Discover Your Soul Power Tools Revised Lorie Rosenberg


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Discover Your Soul Power Tools Revised Lorie Rosenberg AENC 2014 Annual Meeting

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  • On the outside, you need to decide on the type of design you want, a traditional style or maybe a more contemorary design, what people will see as they view your home from the street, and how that design will integrate with the environment around it.
  • Building a life, a career or a business is like building a house…1 - You need vision and goals, 2 - you need a plan or mission, 3 - you need knowledge and help from others around you, and 4 - you need the essential tools to turn that vision into reality.
  • Let’s get started on helping you discover the power approach to life and work with your 8 Essential Soul Power Tools. You’ll be able to remember your 8 power tools because “approach” is an acronym for each of the power tools at your disposal. For each of the power tools I’ll be giving you an example of a person who embodies this characteristic. Grab your handouts and turn to the second page where you’ll see a blank spider chart. As we go through the power tools, you’ll fill in each of the spaces on the chart with the specific power tool. Then below you’ll see some blanks where you can add any notes about how you can use your tool. Towards the end of the program, you’ll actually rate yourself on the chart so you can see where you need improvement and develop action plans to get where you want to go.
  • Aspiring is our first power tool.
  • Or possibly mother…which one of my classmates had already done that before we graduated!
  • Completely adjustable four band elastic system that incorporated clips attached to the ends of the elastics
    Created a door anchor that could fit between the door and the door frame at all positions, even the bottom of the door
    Ankle straps that could attach to the elastics therefore greatly increasing the number and range of exercises that could be performed
    Inner line (D.G.S. anti-snap technology) in every elastic that would actually prevent the user from overstretching, damaging and snapping Streamed "live" workout shows specifically designed for resistance bands
  • Oprah Winfrey is a great example of a person who uses her optimistic power.

    Oprah takes self-empowerment to a new level in everything she does. It was her positive attitude that helped her overcome an abusive and challenging upbringing, to become a household name in broadcasting even though few African American women had been able to so at that time.

  • McLaughlin was originally a right handed player which meant the he uses his left hand on the neck of the guitar as you see here. After three years of exams and diagnoses – he discovered he had a : a rare neuromuscular disorder. Within a year of this diagnosis, his musical career was over.
  • From SAS Institute in Cary, NC. In the mid-1970s, Jim Goodnight had a dream: Start a technology company that treated workers as its most valuable asset. He had a vision of a company with generous health benefits and a beautiful campus with racquetball and volleyball courts to encourage exercise
  • Three kinds of needs. Physical - Take Dog for a Walk, sports, athletics; Eliminate stress – listen to music, read a book, nurturing friends; Spiritual – meditation and prayer, time in nature, get away from it all, express gratitude, forgiving.
  • Now we’re going to take a few minutes to determine how well you’re accessing your Soul Power Tools.
  • Discover Your Soul Power Tools Revised Lorie Rosenberg

    1. 1. “If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us.” Jim Rohn
    2. 2. Vision
    3. 3. Exterior Plan
    4. 4. Interior Floor Plan
    5. 5. Resources
    6. 6. Essential Tools
    7. 7. The Place We Don’t Talk About!
    8. 8. Santa Fe, NM
    9. 9. Amazing View of the Mountains
    10. 10. Beautiful Exterior
    11. 11. Where Do We Go Now?
    12. 12. Didn’t Resonate with My Soul  My Soul Didn’t Need a New Location… It Needed a New Direction
    13. 13. Didn’t Resonate with My Soul  You Can’t Fix an Internal Problem with an External Solution
    14. 14. Didn’t Resonate with My Soul  Understanding What You “Don’t Want” Can be as Important as Knowing What You “Do Want!”
    15. 15. Building a Life…
    16. 16. What Are the Obstacles and Challenges Holding You Back from Your Dream Life?
    17. 17. Challenges Growing Up
    18. 18. Challenges at Work
    19. 19. Challenges at Home
    20. 20. Challenge with Yourself
    21. 21. Where Are You Right Now?  Are You Happy Where You Are?  Do You Love What You’re Doing?  Are You Excited to Wake Up Each Day?  Do You Have Nurturing Friends & Family?  Are You Moving in the Right Direction?
    22. 22. You Have All the Tools You Need…
    23. 23. Understand How to Access Your Essential Tools
    24. 24. What Does Success Mean to You?
    25. 25. Your Potential is Limitless
    26. 26. Discover the Power APPROACH to Life and Work! Tap Into Your 8 Soul Power Tools!
    27. 27. Soul Power Tools Are Your Inner Strengths and Characteristics That Help You Succeed and Live Life Fully!
    28. 28. Aspiring Having a strong desire or determination to succeed!
    29. 29. Lorie Rosenberg
    30. 30. Gloversville, NY in the 50s
    31. 31. Mayfield Central School
    32. 32. Class Officers
    33. 33. Mr. Slack – Guidance
    34. 34. Career Options
    35. 35. Mother
    36. 36. Secretary
    37. 37. Went Back to School
    38. 38. Bachelor of Science Degree
    39. 39. Aspiring  Identify a Mission or Quest for Your Life  Focus Your Efforts in That Direction  Visualize What it Will Look Like When You Have Arrived
    40. 40. Passionate Strong feeling or belief about something you really care about
    41. 41. Geoff & Lynice Wigney
    42. 42. Empower International Empowering the Privileged to Empower the Poor
    43. 43. Helping Women of Poverty Build Their Future
    44. 44. Passionate  Discover What You Really Love to Do Or Care Deeply About  Look at What You Did as a Child and Adapt That to Your Life Now  Join a Cause of Someone You Know and Get Caught in Their Enthusiasm
    45. 45. Perceptive Gather information from your environment and use your senses to see opportunities that are presented to you
    46. 46. Blake Kassel
    47. 47. Bodylastics System
    48. 48. Live Exercise Workouts
    49. 49. Launchpad Project
    50. 50. Giving Back
    51. 51. Perceptive  Open Your Eyes to the Opportunities Around You  Look at New Ways or Solutions to Problems in Your World  Find Ways to Move Forward With Your Ideas
    52. 52. Resilient Become strong, healthy, or successful after experiencing setbacks or failures
    53. 53. James Dyson
    54. 54. Learn from Failure “I made 5,127 prototypes of my vacuum before I got it right. There were 5,126 failures. But I learned from each one. That's how I came up with a solution.”
    55. 55. Dyson - Inventor
    56. 56. Dyson Foundation
    57. 57. Resilient  Pursue Your Dreams and Goals Because You Know You Can Survive Failure  “Get Back on the Horse” and Move Forward Despite a Setback or Failure  Use Failure as a Springboard to Success
    58. 58. Optimistic Accepting where you are yet hopeful and confident about the future
    59. 59. Oprah Winfrey
    60. 60. Oprah Winfrey Show
    61. 61. AENC Giveaways  Free Subscription to Tricks & Tales Weekly E-mail Newsletter  Breakthrough Goals: How to Focus and Follow Through to Achieve Success
    62. 62. Evaluation Form
    63. 63. Who We Become…
    64. 64. Optimistic  Wake Up Each Day With an Hopeful Optimistic Attitude on Life  Look for the Good in Everything and Everybody  Always Strive to Continue Learning and Growing
    65. 65. Adaptable To change or be changed in order to work better in a situation or for some purpose
    66. 66. Billy McLaughlin
    67. 67. Playing Right-Handed
    68. 68. Trained to Play Left-Handed
    69. 69. Dystonia Medical Research Foundation
    70. 70. Adaptable  Be Ready to Change Course as the Need Arises  Use Your Current Skills to Enable You to Adapt into Other Areas  Reinvent Yourself as You Grow and Find New Opportunities
    71. 71. Creative Using imagination, innovative ideas, or resourcefulness to find solutions or create something new or unique
    72. 72. Ben & Jerry
    73. 73. 1978 First Scoop Shop
    74. 74. Creative Approach
    75. 75. Social Causes
    76. 76. Mission
    77. 77. Creative  Use Your Imagination to Create New and Innovative Solutions  Open Your Mind to Alternatives You Hadn’t Considered Before  Think “Out of the Box” to Discover Your Creativity
    78. 78. Healthy The condition of being sound in body, mind, and spirit
    79. 79. Jim Goodnight
    80. 80. SAS No. 2 – Top 100 Best Companies - Fortune
    81. 81. Corporate Wellness
    82. 82. Athletics
    83. 83. Walking on Campus
    84. 84. Cafeteria
    85. 85. Health Care Center
    86. 86. Daycare Center
    87. 87. Healthy  Eat Right, Exercise and Take Care of Your Physical Needs  Live a Healthy Lifestyle and Get Rid of Unhealthy Habits  Connect With Your Inner Source and Build Your Emotional Health
    88. 88. How Are You Accessing Your Soul Power Tools?
    89. 89. How Do You Rate?  What is Your Most Powerful Tool & Why?  What Tool Do You Need to Work on Most?  What Is the Most Important Goal for You to Work On?
    90. 90. What is Your Biggest “Aha” From the Program?
    91. 91. What Do They All Share?
    92. 92. How You Can Move from Success to Significance!
    93. 93. Taking Action is the Key  What You Want to Work on First  Visualize What Goal Will Look Like  Set Time Frame for Completion  Determine How to Keep from Quitting  Decide on Reward for Completing Goal
    94. 94. The Power APPROACH: Values Determine Your Purpose
    95. 95. The Power APPROACH: Purpose Determines Your Priorities
    96. 96. The Power APPROACH: Priorities Determine Your Goals
    97. 97. The Power APPROACH: Goals Determine Your Actions