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NGOs for change booklet

  1. 1. c NGO for change iGCDP project powered by AIESEC Greece, 2013
  2. 2. 1. Program Description Project purpose Due to the unstable external environment, NGOs and non-profit organizations in Greece are facing challenges in terms of managerial and organizational structure, having an unstable financial state, preventing them from acting on a big and continu- ous scale for impacting society on their activity area. NGO for Change is an entrepreneurship Project aiming at contributing actively to Greek NGOs’ financial sustainability and organizational structure improvement. The vision of the project is to empower Organizational Growth and Sustainability of NGOs in Greece. In this way we can give to them the capacity to act on facing social issues that Greece is facing right now. Desired outcome of the Project - Timeline Spring Round -> Realization period -> Summer Round -> Realization period -> Duration: 1
  3. 3. “Tina Ramge from Germany to offer me as much insights into the Greek culture and their way of living by taking me to ancient places, traditional restaurants as well as nightlife hotspots and by involving me in their own everyday life. In addition to that, my more multicultural and exciting than I ever expected it to be. I am very happy that I was able to support the institute’s team in administrative and marketing impact on my personality, my way of thinking as well as my future working life. 2. We are looking for EPs interested in 1. Developing Professional skills 2. Gaining practical experience in a European country with economical challenges as Greece 3. Developing Social projects 4. Managing existing NGOs’ activities & campaigns 5. Affecting vitally NGOs’ financial status and societal impact Over than 100 NGO Internships were realized during 2012 in totally 30 Greek NGOs, participating in NGO for Change Check the project video 2
  4. 4. 3. Job Descriptions Managerial Job Description Organizational Plan for the long-term development of the NGO Marketing Plan for the NGO Education upon NGO overall management (Soft & Hard management etc Fund-Raising Model Creation of partnerships with other NGOs locally/regionally/internationally. Operational Job Description promotional activities (NGO branding and communication, social media Fund-Raising activities Creation of partnerships with other NGOs locally/regionally/internationally. :«I consider myself amazingly lucky that I had this opportunity to be working voluntarily for the organization during past This experience affected me significantly and it made me change my way of thinking. I met incredible people who stood on me and they supported me from the very first moment that my internship started. I believe I contributed in the effort 3
  5. 5. 4. Support to Interns From AIESEC Greece Reception and Support Accommodation & Food Training & Education However, interns are required to prepare also some things before arriving in Greece. Constant communication with NGO Evaluation & feedback upon internship experience For more information for the program, Greece and AIESEC Greece, visit AIESEC Greece iGCDP projects wiki here: For intern stories in AIESEC Greece, check the blog here: 4
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