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Impact Of The  Horizon  Report 2007
Impact Of The  Horizon  Report 2007
Impact Of The  Horizon  Report 2007
Impact Of The  Horizon  Report 2007
Impact Of The  Horizon  Report 2007
Impact Of The  Horizon  Report 2007
Impact Of The  Horizon  Report 2007
Impact Of The  Horizon  Report 2007
Impact Of The  Horizon  Report 2007
Impact Of The  Horizon  Report 2007
Impact Of The  Horizon  Report 2007
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Impact Of The Horizon Report 2007


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Published in: Business, Education
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  • 1. Impact of the Horizon Report 2007 WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, and HOW
  • 2. Who?
    • American Federation of Teachers
    • University of St. Thomas
    • Business Wire
    • Roger Atkinson
    • Educational Games Research
    • Jack
    • Diane of TBLC Library 2.0 Challenge
    • Vicki Davis
    • Terry Freedman
  • 3. What?
    • Institutes
    • Universities
    • Classrooms
    • Blogs
  • 4. Where?
    • Washington, DC
    • Australia
    • Minnesota
    • Westwood Schools (Camilla, GA)
    • Austria - Vienna International School (Vienna)
    • Bangladesh - International School Dhaka (Dhaka)
    • Australia - Presbyterian Ladies College (Melbourne)
    • China - Shanghai American School (Shanghai)
  • 5. When?
    • All of the sources cited came from about Feb. 2007 to May. 2007.
  • 6. Why?
    • To get the word out that new technology is emerging
    • To encourage people to read the 2007 Horizon Report
    • To analyze a specific point of the report relating to the purpose of the source
  • 7. How?
    • Summarizing
    • Blogging
    • Criticizing it
    • Analyzing using a series of questions via. McLuhan’s Tetrad
    • Having a poll to see which point in the report is most popular
    • Classrooms around the world working together to present the 2007 Horizon Report in a unique and effective way
  • 8. Summary
    • All of the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, and HOW questions were answered by analyzing each source. It shows that the report can be used in many ways. The great thing is that there is always more ways for different reasons to use the report.
  • 9. Sources
    • American Federation of Teachers. "Tech Notes." On Campus. April 2007. link
    • Atkinson, R. The new media and emerging forms of publication. March 19, 2007. link
    • Business Wire. New 2007 Horizon Report names Mobile Phones as "Next Big Thing" in Higher Education. link
    • Educational Games Research. Horizon Report Details Virtual Worlds. February 21, 2007. link
    • Hempell, A. "The Tetrad: Concept." The Resonating Interval: Exploring the Process of the Tetrad. 1996. link
    • Jack. "McLuhan's Tetrad and the 2007 Horizon Report." LoeperBlog. link
    • TBLC Library 2.0 Challenge. Quick Poll…What trends do you think will have the biggest impact? (Diane, Ed.). February 22, 2007. link
    • techLEARNING. "A superwave is on the horizon: The 2007 Horizon Report." Techlearning blog. (Davis, V., Ed.). March 16, 2007. link
    • techLEARNING. "The Horizon Project." Techlearning blog. (Freedman, T., Ed.). May 15, 2007. link
    • University of St. Thomas. "Web Wednesday: On the horizon and right now, social software in higher education." Bulletin News. Minnesota USA, February 21, 2007. link
  • 10. The worldwide classroom collaboration
  • 11. Additional Information
    • Google pulls up 911 results for “2007 Horizon Report”
    • Yahoo pulls up 1,710 results for “2007 Horizon Report”
    • Flickr pulls up 63 results for “2007 Horizon Report”
    • pulls up 41 results for “2007 Horizon Report”
    • Slideshare pulls up a whopping 18,235 results for “2007 Horizon Report”