The three little wolves and the big bad pig
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  • 1. The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig By: Alexis Fraser Once upon a time there were little wolves and aBig Bad Pig. The pig wanted the wolves to be in the zoo forother pigs to see them. He needed some wolves that don’tknow what they were getting into. The pig knocked on thefirst wolves house which was made of straw and exclaimed, ’’Little wolf little wolf I have to ask yousomething?’’ said the pig. The wolf said’’ Not on the hair of my chinnychin chin!’’ So the pig “snorted’’ and “squealed’’ and blewthe house down. But the wolf ran over to his brothers housewhich was made of sticks. So the pig ran over to the 2ndwolves house. And the pig knocked on the wolves door andasked “Little Wolf, Little Wolf I have to ask yousomething?’’ And the wolves answered “Not on the hair ofboth of our chinny chin chins!’’
  • 2. So the pig “snorted’’ and “squealed’’ and blewthe house of sticks down! So the two little wolves ran over to the thirdhouse made of brick. So, the pig ran over to the house ofbrick and questioned “Little wolves I have to ask yousomething?’’ “NOT ON The hairs of all of our chinny chinchins!’’ So the pig “snorted’’ and “squealed’’ and tried toblow the house down but couldn’t. The pig tried again andagain but never blew the house down ,to get the three littlefor the zoo. After a while the pig ran out of breath and thepig just laid there dead. So when the wolves came out of the brick house,and saw that the pig was died, they yelled, “Lets havedinner!’’ And the three little wolves said, “That the pig wasthe best dinner they ever had!” THE END