Retention steps during summer period


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Retention steps during summer period

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Retention steps during summer period

  1. 1. RETENTION PLAN DURING SUMMER AIESEC Greece GUIDELINE Our purpose Retention of the members in the LCs of AIESEC Greece What we know is that we want to keep the members of the LC connected during the summer in a way or another in order to strive for their retention ... aaaaand to keep them re paidi moy since they are so great!!! Here you’ll find some easy, useful steps and ideas which will help you to overcome the eternal issue after the summer holidays of not having members in the LC  LET’s DO IT!!! TM Summer Working Group 2013 Georgia Palantza, George Pappas, Diana Andrei
  2. 2. 1 About Retention What is retention? Retention is the act of keeping or not losing something. In organizations, retention is a term commonly used in the context of employees and the actions and strategies that ensure they stay. It is a particularly hot topic amongst HR experts and major organizations, because as the trends of skills shortages and the difficulty in finding high quality people continue, the more crucial it becomes to retain top talent, and prevent employees moving to other organizations. Retaining people is particularly important because it is understood in organizations that talent is the greatest, most valuable asset. Why is it important? To build on the enormous success of our Recruitments, it's important to be focused on retaining our member base. If we don't retain our membership, we will be continually rebuilding our member base, having inexperienced people in Leadership positions, going over the same content over and over, and reinventing the same strategies. Therefor us as TM people, we are so crucial to the overall success of our LCs. Why members go away? If your members leaving AIESEC your first question should be WHY? The easiest way to get answer is to simply ask them. You can use like example exit interview which will help you to gain feedback to organization. The most common reason why members quit are:  No growth  No sense of direction  Unfair or no accountability  Lack of communication  Lack of recognition  Lack of feedback  Relationships with offices or other members  Organizational values not the same as personal one  Misunderstanding of Nature of Organization  Lack of challenging and attractive opportunities  Close friend leave  Poor leadership style  Problems with Team Leader  Feeling uncomfortable in things what I am doing
  3. 3. 2 Other reasons:  Work, studying  Other available opportunities, tasks  Too high expectations  Culture not suitable for everyone  Personal contacts missing  Lack of time  Work not appreciated Steps for a successful retention in AIESEC Ice cream won’t truly help though  INtegration and RE-integration of our Exchange Participants How to have EPs retention after their exchange? Before exchange: The first main step it’s the OPS of course. As long as we do it good and well prepared we will definitely raise our chances to have satisfied EPs starting with their first steps of their experience with AIESEC. This will also increase the chances for us to have them after their exchange as new members in our LCs  Also during the OPS will be presented the opportunities that they can take after their exchange, in AIESEC but as well small opportunities before they leave!
  4. 4. 3 Part of the INtegration process: Invite them at:  LCMs,  to pass by our office,  to reception activities,  events from AIESEC – as Global Village,  host interns, include them in reception teams as members.  Integrate them in the LC’s Facebook group in order to start understanding the culture and AIESEC. When we have a match we can celebrate/recognize it on the group, newsletter, local site, local FB AIESEC page in order for the other EPs to get the motivation and match as well as soon as possible. During their exchange Keep communication with them and track the EP managers regarding their communication. Once per week the EP managers should send a mail to their EPs to see how they are, how they enjoy it, what are they doing, if it’s everything ok. Send them a questionnaire/evaluation form at the middle of their internship in order to see how it’s generally going and in case there are some issues to be able to interfere and one at the end in order to have an overview of how was their experience. For GIP EPs we can send them every 2 months an evaluation form – to show to them that we are also taking care of them as well. Also the EP managers will forward to them the newsletters of the LC, will update them about opportunities and will present them the teams and positions. We can create here special booklets for them and even videos. Ask them to send us a paragraph with their experience and pictures so far and post it on Facebook group, newsletter, local site, FB AIESEC page. In order for the communication to work smoothly between the EP Manager and the EP, we should assure a preparation of the EP Managers regarding the communication process and as well check upon their connection with their EP. RE-INtegration Steps to follow: When the EPs come back they will participate in our next LCM as special guests. They will present their experience, share their story – it can be a video with pictures and words, it can be a small speech with photos in background, whatever will suit the Returnee!
  5. 5. 4 Participation in the Local Seminar in Autumn and here we propose one day of special reintegration for them only – a track for the Returnees which can include:  AIESEC way, LC culture aspects, opportunities, activities, involve them to propose to us any inputs regarding projects that we could have for ICX, reception activities, any GCP that they could bring from other countries. Prepare a test/questionnaire or something else and include it in the Re-integration Seminar in order for us to see which team would suit them better. Allocate them in teams that are relevant for them and have a connection with what they have done in their exchange. Examples:  if they like to speak in public – OGX teams (promotion), if they like to organize events OGX or ICX (COMM sector), if they like to build projects etc. anything they have done and liked can be also done in AIESEC, of course at a different level in the AIESEC way Teams during Summer If the teams or some of the teams/positions are ending before summer or during summer, new positions should be open. So we will send new application forms*, take interviews through Skype, have small transition or parts of transition delivered through Skype (parts that are not crucial and can be done virtually). Announce the LC about the new opportunities through mails, newsletters and as well FB group or even better and more efficient: calls and messages through their phones! (*Proposal – it would be nice if the whole functional (TMs from the whole LCs of Greece) will share their application forms and interview guidelines in a chain mail, in this way we could make even better new applications and interview guidelines for the new teams) Enjoying participation spirit could be even more offered throguh opening new unofficial teams with a fun role  therefore:  Funishment team (punishment),  paparazzi team (take pictures from summer holidays),  Fun team etc. and have a really funny JD which can be made together with the members willing to be part of the teams! Fall Recruitment Team during Summer – It’s a crucial team and as soon it will be open, as better it will be for the experience of the team. Why? Because during summer they can have enough time in order to know each other, bond, prepare the planning, brainstorm, check the evaluation of the past terms. Take the GCPs and be aware of the BCPs, be creative and make really nice and motivational materials that will increase their enjoying participation, it will make them motivated for the month September to come in order to implement their ideas and make things happen.
  6. 6. 5 Proposed timeline: June  Selection of the team,  preparation and transition,  team bonding activities,  GCP and BCP of last recruitment teams (evaluation), making a plan (but keep in mind that everything like numbers, goals will be established after planning).  Give them nice and light homework, delegate small tasks that motivates the members to work upon during summer such as brainstorming for the team name, their values, vision, motto, roll call, shout, logo, think of innovative things to add to the operations of the team or new ways of conducting the “old stuff”(brainstorm for a better promo), video, culture etc.  Team meetings conducted through Skype, meetings in the city, going to the beach, or visiting someone of the team members, going out in the night etc. (different leisure and having fun activities, since we shouldn’t forget that it’s summer and as long as they will connect better as better will be the life of the team further) Alumni engagement Our Alumni are valuable resources as well and we should start capitalizing on them for 2 simple reasons: 1. they are AIESECers that for sure are missing the AIESEC environment and they would like to live it again 2. they will support in a way or another our LC Therefor we can involve the Alumni in different ways in our LCs:  Invite them at LCMs,  AIESEC events, participate in the hosting interns project, reception activities,  Local Seminars (as chairs, facis, deliver trainings, provide education), induction seminars, become mentors.  Having learning circles with them as a living library about their experience in AIESEC, how it helped them, how AIESEC changed from that time until now etc. (different topics)
  7. 7. 6 Interns engagement Last but not least, during summer we have our lovely interns in our city. They can be in the city or out in camps, but they are in Greece so we can actually enjoy a nice time together with them from time to time  Ideas:  Invite all the members that are living in the city or not, since maybe some of them would like, to go to their camps and have some fun along with the interns, or even go to their NGOs, museums (the places where they work).  Engage the interns in different LC activities or projects that we are running, meet the members and the EBs, meet the other interns from the other LCs, having nights out together, going to the beach, going to play games etc. Get connected all the interns from AIESEC Greece during summer! Example:  The interns from Thessaloniki could go in Athens, Chios, Patra and vice versa and be hosted by the interns or by the members.  Organize different events for them or just help them to travel safe and cheap  We can make a group on Facebook or organize events. Thessaloniki already has the group with all the members and interns from both LCs  Have different leisure activities with all the members of the LCs within the city. Here can be created the group on Facebook or create events in order for the people to be aware  Personal Goal Setting It is really important to be done to the whole LC. The TLs will do it to the members and the VP of each sector or VP TM will do it to the TLs. Through the GS, we can see the future steps that the members and TLs will do. And we can see the retention. If for example they have put that they will be members at September we can calculate our retention. It won’t be 100% accurate but it will be a great beginning for us.
  8. 8. 7 Personal Talks with VPs and TLs The VP TM can have personal meetings with the VPs and TLs to evaluate every member of the LC. How is the performance so far and what future each member or TL may have! Specially the TLs because they are really close to the members of their teams, have done personal meetings with them(even the GS) and know the reality and what the members want to do next. They know also the reason. So it will be helpful for us to calculate the retention and also it will help us on how we will approach the member that they want to stop and we can show them that the reason for them to stop isn’t enough and that it would be better to continue( of course if the reason isn’t so serious and we can see that the member has things to offer to the organization and AIESEC has more to offer to the member.) Mentorship The relation that the mentor has with the mentee can help the retention. The mentor knows the mentee, how has developed so far and can really understand if continue in the organization will help the mentee( because the purpose of mentorship is to help and do what best for the mentee and not for AIESEC). So we can talk with the mentor and see which mentees will continue and which will stop and if they can do something to make them stay.  From all the above we can make o document with the members that will continue in AIESEC, so we will be in position to calculate the retention and set goal for the Recruitment team!! R&R System If we have an R&R system, we can give the reward to the members at the last LCM before going for vacation. The teams that started from March to August or any other period. The rewards are to motivate the members, so if a member see that he/her work is being rewarded, that motivates them. And also it may motivate the other members to want to continue and try to take the next rewards. It is important to give them on summer, because at September the most of them will already have taken a decision to stay in AIESEC or not and this won’t help them a lot.
  9. 9. 8 The rewards might be: Tribute on Facebook page. Have a “Hall of fame” in the office with pictures and stories of members who have been awarded Being the Team Leader of your team for one week. Take a transition from another sector (to expend their knowledge and also be more ready if they want to change team). Some food for thought: “Little things make a difference” Provide them with little treats: Create funny “competitions” for the whole LC and announce the winner in the LC Meetings. Such competitions could be “who will take the craziest picture in the office?”, “who will do the most dare dances during a specific period of time?”, create a “wall of vacation” which can be used as a place to describe and share details concerning our summer holidays and experiences that we have had upon returning to the office. Additionally you can establish a sugarcubes wall in the office and a feedback box. In that way the members will feel much more appreciated and that their opinion counts. Local Seminar The Local Seminars (preferably twice per year) is a great source of motivation and can really boost each and every member in terms of wanting to be an AIESECer. It can also mean that the members acquire a deeper AIESEC understanding and bond with the LC. Agenda: Make it at least 2 days in order for the members to spend qualitative time together and get to know each other better. At night it is a great chance to interact and get motivated. After all it is the “Enjoying participation” factor that actually makes the members retained and re-allocated in new teams. Consider also including a session about “change management”, meaning the change of the terms not only regarding the EB terms but also the teams (old ones closing, new ones opening). Make it seem like a whole package right from when the members join AIESEC for the first time and make it attractive. In addition and since we are talking about a motivational conference, try and make the agenda light enough to have adequate space for interaction but not so light to the point that the members do not get something in terms of knowledge (after all it is an AIESEC conference). The themes of the session can be somewhat of inspiring ones – think of leadership, positioning of one’s
  10. 10. 9 self on the world. Have BIG breaks! During the breaks and given that there previously was a session on a specific topic you can make qualitative discussions concerning that topic but also general stuff. Last but not least, it is essential to include games in this conference. Such games can be a treasure hunt, night stalk or gotch ya. But be careful: the games must be well organized and every member should participate! LC Meetings The LC meetings act as a way to bridge the gap between the EB team and the members of the LC! The objectives of each one may vary but they all have something in common. They are a tradition by which the whole LC gathers and discusses about current problems, updates of every sector, opportunities… So in order not to get bored by doing the same things and in the same way every time, consider changing the place of the LC meetings (maybe a park if there is one close to the office). This could serve as a “escape from the routine” factor for both the EBs and the members. Moreover try and think of innovative ways for presenting the sessions and include fun parts in them in order for the members not to get bored and to get the load off of some heavy sessions. Sources of information: LC UoM Thessaloniki, Athens and LC AUTh Thank you for reading! The next step towards success is the implementation part  LET’s DO IT!