Frank hill revised aenc.2.8.13.


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Frank hill revised aenc.2.8.13.

  1. 1. THE INSTITUTE FORTHE PUBLIC TRUST What Goes Through The Heads of Our Elective Leaders (If Anything At All?)AENCFebruary 8, 2013
  2. 2. What Was In The Heads of Past Elected Leaders? 2
  3. 3. What is the #1 Thought in the Mind of Almost Every Elected Official? 3
  4. 4. What is the #1 Goal in the Mind of Almost Every Elected Official?• How Am I Going to Get Re-Elected?• Sad, but true for the vast majority of elective officials• It takes so much hard work and money to get elected, no one wants to give it up easily• That is the primary reason why nothing big ever seems to get accomplished on a grand scale• Great Leaders basically don’t care if someone runs against them. ‘It ain’t that great of a job’ you may hear.• But it is a critically important job that has to be done by someone, preferably great.• ‘Public Service is the Highest Form of Calling’-Thomas Jefferson 4
  5. 5. Typical View of Where Great Leaders Come From‘Good Apple’ Falls off back of Turnip Truck to be sworn into Congress like ‘Mr. Smith Goes To Washington’ to ‘Do the Right Thing!’Falls into Back of Turnip Truck 5
  6. 6. Former Congressman Alex McMillan, NC-9, 1985-95• CFO- • Served 2 Ruddick terms on• CEO Harris- County Teeter Commission Supermarkets while CFO• Darden MBA • ½ life• One of dedicated to maybe only 3 career/ other corporate ½ to public execs in service Congress, • 30 years to 1985-95 run for Congress 6
  7. 7. Aristotle on ‘Leadership’ in ‘Politics’1. Can Be ‘Good’…or it can be ‘Bad’2. Can Be One Man: A King (Philosopher) or Tyrant3. Can Be A Few: Enlightened Aristocracy or Selfish Oligarchy4. Can Be ‘Government By The Many’: ‘Politeia’ (‘constitutional’ defined as those who can afford to buy the armor of a hoplite soldier’ or ‘government by the masses’ or pure democracy (which Jefferson abhorred once he saw the Jacobins in France) 7
  8. 8. What is the ‘Best’ Background for Elected Officials?• ‘Those who are in the (middle) condition are the most ready to listen to reason. Those who are over-handsome, over-strong, over-noble, or over-wealthy, and, at the opposite extreme, those who are over-poor, over-weak, or utterly ignoble, find it hard to follow the lead of reason.• Those in the first class tend more to arrogance and serious offenses; those in the second tend too much to criminality and petty offenses; and most wrong-doing arises from arrogance or criminality.• (Those in the middle) are least prone either to refuse office or to seek it, both of which tendencies are dangerous to cities’- ‘Politics’- Aristotle, 384-322 A.D. 8
  9. 9. Morehead-Cain Alums in High Elective Office in the USAHow many of the over 3000+ Morehead and Morehead-CainScholarship Alumni (this is a ‘Leadership’ scholarship) haveever even run for (not just ‘won’) federal elective office? A. 7 That is an ROI of 0.23% B. For those who won, it is 4 for an ROI of 0.13%•Congressman David Price ’61; Robin Britt ’63; Jim Cooper (TN) ’75; MikeMcIntyre ’78, Democrats•GOP Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot ’63 ran for Governor of NorthCarolina twice; 2001 for U.S. Senate•Me. Class of ’78. Ran in 1984. NC-2. Got 64,000 Votes. Lost 68-32%. OnlyMorehead Scholar to have ever run for Congress as a Republican in over 57years•Jennifer Roberts-NC-9, 2012. First female Morehead to ever run forCongress, Democrat. Lost in a +7 GOP District.•No Morehead has ever run for the White House 9
  10. 10. How About Other Scholars from Other Universities?• 1 AB/BN Duke Scholar Alum Has Ever Run for Congress?• 0 Robertson Scholars (They get a pass…new program)• 0 Park Scholars (but they are coming of age now)• 0 Moreheads now serving in the legislature in Raleigh• 0 Jefferson (UVa) Scholars Have Ever Run for Congress?• 0 Terry/Belk Scholars (Davidson) Have Run for Congress?• 4 Darden MBAs served from 1985 to 1995. 0 from the School of Public Policy at UVa• 7 Duke alums are now serving in Congress. 5 R’s, 2 D’s What in the World is Going On Where Our ‘Best and Brightest’ at age 18 and 22 Are Not Running in Droves for Higher Public Elective Office Later? 10
  11. 11. Are You ‘Too Smart’ To Enter Elective Politics?‘I was the only one (of the chairmen of the council) who wasopposed to the illegality, and I gave my vote against you; andwhen the orators threatened to indict and arrest me, and youinsisted and shouted out, I decided that I must run the risk onthe side of the law and justice rather than to be on your sideagainst justice because of fear of prison or death.’—Socrates 406 B.C., who served a term as the Prytany of thecouncil and he refused to bring to a vote the trial of several navalgenerals who left the corpses of soldiers on ships following a battleat sea.If Socrates was not too ‘smart’ to do his duty as a publicservant, who else is ‘too smart’ to get into politics? 11
  12. 12. THIS GUY IS NOT A GRADUATE OF THE INSTITUTE FOR THE PUBLIC TRUST! Congressman Blake Farenthold, Texas-27 ‘Farenthold Big Winner in 2012-Wins 57%-39%’‘Redistricted Safe For Life in 2010’-TX Consultant 12
  13. 13. ‘Congressman Kent ‘Flounder’ Dorfman’ (It Has Happened Before)) 13
  14. 14. Would Roy Williams or Coach K Ever Win Another NCAA BasketballChampionship Without 10 McDonald’s All-Americans on Their Team and 6 of Them Projected To Be First-Round Draft Picks? 1st Round Draft Picks in the NBA?  No. And Coach Gottfried won’t ever win one without them either.  Both are Great Coaches. But They Will Never Win Another Title Without The Very Best Basketball Talent In The Nation Coming to Either College to Play  Duke has had 49 McDonald’s All-Americans since Gene Banks in 1977.  North Carolina has had 61 McDonald’s All-Americans since Pete Budko and Al Wood in 1977.  Duke has had 4 National Titles in that time span.  Carolina has had 4 National Titles in that same time span.  NC State has had 15 McDonald’s All-Americans. 2 national titles  UVa has had 10 McDonald’s All-Americans.  Clemson, by contrast, has had a grand total of 5 McDonald’s AA. 14
  15. 15. Highest Cumulative IQ of ANY Congress in US History 15
  16. 16. Top 10 Reasons Why People Don’t Run For Public Office1. I Don’t Want the Media to Get Into My Personal Life and Business!2. I Don’t Want to Take a Pay Cut!3. I Don’t Want Someone to Know I Smoked Pot in College!4. I Don’t Want to Put My Family Through All This! (No one does)5. I Have a Business/Practice/Farm to Run! (We all do)6. I Don’t Want the Media into My Personal Business!7. I Don’t Like to Compromise! (Then don’t get married!)8. I Don’t Know the Issues Well Enough.9. I Don’t Want the Media to Get Into My Business!10. I’d Rather Sit on the Sidelines and Hope ‘Someone Else Does It!’ (Other ‘great’ people are not running so that just ain’t happ’ning!) 16
  17. 17. Plato’s Lament 17
  18. 18. Summary of Classes NC State Leadership Series, Spring 2013January 16Introductory class; discussion of the book, ‘Plain, Honest Men’ by Richard Beeman and the principles behind the framing of the Constitution in Philadelphia, 1787 18
  19. 19. Looking Good For The CamerasJanuary 30Kim Brattain, former Anchorwoman for WBTV in Charlottewill prep you on the intricacies of how to look good andsound good on-camera since, let’s face it, we live in a media-driven, digital age.Kim will go over the ‘rules of the game’ when dealing withthe media; what are their rights and intentions and what areyour rights and ways to deal with the freedom of the press.She will also go over such things as appropriate attire for on-camera interviews and whether makeup is necessary or not (Itis, trust me) 19
  20. 20. The US Constitution-Word for WordFebruary 13 Mac McCorkle, former Democratic political consultant, or another constitutional scholar will give perspective on what the Constitution ‘means’. We will ‘discuss’ (debate) how conservatives and progressives can read the same document and see so many different things in it 20
  21. 21. Faith and Politics in AmericaFebruary 27Michael Cromartie-Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington, DC :‘Red God/Blue God: What Every Citizen-Politician Needs to Know About Religion and Politics in AmericaWhat You CAN Say and the Many Things You CAN NOT Say in Public or in Print! 21
  22. 22. All-Day On-Camera Media TrainingEnd of February/First of March (tentative) with Nationally Acclaimed Documentary Producer and former Political Reporter Bruce BowersEach student will get 1-hour of on-camera training with a professional political reporter experienced in interviewing politicians. Each student will receive a DVD with all the coaching videotaped so they can refer to it later at home and ‘practice’ the skills taught to them during the session. 22
  23. 23. Polling in American CampaignsMarch 13Tom Jensen of PPP Polling in Raleigh will discuss the art and science behind modern American polling; when to do it, why and how and how much it costs 23
  24. 24. Campaign Set-up and Management:March 27Chris Henick, veteran GOP consultant at the national presidential, senatorial, congressional and gubernatorial level or another expert will be our guest.Understanding what citizen-politicians are ‘getting into’ in terms of starting a business from scratch; raising money continually, and getting your supporters to vote for you in early voting and on Election Day 24
  25. 25. Social Media and PoliticsJarod Latch, Spiracle Media, Charlotte will explainhow social media is overtaking traditional campaigntechniques and tactics and how any citizen-politicianwho wants to get elected in the 21st century HAS tohave a vibrant social campaign media plan of action-We will help you start to put together a briefing bookwith specific answers written down for the types ofquestions you can expect to face once in politics. 10-second sound bites; 20-second follow-on comments; 1minute ‘full explanations’ of what you mean. 25
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