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A town meeting was held at the British Library to launch the call for The Academic Book of the Future. This call, in association with the British Library, relates to the AHRC's Digital Transformations in the Arts and Humanities Theme. The call’s aim is to explore the future of the academic book in the context of open access publishing and the digital revolution. A single consortium will be funded through this scheme, with total project costs up to a value of £450k FEC, with AHRC providing 80% of the costs, and lasting up to 24 months from October 2014.

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  • summary
  • The project’s aim is to explore the future of the academic book (including monographs, edited collections, critical editions, eBooks and other emerging forms of digital academic book), and the implications of new developments for researchers and readers, for academic libraries and publishers, for research ideas and innovation, and for engagement and dissemination.
    The collaboration may involve a number of institutions coming together, or may involve people from different research disciplines in the same institution working collaboratively.
    One award of up to £450,00 fec will be made.
  • It is important to note that International collaboration can be included within projects under this call, however it is not essential.
    We have recently updated our funding guide and International Co-Investigators can now have their time costed into the project as with UK based Co-I’s. These International Co-investigators must be of post doctoral standing and must be from an institution of equivalent standing to those in the UK. There is no limit to the number of International collaborators you can have attached to the project.
    International Co-I’s can be costed in at 100% of their time, however please note that we can not pay for their estates and indirects.
    It is also important to note that the total direct costs from any International Co-investigators on a project should make up a maximum of 30% of the total FeC of the project.
  • AHRC and the British Library wish to ensure that this project has a strong connection with numerous stakeholders that will benefit from this research.
    While it will be the responsibility of the research team delivering the project to ensure appropriate engagement with the full range of interested parties, the advisory group will act as a sounding board and reference point for the research team, meeting with them at the start, the mid-point and end of the project.
    The membership of the advisory group will be agreed by the Project Chair, AHRC and the British Library.
    A small steering group will also be established to oversee the project’s activities, and to work closely with the research team. The steering The steering group will meet 6-monthly with the research team, and will conduct a mid-term review after the first year of the project, to assess progress and reflect on any changes in the broader context, and agree priorities for the project’s second year.
  • Applications must be submitted through the Je-S system as usual and the deadline is 4pm on Thursday 27th March. Please also be aware that once you have submitted through Je-S the proposals will first go to the submitter pool at your institution and will need to be sent on from there to the AHRC by 4pm.
    Following submission the proposals will be assessed and shortlisted by a small panel of AHRC, British Library and other relevant peer reviewers and the shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview.
    There will then be an interview Panel held in Swindon on the 21st May. Successful proposals will get about 2 weeks notice to attend. We will then inform of decisions in June with the aim to send all of the outcomes during August, enabling a start in October.
  • Just a few notes regarding the successful awards:
    There will be only one successful award. The award will run for 2 years maximum.
    Award holders will also be expected to take part in activities planned by the AHRC or British Library. (They should also communicate with the Digital Humanities Theme Leadership fellow.) These additional activities could be networking events, workshops, or showcase events for example.
    Award holders should inform the AHRC of how to access any assets and resources as soon as they are made available.
    And just to note that Award holders may also be asked to complete follow-up surveys after completion of the project on issues of usage and the resources or assets produced.
  • As mentioned, all of this information should be within the call document, however if you have any queries at all regarding the submission process or the call itself, please don’t hesitate to contact either Claire, Wendy or Pam
  • Digital Transformations - Academic Book of the Future - Application and Assessment Process - Dr Pam Mason - AHRC

    1. 1. Digital Transformations Academic Book of the Future Application and Assessment Process
    2. 2. Summary • • • • • Grant details International collaboration Governance Call and assessment timetable Successful award
    3. 3. Grant Details • Award will be for maximum £450,000 FEC • Maximum duration up to 24 months • Award should aim to start by October 2014 • Project must be collaborative and preferably multidisciplinary • Should engage outside HE sector.
    4. 4. International collaboration • International Co-Investigators may be costed in to project at 100% • Total direct costs for International coinvestigators is no more than 30% of the FEC of the proposal • Must be from eligible institution • Must be of post-doctoral standing or equivalent
    5. 5. Governance • Project will have an independent governance layer • Steering Group, chaired by Anne Jarvis and including AHRC and BL staff • Expert Group, representing researchers, funders, libraries, publishers etc
    6. 6. Application and Assessment timetable • Applications through Je-S System • Deadline 4pm on 27th March 2014 • Applications shortlisted by an assessment panel • Successful applications will go to an Interview Panel on 21st May 2014 • Outcomes announced in June 2014
    7. 7. Successful Award • There will be only one successful award • Liaise with steering and advisory groups • The award will produce a Final report suitable for publication • Participate in relevant activities planned by AHRC and BL • Provide AHRC with information on how to access assets and resources • Follow-up surveys
    8. 8. Questions? Please contact us with any queries prior to submission: Claire Spooner, Programmes Co-ordinator Wendy Matcham, Portfolio Manager - or Dr Pamela Mason, Strategy and Development Manager –