Aenc pres gbw communicating outside your walls


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Session from the AENC Marketing & Communications Conference

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Aenc pres gbw communicating outside your walls

  1. 1. No Association is Switzerland A Geo-Political Guide to Communicating Beyond Your Borders
  2. 2. Associations are Little Nations
  3. 3. Associations Have Plenty of Internal Affairs to Tend to… • Membership needs! • Membership growth! • Events! • Domestic comms
  4. 4. Sometimes, External Business Takes Priority • On the attack! • Repelling a threat! ! “The art of letting somebody else have your way.”! - David Frost
  5. 5. Strategery Defining Victory • • • What do your members want?! What is best for the association?! How do we win a battle without starting a larger war?
  6. 6. Strategery The Ramp-up • Identifying the right tools
  7. 7. Tools Committed Populace Messaging! • Allies: Like-minded individuals and groups to take up the cause! ! “He who wishes to serve his country must have not only the power to think, but the will to act.” ! - Plato! •
  8. 8. Tools Ambassadors • • Well-prepared members! Information
  9. 9. Tools Aggressive Action • • • • Advertising! Press! Social Media! Events
  10. 10. Tools Press Message: From self interest to public interest! • Polls! • Internal call to action writ large! • Anticipate counter messaging! ! “Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”! - Sun Tzu
  11. 11. Tools Press Relationships: Build them!! • Reporters/editors: Gatekeepers en route to your goal! • Relevant reporters should be in your contact list! • An intn’l incident should not be the first time you talk!
  12. 12. Tools Press Cannon fodder: Useable content! • Reporters need NEWS, steady drumbeat! • Events! • Press releases! • Studies! • Op-eds, letters! • Committed populace, other allies! But, press loyal only to the ‘story’! • Be bulletproof in terms of your position!
  13. 13. A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Winston Churchill
  14. 14. Tools Advertising Missile: expensive, targeted and makes a big boom! • Not in every association’s arsenal! • Very satisfying glow! • Members! • Public awareness!
  15. 15. Tools Advertising Arsenal ! • Print: Adjacent to news, attention of influencers! • Mail: Expensive, but delivered to their doorstep, tactile! • Online: Targeted demos, easily adjustable, cost efficient! • Radio: Call to action; specific, engaged demo! • TV: Prestige, memorable, budget considerations & re-use potential
  16. 16. Tools Advertising Even a flashbang can be seen from far away! • Targeting! • Metro targets! • I-85 echo chamber! • Influencer targets! • Inflating a modest buy! • Coordination with press! • Social media !
  17. 17. Tools Social Media Free, but requires someone to have their finger on the button! • A stagnant page becomes a dismissed page by press and constituents! • Not as hard as you may think to maintain or at least give the appearance! • Hootsuite! • Interns! • Don’t overextend with multiple pages managed poorly!
  18. 18. Tools Social Media Battle plan! • Know your goals for posting! • Clear calls to action for members! • Making the most out of a hit! • A study or poll can be broken into several smaller bites all worthy of an individual post
  19. 19. Dossier Reframing Through Press NC Retail Merchants Association! • Tax Free Weekend! • What the opponents said - This is going to cost the state $11m in lost revenue! • What the association said - This is going to save the taxpayers $11m that they’ll spend elsewhere! • Tactics! • Messaging and positioning! • Direct media relations!
  20. 20. Dossier Call to Action NC Association of Realtors! • Land transfer tax, 2007-2008! • Mass outreach! • TV, radio, print! • Micro-targeting! • Direct mail, chase calls, door to door! • Call to action: Contact legislators! • Generated 50,000 emails and calls! • 24 referenda = 100% victory
  21. 21. You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. - Margaret Thatcher