Building the Ultimate Lead Generation Machine


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In this webinar, President of AG Salesworks Peter Gracey, President of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Jamie Shanks, Vice President of Marketing for TimeTrade Mike Puglia and Chief Sales Officer for Social1123 Scott Miller discuss how to build the ultimate lead generation machine.

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Building the Ultimate Lead Generation Machine

  1. 1. Building the Ultimate LeadGeneration Machine#leadgenmachine
  2. 2. First, Some Housekeeping#leadgenmachine
  3. 3. Building the Ultimate LeadGeneration Machine#leadgenmachine
  4. 4. Today’s SpeakersJamie ShanksJamie is one of the leading inside sales experts advocating SocialSelling & Sales 2.0. Inside sales and lead generation is Jamie’spassion, and Jamie has built inside sales teams and models innearly every technology sector, ranging from start-up to Fortune500s. Jamie is also the Toronto chapter President of theAmerican Association of Inside Sales Professionals.Pete Gracey, is the Chief Operations Officer and co-Founder of AGSalesworks, a marketing and teleprospecting services firm. Peteoversees the daily operations of AG Salesworks, is a prolificblogger and is also Adjunct Professor of Sales and Marketing forthe University of Massachusetts Amherst.Peter Gracey#leadgenmachine
  5. 5. Today’s SpeakersMike is Vice President of Marketing for TimeTrade. Mike joinedTimeTrade from, the world’s leading CRM andenterprise cloud computing vendor, where he led the integration ofreal-time collaboration technologies into Salesforce’s Chatter SocialEnterprise platform through the acquisition of Mike’s formercompany, Dimdim, where he was VP of Marketing.Mike PugliaScott is President and Chief Sales Officer for Social1123. Hisresponsibilities include new customer acquisition and monetizingSocial Media for its current customers. Scott is a recognizedthought leader in the demand creation space having consultedand led numerous sales teams over the last twelve years. He isthe author of two e-books and a successful blog on sales and leadgeneration best practices.Scott Miller#leadgenmachine
  6. 6. Social. Sales. Enablement.Twitter users are 24 % more likely to make online purchases,than average Internet users – CNBC#leadgenmachine#leadgenmachine
  7. 7. First Name: AaronLast Name: BiddarLocation: Atlanta, GAURL: social123.comSelf-Description: CEO @ Social123, Social Media know it allFollowers: 456Social. Sales. Enablement.
  8. 8. "A business friend of a business friend is a potential friend of my business.”Social. Sales. Enablement.
  9. 9. Macro & Micro MarketingHunting with a grenade & a laser gun!
  10. 10. It all starts with a great story…Priority Shifting – challenging the buyer behavior!
  11. 11. C-Level Executive Email Data CollectionProfile ScoringEmail Nurturing = Macro Marketing
  12. 12. Social Selling = Micro Marketing
  13. 13. Make sure all the DOTS are connected
  14. 14. Working Through The Funnel
  15. 15. The Challenges Professionals FaceIdealCustomerProfilingDatabaseManagementTacticalOutboundMessagingEmailMarketingAutomationFullyQualifiedLead DeliveryClosed LoopFeedbackROI AnalysisThe Challenges Professionals Face
  16. 16. o Pain Focusedo Title specifico Competition ReadyIdealCustomerProfilingDatabaseManagementTacticalOutboundMessagingEmailMarketingAutomationFully QualifiedLead DeliveryClosed LoopFeedbackROI AnalysisTactical Outbound MessagingThe Challenges Professionals FaceTactical Outbound Messaging
  17. 17. o Individual Instanceo Automation forTelequalifyingo Incorporation of allcorporate campaignsIdealCustomerProfilingDatabaseManagementTacticalOutboundMessagingEmailMarketingAutomationFullyQualifiedLead DeliveryClosed LoopFeedbackROI AnalysisEmail Marketing AutomationThe Challenges Professionals FaceEmail Marketing Automation
  18. 18. Fully Qualified Lead Deliveryo Deep and Relevant Paino D-Maker or direct pass downo Willingness to spendo Scheduled conference callIdealCustomerProfilingDatabaseManagementTacticalOutboundMessagingEmailMarketingAutomationFully QualifiedLead DeliveryClosed LoopFeedbackROI AnalysisThe Challenges Professionals FaceFully Qualified Lead Delivery
  19. 19. Closed Loop Feedbacko Did the call occur?• Goal = 70-90%o Was your information valid?• Goal = 90-100%o Is there a next step in theprocess?• Goal = 80-90% ConversionIdealCustomerProfilingDatabaseManagementTacticalOutboundMessagingEmailMarketingAutomationFullyQualifiedLead DeliveryClosed LoopFeedbackROI AnalysisThe Challenges Professionals FaceClosed Loop Feedback
  20. 20. ROI Analysiso 50x your original campaigninvestment in Stage 1Pipelineo Over 50% to forecasto Closed businessIdealCustomerProfilingDatabaseManagementTacticalOutboundMessagingEmailMarketingAutomationFullyQualifiedLead DeliveryClosed LoopFeedbackROIAnalysisThe Challenges Professionals FaceROI Analysis
  21. 21. Q&AJamie Shanks Mike jamestshanksPeter GraceyScott Miller(678) 387-1820