Change acceptance - Catherine Hellebaut
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Change acceptance - Catherine Hellebaut






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  • 2008 Corporate Overview v1 4.4.08
  • 2008 Corporate Overview v1 4.4.08
  • 2008 Corporate Overview v1 4.4.08
  • We need to understand and address below the water line – people. Example: global solution – address plant by plant; plant solution – address day shift and night shift.

Change acceptance - Catherine Hellebaut Change acceptance - Catherine Hellebaut Presentation Transcript

  • Change Acceptance Catherine Hellebaut © 3M 2010. All Rights Reserved.
  • Speaker : Catherine Hellebaut
    • 3M Europe n.v.
      • Lead Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, IT EMEA
      • NSI Deployment Manager, Europe
    • 23 years in IT
      • EMEA Program Manager Demand Management
      • IT Manager 3M Belgium
    • Responsible for AD Methodology since 2006 (NSI)
    • LSS BB since February 2009
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    • You can build the most wonderful solution in the world, but if people don’t want to use it, your project has failed.
    • One could even call it Lean Waste…
  • Symptoms of poor Change Acceptance
    • The application you built is not being used…
    • The application you built is being used after go-live, but pretty soon people are reverting back to their old way of working…
    • You successfully built a new application, but the deployment effort is taking much longer than expected…
  • Change Acceptance Iceberg
    • Goals
    • Technology
    • Structure
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Products
    • Financial Resources
    • Perceptions
    • Attitudes
    • Feelings
    • Values
    • Informal interactions
    • Group norms
    • Losses/Gains to individuals
    Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. John F. Kennedy
  • Dynamics of Change
    • People will:
    • feel awkward and self-conscious.
    • focus on what they think they will have to give up.
    • feel alone , even if others are going through similar change.
    • be at different levels of readiness for change.
    • handle only so much change.
    • be concerned resources will be inadequate.
    • revert to old behaviors without pressure.
  • What is Change Acceptance ?
    • Q x A = E
      • Q uality of solution (deliverables)
      • A cceptance of change (people transition occurs)
      • E ffectiveness of project
  • So, how to avoid issues with poor Change Acceptance ?
  • 1. Know what you're up against
    • You can never start too early
    • Know who is affected by the change
    • Understand how you are impacting them
    • Direct impact as well as down-stream impact
      • Not just your core team !!
    • Assess the situation
      • Supportive, Neutral, Against ?
      • Where do they stand now ?
      • Where do you need them to be for your project to be a success ?
    Stakeholder Analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis
    • Don't make assumptions
      • Objective data
      • Interview key stakeholders
      • Survey potential clients
    • Understand who the key influencers are
      • And think about influencing tactics
    • Are your project sponsors on board ?
    • Internal clients vs. external clients
      • Don't always know who your external clients will be ?
  • 2. Address the issue
    • Build and execute a communication and training plan
    • Adapt to the outcome of your stakeholder assessment
    • How big is your challenge ?
      • Who do you need to talk to ?
      • What do you need to talk about ?
      • How frequently do you need to communicate ?
    • Think about the right communication and right medium for the right audience
  • 2. Address the issue
    • WIIFM vs. Compelling Business Case
    • Think about a Transition Map (from -> to)
    • Have an elevator speech ready
  • 2. Address the issue
    • Create a shared vision
      • What does the future look like ?
      • How do we get people engaged ?
    Awareness "in their eyes" Inform Understanding "in their mind" Clarity Acceptance "in their hart" Convince Engagement "in their work" Engage
  • 3. Repeat and adapt
    • Repeat your Stakeholder Assessment throughout the different phases in your project
    • Adapt your communication and training plans to the results
  • 4. Get Help
    • In case you are facing a huge Change challenge
      • Discuss this with the project sponsors and champions
    • Don't hesitate to get professional help
      • HR Department
      • Consultancy
  • Stuff to Google
    • GE CAP "Change Acceleration Process"
    • "IBM Better Change Method"