AIMIA V21 - Richard Lord
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AIMIA V21 - Richard Lord



Richard Lords presentation at the AIMIA V21 conference held in Melbourne, Australia

Richard Lords presentation at the AIMIA V21 conference held in Melbourne, Australia



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AIMIA V21 - Richard Lord Presentation Transcript

  • 1. V21 2009
    New Business not New Media
    Richard Lord – Chief Marketing Officer
    18th March 2009
  • 2. Who am I & Why am I Here?
    Hyro Limited is Australia’s largest and Oldest PURE Digital Services Company
    We have now worked with more than 500 different companies and government agencies in more a dozen countries
    I am an “Old Man of the Internet”
    I started Australia’s FIRST web developer in 1994 and have delivered many “firsts” for the Australian online Industry
    I have the privilege of working with around 350 of the brightest, most innovative digital professionals in Asia
  • 3. Australian Digital Industry Insights
    In 2008 AIMIA, Hyro and IBM Australia Collaborated on the inaugural AIMIA Digital Services Index™
    We used independent researcher Springboard Research to interview 107 companies and government agencies about their investment / expenditure on digital
    77% of respondents were >1,000 employees
    Data collection covered ALL aspects of digital; from infrastructure and hosting through to online advertising and all things in between
  • 4. 40% of customers engaged through Digital Services
    in 2009
    Australian Digital Industry Insights
  • 5. 25% of customer revenuetied to Digital Servicesin 2009
    Australian Digital Industry Insights
  • 6. 14.3% of enterprise S,G &A expenditure on Digital Services
    Or to put it another way
    AUS$17.9 Billion spent on Digital Services in 2008
    Australian Digital Industry Insights
  • 7.
    • First Measure of the WHOLE Digital Services Industry in Australia
    • 8. Confirms that Digital is MORE THAN Online Advertising
    • 9. Online Advertising is only 1/3 of the total expenditure on Marketing via Digital Channels….
    • 10. … and about 9% of the overall spend on Digital Services
    Australian Digital Services Industry
    Total Digital Marketing Spend
    Online Advertising
    Australian Digital Industry Insights
  • 11.
    • CUSTOMERS continue to shift to Digital Channels…. with around 40% of customer engagement driven by Digital Channels
    • 12. And are taking their BUSINESS with them … with 25% of corporate revenue driven by Digital Channels in 2009
    • 13. Yet INVESTMENT is still lagging as only 14.3% of corporate expenditure is directed to Digital Services
    • 14. Some of this is represented by the relative cost efficiency of digital, but Australia remains UNDER-INVESTED
    Customer Engagement
    Share of Corporate Revenue
    Digital Services Investment
    Australian Digital Industry Insights
  • 15. Our Perspective on the Future
    There is a “confluence of forces” affecting digital
    At the same time as companies are reviewing the effectiveness of their traditional advertising spend, their customers are driving a shift to digital channels
    “The global ad market could shrink by 10-15% (by 20% in the US ) in 2009”Source Interpublic – Australian Financial Review 16th March 2009
    Traditional Media Channels (TV, Print, Radio) are under pressure – we cannot assume that they will continue to exist in their current form. They will need to either transform or perish.
    This is the RISE of DIGITAL
  • 16. Our Perspectives on the Future
    Business of Significance – risk management, performance, managing yield becoming MUCH more important
    Commercial Focus – transaction capability, data gathering, commercial value becoming MUCH more important
  • 17. What is the New Business of Media
    EVERY corporation or government agency MUST take greater hands on ownership for distributing their marketing message
    This means:
    Acquiring, managing and leveraging good DETAILED information about your customers
    Having the right infrastructure to distribute your own messages
    Having the right teams to manage your Digital Presence as a core capability
    Traditional Media will need to adapt to provide robust channels to well qualified groups of customers – and that means good systems, data & customer intelligence(& they’ll have to watch out for Google)
  • 18. Important things to consider in 2009
    Get your platform right – if you don’t have control of your data, your channels, your security and your transactions you WILL be disadvantaged coming out of this recession downturn
    Get your channels right – now is the time to have an integrated, cross channel capability. There are BIG moves afoot in mobiles andother channels you need to be ready.
    Get your operations right – Digital is core to the success of your business, but many companies still try to cobble together an internal team of generalists and do it on the cheap. Work with experts and consider outsourcing.
  • 19. Thank You
    Richard Lord
  • 20. Ongoing Insights
    Working together, AIMIA, Hyro and IBM Australia are continuing the work of the AIMIA Digital Services Index™ in 2009
    Today we are launching our 2009 Online Survey
    An interim survey measuring key intentions for Digital Services in 2009
    12 questions (it takes about 10 minutes)
    The 2009 AIMIA Digital Services Index™ will kick off in July for release in September