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Sales Training Public Version


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Sales training AIESEC Citius Conference 2008 Nyborg, 1 November 2008 Jonas Bengtson, BCG (c) Claus Lehman Hansen & Jonas Bengtson (2004)
  • 2. Agenda Introduction Personality types The sales conversation Xxxxx-xx/Footer 1
  • 3. Agenda Introduction Xxxxx-xx/Footer 2
  • 4. What's your goal of this session? What would you like to get out of it? Xxxxx-xx/Footer 3
  • 5. What's your goal of this session? ... 1 To learn more about yourselves in the sales situation 2 To learn about the good sales conversation – do's and don'ts 3 To learn about some of my personal sales experience 4 To become prepared to go home to your LCs and start raising TNs starting next week! Xxxxx-xx/Footer 4
  • 6. A simple framework for why things don't work ... Challenges Rationale Consequences Don't like quot;cold callingquot; quot;Cold callingquot; not carried out 1 Attitude and mentality-related Insecurity success criteria Desired results not Lack of self-confidence achieved => negative impact on sales team; loss Lack of prioritization of motivation 2 Time and Planning Lack of clearly defined goals and objectives Lack of competence development within sales Lack of Preparation Lack of structured named 3 Data Management accounts management Lack of pipeline creation Inefficient data infrastructure Lack of market knowledge Lack of experiences 4 Competences Lack of tools and techniques Risk of losing share to other organisations Source: Jonas Bengtson; Jakob Teilmann Xxxxx-xx/Footer 5
  • 7. The quot;competence stairsquot; ... Motivation & Performance Known competence Unknown competence Known incompetence Unknown incompetence From unknown incompetence to known competence Competence level affects motivation and performance Source: Jonas Bengtson; Jakob Teilmann Xxxxx-xx/Footer 6
  • 8. Agenda Personality types Xxxxx-xx/Footer 7
  • 9. Personality types… (Not available) Xxxxx-xx/Footer 8
  • 10. Agenda The sales conversation Xxxxx-xx/Footer 9
  • 11. The sales conversation The different phases of a dialogue and their objectives… Xxxxx-xx/Footer 10
  • 12. Dialogue phases and objectives End Goal 1st or 2nd sales meeting Xxxxx-xx/Footer 11
  • 13. Dialogue phases and objectives Contact Closing End Goal Information Solutions Xxxxx-xx/Footer 12
  • 14. Dialogue phases and objectives Contact Show interest (Motivation) Empathy (your voice) Integrity & confidence (Rationale) Xxxxx-xx/Footer 13
  • 15. Dialogue phases and objectives Info Ask questions Active listening Control/guide the conversation Xxxxx-xx/Footer 14
  • 16. Dialogue phases and objectives Solution Activation of needs Selling Arguments Confidence in solution (accept) Xxxxx-xx/Footer 15
  • 17. Dialogue phases and objectives Closing Summarize the conversatoin Next steps (1st/2nd meeting) Personal goodbye… Xxxxx-xx/Footer 16
  • 18. The sales conversation Contact Closing End Goal Information Solutions Xxxxx-xx/Footer 17