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6 outreach positive contributions of plastics
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  • 1. Strategies and Opportunities for the Plastics Industry OUTREACH: POSITIVE CONTRIBUTIONS OF PLASTICS A presentation by… ARVIND M MEHTA Chairman Plastivision India Advisory Board. AIPMA Executive Director Council of International Plastics Association Directors (CIPAD) Past President: Plastindia Foundation Past President: AIPMA Miami, USA. 4-5 December 2012Outreach: Positive Contributions of Plastics
  • 2. • Plastics perceived as toxic - injurious to health & environment • Thinner plastic bags are not recyclable • Plastics deplete precious & scarce fossil fuel • Traditional packaging materials are better alternatives to plastic bagsOutreach: Positive Contributions of Plastics 2
  • 3. There are misconceptions regarding: • Health & safety • Toxicity • Disposal & waste management • Environmental hazard • BiodegradabilityOutreach: Positive Contributions of Plastics 3
  • 4. Without Chemical Industry Total Global Emissions With Chemical Industry In 2005, Total Global Emissions was 46 GtCO2e GtCO2e It could have been 51.2 Gt CO2e, but for the savings by Chemical Industry Savings by Chemical Industry 11% 2005 Among The Top 10 Green House Gas Emission Saving Sectors - 4 are Plastics Insulation Materials Packaging Automobiles Piping Source: McKinsey cLCA study for ICCA Plastics save green house gas emissions and saves the earth from global warmingOutreach: Positive Contributions of Plastics 4
  • 5. Non-biodegradability property of plastics is termed as the major reason of waste management problem • Plastics are useful for its long life characteristics • Biodegradable / compostable plastics have been developed but these are required for specific applications where recycling is not possible or difficultOutreach: Positive Contributions of Plastics 5
  • 6. • ICPE (Indian Centre for Plastics in Environment) set up on the recommendation of a Task Force constituted by The Ministry of Environment and Forests-body registered under Society Act on January 27, 1999• Nodal agency recognized by the Government of India to handle all issues related to Plastics and Environment in the country Website: Indian Centre for Plastics in Environment http://icpe.inOutreach: Positive Contributions of Plastics
  • 7. Outreach: Positive Contributions of Plastics
  • 8. • To encourage, promote and support upgradation of the PWM & plastic industry technologically and environmentally • To project Indian Plastic industry as environment conscious, socially responsible in all its acts, be it manufacturing, marketing or recycling of plastic waste • To inform, create awareness on the importance of the right way of disposing plastic waste • To work closely with the Central, State and local administration in PWM on behalf of the plastic industry • Develop and encourage standards/ specifications / guidelines for plastic waste / recyclates for applications • Sponsor/ undertake R & D work in the area of plastics in general, and plastics waste management in particular • Develop and encourage codification system for assisting recycling in critical and non-critical applications • Collect, collate, publish and disseminate statistical data on on Plastic waste industry / Plastic Industry • Circulate information relating to Plastics Waste Industry -benefit of manufacturers, consumers and regulatory bodies • Establish / maintain contacts / liaison and exchange information with similar bodiesOutreach: Positive Contributions of Plastics 8
  • 9. • Technical and R & D Programs• Standards & Specification o ICPE has been instrumental in developing the packaging guidelines and also the BIS Recycling Standards(IS 14534 / 14535) in the country. ICPE is also represented on the Bureau of Indian Standards - Plastic Sectional Committee (PCD - 12)• Technical Training & Workshop in the area of plastic materials & processing, plastics recycling and plastic waste management• Technical Publications for creating comprehensive technical awareness in the area of plastics & environment• Pilot Projects & demonstration projects across the country o Compactor for crushing & bailing of waste plastic bottles, glasses & cups in area like railway stations. One such compactor being operated at Churchgate, Mumbai o Pilot incineration Project proposed for one of the metros in co-operation with local authorities o A mini recycling project for multiplayer films / laminates / pouches / sachets is planned along with one of the leading industrial research institute in Delhi• Commissioning Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for various materials Indian Plastics Industry – Responsible with Social CommitmentOutreach: Positive Contributions of Plastics 9
  • 10. Outreach: Positive Contributions of Plastics 10
  • 11. Need of the hour is that all stakeholders come together to develop a comprehensive long-term vision and strategy for plastics use without any adverse impact on people and environment in a way compatible with market forces and benefits the society at largeOutreach: Positive Contributions of Plastics 11
  • 12. Thank youOutreach: Positive C0ntributions of Plastics 12