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Czech MC 13-14 JDs
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Czech mc 13 14 JDs

Czech mc 13 14 JDs

Published in Education
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  • 2. Basic Average Good ExcellentConference ManagementProject ManagementPartnership DevelopmentManagement of exchange processPeople DevelopmentStrategic Planning & Change ManagementEvaluation & Measurement ManagementFacilitating & TrainingLeadershipFinancial Management (budget, cash flow, etc)Team ManagementMy@net usage & management
  • 3. Rresponsible for managingorganization towards na-tional objectives & repre-senting of Czech Republicon global level # GIP # TLP # GCDP # Ms # TMP # full member LCs MC & LCs Financial Stability
  • 4. Strategy Planning & Creation• Alignment with Global Strategies• Long-term Strategy & Vision Management• Ensure continuous progress towards country’s vision• Organizational change management according to Long term plan• National and MC year Planning• Form yearly national focus areas and strategy• Education in planning and overseeing the LCs planning• Tracking national goals fulfillmentMC Team Management• Selection of MC Team• Review MC Structure with team• Set the team culture• Team building and bonding• Development of MC members (with VP TM)• Tracking of MC members performance• Transition of MC team (with VP TM)
  • 5. Czech LCPs management• Manage functional team of LCPs• Provide education and knowledge• Facilitating Board of Presidents discussions and meetings• Coaching LCPsLegal Process• Chairing national legislations• Tracking LCs membership criteria• Make sure all legal requirements according to the Czech law are metCountry Representation• Make sure AIESEC in the Czech Republic is fulfilling membership criteria• Represent AIESEC in the Czech Republic in the international , regional meetings and in the international legislation• Represent AIESEC on strategic external events
  • 6. Responsible for financialstability & legality of allentities (MC & LCs) inAIESEC in the CzechRepublic MC budget state #LCs with min 3 months reserves Legal compliance Money from funds raised
  • 7. Finance Management•MC budget and cash flow plan creation & forecasting•Quarterly updates of budget/cash flow state & improvement solutions•Monthly and quarterly reporting•Manage reserves and investment to support strategies•Development of long term fin plan•Revision of national financial model•Administer internal finance rules and policies•Analyzes of LC financial reports•Advisory on LC finance management•Education of LC VPsFinance Administration•Preparing data and communication with external accountants•LC payments calculation•MC bank account and cash•Payments management (ensuring MC obligations & debts towards MC)•Manage and build national funds and budgets of national projects.•Calculation & Tracking funds usage•Updating Board of Presidents about National funds usage & LC servicing fee
  • 8. Internal Auditors Management•Education and knowledge for IAs•Ensuring Internal auditors supporting LCs in the areas of accounting, taxes, financialcontrolling, finance management and reporting•Consulting with IAs content of FMsFundraising & Lobbying•Establishing of cooperation with grant and non-profit institutions•Searching for additional sources of revenue•Meetings with VIP people, municipalities, government, etc•Attending networking events•Negotiating about implementing long term interests of the organization•Supporting the activities and organizational goals through lobbyingLegislation•External audit is unqualified & submitted•Ensuring all tax returns on time•Ensuring fulfillment of legal responsibilities , adjustment to changes•Final responsible of all contracts ( should be agreed with involved VPs)•Compendium & Notices•Legal compliance and financial Statement update
  • 9. Responsible to drive exter-nal relations with the goalto by align and develop CRproducts according to ELDambition Growth in ER margin RR of partner companies Margin from TD products
  • 10. Market Analyzes•Competitors assessment•Product portfolio feedback•External trend analyzes•Internal global benchmarkingTD Product Development•ToT concept development & delivery to alumni & returnees•Y2B concept development & delivery•Partners involvement in selection processes (Newies, EP, MC)•Partners involvement in education cycle & recognition system•Partner structure•Develop TD product portfolioAccount Management•Partnerships delivery and Partner care•Resigning of current partnership contracts•Selling our products to current partners•Selling GIP to current partners
  • 11. Alumni Management•“AIESEC Alumni reunion” events•Communication with Alumni•Updating Alumni about activitiesStrategic Connections•Represent AIESEC on external events•Establish cooperation with other NGOsNote:MC VP ER is not managing CR LC VPs, but responsible for account management &new sales NST members
  • 12. Responsible for member-ship development &growth of LCs with thegoal to drive GIP-GCDP
  • 13. TM audit•Adjusting TM processes according to national drivers•Running sub analyzes•Assess membership performanceTalent Recruitment (with MC VP Comm)•Ensure planning based on X goals•Prepare selection materials•Drive national campaign•Ensure recruitment talent pool (ASM)Leadership Development•Ensure LEAD program delivery•Internal TLP promotion•Ensure TMP-TLP standards delivery on LC level•Redesign education cycle with hard & soft skills development•Ensure National Learning Partnerships (with MC VP ER)•Develop National Trainers Team to establish strong training culture &members’ education
  • 14. UpSales•Ensure local Reintegration activities delivery•Develop national campaign (with MC VP GCDP OG)Quality Management•Customer feedback implementation•Customizing TMP-TLPNational systems•Prepare & run national R&R system•Review MC structure & run MC selections (together with MCP)•Design transition frame•Ensure knowledge management system
  • 15. Responsible for down-scaling and execution ofnational strategies to locallevel# GIP LC plan fulfillment# GCDP # Unis expanded# Full member LCs GCDP/GIP NPS evol.
  • 16. Organizational Development•Developing University partnerships in all entities•Implement clustering model•LC health/performance assessment system•Create LC development toolsMarket Research•Benchmarking in other countries•GCPs implementation from global network (AI, MC VPs)•External market research•Supply-Demand analyzesProduct Development•National exchange product portfolio review•Setting cooperation with ministries, government & NGOs•Developing National key country partnerships in GCDP-GIP•Exchange Programs Quality Management (NPS respo)
  • 17. Expansion & SU Management•Design Expansion strategy•Set long term plan for expansions in Czech Republic•Run Education Plan in the expansions•Drive Recruitments and ensure pipeline management for IGs•Drive the new entities in the Global Direction - 2015Coaching•Adjust customized LC coaching strategy•Planning and tracking the implementation of LC growth strategies•Drive & track coaching as a systemOD Team management•Track exchange program responsible•Reporting on performance in GCDP - GIP
  • 18. Responsible for drivingGIP IC area with the goal ofGIP growth and stake-holder satisfaction
  • 19. Market research•External Analysis of Czech Market•Internal Analysis of Supply and Demand•Market researches with trend analysisSegmentation•Packaging JDs based on national segments•Segmentation Tracking•Segment developmentRaising GIP IC TNs•Raising TNs in current MC/LC partners•Raising competitions•Alumni cooperation•Umbrella cooperation based on segments•Re-raising strategies•Raising TNs in Global partnersMatching GIP IC TNs•DAAL files, AFT•Supply-demand management
  • 20. Responsible for managingthe overall GIP OG process,Program development &boosting on campus pro-motion
  • 21. Market Research• Student Market Research• Benchmarking globally• Internal Analysis of Supply and DemandProduct Development• Market segmentation• Product Packaging and its implementationGIP OG Promotion (with MC VP PR)• National Recruitment campaign• Lobbying• development• Social Media Marketing• Media Partners ManagementTalent Selection• Define selection process (profiling, interviews)• National and Regional OPS Management• ToT with VP ER for partners
  • 22. Matching• Matching and Realization Process Mgmt for GIP EPs• Tracking and AnalyzesQuality Management• Quality Control Process with XPP on national level• Special cases solving and tracking on EP side• EP preparation for GIP• Customer Feedback ImplementationInternational Cooperation• Developing country partnerships based on segments• Supporting LC to LC cooperationSystem Development• CRM system development
  • 23. Responsible for drivingGCDP incoming area withthe focus on quality mana-gement & sustainablegrowth
  • 24. Market Research•Global Supply and demand analysis•National Peak analysis•External market social trends•Benchmarking globallyProject Management•implementation of national projects•Project management education•Tracking of national and local projects•Final decision about projectsPromotion (with MC VP Comm)•National Projects Promotion•Social Media MarketingMatching•National Matching campaigns•Feedback & approval of new TN forms
  • 25. Matching•National Matching campaigns•Feedback & approval of new TN forms•Break match TNsRealization & Exchange Delivery•Supporting of visa process for interns•Setting minimum standards of interns careInternational Cooperation•Country Partnership management•Support LC 2 LC cooperationQuality Management•Quality Control Process with XPP on national level•Customer Feedback Implementation•ICB case solving/negotiation
  • 26. Responsible for managingthe overall GCDP OG pro-cess, program develop-ment & increasing qualityof GCDP experiences
  • 27. Market Research• Student Market Research• Benchmarking globally• Internal Analysis of Supply and DemandProduct Development• Market segmentation• Product Packaging and its implementationGCDP OG Promotion (with MC VP Comm)• National Recruitment campaign• development• Social Media Marketing• Media Partners ManagementTalent Selection• Define selection process (profiling, interviews)• National and Regional OPS Management
  • 28. Responsible for AIESECbrand positioning exter-nally & in the networkwith the goal to increaseamount of customers in-terested in our products# EwA to ELD# People engaged physically# People reached virtually# Media appearances
  • 29. Market Research•Run Brand Audit (all stakeholders)•Promotional channels analyzes•Global benchmarking on EwAEwA Development•Designing projects in EwA phase•Co-creating CR products according to students needs & EwA strategyMedia Management•Media management & monitoring•Advertising in mediaCampus promotion•National TXP recruitment campaigns•Supporting Pocket Recruitments•Non X events promotions (CD,TVK,MDC,Y2B)
  • 30. Responsible to drive corpo-rate area in terms on deli-very and development ofEmployer Branding productsGrowth in ER margin from EB productsMargin from new sales
  • 31. Market Analysis•Competitors assessment•Product portfolio feedback•External trend analyzes•Internal global benchmarkingSales•Driving LC sales•Inkind Partnerships•Raising new partners•Gain strategic connections on external eventsEB product development•Career Days••The Most Desired Company•Reconnecting youth events with EwA strategies