SAPR          Sharlyne Hays             NBK           360.396.7277
safety within the ranksWATCH OUT for the 3%
bystander response
Unrestricted               RestrictedReport to any military   Report to SARC, SAPR    personnel            VA, health care...
Victims   Assailants
Navy Sexual AssaultPrevention and Response    (SAPR) Program      DoDD 6495.01, October 6, 2005
2012 Navy Region NW FCPO Symposium (SAPR)
2012 Navy Region NW FCPO Symposium (SAPR)
2012 Navy Region NW FCPO Symposium (SAPR)
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2012 Navy Region NW FCPO Symposium (SAPR)


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  • Why now? High visibility program. What is the first thing you think about when you hear that a sexual assault has been reported? What are your perceptions when it comes to sexual assault? Do you really know your command’s climate? Are you tolerant of unacceptable practices or norms? Do you address unprofessional behavior?
  • High - Risk Behavior
  • Victim target/selection
  • Help your personnel recognize predators within the “flock”
  • 1 146 newly enlisted Navy men, 40 – 1 ACR, 96 perpetrated 865 …9 each. Within previous 2 years. 83% incapacitation 27% force 1,882 respondents, 44 – 1, 76 – 439. 1225 crossover offenses. 2009 NAVINSGEN report: How many sailors have experienced some form of sexual assault since joining the Navy? 22.5% females, 7.4 % males
  • 93% of AD personnel agreed it was their responsibility to act if they saw a dangerous situation.
  • How is it reported?
  • What are some reactions the victim may experience after the assaultive event? How do co-workers perceive him or her? How do we combat these perceptions? VICTIMS Common Characteristics: Female, Eager to belong, Sensitive to peer pressure, Isolated from friends and family, Eager to prove themselves Male Victims: 92,748 men raped each year in the U.S.; 60% of men raped by other men knew attackers; Sexual assault is a act of control and domination; it has no relationship to sexual orientation Research by Lisak: ~ 50% of rape victims never discuss assault with anyone, ~ 15% of rapes reported to police, 83% of attackers were non-strangers ASSAILANTS In 2007 unrestricted reports of sexual assault: 27% between 20 and 24 years old, 26% between 25 and 34 years old, 44% age unknown * More data now being gathered to build understanding Other Navy sexual assault statistics mirror civilian statistics, so Navy currently uses those More than 60% of non-stranger rapists are cross-over offenders: Cross-over offenders engage in other criminal offenses, such as domestic violence, child abuse, robbery, larceny, and drug offenses Common Sex Offender Profile: Plans and premeditates attacks Uses multiple strategies to make victim vulnerable Uses alcohol deliberately Uses psychological weapons Uses only as much violence as is necessary Has access to consensual sex Is not mentally ill in a traditional sense Russell Strand, Chief USArmy MP, Family Advocacy Law Enforcement Training, In Understaning Sexual Offenders, states that a “he-said-she-said” defense can only stand up in the first several hours following an assault. After that, investigators can piece together a pattern of predatory behavior on the offender’s part. In our current criminal justice system you are innocent until proven guilty. Please keep this in mind when interacting with the sailors that have been accused. They need your direction and guidance as well as the victim. Let NCIS do their job…don’t do it for them.
  • SAPR Program Goals: Prevention Victim Care & Support Data Collection Subject Matter Expert What Can the SARC Do for You? Be Expert on all DoD and DoN policy and guidance Support CO in training, prevention, and response efforts Directly oversee all SAPR Victim Advocates Increase sexual assault awareness and prevention efforts and DoD policy compliance Track all cases of Sexual Assault that occur Having a plan in place ensures victims of sexual assault are not re-victimized Decreases chances of Congressional Inquiries and IG Complaints Increases Recruitment, Readiness and Retention
  • 2012 Navy Region NW FCPO Symposium (SAPR)

    1. 1. SAPR Sharlyne Hays NBK 360.396.7277
    2. 2. safety within the ranksWATCH OUT for the 3%
    3. 3. bystander response
    4. 4. incident
    5. 5. Unrestricted RestrictedReport to any military Report to SARC, SAPR personnel VA, health care provider Command notified Command not notified NCIS investigates No NCIS investigation SARC, SAPR VA SARC, SAPR VA support supportMedical, counseling, Medical, counseling, advocacy advocacy
    6. 6. Victims Assailants
    7. 7. Navy Sexual AssaultPrevention and Response (SAPR) Program DoDD 6495.01, October 6, 2005