Driving TMP-TLP growth using myaiesec.net
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Driving TMP-TLP growth using myaiesec.net






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Driving TMP-TLP growth using myaiesec.net Driving TMP-TLP growth using myaiesec.net Presentation Transcript

  • Team Member Programme & Team Leader Programme
  • Expectations Current state information Training for TMP/TLP Management Tips – Space for questionsBut also, Transmit thoughts!
  • 1. ProgrammeImplementation and Goals Achievement
  • Main messages TMP & TLP programmes deliver as much impact on individuals as GIP & GCDP. Let’s love doing them! MyAIESEC.net misusage is just a reflection of the lack of TMP & TLP understanding, not the cause of it
  • Reactions MyAIESEC.net:  Global misusage of the platform  Experiences not registered due to lack of creation of teams and assignment of roles in the platform  Data for previous year isn’t useful for comparisons.  Previously counting unique users, now counting experiences  EPs might be included in the previous year counting as TMP/TLP participants
  • Reactions Programme implementation  Lack of fulfillment of programme conditions  Team with at least three team members for 8 weeks.  Being part of an Executive Board  Team purpose based Experiences
  • Needs MyAIESEC.net:  Need of improving user education on usage of platform to register results and as management toolProgramme implementation  Need of improving global understanding of programme and its implementation
  • Solutions Programme Management  TMP & TLP are programmes of the ELD phase just as GIP and GCDP  As such they need proper management: strategic planning, goal setting & review and feedback  Use MyAIESEC.net properly!
  • TMP-TLP Flow Post-Recruitment Pre- Team Recruitment Closingrecruitment Experience Talent SelectionTalent Planning JD Tracking Closing meeting (Up-sell or LLC) Talent InductionSegmentation LEC Execution Talent Allocation Performance Promotion Talent GS&O Assessment Talent Education & Training + Tracking & pipeline management
  • Meaning/Counting in What to do in theStatus When (“in reality”)? the system system? Create teams and A team with specific Pre-Recruitment : roles (TLP & TMP) inRaise roles (TLP & TMP) is Specifically after Talent the system created in the system Planning is done. Recruitment: Specifically An individual is Ensure that users are after Talent Allocation is assigned to a roleMatch assigned to roles in done. Match date should (TLP or TMP) inside a specific teams be the start date of the team TMP/TLP experience An individual has been Automatically done by Team Experience: AfterRealize in the role for 56 days the system 56 days of execution! (8 weeks)
  • Tips To clarify MyAIESEC.net counting:  TMP = EB Roles (Any Scope) + TM Roles (Any Team)  TLP = TL Roles (Any Team) + EB Roles (Any Scope) + P Roles (Any Scope)*Any Scope = Refers to AI, GN, MC or LC scope
  • Tips Make the new members register in MyAIESEC.net as soon as possible. As new users their status in the system allows them to see/subscribe/download: • News • Contacts • Files • Opportunities across • Wikis programmes • EP/TN forms • Conversations • Networks • Personal Profile So you can still execute induction!
  • Tips Start date of the TMP & TLP = “match” date Align your RA MA RE peaks of TMP & TLP with your University calendar Align your RA MA RE peaks of TMP & TLP with your RA MA RE peaks in GIP & GCDP!
  • Why to use MyAIESEC.net?
  • Why to use MyAIESEC.net? Overall view of HR allocation in your entity since you are able to see the teams under each entity Be able to design R&R for TLP according to goals achievement: Each team has goals associated!
  • Why to use MyAIESEC.net? Make decisions through accurate data Showcase impact of programmes Manage RA-MA-RE peaks More chances in national, regional and global awards!
  • Useful links Full user guide for TMP & TLP: http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewfile.do?operati on=fileview&contentid=10191928 Managing entity and team pages: http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewfile.do?content id=10194078 Lazy to read? Watch the videos: http://live.myaiesec.net/olc/team-experience-related/
  • Simply active Campaign! Find through these campaign the best tool for  Educating your LCs: Webinars and guides  Real time support: Forums and reports  Access Online Learning center! http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.do?conte ntid=10192314
  • Questions & Comments?