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EwA guide for tmp

  1. 1. EwA guide | Young Talents of Tomorrow | March 2013 | AIESEC Greece 2012-13 How to create a TMP EwA event Guide
  2. 2. EwA guide | Young Talents of Tomorrow | March 2013 | AIESEC Greece 2012-13 ELD customers AIESEC promoters 1. Intro This guide is meant to help you engage even more people with our essence during the recruitment period and create ELD costumers (especially TMP) and AIESEC promoters. This means that through the following you can achieve both promoting AIESEC brand in general, but also these products. And through this guide, you will have a clear mage of how is going to be done. 2. Reasons  EwA activities should support your entity’s performance, health and impact.  Should be something ongoing taking into account a careful balance of resources and focus between ELD programs and EwA activities  Aim at introducing AIESEC to more young people  Follow AIESEC’ s brand experience guidelines  Focus on value for individuals and not organizations  The goal of EwA activities is to create ELD customers (people entering in our programs) and AIESEC promoters (people that will be ambassadors of AIESEC and they will know its value and they will promote it to others, friends etc so as to build brand awareness EwA activities goal GENERAL
  3. 3. EwA guide | Young Talents of Tomorrow | March 2013 | AIESEC Greece 2012-13 3. General Principles of EwA Individuals become aware of and experience the following in this phase: The WHY, HOW and WHAT of AIESEC AIESEC’s values The value propositions of AIESEC’s value based platform Participate in activities that facilitate learning as well as contribute to AIESEC Expose the audience to different activities to interact with the message constantly through different ways and for a long period of time. The participants should experience something intense through it and LEARN something. Expectations you set through the EwA activities for skills development and other, make sure you can ensure them through their experience. 4. Target audiences of EwA I’m a young person, student of AEI/TEI, 18-24, with interest in the specific topics and... I don’t know AIESEC I don’t know AIESEC but I’m engaged with its essence through other organizations I know AIESEC, I applied but I wasn’t selected. I know AIESEC and I haven’t applied because… Whoever wants to attend, e.g. professors, parents are welcomed
  4. 4. EwA guide | Young Talents of Tomorrow | March 2013 | AIESEC Greece 2012-13 1. Some basic and important things that you have to keep in mind are: Agenda (Use the “Young Talents of Tomorrow Agenda”) and adapt it to your local reality/needs Set the final date of the event Create a plan of activities and timeline that need to be done in order to execute the event Set responsibles for each activity Find speakers (send invitation from now on to the Partners that will deliver the session) and start making the draft content of their speech/workshop Find venue (Venue could be: a room in the university, conference room in a hotel, outer spaces, etc.) 2. Then Promotion comes: Make a simple online registration form for student (And save their contacts for future presentation or participation to other EwAs) Start the promotion (word of mouth, poster, flyer, logo, online media (fb, site, UNI media), students databases, stand, through professors). HAVE A PLAN! What to promote: Theme of Agenda, Date of Event, Venue and Speakers 3. Having a goal will make you understand if it was successful: # of registrations # of participants # of interested students for TMP # of new recruits # of people that provide their contacts to send them our external newsletter Increases on social media followers Outputs from Questionnaire, in order to realize if the EwA had successful content 4. Have in mind: Don’t forget some important things that will make the EwA fantastic and successful in the way you want. . BEFORE THE EVENT
  5. 5. EwA guide | Young Talents of Tomorrow | March 2013 | AIESEC Greece 2012-13 Some more extras for the Agenda It should last approximately 2 hours. Finalize which of the 4 themes are you going to prepare and promote Professors or Alumni can say there opinion and recommend AIESEC, as an organization that has many opportunities to develop their skills and gain experiences that will be helpful for them and for the society. Returnees and members can do story telling Have printed the “Delegates questionnaire” In the end you can have something like mini global village. 5. Be prepared & have a plan B Make sure that everything is ok, with venue, speakers, flow, students. Have also plan B in any case (one back up session for example.) Everything will be prepared so now you have to do some very important small things: 1. Your attitude: Be enthusiastic and be sure that you know what are you talking about Be talkative with students Do NOT oversell and under deliver. Show the AIESEC spirit 2. Showcasing of event For such an event it should be showcasing during and after the event. During: Shoot photos and video You can do a live streaming or live tweeting and Facebook posts, in order to be viral. You can also invite some media Partner to attend and write something about this. 3. Outcome of event for delegates DURING THE EVENT
  6. 6. EwA guide | Young Talents of Tomorrow | March 2013 | AIESEC Greece 2012-13 An event like this can give you much information. If viral events like this are likely If through these, students can understand what AIESEC is If eventually they become promoters or costumers of AIESEC This information you can get it with an easy way from the file “Delegates Questionnaire”. Give them the printed papers. 4. Agenda management Make a rehearsal with the speakers before the event starts Check all logistics needed Have a time keeper 1. Reporting In the end of EwA, you have to do something in order to have the final and total report, with information like what happened and which was the result. You can have “Report file for EwAs” in order to fill it. (Upload it on myaiesec.net) This will give you the opportunity to  Keep data for future use  Have the overall of the event in one file 2. Showcasing of event After: Use these photos and report outcome details Make this content viral in social media You can write an article in one media channels AFTER THE EVENT