CSIRO/AIM Knowledge to Profit Event


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CSIRO/AIM Knowledge to Profit Event

  1. 1. Capital Raising Options forTechnology SMEs in Australia Patrick Mooney Date: 9 Nov 2011
  2. 2. The ‘Valley of Death’ VALLEY OF DEATH Venture Capitalists Angel Funding & High Net Worth FFF - Friends, Family & Founders Private Equity, Debt & Public Markets
  3. 3. Angel & ‘High Net Worth’Networks in Sydney Angel networks - Sydney Angels, Innovation Bay Incubators – ATP Innovations, Pollenizer, Blue Chilli, Ignition Labs Shared working space – Fishburners Accelerators – Pushstart, Startmate Most are focussed on Web and mobile ventures, but not exclusively
  4. 4. ‘Powering Ideas’ VALLEY OF DEATH Venture Capitalists Angel Funding & High Net Worth FFF - Friends, Family & Founders Private Equity, Debt & Public Markets
  5. 5. Commercialisation Australia Announced in the 2009-10 Federal Budget – key component of Powering Ideas: an innovation agenda for the 21st century Funding of $244 million over 5 years to June 2014, $82 million a year thereafter Objective: build capacity and opportunities for Australia’s researchers, entrepreneurs, innovative firms to convert IP into commercial ventures Model developed through a consultation process involving more than 250 stakeholders
  6. 6. Our Solution Providing more than just money... Participant Funding Case Manager Mentors Networks
  7. 7. Grant Types Australian Firms, Entrepreneurs and Researchers [through their Commercialisation Office] Entry Entry Entry Entry Skills and Experienced Proof of Early Stage Knowledge Executives Concept Commercialisation Up to $50,000 Up to $350,000 $50,000 to $250,000 $50,000 to $2 Million 80:20 funding contribution 50:50 funding contribution 50:50 funding contribution 50:50 funding contribution To access expert advice and To engage a Chief Executive To prove commercial To develop a new product, services for those new to Officer or other executive viability (not R&D) process or service though to Commercialisation market 24 months 12 Months 12 Months 2 Years Case Managers Volunteer Business Mentors Advice and mentoring throughout life-cycle Provide introductions and networking opportunities Exit Exit Exit Exit Multiple Exits [Fast Failure, Licensing, Angel Investment, Joint Ventures, Referral to other Programs]
  8. 8. CriteriaFirst, is there a need for funding? If so:• Market Opportunity• Value proposition• Execution plan• Management Capability• National Benefits
  9. 9. The Story So Far…. 26 Case Managers around Australia Funding of $126.5 million announced [as at 2 November 2012] 322 ParticipantsWA QLDCase Managers – 3 Case Managers – 5Participants - 34 Participants - 83SA and NTCase Managers – 3 NSW and ACTSA Participants – 19 Case Managers – 8NT Participants – 1 VIC and TAS NSW Participants – 88 Case Managers – 7 ACT Participants – 10 VIC Participants – 77 TAS Participants – 10
  10. 10. Value of Grants by Key Technology As at 2 November 2012, 322 Participants have been supported with grants valued at $126.5 millionManufacturing, BiotechnologyEngineering and Design $12.9 million$52.6 million 42% 10% 13% 35% Software and Web Computer Systems Design and Hardware $ 44.5 million $16.5 million
  11. 11. Value of Grants by Key Market As at 2 November 2012,Auto, Aviation, Marine and TCF Automotive, Aviation, Marine & TCF 322 Participants have been OEM supported with grants OEM valued at $126.5 million Infrastructure and& Building Infrastructure Building Health and Medical Health & Medical Entertainment, Tourism Entertainment, Tourism & Sport and SportEnergy, Mining and Resources Energy, Mining & Resources Education and & Training Education Training Defence, SecuritySecurity Defence and & Safety Business and BusinessCommunications & Communications Agriculture and Food Agriculture & Food Grant Value ($ million) 0 5 10 15 20 25 30
  12. 12. BuildingIQ• $1.2 million Early Stage Commercialisation grant• Unique technology that predicts, automates and controls a building’s energy use• Achieved 30% energy savings so far• CA funding used to scale cloud based implementation of the system• Have formed partnership with energy management systems provider Syserco and strategic relationship with Schneider Electric
  13. 13. SmartWard• $2,050,000 Early Stage Commercialisation and Skills and Knowledge grants• Developed an automated system (software and hardware) for recording information in hospital wards• It aims to reduce treatment errors and free clinicians from administrative tasks• CA funding has been used to develop a business plan, information memorandum for capital raising and to take product to market
  14. 14. Globaltech• $230,000 Proof of Concept grant• Developed “ePLOD”, a fully integrated electronic progressive log of drilling systems for the mining industry• It records drilling as it happens, including consumables, chargeables, activities, tasks and comments, on a rod by rod basis• Replaces paper reporting and improves monitoring• Funding has resulted in early market launch• ePLOD is currently being used by leading global mining and exploration drilling companies in Australia and overseas.
  15. 15. Contacting UsWebsite: www.CommercialisationAustralia.gov.auHotline: 13 22 56Email: ca@innovation.gov.au