10 step product marketing plan


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10 step product marketing plan

  1. 1. Universal Coverage A 10 Step Marketing Initiative Marketing Management Alfonso Gabriel A. Vega
  2. 2. Health in the Philippines Lifestyle and infectious disease Major public concern that is underappreciated Majority of Filipinos fall below the poverty line Sustenance living Unable to pay for the health services they need
  3. 3. Health Insurance in the Philippines Health expenditure predominantly out-of-pocket PhilHealth unable to shoulder all costs No universal coverage
  4. 4. Health insurance facts <20% have full, continuous health coverage People don’t see the importance of coverage Misinformation˜
  5. 5. Product: The Middle Man Bridge between the government and the people Outsourcing marketing of Philhealth Aim of universal health coverage
  6. 6. Step 1: Identifying the Primary Market
  7. 7. Stakeholders Philhealth Goal of 100% coverage Decreasing OOP expenditures for every Filipino Filipinos Risk stratification Primary target market Addressing health misconceptions Other HMOs Role in the driving up healthcare costs
  8. 8. What they need, want, demand
  9. 9. Philhealth Wants: connect to the people Needs/Demands: universal healthcare coverage; hatch an information campaign that is successful in disseminating its message to people of various socioeconomic classes
  10. 10. Filipino People Wants Better informed about benefits Need/Demands Bring down the cost of healthcare Better healthcare provision
  11. 11. Health Maintenance Organizations Needs Cover more people Wants/Demands
  12. 12. Competition and Competitive Position Map
  13. 13. Competition Direct HMOs- means of paying the premium; higher socioeconomic classes Local government insurance- localized version of Philhealth targeting the lower socioeconomic classes
  14. 14. Indirect Competition Service may be similar to some already existing programs of local government units Public perception Hurdle to knowledge dissemination
  15. 15. Product Mapping HMOs Level of service Price Philhealthbefore Middle Man Philhealth with Middle Man Quality
  16. 16. Gap Positioning Statement Now and what needs to be done Importance of 100% coverage Lowering health care costs Better profiling and stratification of clients Designing better packages Being in touch with the people
  17. 17. Market Size Whole Filipino population Specifically focusing on >80% who actually have little to no health insurance coverage
  18. 18. The Product The Middle Man Breaking barriers between government agencies and the people Form of BPO Focusing more on exploiting certain characteristics of the particular situation and using it as a competitive advantage
  19. 19. Promotions Collaborations with: LGUs NGOs Existing government agencies for sources of information Hospitals as partners in healtchare information dissemination and program involvement Print and agency advertising
  20. 20. Turning a Profit
  21. 21. Earning Revenues Possible options: Commissions for every person enrolled into the program Increasing premiums to cover additional costs of operations Pro-bono effort from non-government organizations that share the same mission/vision
  22. 22. The Place
  23. 23. Our Strategic location Should be located in a catchment area with the least coverage Tie-ups with various tertiary government hospitals that cater to the lower socioeconomic classes Exposure through print, and TV
  24. 24. Strategy to win Connecting to the people who need our service the most Get the message across that our aim is to lower down the cost of healthcare for everyone Focus on the educating and informing out target population
  25. 25. Universal Coverage A 10 Step Marketing Initiative Marketing Management Alfonso Gabriel A. Vega