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Portfolio for linkedin feb13

  1. 1. Portfolio of Various Activities ~ Stephen Lee Morgan  Argos Foundation, Inc.  Aquaterra Foundation, Inc. • Universities Space Network for Research Military and Emergency Management-related Updated as of January 2013
  2. 2. Argos Foundation, Inc. • Established as a not-for- • Major projects and profit adjunct to the CLS activities Group in 2004 – Jean-Michel Cousteau’s – Incorporated in Florida Global Ocean Network – Total independence from – Center for Space CLS from 2007 Oceanography • Gained formal IRS Tax – USNR Exempt status in 2005 • Consulting in USA – 501(c)3 • Consulting in Australia – Aid Mission for Hurricane • Renamed in 2011 Katrina recovery – Aquaterra Foundation, Inc. – Aid Mission for Gulf Oil • Disestablished in 2012 Spill clean-up effort Foundation’s purpose was to bring the benefits of satellite communications technologies to those who were not utilizing it fully.Support (in-kind and cash) was gained fromcorporate and individual contributors,including the CLS Group of Companies andother partners.
  3. 3. JMC Global Ocean NetworkEntered into formal MoU withOcean Futures Society to establishGON: – Two-year project developed detailed business plan to develop a full-scale oceanography curriculum (K-12, adult) and a fleet of Calypso–type vessels to support ocean education and research. Mr Morgan with Frank DiBello (l) andJean-Michel Cousteau, Siobhan Mullen, and Stephen The Foundation’s staff (shown above with Mr Cousteau during a Winston Scott (r), the leadership of theMorgan sign Memorandum of Understanding statewide tour to raise awareness for GON) including Larry Florida Space Authority, strong supporters(2004), establishing GON as a division of AFI, and approving Harvey (center-left) and Maria Peterson (right). An attempt to of the GON Initiative, 2005.the Business Plan. Ms Mullen served as COO of the re-start the GON Initiative in Florida was made in 2010.
  4. 4. Center for Space Oceanography • Satellite telemetry & remote sensing initiative involved numerous service providers and end-users outside USA Mr Morgan operates vessel equipped with – Initiative started following World Food platform to test multiple satellite terminals in maritime environment field-trials. Program fisheries conference in Trinidad • Focus on global IUU Fishing and pelagics • Not exclusively fishing-oriented, R&D also – Kick-off conference held at KSC in Florida, 2006 Technical briefing on field-trial results, at CSO • Over one-dozen invited participants conference held at Kennedy Space Center, February 2006; group discussion of larger issues and plans for establishment of the Center.Support (in-kind and cash) was gainedfrom the following, plus individualcontributors:
  5. 5. Univ Space Research Network • Most consulting work done following departure from the CLS Group is thru USNR – Originally organized with support from several universities and Gov’t agencies … … hence the name Presence established on Bolling AFB, D.C. Consulting (market research, applications analysis, identifying partnerships) for Australian satelliteUSNRs presence aboard Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling – proximate telemetry start-up Sirion. Here Sirion President Keithto the National Defense University – was relocated to Virginia, as Goetsch (back to camera) is shown with State Sen Thadour Gov’t oriented consulting came to an end into 2012. Altman and then Lt Gov Toni Jennings of Florida, in a meeting in Florida organizing support for the company’s
  6. 6. Katrina Recovery and Gulf Oil-Spill Clean-up Support• AFI organized teams which travelled to the Gulf states to support clean-up and recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf Oil Spill.Argos Foundation, Inc. team on-site in Mississippi, during Hurricane Katrinarelief mission to aid in clean-up efforts, 2005. Members of our team joined others in cleaning oil from Gulf Beaches.
  7. 7. Morgan ~ military synopsis • USAF 1976-1980 • USN 1980-1998 – Telecommunications – Navy Finance Officer • Commissioned in Supply Operations Specialist Corps, NSCS Athens, GA 81-82 Navy Finance Officer NOBC 1050 - Comptroller • Grand Forks AFB, ND – Reserve Intel Officer • Intel Analyst & Security Dept Head 83-89 – deployments to Chile, Peru, Puerto Rico, Panama, supporting UNITAS/WATC Exercises • Admin Dept Head 89-90 – deployments to Germany supporting HUMINT missions Boarding P-3 for anti-submarine – Watch Officer, Pentagon Collections patrol off the coast of Chile, UNITAS Advisory Center (CAC) Inter-American Naval Exercise 1987 • Active Duty, Space Command, Operation Desert Storm 1991 • thru Office of Naval Intelligence, detailed to White House ONDCP 93-94 – Organized nationwide Intel trainingSquadron Airman of the summit at NMIC Suitland, MDYear 1977, Base Airman – Organized and taught Intel Analysis seminars for civilian Law Enforcement analystsof the Quarter 1Q78 • Asst Dep Chief of Staff for Intelligence Production COMNAVRESINTCOM 95-97 – Retirement from Naval Reserve 1998 now part of the Navy’s Information Dominance Corps
  8. 8. Virginia Defense Force The VDF is a component of the Virginia National Guard, within the Virginia Department of Military Affairs (DMA). • MEMS • Riverines Earned the VDF Boatcrewmember The Military Emergency Earned the MEMS Senior Served as XO of Riverines badge in 2012. in 2012, prior to unit’s Management Specialist badge in 2009. disestablishment due to program is run by SGAUS. The budget cuts. Virginia MEMS Academy often conducts in-the-field training during MUTA/FTX activities at Ft Pickett, in central Virginia. Now S-6 Comms• Certifications & Officer for new Capital Area Command in Training VDF soldiers on Field Training Exercise (FTX) on Ft Pickett. Richmond. ‘Riverine 1’ underway in-shore on Ft Pickett. Earned EMT-Basic license Earned VDF Operational in Virginia in 2009. Staff C3 ribbon in 2008. Earned CNA license in Virginia in 2012, following Completed all coursework at FCC (2013) completion of American Red to advance into VDF-sponsored-internship Cross Nurse Assistant for undergrad degree program. Gained training. minors in State & Local Emergency Management, Continuity of Ops. Completed FEMA Professional Development Series in 2008. Certified in Homeland Security, Level-V (CHS-V) and CHS Emergency Medical Responder (CHSEMR).
  9. 9. Leadership Roles in Virginia Defense Force since 2008 …Black Horse Brigade VDF Riverine Detachment Division Troop Command MEMS Academy (SGAUS)Logistics Officer (S-4) Executive Officer Comms Officer (S-6) / Safety Officer Academy Instructor for Virginia MAJ(VA) Stephen Morgan, VDF Executive Officer, VDF Riverines 2011-12 Portrait-photo taken November 2012Virginia Defense Force SACPAC vessel ‘Riverine 1’ shown underway during field trials. Vessel is 12m, w twin 150-hp outboard motors; equipped with radar, depth-finder, marine radio, internal storage bins, underway-lighting; trailerable; all-aluminum hull. Gained as surplus field-trial equipment from US Navy in 2008.