Nuclear power plant FUNDAMENTAL


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Nuclear power plant FUNDAMENTAL

  1. 1. Outlines Introduction Economics of nuclear power Nuclear power plants in India Nuclear fission Nuclear fuel and energy Nuclear power plant and layout Nuclear reactor Merits of nuclear power plant Demerits of nuclear power plant Conclusion References
  2. 2. Introduction Need of electrical power Requirement of nuclear power 1kg of Ur energy = 3000 tones of coal Ur= 3millions times of coalAccording to committee of government of India(2001) nuclear power is cheaper by 8 to 10 paisa per Kwh than thermal plantSuitable areas west up, N & W Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana
  3. 3. Nuclear Power plants in India Na me of Na me of Tarapur Tarapur Kalpakkam Kalpakkam Narora (UP) Narora (UP) Kakrapar Kakrapar power plant/ (Maharatra) Rana Pratap Chennai(Ta power plant/ (Maharatra) Rana Pratap Chennai(Ta (Gujarat) (Gujarat) Detail Detail Sagar Kota Sagar Kota mil Nadu) mil Nadu) Rajasthan Rajasthan Plant capacity 420MW Plant capacity 420MW 440MW 440MW 470MW 470MW 470MW 470MW 470MW 470MW No. and size ofof 2x210MW No. and size 2x210MW 2x220MW 2x220MW 2X235MW 2X235MW 2X235MW 2X235MW 2X235MW 2X235MW Units Units Type ofof Type BWR BWR PWR PWR PWR PWR PWR reactor reactor Coolant and Coolant and Water Water Water Water Water moderator moderator Steam Steam 31.27Mpa 40.27MPa 40.27MPa 40.27MPa 40.27MPa pressure and pressure and 240C 250c 250c 250c 250c tempt. tempt. Year ofof Year 1969 1-1972 1-1984 1-1991 1-1992 commissionin commissionin 2-1981 2-1986 2-1992 2-1994 gg
  4. 4. Nuclear fissionprocess of splitting of a heavy nucleus into two or more small nuclei.Two or more neutrons are produced by fission ofeach nucleus.In fission process a loss of mass of 0.2amu peruranium atom occurs which converts Into 200MeV ofenergy.
  5. 5. Nuclear fuel and energyNuclear fuels  Natural uranium, enriched uranium plutoniumNuclear energyEnergy released by the fission of nuclei is called nuclear energyUncontrolled chain reaction:-explosiveviolence and atom bombControlled chain reaction:-to generateelectricity
  6. 6. Nuclear power plantlayout diagram
  7. 7. Nuclear reactor
  8. 8. Merits of Nuclear power plant Easy Transportation of Fuel Required Small Area than other plants- 2000MW N.plant Required 80 acres. While steam power plant of same capacity needs about 250acres. Economic Output control Flexible Clean Power Plant compare to Thermal can meet the future requarement
  9. 9. •Capital cost very high than other power plant• Danger of Radio active pollution• Fuel used is expensive•Maintenance charge very high•Disposal of product
  10. 10. References J.B. GUPTA Google . com
  11. 11. Thank you