Team identity


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Team identity

  1. 1. AIESEC Vietnam Transition Team Identity identifying the team within us when we are together
  2. 2. AIESEC Vietnam Transition The Objective Team
  3. 3. AIESEC Vietnam Transition The big pictures Myself Team Members Team External Entities Knowing Each Others Team Drivers Team Vision 3 components of a team identities Team principles and standards Team Interaction Canvas
  4. 4. AIESEC Vietnam Transition • What is the environment that you work best in? • What are your unique individual strengths? What are the values you can bring to the team? • If you are standing at the last day of your term, when you look back, what do you think is the key for your team success (not functional/departmental). • 3 words to describe the team in the current context and the ideal one as you expect? GETTING TO KNOW Everyone can connect, break the ice, and get to know one another on both personal and professional level
  5. 5. AIESEC Vietnam Transition • Each team is successful for a different reason, and so the first thing you need to do as a team leader is decide why your team is going to be successful. • Decide the drivers of your team’s success • “Why your team is successful” TEAM DRIVERS
  6. 6. AIESEC Vietnam Transition Examples of Drivers • “Strong personal relationships between team members” • “Openness and Transparency” • “Ambitious environment” • “Well-structured and managed plan” • “Honesty and authenticity between team members” • “Help in the development of others”
  7. 7. AIESEC Vietnam Transition • Lets decide on 3 to 5 drivers that will be the reason for your team’s success • Based also on the output from previous discussion
  8. 8. AIESEC Vietnam Transition • “The vision will serve to bond you as a team and will guide your actions throughout the year” TEAM VISION
  9. 9. AIESEC Vietnam Transition Guiding questions towards creating the vision • What’s happening now in the organization? • What’s important in front of us that if everything else fail, we must achieve this thing in this term? • What do you think is unique for your team to face this term, as compared to previous few terms. • And how do you think you want your team to behave in facing all the above situation?
  10. 10. AIESEC Vietnam Transition • Specific principles about the types of behaviors you can expect from one another • Should reflect the drivers you’re decided upon • and may also include some other things important to your team members. TEAM PRINCIPLES
  11. 11. AIESEC Vietnam Transition Example • Driver: Authenticity and Honesty → • Principles: We give and receive “instant- feedback” as soon as possible
  12. 12. AIESEC Vietnam Transition