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Local talent allocation guide 12 13
Local talent allocation guide 12 13
Local talent allocation guide 12 13
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Local talent allocation guide 12 13


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Local talent allocation guide 12 13

Local talent allocation guide 12 13

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. c Talent Allocation Guide Evolutionary MC 12-13 Member Profile Expect ations Needs Skills Compe tencies Educati on provide d The process: What we need to have in mind in order to allocate someone in a position? Applicati on Preferen ce of the member Interview / Personal Meeting Announc ement Inductio n Seminar/ Assessm ent Center Allocatio n Goal Setting & Orientati on Local Talent Allocation Guide 12-13 What is Allocation? It is a process that ensures that our members connect their development and interests with organizational needs. This is the time when you should have right people on right place at right time.
  • 2. c Talent Allocation Guide Evolutionary MC 12-13 • Expectations • Profile • Needs • Skills Application • Profile • Expectations • Needs Preference of the member • Profile • Expectations • Needs • Skills • Competencies • Educations Needed Interview/ Personal Meeting Announcement • Competencies • Skills • Profile Induction Seminar/ Assessment Center Allocation • Expectations • Needs • Education Needed • Profile Goal Setting & Orientation In which stage we observe/evaluate what? Advantages of proper member allocation ∗ Team work / dynamics ∗ Member retention ∗ Right skills for right job and task ∗ Reach full potential ∗ Greater member development ∗ Better allocation – reaching goals faster ∗ Well done job ∗ Member satisfaction For each candidate you need to have gathered in one place all notes & observations from every stage! *This will save you time and help you to have more concrete outcome in terms of where to allocate your people.
  • 3. c Talent Allocation Guide Evolutionary MC 12-13 And Remember: A member allocated to the wrong position: • Big frustration for the member, who is not further developing his potential. • EB canʼt reach their goals. A member allocated to the right position: • Higher individual and overall performance, better mood and working. • Positive and motivating atmosphere in the LC and a satisfied and further developing member. DO'S • Make the process very clear. • Implement a coaching system. • Have all the previous procorder: planning, recruitment,induction. • To have the commitment of all the EB members and project leaders. • Try to understand members preferences when reviewing applications. • To use individual assessment tool. • Present concrete opportunities, and promote them by the development members will have. • Keeping it simple :) DONT'S • Over promote or compete between areas and projects. • Do allocation without talent planning and competency assessment. • To decide without taking into account members preferences and personal goals.