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TCS program introduction

  1. 1. Tata Consultancy Services<br />TCS & AIESEC Cooperation<br />
  2. 2. Corporate Facts<br /><ul><li>TCS was established in 1968
  3. 3. FY 2010 revenue of USD 6.34 billion </li></ul> (up from USD 6.01 billion in FY 2009)<br /><ul><li>Over 1,42,939* employees
  4. 4. 1st Company in the world to be assessed at Level 5 for integrated enterprise-wide CMMI and PCMM
  5. 5. Global Presence - 140 offices in 42 countries
  6. 6. First and Largest
  7. 7. Software R&D centre in India
  8. 8. Software exporter in India</li></ul>TCS Revenues in USD Millions<br />* All Figures as of March 31<br />* Excluding Subsidiaries, 1,63,700 Associates inclusive of subsidiaries<br />As on 30th June 2010<br />2<br />
  9. 9. TCS Global<br />Europe<br />22<br />2<br />UK & Ireland<br />N. America<br />11<br />1<br />18<br />4<br />140 Offices in 42 countries<br />106 Solution Centres in 20 countries<br />India<br />APAC<br />MEA<br />52<br />80<br />6<br />18<br />7<br />3<br />IberoAmerica<br />12<br />10<br />Sales Office<br />Solution Centres<br />As on 30th June 2010<br />3<br />
  10. 10. What is the ACE Program<br />Company’s global agenda holds recruiting and retaining today’s talents very high on its priorities, hence partnering with AIESEC brings us exactly to the talent pool desired: fresh, mobile and young people, the leaders of tomorrow.<br />Showcase TCS as an employer of choice<br />Be a brand ambassador of TCS<br />Reverse Integration capitalizing on knowledge and best practices<br />Enhance diversity of employees<br />
  11. 11. History of AIESEC – TCS Partnership<br />Crossed 200 ACE interns, more than 50 of them got absorbed/ continued working with TCS in different geographical locations<br />2009<br />Launch of www.myaiesec.netAnd we are taking over 40 interns annually<br />2007<br />TCS and AIESEC cooperation on local level: Hungary, UK, China, Brazil, Ireland<br />2006<br />TCS builds “Insight2” which is AIESEC International’s online interface connecting a network of 91 countries, and 20,000 members. `<br />TCSis theGlobal IS PartnerofAIESEC& runs theACE Programglobally<br />TCS organizes around 15 placements of young graduates <br />2005<br />2002<br />TCS takes part in the biggest annual conference of the AIESEC leadership<br />2002 - 2004<br />1999-2000<br />TCS starts taking AIESEC interns in various offices in the world. (UK, India) - incipient stage of collaboration <br />
  12. 12. Over 200 ACE interns since 2004 …<br />North America<br />Europe<br />Asia<br />76<br />8<br />12<br />Middle East<br />Africa<br />7<br />36<br />Latin <br />America<br />Pacific<br />3<br />63<br />59 Interns (from 33 countries) currently working in India205 Interns (from more than 60 countries) worked <br />
  13. 13. Absorbed associates<br />North America<br />Europe<br />Asia<br />29/76<br />1/8<br />1/12<br />Middle East<br />Africa<br />1/7<br />2/36<br />Latin <br />America<br />Pacific<br />0/3<br />15/63<br />30% of ACE associates got absorbed in different locations around the Globe ( 59 out of 204) since 2004<br />
  14. 14. Benefits our Intern enjoys …<br /><ul><li>Initial accommodation for the first two to four weeks in Mumbai
  15. 15. Health insurance scheme provided throughout the internship</li></ul>TQ<br />HIS<br />Flight<br />L&D<br /><ul><li>Return flight home at the end of the internship
  16. 16. ACE Conference
  17. 17. Global Village</li></li></ul><li>- 9 -<br />Heading for the future<br />Employment<br />In TCS geographies<br />Learning Path of ACE Interns<br />
  18. 18. Career Streams our Interns are working in<br />Software Development<br />Global Consultancy Practice <br />Working as Business Analyst<br /><ul><li>Program Management Office
  19. 19. Change Management
  20. 20. Supply Chain
  21. 21. HR</li></ul>Working on<br /><ul><li>C / C++ / Java / ASP.NET,
  22. 22. Oracle Applications: Finance Module
  23. 23. Business Intelligence : Informatica, Business Objects
  24. 24. ERP – SAP Financials
  25. 25. CRM - Siebel</li></ul>Working in variousFunctions<br /><ul><li>Learning and Development
  26. 26. Talent Allocation & Deployment
  27. 27. Foreign Language Initiatives</li></ul>Human Resources Functions<br />
  28. 28. ACE experiences<br />Alina joined ACE Program as a part of Corporate Resource Management Group. Worked with teams in Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore for the staffing needs of several projects and induction of the new joinees. She was also involved in the awareness campaigns and deployment of Intergrated Competency Management System of TCS. She also worked as an HR Generalist in Bangalore, taking care of 650 employees. <br />Currently she is HR manager in the United States.<br />Karol joined the Business Change Management comptency group withing Global Consultancy Practice. After being trained on approach and methodology of the group, he joined the team of consultants to work on assigments including Change Management consulting activities on client side. <br />After one year ACE placement, he became Business Transformation & Change Management consultant currently based in Delhi. <br />