Crowd Business Models Summit Opening Keynote - Ross Dawson


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Slides from opening presentation at Crowd Business Models Summit - San Francisco, October 22, 2012

Crowd Business Models Summit Opening Keynote - Ross Dawson

  1. 1. CrowdBusiness Models
  2. 2. AgendaCrowd Business Models• Frameworks• DiscussionSuccess Factors in Crowd Business Models• Jim Fowler, Founder and CEO, InfoArmy• Kanyi Maqubela, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Collaborative Fund• Leslie Fine, SVP Product, Spigit• Jordan Ritter, Founder and CTO, Servio• Participant Roundtables• PanelFuture of Crowd Business Models• Byron Reese, Chief Innovation Officer, Demand Media• Philip Rosedale, Founder, Coffee and Power• Dave Sifry, Founder, Offbeat Guides• Tiffany Shlain, Filmmaker and Founder, Webby Awards• Participant Roundtables• Panel
  3. 3. Shifts supporting crowd-based models  Distributed attention  Speed to market pressures  Cost pressures  Rapidly expanding globalized markets  Evolving funding market  Constraints of existing models
  4. 4. Source: Ray Kurzweil