Scientific Publishing: Is Social Media Worth It?
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Scientific Publishing: Is Social Media Worth It?



A talk for Oxford University Press on March 14th 2012.

A talk for Oxford University Press on March 14th 2012.



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  • Dr Alan J. Cann, Department of Biology,Adrian Building, University of Leicester,University Road, Leicester LE1 7RH, UK.
  • Blog as container - links back to OUP.WordPress rocks!Highwire platform is good, but we need more. A space to pull in content related to but not contained in the journals.Be where the audience is, don’t try to drag them to you.Having said that, content on onther sites is pointers to AoBBlog, which in turn points to journals (for our content). But not everythign isd our content. We are creating engagement.
  • Mobile – easy with WordPress. Pinterest – AoB Plants CC ( - why not?Be where the conversation is. Once you’ve got the content, the marginal cost of publication is insignificant.
  • Print is print. The Internet is different. Things work differently there.
  • What are we selling? Plant science.
  • Blog pageviews & social media followers.
  • The competition!

Scientific Publishing: Is Social Media Worth It? Scientific Publishing: Is Social Media Worth It? Presentation Transcript

  • Is social media worth it?Alan CannUniversity of Leicester.Internet Consulting EditorAnnals of
  • Be where the conversation is
  • Write once, publish everywhere mobile
  • Why?“The article as homepage”David Weinberger: “Small pieces loosly joined”"When I was struggling to position the website I made a mistake... Ithought we should do the same online as we did in print, simplytransferring from one platform to the other. But we carried out researcharound the world among educated people who didnt read the Economistand discovered, to our surprise, that it wasnt what they wanted.” Hecame to realise that there was a distinction between what he calls the"lean-back, immersive, ritual pleasure" of reading the Economist in printcompared to the "lean-forward, interactive" way people used the site. Itwas, says Rashbass, the difference between "snacking on the net asagainst the gourmet meal of reading in print". That convinced him and histeam to offer an entirely different experience to website users. Ratherthan lecturing the audience, they set out to build a community of peopleeager to participate in discussions with the magazines journalists andwith each other."Andrew Rashbass, chief executive of the Economist group
  • Does it sell subscriptions?“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally lookat the results.” Winston Churchill Branding vs. marketing vs. science educationThe Annals of Botany Company is a non-profit educationalcharity. What are we selling?
  • How are we doing?
  • Look over your shoulderarXiv Economic implications of alternative scholarly publishing models: Exploringthe costs and benefits Research – join us and shape the future of scholarly communication Terras: What happens when you tweet an open access paper Willmott: Institutional repositories, social media and academic publication:a simple experiment
  • altmetrics a "Right now were going through a Cambrian explosion of metrics” correspondents advice: the only way to go is to take the plunge and starttalking, loudly and often. Well, not too often. Edupunk motto "Just do it".
  • CreditsPat Heslop HarrisonDavid Frost & Alex BunningAlun Salt, creative geniusAoB Editorial Board, especially NigelChaffey