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  • 1. 7/11/2014 1 How to Move People to Action Content From: Sheri Jacobs, FASAE, CAE President & CEO Avenue M Group Presented (with permission) by: Greg Melia, CAE @gmeliacae June 2014 BIG SHIFTS  UNDERWAY What is impacting how we recruit, retain  and engage members?
  • 2. 7/11/2014 2 How we spend money How we spend money  4 Consumer Shopping BehaviorConsumer Shopping Behavior In 2013, 80% of consumers look for deals  or best prices compared to 69% in 2012. Price was the most importantPrice was the most important purchase driver for every income level. 3X more influential than any other  criteria. We check our phones every 9.6 minutes
  • 3. 7/11/2014 3 Context ‐ not content ‐ is king! The Maker Economy The Sharing Economy
  • 4. 7/11/2014 4 Not all members want  the same thing!the same thing!
  • 5. 7/11/2014 5 Information Seeker Lifelong Learner CE Requirement
  • 6. 7/11/2014 6 Prestige Members Thought Leaders ‐ Current & Aspiring Social Members
  • 7. 7/11/2014 7 Transactional Members Identify “benefits” for each type Information Seeker Lifelong Learner Prestige Member Rising Stars 20 Networkers Mission Members Transactional Members Social Members Find out why Because it’s required. To increase my marketability. I find it fun and enjoyable.j y I wish to be recognized. I want to give back.
  • 8. 7/11/2014 8 Solving Problems Problem Offerings Benefit/Outcome What problems do What What is an outcome ofWhat problems do  your members  have? What  programs/products  do you offer? What is an outcome of  using your program or  product? What can you  compare? How can p you show value?
  • 9. 7/11/2014 9 • Two  options • Small price  difference Compare prices ‐ add value difference • Less than  the cost to  download  one issue $89 $99 Compare prices ‐ add value $3.00 $7.00 Compare prices ‐ add value $3.00 $6.50 $7.00
  • 10. 7/11/2014 10 Price increase  every week Ditch early bird pricing Price increase by  seats sold Create VIP, Limited Offers Make the member  the star of your  message Add “You”message ‐ Add  You   to your copy
  • 11. 7/11/2014 11 Take the time to get to  know members Slide know members. First 30 Days New Member Page
  • 12. 7/11/2014 12 Ask Questions Create One Critical Conversation 1. Download a resource. 2. Read an article. 3. Purchase a product. 4. Opt in to receive emails. 5 Register for an event5. Register for an event. 6. Volunteer. 7. Participate in a discussion. 8. Join a shared interest group. Include mobile  marketing tacticsmarketing tactics
  • 13. 7/11/2014 13 Build your list with an exchange 97% Of text messages are  15g opened… 15 within 15 minutes of  sending out your message Build your list with an exchange Tips: 1. Reward people  who sign up 2. Make the offer  special 3. Include a call to  action/date 4. Promote it! Use a conversational  tonetone
  • 14. 7/11/2014 14 Use a the  infomercialinfomercial  approach Show real examples Give something for FREE
  • 15. 7/11/2014 15 Show the value (MSRP) Break it down into easy payments Before & after stories earn you a t‐shirt 45
  • 16. 7/11/2014 16 Offer a guarantee 46 Create a mini version  47 The last 7 words spoken by all failed companies are…
  • 17. 7/11/2014 17 But we’ve always done ity that way. Questions?  Sheri Jacobs, FASAE, CAE President & CEO Avenue M Group, LLC