AFLK Monthly Report February 2012

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  • 1. AFLK Monthly Report – February 2012
  • 2. AFLK Bourse – FANN Hospital• 17 patients taken in charge since January 2012• 16 for Hydrocephalus – 1 for Cancer• 13 Valves bought – 1 Surgery Financed – 2 Scanners realized – 1 Ultrasound• AFLK Bourse for FANN Hospital is 1500000 FCFA – 950000 FCFA was Spent so far – 550000 FCFA is Remaining
  • 3. AFLK Bourse – FANN Hospital
  • 4. AFLK Bourse – FANN Hospital
  • 5. AFLK Bourse – FANN Hospital
  • 6. AFLK Bourse – Tamba Hospital• 95 patients taken in charge since January 2012• 70 for Analysis and Prescriptions – 10 Surgery Financed – 8 Scanners realized – 7 Ultrasound• AFLK Bourse for FANN Hospital is 2,437,869 FCFA – 1,657,668 FCFA was Spent so far – 780,201 FCFA is Remaining
  • 7. AFLK Bourse – Tamba Hospital
  • 8. AFLK Bourse – Tamba Hospital
  • 9. AFLK Bourse – Tamba Hospital
  • 10. AFLK Bourse – Tamba Hospital
  • 11. AFLK Bourse – Tamba Hospital
  • 12. AFLK Bourse – General Information• Case Marie and his son Gorgui Ndiaye: – This baby has 5 months old and he was diagnosed hydrocephalus. Supported at FANN hospital thanks to the AFLK Bourse, we brought the mother and child in a private structure to perform a scan of the head of the child. An hour later we had the results that have shown that the child suffers from another disease contracted through the mother. The chief doctor in the emergency calls for serology tests for syphilis and toxoplasmosis are carried out on the mother. He is afraid that the mother and / or the father of the child are infected. The father has refused to support the child. The fathers family considered the child has a child of the devil because of his hydrocephalus. The familys father had stolen the child to abandon / sacrifice him in the forest. It took all the determination of the mother for the child to be brought back. The situation of the mother is even more difficult than she is 17 years old. She lives with her grandmother who is not working. To bring her child for consultation at the hospital, she sells her own clothes each time. More difficult, still talking with her, she told me she had no baby bottle because broken during the trip to the hospital for 2 days ago, she had no milk for the baby. The only solution was for her to give the baby a porridge Which formally prohibited by the doctors. – Knowing the background, AFLK has decided to cover all expenses ( Bought Valves, Hospitalization, Baby bottle and clothes, Prescription and the cure of antibiotics) – 10 after ( March 8th 2012 ) the hospitalization and the first surgery, the result are positif. The infection is getting reduced by the antibiotics and the head is reducing in size. In this coming 5 to 7 days a new intervention will be scheduled for the implementation of the Valve.
  • 13. AFLK Bourse – General Information• Ameth Mbengue Seynabou Ndiaye Seynabou is a Three months Baby girl with hydrocephalus. She was crying that day but she is save and the fluid extracted from the headAmeth is a One month baby boywho had hydrocephalus. Afterthe surgery and the Valve wasdropped, we can see in thepicture that the size of the headdecreased radically. He left thehospital in a very good shape.
  • 14. AFLK Bourse – General Information• Backpacks : – Carabane: