Messiah. WHEN HE RETURNS 1979 The iron hand it ain’t no match for the iron rod The strongest wall will crumble and fall to a mighty God. For all those who have eyes and all those who have ears It is only He who can reduce me to tears. “The iron hand” the inflexible, unchangeable, repressive, ironclad lot that God dealt me when I was born an Old Testament Jew “it ain’t no match for the iron rod” is no equal for the ironclad corrective power of Christianity “The strongest wall” the most impregnable barrier to conversion of the Jew to Christianity “will crumble and fall” will collapse and appear to be immoral, sinful “to a mighty God” to the commanding, dominating truth of Jesus Christ “For all those who have eyes” for all those Jews who have thoughts “and all those who have ears” and all those Jews who have sympathy; Shylock’s soliloquy in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, “Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions?” “It is only He who can reduce me to tears” it is only Jesus who can reduce me to sorrow, to be emotional about, to grieve about, having been born a Jew.
  • 37 Don’t you cry and don’t you die and don’t you burn For like a thief in the night He’ll replace wrong with right When He returns. “Don’t you cry” sarcastic; you deserve to cry out in pain “and don’t you die” you deserve to die. Also more Merchant of Venice, “if you poison us, do we not die?” “and don’t you burn” and you deserve to burn in hell “Like a thief in the night” like someone acting covertly “he’ll replace wrong with right” the Jews will get what’s coming to them and be put in a lower status since, according to The New Testament, only 144,000 of them will be left and these remaining few will convert to Christianity “When he returns” when Jesus is resurrected from the dead and the rapture takes place. Surrender your crown on this blood-stained ground, take off your mask, He sees your deeds, He knows your needs even before you ask. How long can you falsify and deny what is real? “Surrender your crown” take off your yarmulke crown: the top or upper part of a hat; confess to your crowning achievement “on this blood-stained ground” which is killing the Son of God “take off your mask” take off your disguise as a human being, you devil “He sees your deeds” he sees your contract with Satan and your evil deeds “He knows your needs even before you ask” he knows you worship Mammon even before He hears your prayers begging Him to make you rich “How long can you falsify and deny what is real?” how long can you lie about Jesus Christ not being the Messiah? How long can you hate yourself for the weakness you conceal? Of every earthly plan that be known to man, He is unconcerned, He’s got plans of His own to set up His throne When He returns. “How long can you hate yourself” you are the true self-hating Jew, not me. I love myself for accepting Jesus “for the weakness” mental weakness “you conceal? / Of every earthly” of every not heavenly or divine “plan that be known to man” scheme you Jews have cooked up “He is unconcerned” God will negate them “He’s got plans of His own to set up His throne” he has a scheme of his own to destroy most of the Jewish people and convert the few that are left to Christianity “When He returns” so look out Jew boy one day the Son of God will return! Although Christianity brought out Dylan’s self hatred it did have a positive effect
  • 38 on Dylan’s addiction. Bob was able to kick dope with the help of Jesus by substituting one addiction for another. DYLAN’S PRO-PALESTINIAN TERRORIST POEMS GOD KNOWS 1990 God knows you ain't pretty, God knows it's true. God knows there ain't anybody Ever gonna take the place of you. God knows it's a struggle God knows it's a crime God knows there's gonna be no more water But fire next time. “God knows you ain't pretty” the Lord knows Arab freedom fighters act in an ugly, violent fashion “God knows it's true” God is certain of this because one of His commandments was Thou Shalt Not Kill “God knows there ain't anybody / Ever gonna take the place of you” but the Lord knows that the Jews are not going to replace Palestinian Arabs in the land of Palestine therefore “God knows it's a struggle” God knows the Palestinian uprising is not terrorism but a struggle for a wronged people’s
  • 39 self-determination “God knows it's a crime” the Lord knows that passing off the suffering of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis on the Palestinians is a crime “God knows there's gonna be no more water” God knows that the Palestinians are going to stop using watered- down methods of warfare “But fire next time” but will use bullets, live fire, the next time. God didn't call it treason God didn't call it wrong, It was supposed to last a season But it's been so strong for so long. “God didn't call it treason” the Palestinians didn’t take up arms against their own government “God didn't call it wrong” God thinks they are doing the right thing fighting the Israelis “It was supposed to last a season” the Israelis believed they could suppress this rebellion, this intifada, quickly “But it's been so strong for so long.” THE CAT’S IN THE WELL 1990 The cat's in the well and grief is showing its face The world's being slaughtered and it's such a bloody disgrace. The cat's in the well, the horse is going bumpety bump. The cat's in the well, and the horse is going bumpety bump. Back alley Sally is doing the American jump. “The cat’s in the well” the Jews are poisoning the well in the Middle East just as they did to the Christians’ wells during the Middle Ages “and grief is showing its face” and intense sorrow caused by the loss of a loved one is prevalent in the countenances of many Palestinian Arabs, and the cause of the grief is the Jewish race “The world’s being slaughtered” the Palestinians are being exterminated “and it’s such a bloody” “bloody” accompanied by or giving rise to bloodshed “disgrace” and it is bringing disfavor and discredit to Israel and to Jews in other countries “The cat’s in the well, and the horse” the Jews are in the Middle East and the rightwing revisionist Likud candidate Yitzhak Shamir “is going bumpety bump” is assigning peace to a lower position and priority “Back alley Sally” Israel, a country that engages in back channel,
  • 40 back alley, diplomacy “is doing the American jump” is eagerly going along with American foreign policy. The cat's in the well, and papa is reading the news. His hair is falling out and all of his daughters need shoes. The cat's in the well and the barn is full of bull The night is so long and the table is oh, so full “The cat’s in the well” the Israelis are polluting the Middle East and “and papa” and an American worker “is reading” learning from, understanding, deciphering “the news” the news about Israel “His hair is falling out” he losing his political strength “and all of his daughters need shoes” and all his children need jobs, positions; in other words the money spent on foreign aid to Israel that is used to suppress the intifada would be better spent domestically “The cat’s in the well and the barn” Israel is polluting the Middle East and the “barn” a building located in the country: Camp David “is full of bull” is considered to be a load of bullshit by Israel “The night is so long” the absence of morality of the present time persists much longer than it should “and the table” and the negotiating table “is oh, so full” sarcastic: is filled with delegates. Also is oh so full of shit. The cat's in the well and the servant is at the door. The drinks are ready and the dogs are going to war. The cat's in the well, the leaves are starting to fall The cat's in the well, leaves are starting to fall Goodnight, my love, may the lord have mercy on us all. “The cat’s in the well and the servant” the Jews are polluting the Middle East and the Israeli soldier “is at the door” is guarding the borders “The drinks are ready” Israel has been drinking in military knowledge from the United States “and the dogs” and the Israelis, the slaves of the United States, the dogs of war “are going to war” are going to war “The cat’s in the well, leaves” the Jews are polluting the Middle East and the leafs, entire pages of the Bible “are starting to fall” are beginning to fail and fall into disfavor with the Israelis “Goodnight, my love” good-bye my truth “may the lord have mercy on us all” and may God forgive Jews for their sins, including Bob who once supported Israel. “Goodnight” as good-by, Ten Thousand Men 1990, “10.000 women all dressed in white” numerous religiously ultraconservative, fundamentalist Israeli Arabs “Standing at my window” taking aim at my faith, “wishing me goodnight” wishing to see the State of Israel destroyed, hoping to wish it goodbye and good riddance.
  • 41 2X2 1990 One by one, they followed the sun One by one, until there were none. Two by two, to their lovers they flew Two by two, into the foggy dew. Three by three, they danced on the sea Four by four, they danced on the shore Five by five, they tried to survive, Six by six, they were playing with tricks. “One by one, they followed the sun” one by one the majority of Palestinians were turned into refugees after the 1948 Israeli-Arab war and followed a person whose actions and opinions strongly influenced the course of events, the Chief Mufti of Jerusalem who told the Palestinians to flee for their lives “One by one, until there were none” one by one until there were no Palestinians left in the State of Israel just ‘Israeli Arabs’ “Two by two, to their lovers they flew” many went to refugee camps in the West Bank, many to refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon, and others to an Egyptian run camp in the Gaza Strip “Two by two, into the foggy dew” two by two they went into an uncertain future “Three by three, they danced on the sea” three by three the Palestinians danced the dance that Israel had choreographed for them. Also danced at weddings and reproduced in Gaza which is on the Mediterranean Sea “Four by four, they danced on the shore” four by four they began to multiply in the West Bank “Five by five, they tried to survive / Six by six, they were playing with tricks” eventually they became terrorists “trick” an artifice or stratagem; a cunning contrivance; a sly procedure. How many paths did they try and fail? How many of their brothers and sisters lingered in jail? How much poison did they inhale? How many black cats crossed their trail? How many tomorrow's have are they given away? How many compared to yesterday? How many more without any reward? How many more can they afford?
  • 42 “How many paths did they try and fail?” how many other ways did the Palestinians try to get their land back before resorting to terrorism? “How many of their brothers and sisters lingered in jail?” how many Palestinians were jailed for something as petty as the possession of a Palestinian flag? “How much poison did they inhale?” how much teargas did the Israelis use to quell the rioting and rock throwing? how much fatal nerve gas did they inhale as the PLO accused Israel of employing? “How many black cats crossed their trail?” how many informants, cultivated by the Israelis, have spied against them? “black” as clandestine. “How many tomorrows have they given away?” how many human lives have they sacrificed? “How many compared to yesterday?” how many deaths compared to the time they lived in what was once Palestine? “How many more without any reward?” how many more deaths without a homeland? “How many more can they afford?” how many deaths can they bear without disadvantage or risk? UNBELIEVABLE 1990 It's unbelievable, it's strange but true It's inconceivable it could happen to you. You go north and you go south Just like bait in the fish's mouth. Ya must be livin' in the shadow of some kind of evil star. It's unbelievable it would get this far. “It's unbelievable” it’s terrible and shocking “it's strange” it’s something so new that I am unaccustomed to it “but true” but true none-the-less “It's inconceivable” it is so unlikely or surprising as to have been thought impossible “it could happen to you” that Israel would turn into a repressive state “You go north” you occupy the Syrian Golan Heights in the North “and you go south” and you occupy Gaza in the South “Just like bait” and, as a result, Israel is responsible for Jew-baiting, anti-Semitism “in the fish's mouth” as Israel has become the Jewish people’s spokesperson, a mouthpiece for most of the world “Ya must be livin' in the shadow” you must be living under the influence of a dominating presence that has shadowed you for 2,000 years “of some kind of evil star” and be cursed ‘in the stars’ in relation to your future, your destiny. Additionally this is a reference to the Mogen David, the Star of David on the Israeli flag “It's unbelievable it would get this far” it’s unbelievable that Israel still exists. It's undeniable what they'd have you to think It's indescribable it can drive you to drink. They said it was the land of milk and honey now they say it's the land of money.
  • 43 Who ever thought they could ever make that stick. It's unbelievable you can get this rich this quick. “It's undeniable” it’s impossible to deny “what they'd have you to think” what the Israelis would have American Jews believing about the Palestinian uprising “It's indescribable” it’s exceeding description “it can drive you to drink” it can force the American Jewish community to drink in a lot of information about Israel “They said it was the land of milk and honey” the Zionists said Israel was a land flowing with milk and honey as it says in the Bible “now they say it's the land of money” now all the Israelis have talent in one area “Who ever thought they could ever make that stick?” who ever thought that the Jews, who in the past had never produced their own weapons, could do so now? “It's unbelievable you can get this rich this quick” it is beyond comprehension that you could become wealthy by selling these arms on the world market to every tin-horned dictator in Central America. Every head is so dignified, every moon is so sanctified Every urge is so satisfied as long as you're with me. All the silver, all the gold, all the sweethearts you can hold That don't come back with stories untold, are hanging on a tree. “Every head is so dignified” many people wear knitted yarmulkes on their heads as a mark of distinction to indicate they are Jews “every moon is so sanctified” the Jews go by the lunar calendar and special prayers are said when there is a new moon “Every urge” every instinctive motive to kill “is so satisfied as long as you're with me” is approved by the religious parties who are part of the government’s coalition “All the silver, all the gold” all the valuable information you have received from spies “All the sweethearts you can hold” all the spies cherished for their excellent qualities; Time Passes Slowly 1970, “Once I had a sweetheart, she was fine and good-looking.” “That don’t come back with stories untold, are hanging on a tree” that don’t come back with secrets are allowed to be executed. This is a reference to The Lavon Affair, a false flag operation Israel ran against the Egyptians. Israeli spies, who had carried out terrorist acts in Egypt and blamed them on the Moslem Brotherhood, were allowed to be hung in
  • 44 Cairo, after Israeli military intelligence disowned them and refused to exchange them for Egyptian spies in Israeli custody. DYLAN COMPARES ISRAEL TO NAZI GERMANY THUNDER ON THE MOUNTAIN 2006 Thunder on the mountain, and there's fires on the moon A ruckus in the alley and the sun will be here soon Today's the day, gonna grab my trombone and blow Well, there's hot stuff here and it's everywhere I go “Thunder” (to utter violent denunciation. In It’s Hard Rain A-Gonna Fall Dylan "heard [learned by common report, such as the news media] / the sound [as in "sound the alarm"] / of a thunder [violent denunciation. In the historical context of 1962 when this poem was composed; threats of nuclear war being exchanged by the Soviet Union and the United States over the issue of Russian missiles in Cuba] / it roared [syn. For thunder] out a warning." “On the mountain” (mountain - bully pulpit, especially in Israel: In Hard Rain Dylan wrote, "And I'll tell it and think it and speak it and breathe it / And reflect it from the mountain so all souls can see it" just as Jesus did when he gave the Sermon on the Mount outside Jerusalem. “Thunder on the mountain” becomes roughly, "A violent denuncation of the State of Israel!" “And there's fires” (fire - passions as in "Dylan is getting all fired-up") “On the moon” (about a problem that is unlikely to be solved - "Reach for the moon" means you are trying to achieve something that is very difficult. In Chronicles Dylan writes "There was no way I could make its purpose mine, but it was great meeting him, a man who had reached the moon when most of us scarcely make it off the ground") “a ruckus in the alley” (and there is a disturbance; a commotion and conflagration in Israel. The alley as Israel metaphor first appeared in Dylan's CD UNDER THE RED SKY which was poetic allegory about Israel and the Intifada. In It’s Unbelievable on UNDER THE RED SKY Dylan wrote, “they said it was the land of milk and honey *“So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good
  • 45 and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey --”Exodus 3:17)+ now they say it’s the land of money / How could you ever make that STICK? [How could Israel, a Jewish state, fabricate weapons and become a world class arms merchant?] / Its unbelievable you could get rich that quick [sarcastic, it is understandable judging from the desire of dictatorships to obtain armaments such as the Uzi submachine gun and Israel's desire for money+” On UNDER THE RED SKY ALLEY appears in The Cat’s In The Well: “The cat’s in the well [the Jews are in the Middle East poisoning the well - this time metaphorically: In medieval times we were accused of literally poisoning wells] / and grief is showing its face [and as a result there is misery for the Palestinians+ / The world’s being slaughtered and it’s such a bloody disgrace [the first intifada had already broken out when Dylan wrote this in the early 1990’s. Dylan and others such as Woody Allen were ashamed of Israeli soldiers for shooting rubber bullets and live ammunition at Palestinian children who were armed only with rocks+ / The cat’s in the well, and the horse *a horse of a different color a person of a different kind - the Israelis are more often than not Europeans rather than Middle-Eastern looking. Also horse as cavalry, army] / is going bumpety bump [is removing or forcing the Palestinians from a position or dwelling previously occupied; "The Jews bumped the Palestinians by demolishing the homes of suspected intifada and terrorist leaders." Also bumping off, assassinating, PLO leaders] / Back ALLEY [sneaky Israel, a country that is subject to back channel, back alley, diplomacy] / Sally [Sarah - the Matriarch of Judaism] / is doing the American jump [is eagerly going along with American foreign policy, having mimicked what America did to the Native Americans by having forced the Palestinians from Palestine. Also jump as in "claim jumper" - someone who steals someone else's rights to land+.” Continuing this recurrent Palestinian-Israeli theme in another poem on UNDER THE RED SKY Dylan wrote, "There was a little boy [the Palestinian Arabs] / and there was a little girl [the Jews] / and they lived in an alley under the red sky *in an atmosphere that is changing for the worse; old adage “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning”+ Thunder On The Mountain continues: “And the sun will be here soon” (SUN - Knowledge, brilliance, in the public eye; but in this particular context SUN is fusion energy as in Dylan’s Gates of Eden: “Upon four-legged [bestial, fierce] / forest [dense] / clouds [mushroom clouds produced by an atomic explosion. In a first draft of Gates of Eden Dylan wrote, “Upon the fungus forest cloud” - fungus - any of a major group (Fungi) of saprophytic and parasitic spore-producing
  • 46 organisms that include mushrooms] / The cowboy [someone who is reckless or irresponsible] / angel [and is the guiding force of America and its military might] / rides [thrives] / With his candle [enhanced intellectual illumination that no one can hold a candle to, qualify for comparison with] / lit into the SUN [tapping the energy of the sun - energy production in the sun is accomplished by nuclear fusion] / Though its glow [intensity - glow: shine with an intense heat. Additionally there is a common misconception that radioactive substances glow in the dark] / is waxed [increases in its phase or intensity] / in black *hopelessness, will initiate the doom of civilization+.” The SUN is fusion energy - an atomic explosion is going to take place in Israel shortly due to the proliferation of nuclear technology) “Today's the day” (an era of existence) “gonna grab” (make a grasping or snatching motion with the hand) “my trombone” (my weapon. The word trombone appears three times in the body of Dylan’s writing. In Tarantula he wrote, “empty ships on the desert & traffic cops on the Broomstick & weeping & hanging onto a goofy sledgehammer & all the trombones coming apart, the xylophones cracking & flute players losing their intimates...” Examination of these words reveals a common thread in their lesser used meanings - broomstick has the word broom and stick in it that as you can see by clicking is used consistently as "weapon." The hammer in sledgehammer can mean a part of a gun that detonates a bullet's primer as in the expression, "I dropped a hammer on him." Coming apart can mean disassembled, as in what is done to weapons when they are cleaned. Cracking can mean make a very sharp explosive sound; "His gun cracked." Note: In Chronicles written decades later, it was no coincidence that Dylan again associated trombones with traffic, “He could imitate just about anything-clogged water pipes and toilets flushing, steamships and sawmills, traffic, violins and trombones.” The word trombone derives from the Italian, from tromba trumpet. "Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand." Joel 2:1 Thunder On The Mountain continues: “and blow” (blow: land a powerful stroke with a weapon; "The Israelis gave Hamas a blow it will never recover from when they assassinated Sheikh Yassin") “Well, there's hot stuff here” (there's radioactive material such as plutonium and enriched uranium in Israel: hot stuff as in Smithsonian Magazine The Hunt For Hot Stuff In The Former Soviet Union. NOTE: hot stuff as radioactive material fits ingeniously and complexly with sun as fusion) “and it's everywhere I go” (and enriched uranium is now in the hands of Pakistan, India, North Korea and soon the Islamic Republic of Iran will be able to produce it).”
  • 47 I was thinkin' 'bout Alicia Keys, couldn't keep from crying When she was born in Hell's Kitchen, I was living down the line I'm wondering where in the world Alicia Keys could be I been looking for her even clear through Tennessee I “was thinkin' 'bout Alicia Keys” (nuclear proliferation brought to mind the State of Israel. Alicia Keys is an arbitrary metaphor for Israel discernible only through context. Note: The singer and composer Alica Keys was born in Harlem, not in Hell's Kitchen) “couldn't keep” (this forced Dylan) “from crying” (cry - to say something or protest in public) “When she was born in hell's kitchen (Israel was born after the Nazis cooked up a living hell for the Jews of Europe by putting them in ovens - crematoriums. Also the Middle East was a hostile environment for the establishment of a Jewish State.) “I was living down the line” (Dylan believed in the necessity for its existence and followed the Zionist line. In 1962 Dylan wrote, I’m Walkin’ Down the Line - Dylan is towing the folksinger line, following a moral boundary agreed upon by a group of people. On another level "live down" means live so as to annul some previous behavior; "NEVER AGAIN!" - was the slogan of Meir Kahane's Jewish Defense League) “I'm wondering where in the world Alicia Keys could be?” (so at this point in time Dylan wondering when a Jewish homeland would come into existence?) “I been looking for her even clear” (Dylan and other Jews were searching for homeland with a mindset characterized by freedom from troubling thoughts; especially e.g. guilt; "a clear conscience") “through Tennessee” (to the point where they would accept an Israel that had to secure itself by developing nuclear weapons. A secret site was erected at rural Oak Ridge Tennessee for the large-scale production and purification of uranium-235). Feel like my soul is beginning to expand Look into my heart and you will sort of understand You brought me here, now you're trying to run me away The writing on the wall, come read it, come see what it say
  • 48 “Feel like my soul” (soul - the seat of real life or vitality; the source of action; the animating or essential part of the State of Israel) “Is beginning to expand” (is beginning to become more and more expansionist annexing large areas of Jordanian, Egyptian and Syrian territory. 15,500 websites contain the words "Israeli expansionism") “Look into my heart” (heart - the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience: "the heart and soul of the Jew"; Judaism mandates certain borders for the State of Israel that include the West Bank of the Jordan River, what the settlers call Judea and Sameria) “and you will sort” (sort - items segregated into groups according to a specified criterion) “of understand” (and you might get some inkling of Israel’s rationalization for this but unless you are Jewish you will never truly understand) “You brought me here” (G-d brought the Jewish people to the land of Israel in biblical times and said that Israel should border the Jordan River) “Now you're trying to run me away” (but now G-d is forcing me to cut and run by pressuring me to leave the West Bank. He is also putting WMD's in the hands of my enemies) “The writing on the wall” (according to biblical mythology, on the night of a royal feast in Babylon writing mysteriously appeared on a wall at which no one stood and shortly thereafter Emperor Belshazzar of Babylonia was killed and the Persians (Iranians) took over the kingdom of Babylonia. Presumably G-d was the author of "the writing on the wall" and it meant that the future looked disastrous) “Come read it” (interpret its significance) “Come see what it say” (say - communicate or express nonverbally; "What do the problems in the Middle East say about Israeli policies?)" Thunder on the mountain, rollin' like a drum Gonna sleep over there, that's where the music coming from I don't need any guide, I already know the way Remember this, I'm your servant both night and day “Thunder on the mountain” (an ominous threat) “rollin'” (rolling - increasing in intensity) “like a drum” (like a threat that is growing more and more genocidal - when the Soviets excavated the Lublin Death Camp they found furnaces containing human bones and more than five hundred drums of Zyklon B gas) “Gonna sleep” (sarcastic - sleep - be content or complacent) “over there” (with the way Israel treats the Palestinians) “that's where the music coming from” (that's where the new concentration camps have been established.
  • 49 The Nazi concentration camps typically had an orchestra which played classical music as the prisoners marched to work or to the gas chambers) “I don't need any guide” (a model or standard for making comparisons such as comparing the concentration camps of the Third Reich to the Palestinian refugee camps. Also reference to Dylan's Zionist buddy One-Legged Terry who worked as a tourist guide in Israel) “I already know the way” (I already know the way you treat the Palestinian Arabs) Remember this, I'm your servant both night and day” (sarcastic: like the Palestinians I am your slave laborer - servant - one in a state of constant – “night and day” - subjection or bondage. "Thou wast a SERVANT in the land of Egypt" -- Deuteronomy v 15.) The pistols are poppin' and the power is down I'd like to try somethin' but I'm so far from town The sun keeps shinin' And the North Wind keeps picking up speed Gonna forget about myself for a while, Gonna go out and see what others need “The pistols are poppin'” (the war in Iraq is raging) “and the power” is down (and the power of the United States to influence world events, such as preventing Iran from producing nuclear weapons, has declined sharply) “I'd like to try somethin' but i'm so far from town” (Israel would like to bomb the Iranian centrifuges but they are scattered about in remote areas to the North of Israel) “The sun keeps shinin'” (shine - become eminent, conspicuous - the issue of fusion devices is conspicuously in the public eye) “And the north wind keeps picking up speed” (speed - rate of motion - and the Iranian centrifuges are spinning faster and faster) “Gonna forget about myself for a while” (going to forget about Israel having nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them) “Gonna go out and see what others need” (going to worry about Iran and others obtaining the materials they need to have a nuclear arsenal - sardonic - sounds like a statement of selflessness). I've been sittin' down studyin' the art of love I think it will fit me like a glove I want some real good woman to do just what I say Everybody got to wonder what's the matter with this cruel world today “I've been sittin' down” (sarcastic: I have been passive) “studyin' the art of love” (the art of war) “I think it will fit me like a glove” (more sarcasm: Israel already has a close connection to it, as in hand in glove. Dylan associated violence with gloves in the
  • 50 liner notes to THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN "the gloves of garbage had clobbered the canvas") “I want some real” (real - not to be taken lightly) “good” (most suitable or right for a particular purpose) “woman to do just what i say” (I want soldiers, male and female, who will follow orders to the utmost extent) In Handy Dandy on UNDER THE RED SKY Dylan wrote, “Handy Dandy if every bone [argument, contention] / in his body [in the body of Israeli law and in Torah law] / were a-broken *were violated by Israel’s actions] he would never admit it / He got an all girl [the Israeli army has 50% women in it as they are subject to the draft] / orchestra [a band of people with instruments, in this case instruments of war. Note the continuation of the musical instruments as weapons metaphor as in trombone ] / and when he says strike [make a sudden attack, inflict damage on] / up the band [a group of people with a common interest - a band of armed Palestinians] / they hit it [hit them with gunfire or artillery fire right on the mark] / Handy dandy, he got a STICK [weapon] / in his hand *ability+ / and a pocket full of money…”) Thunder On The Mountain continues: “everybody” (the civilian population, women in the IDF) “got to wonder” (be amazed at) “what's the matter” (some situation or event that is thought about such as) “with this cruel world today?” (Palestinian suicide bombers. cruel describes weapons or instruments causing suffering and pain "cruel weapons of war" while cruel world is a stereotypical phrase from a suicide note - "Goodbye cruel world!") Thunder on the mountain rolling to the ground Gonna get up in the morning walk the hard road down Some sweet day I'll stand beside my king I wouldn't betray your love or any other thing “Thunder on the mountain” (an enormous threat) “rolling” (rolling - steadily increasing) “to the ground” (and spreading to the masses of Israelis. ground - the masses. In the liner notes to The Times They Are A-Changin Dylan wrote “for my road is blessed with many flowers [the best artists] / an' the sounds of flowers / lost voices *cultural and political expressions+ / of the ground’s people *the oppressed masses"+) “Gonna get up in the morning” (wake up in the morning - come to a realization while Israel was still in the early part of its existence. In Rollin' and Tumblin' Dylan sings "I rolled and I tumbled, I cried the whole night long /Woke up this mornin' I must have bet my money wrong") “walk the hard road down” (Israel will take a path in economics and politics that causes hardship, pain or sorrow. Example: hard times have come for some Israelis) “Some sweet” (sweet - rewarding; "he had a sweet hustle going on") “day” (period of prominence) “I'll stand beside my king” (a
  • 51 competitor who holds a preeminent position; a very wealthy or powerful businessman: "an oil baron" - America) “I wouldn't betray your love” (be unfaithful to the fundamental truth of American capitalism. LOVE - truth. In LOVE MINUS ZERO Dylan wrote, "My love she speaks like silence / without ideals or violence") “or any other thing” (or, sarcastic, betray you in the sense of "to deliver to an enemy by treachery” like the Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard did when betrayed the United States by spying for Israel). Gonna raise me an army, some tough sons of bitches I'll recruit my army from the orphanages I been to St. Herman's church, said my religious vows I've sucked the milk out of a thousand cows “Gonna raise me an army / Some tough sons of bitches” (kibbutzniks - socialist collective farmers - who turned the desert into an oasis through intensive labor. Also Sabras - native born Israelis - named after the pear cactus - tough on the outside, soft in the inside) “I’ll recruit my army from the orphanages” (the Kibbutzniks children were often separated from their parents and raised in another area of the Kibbutz as an experiment in socialism) “I been to St. Herman’s church” (Saint Herman, Russian Saint born in Moscow. The Kibbutz movement is largely leftwing. Also Mount Hermon is located in Israel and is surrounded by kibbutzim) “Said my religious” (paid lip service to socialism. religion - politics, usually leftwing politics. In Tarantula Dylan wrote this to his former leftwing folk fans, “watcha doing? how's the new religion? feel any different? gave it up myself”) “vows” (a promise of fidelity - In My Back Pages Dylan wrote, “Equality,” *the sameness in state and continued course as Whites] / I spoke the word [preached, wrote it my poetry] / As if a wedding vow [as if I was wedded to this concept]" “I've sucked” (I have attracted by using an inexorable force, inducement, etc) “the milk (the money) “Out of a thousand cows” (from innumerable cash cows. In other words Israel sucked both conservative and liberal American Jews into contributing money. This is also a continuation of the kibbutz references, as the kibbutizim were initially primarily agricultural. MILK - money. In Ballad of A Thinman Dylan wrote this about the interaction between the media and the Civil Rights Movement, “You see this one-eyed midget [eye - mind. A minority group with a single thought, single-minded] / shouting [protesting, chanting] / the word 'Now' [Freedom Now! - the slogan of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s+ / You ask for what reason? [the media asks a stupid question] / And he says ‘How?’ *the Blacks are not interested in answering
  • 52 questions, all they want to know is how to achieve their freedom+ / And you say ‘What does this mean?’ *and you still don’t understand what the Civil Rights Movement is about+ / And he screams back *with all his effort+ / ‘You’re a cow [you have material wealth - Golden Calf, cash cow also a you are a sacred cow - a person unreasonably held to be immune to criticism] / give me some MILK *wealth+ / or else go home.)” I got the pork chops, she got the pie She ain't no angel and neither am I Shame on your greed, shame on your wicked schemes I'll say this, I don't give a damn about your dreams Thunder On The Mountain continues: “I got the pork chops” (Israel has the pork - money from pork barrel legislation, special pet projects - Israel is the largest recipient of American foreign aid) “She got the pie” (pie - distribution of wealth as in I finally got a piece of the pie America has the a large proportion of the world’s wealth) SHE AIN'T NO ANGEL (ANGEL - guiding influence. America is not a guiding moral influence rather America is a “cowboy angel”) “and neither am I” (nor is Israel beyond chicanery) “Shame on your greed” (shame on Israel for taking this money from the United States in return for carrying out its policies) “Shame on your wicked schemes” (shame on the Israel Lobby for taking over Congress by making large campaign contributions that are in reality bribes. Shame on men like Jack Abramoff! Psalms 26 “Do not take away my soul along with sinners, my life with bloodthirsty men, in whose hands are wicked schemes, whose right hands are full of bribes” wicked schemes also appear in The Book of Ester and mean genocide, "But when it came to the king's attention, he commanded by letter that his wicked scheme which he had devised against the Jews, should return on his own head, and that he and his sons should be hanged on the gallows") I'LL SAY THIS (at the risk of hurting my career since the entertainment industry is controlled by Jews) “I don't give” (give - contribute to some cause; "I gave at the office") “a damn about your dreams” (Dreams - a visionary scheme; a wild conceit; an idle fancy; in this sense, applied to an imaginary or anticipated state of happiness; as, a dream of bliss; the dream of a Jewish State”) Thunder on the mountain heavy as can be Mean old twister bearing down on me All the ladies in Washington scrambling to get out of town Looks like something bad gonna happen, better roll your airplane down
  • 53 “Thunder on the mountain heavy as can” be (heavy - troublesome psychologically or intellectually) “Mean old twister” (an unforeseen development; "events suddenly took an awkward turn for the Israel lobby") “bearing down on me” (overthrowing or crushing it by force; as, to bear down an enemy) “all the ladies in Washington” (ladies - oligarchy, someone in charge, in authority, AIPAC, an Israeli special interest group recently implicated in an Israeli-American espionage scandal in Washington, D.C.) “scrambling to get out of town” (making haste to leave Washington, also making unintelligible by encoding as in "scramble the message" since some are Mossad spies) “Looks like something bad gonna happen” (some Israeli spies are going to end up in federal prison) “better roll your airplane down” (better roll up your spy operation in the United States, better jump on El-Al Airlines and head back to Israel). Everybody going and I want to go to Don't wanna take a chance with somebody new I did all I could, I did it right there and then I've already confessed - no need to confess again “Everybody going” (going to bomb Iran's nuclear reactors) “and I want to go too” (Israel also wants to take part in this mission but cannot, since if it did it would look as if the strike were on Israel's behalf) / “Don't wanna take a chance with somebody new” (Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was a relatively obscure figure in Iranian politics until his election in 2005) “I did all I could, I did it right there and then” (on June 7, 1981 16 American-made Israeli warplanes bombed and destroyed Iraq's Osirak nuclear research facility near Baghdad) “I've already confessed” (admitted to this reprehensible thing. This represents a 360 degree shift in position for Dylan. In Neighborhood Bully Dylan wrote this about Israel, "Then he destroyed a bomb factory, nobody was glad / The bombs were meant for him / He was supposed to feel bad / He's the neighborhood bully") “no need to confess again” (no need for me to have to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities when Christian America will do it for Israel!)
  • 54 Gonna make a lot of money, gonna go up north I'll plant and I'll harvest what the earth brings forth The hammer's on the table, the pitchfork's on the shelf For the love of God, you ought to take pity on yourself “Gonna make a lot of money” (money - currency, credibility) “Gonna go up north” (engage in a ground war with Iran, same metaphor as "the North Wind is pickin up speed") “I'll plant and I’ll harvest” (“As ye sew, so shall ye reap”) “What the earth” (earth - "the ground's people" - humanity) “brings forth” (brings to light, makes manifest. Since the Jews have sewn hatred in humanity because of their devilish oppression of the Palestinians Arabs they will reap millions of deaths when the atomic bombs fall on Tel Aviv, Haifa and other major Israeli cities) “the hammer” (hammer - justice, a gavel, here justice for the Palestinians) IS ON THE TABLE (is on the negotiating table) “the pitchfork's” (the instrument the devil uses to prod people into something, in this case nuclear weapons) “on the shelf” (on the shelf - currently in a state of inactivity. In Workingman Blues#2 Dylan wrote, "My cruel weapons have been put ON THE SHELF") “For the love of god, you ought to take pity” (have the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and do something about it) “on yourself” (on not only the Palestinians but on yourself as nothing good can come out of this sort of oppression). THE LEVEE'S GONNA BREAK If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break Everybody saying this is a day only the Lord could make “If it keep on rainin'” (if the war between the Israelis and Palestinians continues - RAIN - war, destruction. In the liner notes to THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN Zimmerman wrote, "it was as though the rains of wartime had left the land bombed out an' shattered") “the levee gonna break” (the concrete security barrier constructed by Israel to keep out terrorists will be useless levee: a barrier constructed to keep something out) “Everybody saying this is a day only the Lord could make” (Zimmerman uses day in the sense of period of prominence. Zimmerman believes that the State of Israel, now in its heyday, should exist ONLY when THE LORD sends the
  • 55 Messiah, the Moshiach to the Jewish people. “And HaShem your G-d will bring you to the land your fathers inhabited and you shall inhabit it, and He will be good to you and you will increase even more than your fathers” - Deuteronomy 30. Could Zimmerman be in agreement with my cousin, Rabbi Mordechi Weberman, that the existence of the current State of Israel is standing in the way of both the Messiah coming and the Day of Redemption arriving so - the Zionist illegitimate "State of Israel" must be totally annulled?) Well, I worked on the levee, Mama, both night and day I worked on the levee, Mama, both night and day I got to the river and I threw my clothes away “Well, i worked on the levee, mama, both night and day” (I worked continuously at keeping out the Egyptians, Syrians, Palestinians and others from crossing the 1948 borders of the State of Israel during numerous wars) “I got to the river” (when Israel reached the Jordan River during the Six Day War of 1967) “I threw my clothes away” (Israel discarded its wordy declarations that it had no intention of expanding its borders and it annexed the West Bank of the River Jordan. clothes - words as in "he clothed his meaning") I paid my time and now I'm good as new, I paid my time and now I'm as good as new. They can't take me back unless I want 'em to “I paid my time” (I performed my compulsory service in the Israeli Defense Forces) “and now i'm good as new” (although as a settler I knew that I was being used by the Israeli Government) “They can't take me back” (the Israeli authorities cannot force the Settlers back behind the Green Line, to the pre-1967 borders of Israel) “unless i want 'em to” (because I will use the knowledge I acquired in the IDF and forcibly resist). If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break Some of these people gonna strip you of all they can take
  • 56 “If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break some of these people gonna strip” (take away possessions from someone; "The Nazis stripped the Jews of all their assets") “You of all they can take” (of your home, farms, factories after Israel and the West Bank becomes Palestine and the Jews are finally driven into the sea as Egyptian strongman Gamal Abdel Nassar threatened to do in 1956) I can't stop here I ain't ready to unload I can't stop here I ain't ready to unload Riches and salvation can be waiting behind the next bend in the road “I can't stop here i ain't ready to unload” (I cannot leave the occupied territories and I am definitely not ready to unload - disarm, take the bullets out of my weapon. Additionally in From A Buick Six Zimmerman wrote, "I need a dumptruck baby to UNLOAD my head" using the word in the sense of "to relieve from anything onerous." The settlers are incapable of leaving the West Bank; a move that would get them out of a potentially deadly situation) “riches” (an abundance of land, the rich, fertile soil of Judea and Samaria) “and salvation” (sarcastic: saving someone from harm) “can be waiting behind the next bend in the road” (sardonic: Note Zimmerman's use of BEHIND rather than AFTER. This is a reference to settlers being ambushed by terrorists as they travel through the occupied West Bank) I picked you up from the gutter and this is the thanks I get I picked you up from the gutter and this is the thanks I get You say you want me to quit ya, I told ya, 'No, not just yet.' “I picked you up from the gutter” (I raised the standard of living of West Bank Arabs! Gutter: to cut or form into small longitudinal hollows; to channel - Shakespeare. Using this definition GUTTER represents a Wadi - a gully or streambed in Israel or in its territories that remains dry except during rainy season. The Jewish Settlers tend to live on hilltops while the indigenous population most often lives in the valleys where the Wadis are prevalent)
  • 57 “and this is the thanks I get?” (and you try to kill me and my family and friends as I travel through Judea and Samaria?) “You say you want me to quit ya” (you say you want end the occupation and settlement of the West Bank) “I told ya, 'no, not just yet.'” (not until I repay you for the bloodshed you have caused, probably never). Well, I look in your eyes, I see nobody other than me I look in your eyes, I see nobody other than me I see all that I am and all I hope to be “Well, I look in your eyes i see nobody other than me” (when I look into the settlers' thoughts about the future I see an Israel that contains no one other than Jews like myself - Zimmerman is a Jew named Zimmerman - as the Israeli Arabs and the West Bank Palestinians have been expelled. Many of the settlers are followers of Rabbi Meyer Kahane the former leader of Israel’s radical Kach party. Kahane advocated the forcible expulsion of all Arabs from Israel, the annexation of the West Bank and Gaza territories, and the unrestricted building of Jewish settlements. In 1971 Zimmerman wrote Rabbi Kahane a check for several thousand dollars, despite my having warned him against doing so) “I see all that i am and all i hope to be” (sarcastic; Zimmerman wants nothing more to do with the Kahanists) If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break Some of these people don't know which road to take “If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break / some of these people (some of "these people" - some of the Jews - namely the Israeli Settlers and their allies in the Knesset such as the former Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu) “Don't know which road to take” (are more interested in taking the road to war than the road to peace which was called Performance-Based Roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. When I'm with you, I forget I was ever blue When I'm with you, I forget I was ever blue Without you there's no meaning in anything I do “When i'm with you, i forget i was ever blue” (blue - Honest, loyal as in "true blue." In Hard Rain Zimmerman asked rhetorically, "Where have you been my blue-eyed son?")
  • 58 “Without you there's no meaning in anything i do” (sarcastic - there was no higher purpose in expelling Palestinians from their land) Some people on the road carryin' everything that they own Some people on the road carryin' everything they own Some people got barely enough skin to cover their bones “Some people on the road carryin' everything that they own” (the Palestinian refugees on their way to Gaza and other destinations in 1948 carrying all their possessions with them after being chased out at gunpoint by the Haganah and Irgun militias) “Some people got barely enough skin to cover their bones” (many of the Jews who forced the Palestinians to leave Palestine and fought in the 1948 War Of Independence were death camp survivors who had become emaciated from the systematic starvation that was the first part of the Nazis "final solution to the Jewish question." Ironically, like the Palestinians, these Jews had also been uprooted from their homes. In Chronicles Zimmerman said essentially the same thing about why Israel came into being, "The State of Israel claimed the right to act as heir and executor of all who perished in the final solution. The [Adolf Eichmann] trial reminds the whole world of what led to the formation of the Israeli state.") Put on your camp clothes, mama, put on your evening dress Put on your cat clothes, mama, put on your evening dress Few more years of hard work, then there'll be a 1,000 years of happiness
  • 59 “Put on your camp” (the lyrics here most often read cat clothes rather than camp clothes as there is a Carl Perkins song titled Put Your Cat Clothes On. I hear Dylan sing camp clothes once then sing cat clothes. Dylan is masking this word due to the sensitivity some people have when it comes to concentration camps) “Put on your camp clothes, mama” (camp clothes are a prisoner’s uniform - a textile design consisting of lines or bands against a plain background as in those worn by death camp inmates. What Dylan is saying here is bring up the Holocaust again and again in order to justify your own Nazi-like actions and use this to raise money from rich American Jews) “Put on your evening” (evening - just before a decline, such as "the 2006 signaled the evening of Jews in Gaza") Dress (dress - way of preparing something for market, embellish, hype. Also evening dress as formal attire worn to a fundraiser for Israel) “few more years of hard work” (a few more years of oppressing the Palestinians in a Nazi-like fashion and raising money in America to finance it. Note: Not enough skin to cover their bones and camp clothes has Nazi connotations as does hard work. One of the Nazi's slogan's was Freedom Through Work originally in German: Arbeit Macht Frei. This motto above the main gate greeted all who entered the Auschwitz death camp during WWII) “Then there'll be a thousand years of happiness” (sarcastic: then you will hasten the arrival of the Messiah as the Settlers believe they are doing by living in Judea and Samaria. More Nazi connotations as the Third Reich was also referred to as the Thousand Year Reich as it was intended by Hitler to last a thousand years. Here Dylan is equating the Settlers and other rightwing Jews treatment of the Palestinians to the Nazis treatment of the Jews implying that Israel has become the new Nazi Germany. When I first heard put on your camp clothes I thought to myself, Zimmerman has become a singing Professor Norman Finkelstein, author of THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY: REFLECTIONS ON THE EXPLOITATION OF JEWISH SUFFERING. Finkelstein claims that the Holocaust is being used by racist Jews to justify their presence in Palestine and to oppress Arabs. In a December 2001 speech in Beirut, Lebanon, Finkelstein compared Israeli behavior to "Nazi practices" during World War II.)
  • 60 If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break I tried to get you to love me, but I won't repeat that mistake “If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break / I tried to get you to love me” (I tried to get you to see my truth) “But I won't repeat that mistake” (mistake one thing for another; confuse Israel with anything but what it really is, a repressive settler state) If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break Plenty of cheap stuff out there and still around that you take “If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break / Plenty of cheap stuff” (low-priced or free land) “out there” (in the territories and around Jerusalem) “and still around” (Israel refused to declare a moratorium on new settlements in the West Bank) “that you take” (that you can expropriate from its rightful owners) I woke up this morning, butter and eggs in my bed I woke up this morning, butter and eggs in my bed I ain't got enough room to even raise my head. “I woke up this morning” (the Jewish Settlers came to the realization) “butter” (Jewish blood - on Under the Red Sky in Ten Thousand Men Zimmerman wrote, "Ten thousand men looking so lean [to have a tendency or disposition to do something; to be inclined] / and frail [having the attributes of base man as opposed to divine beings] / Each one of 'em got seven wives, each one of 'em just out of jail [they are Moslems - Islam allows up to four wives - and are Palestinian terrorists just freed from Israeli prisons] / Ten thousand women all sweepin' [violent and general destruction; as, the sweep of the intifada was far reaching] / my room [a particular portion of space appropriated for occupancy, living space] / Spilling [to cause to flow out and be lost or wasted; to shed, or suffer to be shed, as in battle; as, a man spills another's blood] / my buttermilk [Israeli blood, what is left over after an "extraction" performed by the Nazis] / sweeping it up [and the Israelis cleaning it up, winning an overwhelming victory] / with a BROOM [with a weapon])" The Levee's Gonna Break continues: “and eggs” (have egg on one's face colloquialism: made to look foolish - the settlers have Jewish blood on their hands and egg on their face) “in my bed” (because they have made their bed and have to lie in it - they to have to accept the disadvantages or problems that result from
  • 61 their own actions or past decisions) “I ain't got enough room” (in Hitler's book Mein Kampf he made clear his belief that the German people needed Lebensraum - "living space", i.e. land - the settler's believe they don't have enough Lebensraum) “to even raise my head” (to be proud Jews - proud of acting like Nazis who occupied much of Europe.) Come back, baby, say we never more will part Come back, baby, say we never more will part Don't be a stranger with no brain or heart “Come back, baby, say we never more will part” (make something into two parts, "Moses parted the Red Sea" as the Settlers have done to Israel) “Don't be a stranger” (the Torah instructs Jews: “You shall not abhor an Egyptian, for you were a stranger in his land” Deuteronomy 23:8) stranger - alien, someone who does not belong in the West Bank) “with no brain” (common sense, survival instinct) “or heart” (or feeling for the inhabitants of the West Bank) If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break Some people still sleepin', some people are wide awake “If it keep on rainin', the levee gonna break / Some people still sleepin'” (SLEEPING - overly complacent) “some people are wide awake” (some people see the threat coming. Also in the settlements Shomrim stay awake all night watching for terrorists). So, after praising Palestinian terrorists, comparing Israel’s treatment of them to the way Nazi Germany treated the Jews Dylan finally descended into the spiritual abyss of a Jew who denies the Holocaust. HOLOCAUST DENIAL: DYLAN HITS A NEW LOW TWEEDLE-DEE DUM AND TWEEDLE-DEE DEE 2001 Tweedle-dee Dum and Tweedle-dee Dee They're throwing knives into the tree Two big bags of dead man's bones Got their noses to the grindstones
  • 62 “Tweedle-dee Dum” the Likud Party “and Tweedle-dee Dee” and the Labor Party, the two major political parties of Israel in 2001 “They're throwing knives into the tree” they are attempting to defeat the Palestinians by underhanded means as the Bible says that Arabs and Jews share a common family tree or ancestry: “Two big bags” two large amounts of human game taken or legally permitted to be taken, body bags “of dead man's bones” of the remains of dead Palestinians and Israelis “Got their noses” they have their work cut out for them “to the grindstones” killing Palestinian youth who throw rocks at them, note the use of the plural, grindstones. Living in the Land of Nod Trustin' their fate to the Hands of God They pass by so silently Tweedle-dee Dum and Tweedle-dee Dee “Living in the Land of Nod” thriving in Israel, “Nod” a biblical land East of Eden also existing because of the assent of Israelis “Trustin’ their fate to the Hands of God” making coalitions with the religious parties in order to govern “They pass by” the two major Israeli parties serve as a barely acceptable substitute “so silently” like an unspoken curse “Tweedle-dee Dum and Tweedle-dee Dee” Labor and Likud. Well, they're going to the country, they're gonna retire they’re taking a streetcar named Desire Looking in the window at the pecan pie Lot of things they'd like they would never buy “Well, they're going to the country” sarcastic: they are only pretending to go for a two state solution to the Palestinian problem “they're gonna retire” more sarcasm: they are going to lead troops away from action; withdraw from the occupied territories so that a Palestinian State can be formed “They're taking a streetcar named Desire” sarcastic: they are going to move back to Tel Aviv and other large Israeli cities as streetcars only exist in urban areas “Looking in the window” looking at an interval of time during which an activity can or must take place: a window for peace “at the pecan pie” at the sweet reward of peace “Lot of things they'd like they would never buy” in reality they would never go for, assent to, buy, a two State solution.
  • 63 Neither one gonna turn and run they’re making a voyage to the sun "His Master's voice is calling me," Says Tweedle-dee Dum to Tweedle-dee Dee “Neither one gonna turn and run” neither party is going to change its policies and withdraw from the occupied territories “They're making a voyage to the sun” they are making a distant journey toward becoming politicians whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of world events, they are making a journey to extinction like a moth flying into a flame "His Master's voice” one whose teachings and doctrines are accepted by the settlers such as Rabbi Kahane or Rabbi Kook “is calling me” is telling me to live on the West Bank of the Jordan in order to hasten the coming of the Messiah “Says Tweedle-dee Dum” says Likud “to Tweedle-dee Dee” to Labor. Tweedle-dee Dee and Tweedle-dee Dum All that and more and then some They walk among the stately trees They know the secrets of the breeze “Tweedle-dee Dee and Tweedle-dee Dum / All that and more and then some” both political parties share certain ideas that can only be alluded to “They walk among the stately trees” they exist in an environment where many nation states want to punish and execute them “They know the secrets of the breeze” they know that intelligence is half the battle, “breeze” to seemingly engage in idle conversation, to collect intelligence in a clandestine manner, a breeze for the Israelis. Tweedle-dee Dum said to Tweedle-dee Dee Your presence is obnoxious to me. They're like babies sittin' on a woman's knee Tweedle-dee Dum and Tweedle-dee Dee “Tweedle-dee Dum said to Tweedle-dee Dee” Likud said to Labor “Your presence” your “presence” diplomatic, political, and military influence in the United States, “is obnoxious to me” is detrimental to me “They're like babies sittin' on a woman's knee” they are like little children jockeying for position in order to curry favor from the United States by seeing who is the more subservient, who will kneel
  • 64 deeper “Tweedle-dee Dum and Tweedle-dee Dee.” Well, the rain beating down on my windowpane I got love for you and it's all in vain Brains in the pot, they're beginning to boil They're dripping with garlic and olive oil “Well, the rain” well the hatred “beating down” forcing me to surrender “on my windowpane” my faith in Israel, shattering my illusions about Israel like glass “I got love for you and it's all in vain” I still have some truth to impart to you but your policies toward the Palestinians make it all an exercise in futility “Brains in the pot” intellectuals in Israel “pot” Informal a large amount. “beginning to boil” are beginning to become extremely angry “They're dripping with” they are oozing or are saturated with “garlic and olive oil” secular Greek culture or “Hellenistic” culture that Orthodox Jews oppose. Tweedle-dee Dee - he's on his hands and his knees Saying, Throw me somethin', Mister, please. What's good for you is good for me, Says Tweedle-dee Dum to Tweedle-dee Dee “Tweedle-dee Dee - he's on his hands and his knees” the Labor Party is subservient to Likud “Saying, ‘Throw somethin', Mister, please’” commit yourself to giving me a cabinet post please “What's good for you is good for me” we both share a common interest “Says Tweedle-dee Dum to Tweedle-dee Dee.” Well, they're living in a happy harmony Tweedle-dee Dum and Tweedle-dee Dee They're one day older and a dollar short They've got a parade permit and a police escort “Well, they're living in a happy harmony / Tweedle-dee Dum and Tweedle- dee Dee” both major Israeli political parties exist in a state of peaceful agreement and cooperation with the United States “They're one day older and a dollar short” despite having been in existence for some time they still need monetary aid from the United States “They've got a parade permit” both parties are allowed to behave so as to attract attention; parade themselves all over the media “and a police” and it
  • 65 is politically incorrect to attack them; “police” informal; a group that admonishes anyone who attacks them like the Anti-Defamation League “escort” bodyguard. They're lying low and they're makin' hay They seem determined to go all the way They run a brick and tile company Tweedle-dee Dum and Tweedle-dee Dee “They're lying low” they have underground missile silos “and they're makin' hay” and they are taking full advantage of an opportunity make hay while the sun shines “They seem determined to go all the way” both parties seem determined to go all the way when it comes to using nuclear weapons against an enemy state “They run a brick and tile factory” they are extremely violent and play games with people’s lives “tile” as in games: a marked playing piece, as in mahjong “Tweedle- dee Dum and Tweedle-dee Dee.” “Brick” as violence Po’ Boy 2001: All I know is that I'm thrilled by your kiss I don't know any more than this Po' boy, pickin' up sticks Build you a house out of mortar and bricks “All I know is that I'm thrilled by your kiss” all I know is that I am happy about the approval I received from the folk community “I don't know any more than this” I don’t want to know about my fans true nature “Po' boy” Dylan the folksinger “pickin' up sticks” taking up arms “Build you a house” create an audience “out of mortar” out of a portable, muzzle loading cannon used to fire shells at low velocities, short ranges, and high trajectories “and bricks” and violence. Tweedle-dee Dum and Tweedle-dee Dee continues: Well a childish dream is a deathless need And a noble truth is a sacred creed My pretty baby, she's lookin' around She's wearin' a multi-thousand dollar gown “Well, a childish dream” well let me explain, the unrealistic idealistic dream of the State of Israel existing in the hostile environment of the Middle East “is a deathless need” is the desperate need of a people who do not wish to be subject to Nazi genocide again “And a noble truth” and the grand and stately truth that the Jews must not be subject to another Holocaust because they are stateless “is a
  • 66 sacred creed” is an unquestionable formal statement of religious and secular Zionist belief “My pretty” but my considerable in size “baby” truth, love, intellect “she's lookin' around” she is questioning if the number of people killed in the Holocaust was exaggerated in order to justify the establishment and existence of the State of Israel, “She's wearin'” bearing, carrying, and maintaining “a multi-thousand dollar” a belief that hundreds of thousands of Jews, rather millions, were murdered “gown” and this belief is based on the findings of academics; “gown” a distinctive outer robe worn by those pretending to be scholars such as the Nazis at the Institute for Historical Review, a front group dedicated to Holocaust denial. Dylan was not always a Jewish historical revisionist. In Talkin John Birch Society Blues 1962 he wrote, “Now we all agree with Hitler’s' views / Although he killed six million Jews.” In With God On Our Side 1962 he wrote “though they murdered six million in the ovens they fried / The Germans now too have God on their side” however, at an unknown point in time, Dylan began omitting this verse from the song. When I read Mahmoud Achmadinajad’s 2011 UN speech I noticed an uncanny resemblance between Dylan and the Iranian Hitler. Ahmadinejad: “They view Zionism as a sacred notion and ideology. Any question concerning its very foundation and history is condemned by them as an unforgivable sin.” This reminded me of the line “And a noble truth is a sacred creed.” Tweedle-dee Dum and Tweedle-dee Dee continues: Tweedle-dee Dee is a lowdown, sorry old man Tweedle-dee Dum, he'll stab you where you stand "I've had too much of your company," Says, Tweedle-dee Dum to Tweedle-dee Dee “Tweedle-dee Dee is a lowdown” the Israeli Labor Party is sneaky “sorry” inferior; paltry “old man” bunch of old line Socialists “Tweedle-dee Dum, he'll stab you where you stand” and Likud will betray America by running spy operations in the United States “I've had too much of your company” I am becoming the victim of your intelligence operations, The Company as the CIA. “Says, Tweedle-dee Dum to Tweedle-dee Dee.
  • 67 Dylan sunk to a new low by denying the deaths of millions of Jews and by doing so bears some of the guilt for mass murder. The victims of Hitler were robbed of their lives. Dylan takes it one step further and robs them of their death. There are no words to describe my hatred for this sick self-hating Jew. There is one dude who deserved to get AIDS. Dylan and Mel Gibson who calls Jews oven dodgers and denies the Holocaust were close: DYLAN’S REVISIONIST ART
  • 68 What was this all about? Dylan digging up old magazine covers and changing the wording? How very creative! I believe this whole “art exhibit” was a scam allowing Dylan to use the word “revisionist” without anyone associating it with “historical revisionist.” THE EARLY ROMAN KINGS The story here is that Bob Dylan is racist pig scum bag. He focuses his hatred mainly on Black men although he has problems with Black single mothers (like his ex-wife Carolyn Dennis was for a time). I think that I am the only one in the world that openly believes this since many people point to the marriage with Carolyn Dennis as proof just the opposite is true. But remember Dylan had HIV when he married her and could have infected her with it. So that explains the contradiction and a lot more about the character of Dylan. This tune has a typical black blues beat.
  • 69 All the early Roman kings In their shark skin suits Bow ties and buttons High top boots “All the early” all those belonging to an initial stage of development: Africans are an early form of human life “Roman” “roamin’” wandering aimlessly in search of pleasure “kings” King, Martin Luther, Jr. 1929-1968 “In their shark skin suits” in the clothing of the Whiteman “Bow ties” neckwear like Black supremacist Farrakhan and The Fruits of Islam wear “and buttons” and a round flat badge that bears a design or printed information and is typically pinned to a garment: an Obama campaign button “High top boots” “booted” Slang an unceremonious dismissal, as from a job. Last to get hired first to get fired. Drivin' the spikes in Blazin' the rails Nailed in their coffins In top hats and tails Fly away over Fly away flap your wings Fly by night Like the early Roman kings “Drivin'” forcing to go through or penetrate: drove the needle into his arm the “spikes in” “spike” Slang for a hypodermic needle. Shooting dope “Blazin'” shooting rapidly and continuously: Machine guns blazed “the rails” “rail” to express objections or criticisms in abusive language: n-worders shooting each other over a perceived diss “Nailed” Slang To stop and seize; catch: Police nailed the suspect “in their coffins” finally getting the justice they deserve – death “In top hats” high hats, symbols of civilization “and tails” and the posterior part of an animal, especially when elongated and extending beyond the trunk or main part of the body. To put it bluntly Dylan believes that the reason some black people’s asses stick out is because there was once a tail attached to it. “Fly away over” die “Fly away flap your wings” fly away you little angels “Fly by night” engage in your illegal scams – as in a fly by night business “Like the early Roman kings” like a bunch of n-worders gangbangers always do.
  • 70 Coming down the mountain Distributing the corn Speeding through the forest Racing down the track You try to get away They drag you back Tomorrow is Friday We'll see what it brings Everybody's talking Bout the early roman kings “Coming down the mountain” a Black political leader like Al Sharpton "I've Been to the Mountaintop" is the popular name of the last speech delivered by Martin Luther King, Jr. King spoke on April 3, 1968, at the Mason Temple in Memphis, Tennessee. The next day, King was assassinated “Distributing the corn” the corn: Slang something considered trite, dated, melodramatic, or unduly sentimental, disseminating rabble rousing speeches about an alleged White on Black crime “Speeding through the forest” “speed” to further, promote, or expedite a legal action, someone is being railroaded in the “forest” the cites “forest” as a dense area, the inner city, a Black ghetto. Hard Rain “I've stepped in the middle of seven sad *deplorable+ forests.” “Racing down the track” these ideas are spreading throughout the racist black communities that are located on the wrong side of the tracks. “Race” a local geographic population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically transmitted physical characteristics. “Tracks” as the boundary, formerly often delineated by train tracks, that separates two neighborhoods of different social class: grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. “You try to get away” you try to move to a decent community, a gated community in Sanford, Florida for instance “They drag you back” then your dope-dealing, gangbanging son, who is living with his mama and has been suspended from school visits you and starts to case White people’s pads “Tomorrow is Friday” and he thinks his future holds nothing but a menial position “Friday” as in “Man Friday.” “We'll see what it brings” so I am going rip off a crib and see what the stolen items fetch “Everybody's talking ‘bout the early roman kings” everybody is talking about that jive gangbanging n-worders, Trayvon Martin, and George
  • 71 Zimmerman, the neighborhood patrol volunteer who killed Trayvon in self defense but is going to be lynched by the Black community that is always looking for an excuse to riot and loot, and Zimmerman getting off the hook will provide that excuse. Dylan sounded like a burn out and like a total space case in the recent Rolling Stone interview but I know that he is not and he was up to something. He talked about being transfigured with another Robert Zimmerman, a Hell’s Angel who died in a motorcycle accident, but you know which Zimmerman he was really transfigured with? Bob: Yeah, poor Bobby [George Zimmerman]. You know what this is called? It’s called transfiguration. Have you ever heard of it? Well, you’re looking at somebody. *that … has been transfigured?+ I’m not like you, am I? I’m not like him, either. I’m not like many others. I’m only like another person who’s been transfigured. How many people like that or like me do you know? Transfiguration: you can go learn about it from the Catholic Church, you can learn about it in some old mystical books, but it’s a real concept. It’s happened throughout the ages. Nobody knows who it’s happened to, or why. But you get real proof of it here and there. It’s not like something you can dream up and think. It’s not like conjuring up a reality or like reincarnation – or like when you might think you’re somebody from the past but have no proof. It’s not anything to do with the past or the future. So when you ask some of your questions, you’re asking them to a person whose long dead. You’re asking them to a person that doesn’t exist. But people make that mistake about me all the time. I’ve lived through a lot. Have you ever heard of a book called No Man Knows My History? It’s about Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet. The title could refer to me. Transfiguration is what allows you to crawl out from under the chaos and fly above it. That’s how I can still do what I do and write the songs I sing and just keep on moving. “So when you ask some of your questions, you’re asking them to a person whose long dead. You’re asking them to a person that doesn’t exist.” What Dylan is saying here is that George Zimmerman is a dead man already because his fate has been sealed by the media and by the African-American community. “Transfiguration is what allows you
  • 72 to crawl out from under the chaos and fly above it.” The key words here are “crawl out” as they trace back to Please Crawl Out Your Window They're peddlers and they're meddlers, they buy and they sell They destroyed your city, they'll destroy you as well They're lecherous and treacherous, a hell-bent for leather Each of them bigger than all men put together Sluggers and muggers wearing fancy gold rings All the women going crazy for the early Roman kings. “They're peddlers and they're meddlers” the darkies are dope peddlers who handle something idly or ignorantly; tamper and destroy people’s lives “They buy and they sell” they buy and sell dope “They destroyed your city” they destroyed cities like Camden, New Jersey, Detroit, Michigan “They'll destroy you as well” and you might be murdered because of their actions “They're lecherous and treacherous” they cheat on their wives and eventually abandon her and her family “A-Hell bent for leather” moving recklessly fast “Each of 'em bigger than all men put together” each one thinks he is going to get away with it despite the power of law enforcement. Also they think they have large genitals. “Sluggers” slugger - a boxer noted for an ability to deliver hard punches “and muggers” mugger - a robber who takes property by threatening or performing violence on the person who is robbed (usually on the street) “Wearin fancy gold rings” wearing bling flashy, ostentatious jewelry; "the rapper was loaded with bling" “All the women going crazy for the early Roman kings” all the rap fans going crazy for them gangsta niggas! I can dress up your wounds with a blood-clotted rag I ain't afraid to make love to a bitch or a hag If you see me coming, and you're standing there Wave your handkerchief in the air I ain't dead yet, my bell still rings I keep my fingers crossed like the early Roman kings. “I can dress up your wounds” I can make any injury or slight to your feelings or reputation look better “with a blood-clotted rag” with a Slang “rag” a newspaper specializing in sensationalism. At one point in his career Dylan would write songs based on newspaper accounts of bloody racist activities against Blacks “I ain't afraid to make love to a bitch or a hag” I am not afraid to write songs like The Ballad of Hattie Carroll,
  • 73 about a decrepit Black maid, a bitch who had it coming “If you see me coming, and you're standing there / Wave your handkerchief in the air” The Ballad of Hattie Carroll contained the line “Oh, but you who philosophize disgrace and criticize all fears / Bury the rag deep in your face / For now's the time for your tears” if you see me coming it would be wise to surrender “I ain't dead yet, my bell still rings” I am old but I can still write songs and play music. Subterranean Homesick Blues “Ring bell hard to tell if anything is gonna sell” “I keep my fingers crossed” “finger” to mark (a score) with indications of which fingers are to play the notes – I also play and compose music “like the early Roman kings.” I can strip you of life, strip you of breath Ship you down, to the house of death One day you will ask for me There'll be no one else that you'll wanna see Bring down my fiddle tune up my strings I'm gonna break it wide open like the early roman kings “I can strip you of life, strip you of breath” I can send you to the gas chamber were you will choke to death “Ship you down to the house of death” or send you to prison “One day you will ask for me” one day you will ask to meet with me, the devil “There'll be no one else that you'll wanna to see” because you will wish to sell your soul to me “Bring down my fiddle, tune up my strings” as in The Devil Went Down to Georgia “I'm gonna break it wide open” I am going to open up the wide open, sinful (as in “open city”) gates of Hell for you “like the early Roman kings” like you have done for White America. I was up on Black mountain the day Detroit fell They killed them all off and they sent them to hell Ding-dong daddy, you're coming up short Gonna put you on trial in a Sicilian court I've had my fun, I've had my flings Gonna shake them all down like the early Roman kings. “I was up on Black mountain” I seemed to be a fan of Martin Luther King, I was dealing with the mountainous problem of the Negro in America. Blowin In The Wind “How many years can a mountain exist before it is washed to the sea?” how many years can the mountainous, insurmountable Black problem exist before they are put on boats
  • 74 and sent on an involuntary one-way trip back to Africa? “the day Detroit fell” the day when Detroit became a city with a Black majority “They killed them all off and they sent them to hell” after the n-worders killed off the White population by turning the city into a living hell “Ding-dong daddy, you're coming up short” Mayor Ding Dong of Detroit, who can’t keep his ding dong in his pants, you have been caught looting public funds “Gonna put you on trial in a Sicilian court” going to see that Whites get a chance to convict you then kill you “I've had my fun, I've had my flings” “fling” a brief sexual relationship “Gonna shake them all down” going to extort money from companies that want to do business with Detroit City “like the early Roman kings” just like the corrupt “African-American” politicians do time and time again. This is what Dylan had to say about Blacks in Rolling Stone. This country is just too fucked up about color. It’s a distraction. People are at each other’s throats just because they are a different color. It’s the height of insanity and it will hold any nation back – or any neighborhood back. Or anything back. Blacks know that some Whites didn’t want to give up slavery – that if they had their way they would still be under the yoke, and they can’t pretend they don’t know that. If you got a slave master or Klan in your blood blacks can sense that…If slavery had been given up in a more peaceful way, America would be far ahead today. What Dylan is saying here is that Blacks are messing up this country and it is distracting America from its economic and cultural goals. When he says “People are at each other’s throats” he means the Blacks are mugging, assaulting and murdering Whites although most crime is Black on Black. It is true that there are not many White on Black muggings. Black crime and the Brothers and Sisters who protect criminals with NO SNITCHING tribalistic behavior not only “holds neighborhoods back” it destroys them. Dylan went on to say the Blacks can smell a racist implying they are animals with an enhanced sense of smell due to their being the missing link between homosapien erectus and primates - large nostrils and lips, fur instead of hair, long arms and backsides that protrude. According to Dylan racism runs in the White man’s blood. Finally we get to see the real Bob Dylan when he says there were better ways to end slavery and the Civil War was morally wrong. This is pure Ron Paul:
  • 75 Tim Russert: I was intrigued by your comments about Abe Lincoln. "According to Paul, Abe Lincoln should never have gone to war; there were better ways of getting rid of slavery." Ron Paul: Absolutely. Six hundred thousand Americans died in a senseless civil war. No, he shouldn't have gone to war. He did this just to enhance and get rid of the original intent of the republic. I mean, it was the iron fist… Russert: We'd still have slavery. Ron Paul: Oh, come on, Tim. Slavery was phased out in every other country of the world. And the way I'm advising that it should have been done is do like the British Empire did. You buy the slaves and release them. How much would that cost compared to killing 600,000 Americans and where it lingered for 100 years? I mean, the hatred and all that existed. So every other major country in the world got rid of slavery without a civil war. I mean, that doesn't sound too radical to me. That sounds like a pretty reasonable approach. Let Bob Dylan’s life be a lesson to you. Start off hating Blacks and end up hating yourself. Dylan knows the difference between right and wrong yet he chose to do wrong. During his brief periods of sanity he actually wrote an anti-Nazi pro- Kahane song: LICENSE TO KILL 1983 Man thinks 'cause he rules the earth he can do with it as he please And if things don't change soon, he will. Oh, man has invented his doom First step was touching the moon. Now, there's a woman on my block She just sit there as the night grows still. She say who gonna take away his license to kill? “Man thinks 'cause he rules” the Nazis think because they make generalized statements “the earth” about the different races of humanity “he can do with it as he please” he can wipe out an entire race of people “And if things don't change soon, he will” and if the Nazis are allowed to continue to exist when the circumstances are right they might come to power again “Oh, man has invented” the Nazis have made up; fabricated “his doom” the inevitable tragic and ruinous fate of their race “First step” first
  • 76 goose step into history “was touching the moon” was matching in quality; equaling the thoughts of a lunatic “Now, there's a woman on my block” now there’s a Rabbi who is part of a like set of like items, a block, the Jewish Defense League who will block the Nazis “She just sit there as the night grows still” who currently waits there for the Nazis to crawl out of the woodwork and start their killing again “She say who gonna take away his license to kill?” Rabbi Meir Kahane asks who is going take out the baseball bats and smash the Nazis heads in? Now, they take him and they teach him and they groom him for life And they set him on a path where he's bound to get ill Then they bury him with stars, Sell his body like they do used cars. Now, there's a woman on my block She just sit there facin' the hill. She say who gonna take away his license to kill? “Now, they take him” now they take the White man and fool him, take him for a ride “and they teach him” and they indoctrinate him “and they groom him for life” and they prepare him for a specific position and purpose, to die for the White race “And they set him on a path where he's bound to get ill” and they point him in a direction where he will ascribe an objectionable quality to another race; ‘hold an ill view of Jews’ “Then they bury” then they have him occupy himself with deep concentration “with stars” with emblems such as the swastika “Sell his body” market his corpse or carcass “like they do used cars” “car” the part of a balloon or airship that carries people and cargo. Sell him like they sold the Hindenburg to the world as an example of superior Nazi technology “Now, there's a woman on my block” now there is a militant Rabbi in my corner “She just sit there facin' the hill” who is confronting the politicians on Capitol Hill about the existence of the Nazis “She say who gonna take away his license to kill?” he says who is going to put these sub-humans out of their misery, because the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi. Now, he's hell-bent for destruction, he's afraid and confused And his brain has been mismanaged with great skill. All he believes are his eyes And his eyes, they just tell him lies.
  • 77 But there's a woman on my block Sitting there in a cold chill. She say who gonna take away his license to kill? “Now, he's hell-bent for destruction” now the evil in the Nazi makes him Hell bent on committing genocide “he's afraid” he is insecure about the real value of his race “and confused” and fails to distinguish between right and wrong “And his brain has been mismanaged with great skill” and he has been brainwashed with Nazi propaganda that proved effective in creating the mass murder of European Jews “All he believes are his eyes” all he believes in are his own thoughts and not those of other more enlightened people “And his eyes, they just tell him lies” and because he is dumb his thoughts reflect this and are totally false “But there's a woman on my block” but there is a man, a Rabbi, Meir Kahane “Sitting there in a cold” waiting in a cold state, lacking in emotion, dead serious “chill” who is ready to ice the Nazis “She say who gonna take away his license to kill?” who is going to ban Nazism as a criminal conspiracy to commit mass murder? Ya may be a noisemaker, spirit maker Heartbreaker, backbreaker, Leave no stone unturned. May be an actor in a plot That might be all that you got 'Til your error you clearly learn. “Ya may be a noisemaker” you may make sounds that are disagreeable like Sieg Heil! you might make noise smashing windows during Kristalnacht “spirit maker” you may infuse others with the Nazi spirit as Hitler did or “Heartbreaker” or you may produce an emotion of great sadness associated with loss or bereavement by murdering Jews in death camps “backbreaker” or by putting them into forced labor camps “Leave no stone unturned” you may find every Jew, devise every form of punishment, you also may desecrate their graves by overturning gravestones “May be an actor in a plot” you are nothing more than a criminal cooking up a plot to kill Jews “That might be all that you got” but you might end up getting killed maggot! “'Til your error you clearly learn” until
  • 78 you realize you cannot do this and hope to get away with it. Later Dylan said this about neo-Nazi David Duke, “I hadn't seen Duke before; he looked like a movie star.” Now he worships at an altar of a stagnant pool And when he sees his reflection, he's fulfilled. Oh, man is opposed to fair play He wants it all and he wants it his way. Now, there's a woman on my block She just sit there as the night grows still. She say who gonna take away his license to kill? “Now he worships at an altar of” now the Nazi honors and loves as a deity “a stagnant pool” a gene pool showing little or no sign of activity or advancement; not developing or progressing since it is very narrow “pool,” an available supply, the use of which is shared by a group “And when he sees his reflection” and when he sees the manifestation or result of inbreeding, someone with the same racial characteristics as himself, more like a “pure breed” dog than a human being, “he's fulfilled” he has achieved all the potential he is ever going to achieve because he has made himself genetically inferior and subject to congenital disease “Oh, man is opposed to fair play” oh, the Nazis are opposed to an honorable standard of behavior when it comes to the distribution of wealth “He wants it all and he wants it his way” the Nazis want all the wealth by stealing it from others “Now, there's a woman on my block” now there’s a Rabbi who is an obstruction and a hindrance to the Nazis “She just sit there as the night grows still” she waits there as evil Jew hatred again increases as it once did and always has and always will “She say who gonna take away his license to kill?” who is going to off these Nazi pigs? Now check the use of the word license in Neighborhood Bully: Well, the chances are against it and the odds are slim That he'll live by the rules that the world makes for him, 'Cause there's a noose at his neck and a gun at his back And a license to kill him is given out to every maniac. He's the neighborhood bully. “Well, the chances are against it and the odds are slim / That he'll live by the rules that the world makes for him” it is highly unlikely that Israel will abide by international law after the world did nothing to stop the Holocaust “'Cause there's a noose at his neck and
  • 79 a gun at his back / And a license to kill him is given out to every maniac” instead, the international community issued a veritable license to mass murder Jews, a “License to Kill” “He's the neighborhood bully.”