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  • 1. EASTER
  • 2. WHAT’S EASTER? Easter is a Christian and holiday celebratingthe resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day afterhis crucifixion at Calvary as described in the NewTestament
  • 3. DIFFERENT CELEBRATIONS AROUND THE WORLD Easter it’s a curious celebration because this feastit’s celebrated in a different way depending the placeyou are.
  • 5. EASTER IN CATALONIA The main Easter event of Catalonia is the blessing of thepalms on Diumenge de Rams. Crowds surge into cathedrals. Boyscarry long wafting palmons, while girls have graceful palmeswoven into intricate designs. Once home, the palms are hung onbalconies to ward off evil. On Easter Sunday, godparents dole outthe moneys: originally, marzipan cakes decorated with boiled eggs,but these days more likely to be a chocolate cartoon character.
  • 6. ENGLAND
  • 7. EASTER IN ENGLAND Christians gather together on Easter Sunday for a Sunrise Service.This service takes place on a hill side so everyone can see the sun rise.One curiosity is that some Christians take part in an Easter vigil,lighting a new fire outside the church early on Sunday morning. ThePaschal candle, decorated with studs to celebrate Christs wounds, maybe lit from the fire and carried into the church where it is used to lightthe candles of the worshippers.
  • 8. ITALY
  • 9. EASTER IN ITALYEaster, is a joyous celebration with games and concerts heldaround Italy. .Easter celebrations in Italy begin with Carnevaleactivities which is a prelude to the Lenten season. One of thepopular Easter customs in Italy is that Easter eggs are broughtwhen the church bells ring. However the major Easterattraction y is that in the capital city of Rome, the Pope leads aprocession to portray the “Passion of Christ” on the day ofGood Friday.
  • 10. EASTER MONDAY Is the day after Easter Sunday and is celebrated as aholiday in some largely Christian cultures, especially RomanCatholic. Easter Monday in the Roman Catholic liturgicalcalendar is the second day of the octave of Easter Week.
  • 11. VOCABULARYFeast: Fiesta Gather: ReunirCrowds: LLenas Prelude: PreludioGod parents: PadrinosWorshippers: FielesWounds: Héridas