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Mobile applications Mobile applications Presentation Transcript

  • Mobile Applications By Rodi Bethyoun
  • Definition and Facts • Mobile applications, mobile apps, or what most people use is apps. • “is application software designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices.” by Wikipedia. • apps are internet applications that run on your smart phone. • The most famous Operating systems that run apps are Android, IOS, and Windows. • 91% of smart phone use is for social activities. RB
  • History of mobile apps • Mobile application were made available by the existence of multifunctional devices. • Multifunctional devices are more commonly known as smart phones. • Mobile applications started appearing in the late 20th century. • The operating systems on smart phones allowed the development of 3rd party software . • They became more common after the Wireless Application Protocol(WAP). • WAP allowed smart phone to use the internet. RB
  • History of mobile apps Cont. • Apple and Research in Motion (RIM or Blackberry) were one of the first manufacturers to implement the App store idea. • Cell phones were the leader of the market share with 46% in Feb 2012. • In May 2013 smart phones were leading the market share with 56%. • Here is a great video that shows the revolution of mobile applications.[Video #1] RB
  • Mobile applications today • Today a smart phone is essential to every person. • The average age for the first cell phone is 13 years old. • It took the radio 38 years to reach 50 million users, where it took Draw Something App 50 days only. • The average person uses their smart phone for 1.8 hours a day. • 18% of that is spent on Facebook. • And 32% of that is spent playing games. RB
  • Mobile applications today Cont. • 60% of Twitter users access it using smart phones. • 80% of smartphone owners use it in front of the TV. • Facebook makes 30% of their revenue through. • 68% of smart phone owners use their phones to research about products. • 35% of those purchase the product on their smart phones. • Here is a video which shows how important apps are [Video #2] RB
  • Mobile application in the future • By 2017 mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times. • Which will produce $77 billion in revenue. • Its predicted that every human on the earth would have downloaded 37 mobile apps. • In 2014 it is expected to have adaptive mobile OS, which will learn from the users behavior. • Smart glasses and watches. • Here is a video that shows what the future is caring for mobile apps.[Video #3] RB
  • Conclusion • Mobile applications are taking over the smart phone use. • Apps are even more used then calling and texting. • Using smart phones for social activities is the major part of application use.
  • Resources. • Wikipedia Definition • What is a mobile application • What is a mobile application 2 • History of mobile Application • State of mobile 2013 • 2017 predictions • Mobile Apps in the future • Future technology RB