05 AASHTO Bridge Committee Awards Presentation


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'05 Awards Presentation
AASHTO Bridge Committee
Snowbird Resort
May 23, 2006

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05 AASHTO Bridge Committee Awards Presentation

  1. 1. prize bridge competition Awards Presentation AASHTO Bridge Committee Snowbird Resort May 23, 2006 NSBA / AISC
  2. 2. Prize Bridge Jury John Fisher, Lehigh University Thomas Lulay, PBQD Edward Wasserman, TN DOT Jerry Weigel, WA DOT
  3. 3. Major Span Gateway Boulevard Bridge Nashville, Tennessee
  4. 4. • Meets the navigational requirements with a graceful arch structure • Elegant solution for bracing the two arches • Not a fracture critical arch system, with end fixity provided at supports using post tensioned and grouted rods
  5. 5. Gateway Boulevard Bridge Owner – Metropolitan Government Nashville and Davidson County Rick Kirkpatrick Designer - HNTB Fabricator - PDM Bridge Detailer - Tensor Engineering
  6. 6. Long Span Appalachian Corridor H over Clifford Hollow Hardy County, West Virginia
  7. 7. • The overall structure benefited from the use of construction modifications to allow launching • Enhanced time, safety and cost by using preassembly for launching • Preserved pristine nature of a deep gorge
  8. 8. Appalachian Corridor D Owner – West Virginia DOT Jim Shook Designer - HDR Engineering Fabricator - Stupp Bridge Detailer - Stupp Bridge
  9. 9. Medium Span Croton Dam Spillway Bridge Cortlandt, New York
  10. 10. • Use of steel permitted rapid and safe construction • Very clean aesthetic design accommodating the site • Thoughtful attention to detailing and design recognized the importance of maintenance under difficult access
  11. 11. Croton Dam Spillway Bridge Owner - New York City Department of Environmental Protection Designer - Hardesty & Hanover Fabricator - High Steel Structures Detailer - Tensor Engineering
  12. 12. Short Span Germantown Avenue Bridge Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  13. 13. • Thoughful aesthetics that complimented the park setting with outstanding color scheme • An innovative design that met the owners and users needs in a safe and rational manner
  14. 14. Germantown Avenue Bridge Owner – City of Philadelphia Designer - URS Corporation Fabricator - High Steel Structures Detailer - High Steel Structures
  15. 15. Movable Span Col. Patrick O’Rourke Bridge Rochester, NY
  16. 16. • Good balance and aesthetic contininuity enhanced by the use of haunched fascia girders on the approach span to compliment the bascule span • Clean appearance was enhanced by a carefully engineered counterweight hidden under the approach • Attractive treatment of bascule span abutments
  17. 17. O’Rourke Bridge Co – Owner(s) – Monroe County DOT New York State DOT George Christian Designer - Bergmann Associates Fabricator - PDM Bridge Detailer - Tensor Engineering
  18. 18. Special Purpose Liberty Bridge Greenville, South Carolina
  19. 19. • Gossamer like appearance of the cable support systems and the curvilinear superstructure provided a practical, cost effective elegant solution • System provides a futuristic appearance and pristine parkway addition
  20. 20. Liberty Bridge Owner – City of Greenville, SC Designer - Rosales Gottemoeller Structural Engineer – Schlaich Bergermann Partners Fabricator - Dave Steel Company
  21. 21. Reconstructed Red Cliff Arch Red Cliff, Colorado
  22. 22. • Methodical, well planned and engineered project insured historical needs were met • A thorough and knowledgeable analysis allowed optimum use of the existing steel to meet current design requirements • Thoughtful attention given to maintenance needs will allow an extended service life
  23. 23. Red Cliff Arch Owner - Colorado Department of Transportation Mark Leonard Designer - Colorado Department of Transportation Fabricator - American Fabricators Detailer - American Fabricators
  24. 24. Special Award Cooper River Bridge Charleston, SC
  25. 25. • Use of steel superstructure greatly reduced inertia effects for seismic and wind • Assisted in minimizing foundation problems for liquification • Resulted in a landmark structure that has outstanding aesthetic appeal especially the cable and towers
  26. 26. Cooper River Bridge Owner – South Carolina Department of Transportation Barry Bowers Designer(s) - Parsons Brinckerhoff / Buckland & Taylor Fabricator(s) - High Steel Structures - Carolina Steel Corporation - Augusta Steel & Iron Detailer(s) - Tensor Engineering - Carolina Steel Corporation
  27. 27. prize bridge competition CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL NSBA / AISC