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Corry clybouw   integrated user documentation Corry clybouw integrated user documentation Presentation Transcript

  • Integrated user documentationA use case of bits, bytes and words October 2011, Antwerp1
  • Agenda • About Agfa and us • Documentation • Content • Organisation • Process2
  • About Agfa • Tailor made radiology solutions • Specific solutions for • Womens care • Cardiology • Orthopaedics • Hospital-wide solutions to optimize clinical and administrative processes3
  • About us • Members of the documentation team • History in linguistics and user documentation • Members of CCC Curious – Challenges – Change • Cooking4
  • About documentation Agile manifesto Working software over comprehensive documentation5
  • About documentation Not project, process, … documentation USER DOCUMENTATION6
  • User documentation • Information that assists the user to use and configure software • Is part of the product / software • In any form (PDF, online, cue cards, GUI, …) • The effective minimum dose7
  • About user documentation • Legal requirement • Contractual requirement • Business asset !8
  • User documentation at Agfa • Start documentation at Beta • Finish at release to market • Translations 3 months after RtM, per language9
  • And then came SCRUM10
  • Problems to solve How do we structure and standardize our Content content to facilitate bi- How do we integrate the weekly updates creation of user documentation in the software development process SCRUM Process Organisation How can 8 technical writers support 26 scrum teams ?11
  • Content • Chunking -> DITA • Minimization standard • Automated publishing • Custom DITA maturity model12
  • Content: DITA maturity model • Custom to our needs • Adapted to implementation of SCRUM13
  • Organisation – as is • Documentation team works as Opportunity to learn scrum team about scrum and agile • Is feature team and help decide on process • With dependencies to other Existing gaps teams Solve a number of the Geographical team’s problems reasons Not enough technical writers to have one in all other development Documentation is feature teams developed and is part Documentation of the product orginally not on roadmap of transition14
  • Organisation – to be • Development teams write draft documentation Terminology • Documentation team supports, moderates CoP, collects, Release 110101 corrects and publishes final Reuse 110101 110101 documentation • KANBAN board fed by the 110101 110101 development teams ? Publica- Tools XYZ • Hand in hand with process tion 110101 110101 Doc as 110101 110101 feature 110101 Style Architecture15
  • Process Development Documentation process ? process VSM16
  • Process: value stream mapping • Cycle time • Loops • Repetitions • Waiting times • NVA, BVA, CVA17
  • Process – Cycle time • Facts • 4-5 months for high priority stories • 12 months for low priority stories • Solutions • Create draft documentation during sprints • Finalize and publish documentation the sprint after • Realisations • Done for 30% of teams • KPI from mgt to finalize 2-3 sprints after18
  • Process –Loops • Fact • Rework because of GUI or terminology changes – dependency on other teams • Solutions • Eliminate waterfall subprocess – Link terminology validation to user stories – Integrate GUI localisation during sprints • Realisations • GUI validation upfront • Term fishing during epic grooming • Monthly integration meeting19
  • Process - Repetitions • Facts • Check databases, find source, check source, was repeated several times in our process by several people on the team • Solutions • Create DoR for user stories • Trust on other team members • Realisations • DoR partly respected (databases, links to source info) • Team improvement through retrospectives20
  • Process – Waiting time • Facts • Wait for input or review from a subject matter expert (SME) • Wait for approval to start translations • Solution • Online validation (meeting, phone) instead of offline (send e-mail) • Set up regular communication and SPOC system • Add documentation to DoD • Realisations • SPOCs for all development teams • Active 2-way communication between SME and SPOC21
  • Process – NVA, BVA, CVA • Facts • 7,3% process cycle efficiency • Several “habit” steps: checks, sending, changing statuses • Solutions • Integrate in the software development process – no separate BVA steps • Realisations • Fully integrated in software development process • Awareness of CVA22
  • Conlusions • SCRUM works great for user documentation • Software and user documentation should be one • Chunked content to be lightweight • VSM is a good tool to analyse and improve processes – even regularly23
  • Q&A24