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First Day Answers2010
First Day Answers2010
First Day Answers2010
First Day Answers2010
First Day Answers2010
First Day Answers2010
First Day Answers2010
First Day Answers2010
First Day Answers2010
First Day Answers2010
First Day Answers2010
First Day Answers2010
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First Day Answers2010


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information about Life Science Class

information about Life Science Class

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Life Science Questions and Answers
  • 2. What to bring to class?
    • Bring your Laptop, pen or pencil, and your homework.
    • You will not be able to return to your locker during the class period.
  • 3. Do I bring my textbook to class?
    • NO!
    • You will get a password for the online textbook.
    • If we need the textbook there is an extra set in the classroom.
  • 4. Do we use the laptops?
    • Yes, almost every day!
    • Please bring your laptop and make sure you charge it at night.
  • 5. Notebooks
    • We will keep a notebook on the laptop.
    • You will dropbox your notebook several times a marking period for a grade.
    • Your notebook grade is 25% of your marking period grade.
  • 6. When are tests scheduled?
    • We will have a test or a quiz almost every week.
    • You will know on Monday of each week, when the quiz/test is scheduled and what you need to study.
  • 7. How is my grade determined?
    • The notebook is 25 %
    • Homework is 25 %
    • Tests/quizzes/labs and graded assignments count for 50 %.
  • 8. What happens if you do not have your Homework?
    • Each homework assignment is worth 2 points
    • If you have EVERY homework assignment you will receive a 100%.
    • You can not make up missed points.
    • We check homework at the beginning of each class
  • 9. What is a syllabus?
    • Each Monday you will receive a schedule for the week.
    • It will tell you:
    • The topic for each day
    • The homework for each night
    • The day of the test/quiz
    • Topics to study for the test/quiz
  • 10. Syllabus Responsibility
    • It is your responsibility to download the syllabus for the start of class each Monday.
  • 11. Absent from class
    • You must make up missed work.
    • Assignments are posted on:
    • Studywiz
    • My wiki page
  • 12. To get in touch with Mrs. Gillen
    • My voice mail is 1432
    • My email is
    • [email_address]