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The "1 Community" initiative is a celebration of diversity of our community which aims to address the issue of HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination in the gay men’s, LGBTI and wider community.

This presentation was given by Lisa Tomney, (Manager Positive Services, WA AIDS Council), at the AFAO Positive Services Forum 2012.

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  • Hi everyone….I’m here today to talk to you aboutONE COMMUNITYOne Community is the WA AIDS Councils current HIV Stigma & Discrimination campaign.This campaign has been primarily designed and driven by Nadine Toussaint, our Social Marketing & Design Officer….along with involvement of staff from across the agency
  • It is certainly our experience at WAAC and I am sure it is in your organisation, that people living with HIV continue to report experiences of stigma & discriminationDespite some legal protection and peer education & support, some people for a range of reasons don’t feel safe to discloseThis burden takes a high toll, and compromises people’s emotional & physical health, their sense of well-being and their capacity to participate and contribute to community life.
  • From our observations:Anti-stigma campaigns have been InfrequentDependent on an emotional empathic response and if that is not a persons experience then they may not connect with that form of campaignLittle community involvement and opportunity for people to actively get involvedAn attitudinal shift has been the expectation, but often that has not been backed with education and information….even as simple as facts about transmissionMost have been limited to the Gay community
  • We would agree with Michael KirbyHowever, changing laws and policies only goes so far, whilst we have achieved a lot, further community involvement and HIV visibility is required to effectively change attitudes and reduce stigma and discrimination
  • If you consider the Ottawa Charter we’ve made impact in terms of policy, we work effectively with people around developing skills and we work effectively with a range of organisations and networks to strengthen community action. Our focus within the ONE COMMUNITY campaign is to Create supportive environments at a broader community level
  • This is an image of the original campaignYES we are aware that the math doesn’t work, but it certainly grabs peoples attention. In face Nadine stated that even with her innumerate and dyslexic brain, she could see that it didn’t add up.
  • The original campaign in WA was developed in the late 90’s, and was predominantly a t-shirt, poster and print resource campaignAlthough it was deemed as successful, it was very specific and predominantly targeted Gay sero-discordant relationships within the gay communityThe original did run as a national campaign 2000 and 2001
  • Here’s some further images from the original campaignNote the early language used in these two posters, that could now be considered quite inappropriate
  • In particular the notion that HIV positive guys ‘deserve the support’ of the whole gay communityWhen in fact they are ‘entitled’ to that support as a fundamental human rightWhilst the campaign was very progressive at the time, in reflection, some of the language was in fact stigmatising in itself
  • So the current campaign started as a simple T-shirt campaign at the 2011 PRIDE FairdayWAAC’s presence at Fairday in recent years has predominantly been focused HIV/STI prevention and education. Promoting the ONE COMMUNITY t-shirts was in response to a lack of ‘Living with HIV’ visibility, and was done with the support of PLWHA community groupsOur HIV positive Peer educator also conducted a survey to gauge gay mens attitudes and beliefs around sero-discordant relationships and knowledge of transmission Certainly had a far more positive response than anticipated, with 200 t-shirts being distributed and most proudly wore them on the day.
  • So this is the current campaign LOGO…
  • So what’s the campaign goal ??We want to address the issue of HIV stigma and discrimination in all communities…..Gay Mens, LGBTI, and into the wider communityThe primary goal is to engage the community in the message via a simple community action, and via education
  • The initial target group was gay men….with whom we engaged with at the PRIDE FAIRDAYAnd the entire community in the lead up to WORLD AIDS DAY….and beyond
  • The strategy was and is to engage the community….raise awareness and provide basic education and information to reduce stigmaAn invitation is extended to individuals to submit a photo and statement taking a stand against HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination
  • The online initiative includes the one community website and blogAccessible HIV information and fact sheetsAnd a FACEBOOK strategy
  • Similar strategies and online initiatives have been used For other campaignsFreedom Centre – Young people, sexuality, gender and human rights
  • There’s also the THISOZ campaign around promotingan inclusive Australia
  • And here we have ONE COMMUNITY
  • So what can you do ??Educate yourself and your community about HIV. Challenge peoples misconceptions about people living with HIV. Participate in the 1community project and encourage others to do so. Contribute to organisations that provide support to people living with HIV.
  • This slide shows some of the FACT SHEETS which are available on the website
  • Some examples of other promotion and Engagement which has taken placeNadine, and a team of other staff and volunteers engaged with a number of people prior to the Pride Parade to encourage their participation in the campaign….47 people participated and Nadine told an interesting story of a very large bearded man who happened to be in the vicinity for a heavy metal rock gig just around the cornerInitially he was very defensive and questioned ‘What it had to do with him’ and ‘what it implied about him’…after some conversation and time to consider the issue, he was positively responsive and expressed how he felt it was wrong to stigmatise and discriminate against anyone based on HIV status or in factanything else….he admitted having never really thought about the issue before as he had never experienced any for of S & D in his own life.
  • Some of the Pride night participants
  • The 2011 PRIDE FLOAT
  • So in 4 months…200 individuals have participated117 fans like our facebook page345 t-shirts have been distributed1500 condom packs distributedT-shirts and information distributed at a WAD African community eventOver 100 participants at University )’Day events
  • ONE COMMUNITY at the World AIDS Day event held at the AIDS Memorial on December 1st with 83 people in attendance.
  • Our success is dependent upon a few factorsThe willingness of people to advocate for the campaignTo promote through their networks and tag themselves on FACEBOOKHaving trained staff and volunteers engage with the broader communityAnd of course the willingness of community groups and organisations to support and promote the campaign
  • We hope to continue engagingMulticultural communitiesATSI communitiesIt could also provide a platform for personal perspectives for people living with HIVIt could also be utilised to provide further information around legal rights and responsibilities, for example information for employers.
  • If anyone would like to be involved in our ONE COMMUNITY campaignWe have t-shirts with us and a camera, so if inclined please let me know and we can arrange whilst we are here at the forum.
  • Positive + Negative = 1 Community

    1. 1. One Community CampaignNadine ToussaintSocial Marketing & Design OfficerWA AIDS CouncilPresented by Lisa Tomney
    2. 2. Background• People living with HIV continue to report stigma and discrimination.• Despite having some legal protection many people living with HIV do not feel safe to disclose.• This burden takes a high toll on health, well being and capacity to participate in community life.
    3. 3. Anti-stigma campaigns to date• infrequent• dependent on an emotional, empathic response (your sister, your brother, your colleague etc.)• little community participation• no educative component• limited applicability beyond the gay community
    4. 4. High Court Justice Michael Kirby identified;“AIDS is a paradox.The best way to fightHIV, and to command the minds of those who aremost at risk, is to win their trust and confidenceby laws and polices that protect their rights anduphold their human dignity”.M Kirby “HIV/AIDS: Anger, Hope and Love” in Through theWorld’s Eye (2000) pp82
    5. 5. Creating supportiveenvironments StrengtheningCommunity ActionDevelop Personal Skills Building healthy public policy
    6. 6. Original Campaign• Developed in WA in late 90’s targeting gay mens communities• Ran as a national campaign in 2000 – 2001• Predominantly a t-shirt, poster and other print resource campaign• Successful yet very specific and limited application
    7. 7. Current campaign• Started as a simple t-shirt campaign• A response to the lack of visible public/community presence for Pride Fairday• Had a far more positive response than anticipated
    8. 8. Campaign Goal• To address the issue of HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination in the gay men’s, LGBTI and wider community.• To engage the community in the message through a simple community action, and education.
    9. 9. Target Audience• Initial target group - gay men (due to Pride event)• Broader target group - entire community in the lead up to World AIDS Day and beyond.
    10. 10. General Strategy• Engage the community in the message, raise awareness about the issue and provide basic information/education to reduce stigma• Invite individuals to submit a photo statement taking a stand against HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination.
    11. 11. Online Initiative• Develop a photo blog/basic website www.1community.org.au• Provide accessible HIV/AIDS information• Complement site with a Facebook strategy
    12. 12. www.facesforfreedom.blogspot.com – Freedom Centre
    13. 13. www.thisisoz.com.au – ACON
    14. 14. Take ActionWhat can you do?• Educate yourself and your community about HIV.• Challenge peoples misconceptions about people living with HIV.• Participate in the 1community project and encourage others to do so.• Contribute to organisations that provide support to people living with HIV.
    15. 15. Other Engagement/Promotion• Engaged with participants prior to the Pride parade – 47 participants• One Community as Pride float theme• Distributed materials along with WAD resources• Displayed images and photograph at WAD event• Distributed 1 Community Condom Packs• Info circulated to other HIV/AIDS orgs and local papers and radio
    16. 16. In 4 months…• Over 200 individuals have participated• 105 fans like our Facebook page• 345 t-shirts have been distributed• 1500 condom packs have been distributed• T-shirts, and information distributed at a WAD African community event• Over 100 participants at University O’Day events
    17. 17. "The way I see it, stigma anddiscrimination are far moredangerous than HIV/AIDS.Fortunately though (and unlikeHIV/AIDS)(yet) theres a cure forthat - education and basic humandecency. So lets all geteducated, be respectful and worktogether to fight the virus and noteach other."- Aram, Perth WA
    18. 18. "Empower ourselves by learning more and taking care ofourselves and each other.“ - Zoe, Perth WA
    19. 19. “Be brave, be accepting, become wise. Learn all you can. Meet the challenge with knowledge and compassion., notignorance and fear” - Steve, Perth WA
    20. 20. Success dependent on• People willing to advocate for the campaign• To tag themselves on facebook and promote the message through their networks• Having trained individuals capable of engaging with the community to provide campaign information• Willingness of community groups and organisations to support the campaign
    21. 21. Future Applications• Multi-cultural communities• ATSI communities• Platform for stories of people living with HIV and their supporters• Providing further information around legal rights and responsibilities
    22. 22. More informationWebsite:www.1community.org.auFacebook:www.facebook.com/1community.org.auEmail:info@1community.org.au