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Understand and exploit opportunities in the bio economy

Understand and exploit opportunities in the bio economy



The NNFCC provides high quality, industry-leading technical consultancy which will add value to your business. Working with us enables you to stay ahead in a complex and constantly changing ...

The NNFCC provides high quality, industry-leading technical consultancy which will add value to your business. Working with us enables you to stay ahead in a complex and constantly changing marketplace.



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    Understand and exploit opportunities in the bio economy Understand and exploit opportunities in the bio economy Document Transcript

    • NNFCC The UK’s National Centre for Biorenewable Energy, Fuels and MaterialsUnderstand and exploit opportunities in the bio-economyN NFCC are the leading independent consultants for projects within the emerging bio-based sector. From agriculture and waste toindustrial products and downstream end-uses, we provide globalbusiness intelligence and market analysis on issues of production anddemand, profitability, forecasts, and policy.Established by the UK Government in 2003 as an independent advisoron bio-based energy, fuels, chemicals and materials, the NNFCC hasgrown to become an international consultancy focused on helpingorganisations understand and exploit opportunities in the biorenewablemarketplace.Whether you are a grower, processor, manufacturer, end-user,Government body, NGO, investor, financial institution, or law firm,we offer technology and market analysis to help you operate moreefficiently and competitively.
    • Maximising returns & de-risking investment in bio-renewablesWe can provide: • Early identification of opportunities • Evidence to make better informed decisions on targets • Safer investment choices • Faster deal conversion • Potential for higher returnsOur key strengths include: • Specialised expertise in the bio-renewables industry – we know and understand the issues that are specific to your business sector • Internationally recognised experts – well known and highly respected individuals in their areas of expertise • Breadth and depth of our services – our team works together to address a broad range of your needs in evaluating and de-risking opportunities in the bio-renewable market • Our objectivity – being independent, we have no axes to grind and our conclusions are based on objective analysis • Our global reach – our staff travel widely to ensure we are constantly in touch with emerging technologies and markets
    • NNFCC toolkit1. Strategic planning and project implementationa. Bio-based market analysisWe will give you informed opinion and analysis on the market developments inbioenergy, biofuel, biomaterials and biochemicals; enabling the identificationand assessment of IP and other investment opportunities. The up-to-date marketknowledge will also allow any opportunities of interest to be further analysedagainst competitor activity, including the use of SWOT and PESTLE tools.b. Policy, Standards and Certification (PSC)We are acutely aware of the importance of globally developing frameworksin PSC for bioenergy, biofuels, biomaterials and biochemicals. PSC can bothencourage and constrain a decision to invest and as such we provide up todate information and analysis of the PSC area. It is also important to considerPSC in existing markets and the effect this has on developing profitable bio-economy opportunities.c. Geographical considerationsThe emerging bio-economy means a shift away from historical geographicalconcentrations of fossil carbon processing to countries which have a largeland area available for biomass generation and processing. We will, as partof any analysis, look at the emerging bio-economies, the environmentaland sustainability pinch-points, and how grants, deferred taxes and political Les Sohettes biorefinery, image courtesy of Champagne Cereales
    • measures affect growth and opportunities in these regions. Neweconomies also mean new technological hubs and expanding markets,leading to increasing investment possibilities. We will provide up-to-dateinformation and analysis which de-risks investment in emerging marketsand technologies, as well as providing context and expert comment ontheir interaction with the fossil economy.2. Feedstock availability, processing, production and sustainabilityThe feedstock used in bio-based processing projects is crucial and wehave considerable expertise in looking at feedstock risks and potential.Analysis of current and future global availability of agricultural and otherforms of biomass (such as bio-wastes, agricultural residues, algae, forestryand other non-food crops) is part of our expert service, which also includesconsideration of yields, sustainability and security of supply issues.3. Biomass conversion - technology and implementation analysisWe are regularly scrutinising and reviewing biomass conversiontechnologies in all markets. Our experience and knowledge enables youto make key investment and market entry decisions with confidence;knowing that processes have been characterised, and considerationssuch as feedstock supply, conversion routes and efficiencies have beenthoroughly covered.4. Bio-based economyAny entry into the emerging bio-based economy needs additionalreasoning and analysis in comparison to conventional markets becauseof the requirement to consider the whole of the supply chain. In ourmanagement of any project we have the competence and know-howto ensure that life cycle impacts, carbon footprint and value of bio-basedcarbon are taken into account in energy, fuel, materials and chemicalprojects, thereby providing a lower level of risk and extra opportunity inany given proposition.More InformationFor more information on any of the services shown here contact amember of our team at:NNFCCThe UK’s National Centre for Biorenewable Energy, Fuels and Materials NNFCC, Biocentre, Phone: +44 (0)1904 435182 York Science Park, Fax: +44 (0)1904 435345 Innovation Way, Email: enquiries@nnfcc.co.uk Heslington, York, Web: www.nnfcc.co.uk YO10 5DG.