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  • 1. EP Management Where the magic journey starts...
  • 2. Agenda 1.Why EP Management is Important? 2.My aiesec.net/aiesec gmail 3.Activities for EP Managers 4.Questions, Outputs
  • 3. Why EP Management is Important? •Preparation •CRM-NPS •Trust •Better XP •You create the journey… … you shape the XP!
  • 4. Myaiesec.net •Entity (Sending Entity, Hosting Entity) •EP Management files-wikis •TN JD (for them and you)
  • 5. AIESEC Gmail •Communication flow with the AIESEC Way •Within 48 hours •Learn them how to use it •Create a new label for EP Management
  • 6. Activities for EP Managers…
  • 7. 1. Allocation of the Eps 2. Know your EP 3. Communicate with him/her 4. Arrange a Skype Meeting 5. Set Expectations & Polices 6. Help him/her with the things he/she don’t understand (e.g. myaiesec/aiesec mail) 7. Set a weekly Meeting that you are going to do every week(same day-same hour), duration: 30 mins with specific Agenda
  • 8. Skype Meeting 1. Check in-Know each other 2. Ask his/her TN 3. Introduce EP to the AIESEC world through myaiesec.net (ask if they have kwdikous) 4. Learn them to use AIESEC gmail, in case they don’t know yet 5. Make 3-4 interactive (share screen) so they can understand 6. Ask about tickets, clothing, other details 7. Arrange next Meeting(before he/she leaves)
  • 9. Personal Meetings After the Arrival… First Meeting: Talk about his/her feelings. Be positive-Optimist and do some of the things from the EP Management Word. Also, arrange the next Meeting. Second Meeting and all the others… 1. How the EP feels? Is he/she satisfied? If no what you can do for that? 2. How is the Job conditions? Is the JD clear-same at the TN? 3. How are the living conditions/the roommates? 4. What about AIESEC here (Hosting entity) 5. What about the city/town, sightseeing, the culture, the people… 6. Any other challenge for discussion? 7. Tasks and Activities than will help EP to get out of the comfort zone! 8. Arrange next Meeting 9. Send Outputs to VP OGX & VP TM.
  • 10. From the EP Management file!
  • 11. Thank you!