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20132901 adt full screen pop up-en

  2. 2. Introduction to Research Context 3Research Objective 8Research Design 9Research Result 15Conclusion and Recommendation 292Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportTable of Contents
  3. 3. I. INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH CONTEXT3Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportFull Screen Pop Up Research Report
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH CONTEXTIn 1998, ADT was founded. Starting since the beginning of advertising industry, ADT is seen as oneof the pioneering companies in the media market. Along with the growth of the business communityin Vietnam, ADT has grown dramatically to become one of the few professional providers ofadvertising & media services in Vietnam media.Current services of ADT:Introduction about ADT4Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportnSpot booking & buying;TV program sponsors;TVC services;Creative design;Creativity development;Strategy and brand development;Events organizing;Overall brand consultancy;Full Screen Pop UUp Research Reportrtrn
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH CONTEXTFull Screen Pop-up is a new form of advertising on television,but there are some other characteristics compared to regularcommercials :Length: Shorter than regular TVC, only about 4-8 seconds;Position: First or last of a spot break; together with the line“Advertising program” or “Please continue watching broadcastingprograms”;Sound: no voice-over or dialogue, only program-specific themesound of each channel;Full Screen Pop-up Introduction5Full Screen Pop Up Research Report
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH CONTEXTResearch Reasons6Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportFull screen pop-up has higher rating than other spots in the same spot breakAverage rating (Ind. 4+) of Full screen Pop-up on HTV7 channel:More than 11% compared to spots at priorityMore than 27% compared to spots at normal positionsPosition of normal spotsAverage rating of Full screen Pop-up and normal spots on HTV7according to analysis results of the first 6 months of 2012 (20:00-22:00)FSPU (first) FSPU (Last)
  7. 7. INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH CONTEXTFull screen Pop-up (FSPU) is combined with the break screen that signals the start of a spot breakor the return of main program. So whether the audiences pay attention to FSPU as much as normalspots or not?FSPU only appears in a short time (4-8 seconds), and no voice or dialogue in the content ofFSPU. So whether the audiences can recognize which product/brand advertised as well as catchthe details/messages of the commercial or not?This is a new type of commercial. What is the assessment of audiences toward it?Might FSPU impact on the audiences’ thinks or behaviors?Research Reasons7Full Screen Pop Up Research Report
  8. 8. 8Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportII. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE• Measure the level of audiences attention to Full Screen PopUp (FSPU) ;• Measure the perception of audience regarding advertisingcontent on FSPU• Study about the personal conception and assessment ofaudience about FSPU• In compared with other normal commercials, how do theaudience comment about FSPU?
  10. 10. RESEARCH DESIGN• “Focus Group Discussion” (FGD) is selected as the most suitable method for this study• The concentration level of audience on Television at home might be different with research place. Athome, for instance, the audience can be distracted from watching Television due to many activitiessuch as taking a phone call, talking to other member…etc.• The repetition frequency of FSPU in testing environment is closer than in reality (due to the timelimitation for each group discussion). As the result, the concentration and recognition of audienceabout FSPU can be better.• The result of this study can be affected due to the selection of materials/documents during audiencetesting process such as: the program’s quality or genre, brand/ product dvertised on FSPU, thequality of TVC’s creative…etc.The acceptable drawbacks of research methodology10Full Screen Pop Up Research Report
  11. 11. RESEARCH DESIGN• The simulated environment used for research can increase/decrease the level of audience’sconcentration on FSBU in an unnatural way• Genre and the attraction of broadcasted programs can increase/decrease the level of audience’sconcentration compared with practical environment.• The popularity of products/brands advertised on FSPU• The position of the FSPU in a program• The other factors related to the creative of a FSPU such as: ideas, colors, images, sounds,…etc.• 2 video clips have been created in order to study about the different impacts of above factors to2 different program genres – Series and News3 FSPU TVCs with different lengths, represented for 3 brands with different popularities(*) All products/ brands were selected by ADTThe possible factors may a ect to audience’s concentration and recognition about FSPU11Full Screen Pop Up Research Report
  12. 12. RESEARCH DESIGNDescription of 2 video clips used in Group Discussion12Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportGroup AClip 1: Series(01:57) – FSPU COMFORT (00:08)- normal TVCs (01:58) – FSPU FAMI (00:08) –Series(01:39)Clip 2: Weather forecast (01:33) – FSPU OMO(00:05) - normal TVCs (01:58) – FSPU CENTERFRUIT (00:05) – Sport news (01:19)Clip 3: FSPU COMFORT (00:08)Clip 4: FSPU FAMI (00:08)Group BClip 1: Series(01:07) – FSPU OMO (00:08) -normal TVCs (01:58) – FSPU CENTER FRUIT(00:08) – SeriesClip 2: News 60s (01:06) – FSPU COMFORT(00:05) - normal TVCs (01:58)– FSPU FAMI(00:05) – News 60s (01:55)Clip 3: FSPU OMO (00:08)Clip 4: FSPU CENTER FRUIT (00:08)
  13. 13. RESEARCH DESIGN13Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportResearch target – sample size• Male/Female, age from 15-50• Do not work in any market research or media companies• Watch TV at least 4 days/weekSampling method• Scope of research: HCM City• Using systematic sampling methods with combined quota of gender& age;• Other criteria such as: working status, occupation and socialeconomic classification are also considered to diversify the targetsResearch target – sample sizeMale Age group/ Gender Female6 15-19 88 20-24 88 25-29 88 30-34 88 35-39 88 40-44 88 45-50 854 Total no. of respondents 56
  14. 14. IV. RESEARCH RESULT14Full Screen Pop Up Research Report
  15. 15. RESEARCH RESULT“… What do you see after watching this video clip?”In this study, it is defined that a person paying attention to Full Screen Pop-up as if he/she can stateexactly any details advertised on the pop-up such as logo, image, text or particular color.The concept of "seeing" here is not merely "see“, but it also depends on each persons ability toremember.Thus, the level of attention to Full Screen Pop-up may depend on the following factors :Gender: Male & female may have different interest & attention to product / daily consumptiongoods;Age group: Young People usually have better eyesight and memory than older ones; Things thatyoung people care is often different from what the older generation doThe degree of acquaintance with mentioned things (phenomena): Those who have known acertain product that can easily provide details of that product even taking a glance than those whohave never known that product.Audience’s attention level to Full Screen Pop -up15Full Screen Pop Up Research Report
  16. 16. Audiences of all age groups have theattention to Full Screen Pop-up, howeverthis level of attention varies depending onthe advertised brand / product. Attentionrate to Full Screen Pop-up advertising forfamiliar brand / product (Omo / Comfort)is higher than the Full Screen Pop-upadvertising for new brand / new productor even lesser known one (Center Fruit).The level of attention to Full Screen Pop-up of women is higher than men inalmost all age groups, especially forproducts that women car and have theopportunity to interact or use more oftensuch as Omo detergent or ComfortFabric condition.Audience’s attention level to Full Screen Pop -up16Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportPercentage of respondents seeing Full Screen Pop-up variousbrands (products) by age groupRESEARCH RESULTFemaleMale
  17. 17. RESEARCH RESULTTypically, the average of audience in age 20-44:Audience’s attention level to Full Screen Pop -up17Full Screen Pop Up Research Report70%More than of male respondents pay attention to Full Screen Pop-up of brand/product80%About of female respondents pay attention to Full Screen Pop-up of brand/product60%Nearly of respondents pay attention to Full Screen Pop-up of brand/product20- 44 aged groupMaleFemale
  18. 18. For both men and women, the level of attentionto Full Screen Pop-up is closely related to theage group.The level of attention to Full Screen Pop-up of25-29 aged group is relatively low;The level of attention to Full Screen Pop-up ofaudience above 45 yrs old has a significantdecrease.Although Center Fruit is a new product/ brand, itstill get high attention of audience in 15-24 agegroup because they usually pay attention to newand lively things, and especially their preferredproducts.Audience’s attention level to Full Screen Pop -up18Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportPercentage of respondents seeing Full Screen Pop-up of variousbrands (products) by age groupRESEARCH RESULTMaleFemale
  19. 19. RESEARCH RESULT“… When watching TV at home, do you pay attention to those such images (Full ScreenPop -up)?”“ Why not? It catches my eyes suddenly when I am enjoying movie and that caught myattention… ” – Mr. D. H, 15 years old, a pupil.Why do audiences pay attention to Full Screen Pop-up?19Full Screen Pop Up Research Report“ There’s no way to ignore as it suddenly appeared duringwatching TV series…” –Ms. N. T, 23 years old, Treasurer Staff.“I’m often afraid of missing good scene of the series so Ialways keep watching from the time before series’ return. Ipay attention to the screen immediately when hearing thetheme song performance …” – Ms. B.T, 36 years old, ahousewife.“ I often see all the ads because I usually watch movie with mychildren who don’t let me switch channel during advertisingtime. So I see all…” – Ms. T. V, 32 years old, Sales Executive,have three children.
  20. 20. 50% respondents say that they pay more attention to firstadvertisement for its sudden appearance, or cannot switch toother channels timely to neglect advertisements as theirexpectations.30% often watch to last TVCs for not missing interestingscene of the being broadcasted program.10% watch whole spots break because of 2 main reasons:When watching TV together with their children, they cannot switch to other channels.Looking forward to new products or sales promotion.The rest 10% claim that depends on specific circumstances. Ifthe program is attractive, they will keep watching. Otherwise,they will switch to other channels and do other things, orwatch some first/ last TVCs only.20Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportRESEARCH RESULTWhich position of the Full Screen Pop-up can attract most attention?“… Do you pay more attention to TVC or the last one when watching TV at home?”Firstposition,50%Samebetweenpositions, 10%Dependonspecificcircumstances,10%Lastposition,30%
  21. 21. FSPU of OMO washing-powder100% respondents recognize OMO washing-powder product.“Who doesn’t know OMO ”– Mrs.T. T, 42 years old, housewife.100% recognize OMO product because they have used it, or havebeen seen OMO advertisement before.“I have seen OMO advertisements everytime when I go to themarket, so I realize it right away by the letter OMO” – Ms. X. V,33, clerical staff, living near Le Van Sy market.“I know it as soon as I see the washing-powder bag” – Ms. Q.G, 24, hotel receptionist.21Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportRESEARCH RESULTRecognition capacity of FSPU’s content“When seeing … [pictures/letters/colors… on FSPU], do you know what product (s) arethey about?”
  22. 22. FSPU of COMFORT fabric softener80% respondents hit the point– That was COMFORT fabric softener,including:• 100% recognize the product by the word COMFORT on thescreen and have known it before;• Some people say that they can identify the product by its bottle’sparticular shape and color.“I realize it right away when I saw the COMFORT bottle” –T. K, 19 years old, student.“ I saw a couple who were dancing on TV’ screen” –Q. H,48, lecturer.Some aged 19-24 young man know COMFORT brand name but thinkthat’s washing -powder.22Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportRESEARCH RESULTRecognition capacity of FSPU’s content
  23. 23. FSPU of FAMI soya milk40% respondents know FAMI brand name as they have used this product.“My family only use this milk” – Mr. M. Q, 42 years old, foreman.20% knew this soya milk because they’ve seen its TVC before.“I saw this advertisement in the Vuot Len Chinh Minh gameshow” –V. N,23, security guard; V. Đ, 32, trader; and H. C, 34, accountant.Some other people don’t know this product, but notice the advertised one issoya milk by the shape of the box, liquid color or the bean.“I see a mass of soya bean and milk box” –Q. H, clerical staff.“I see the box like the one in super market, so I guess” – H. V, 18years old, pupil.I see the big letters FAMI and a broken bean” – Mrs.T. H, 44,shopkeeper.23Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportRESEARCH RESULTRecognition capacity of FSPU’s content
  24. 24. FSPU for CENTER FRUIT gum100% respondents who pay attention to one of the details on FSPU havenever known CENTER FRUIT before.Most of respondents who pay attention to this FSPU (except for some oldfemale) claimed that this is an advertisement for CHEWING GUM based onwhat they had seen:The line of “Chewing Gum”;Shape and color of the gum reminded them of the one they had known;Some people think that is STRAWBERRY CANDY because of thestrawberry image.24Full Screen Pop Up Research ReporttRESEARCH RESULTRecognition capacity of FSPU’s contentThe brand name CENTER FRUIT is in English and slightly long; thus, manypeople can not read it even saw it already.“I saw a familiar word as fruit.” – say Mr. H. T, age 31, sales.Most of them can’t read the small line on FSPU such as “STRAWBERRY FLAVOR” .“It passed too quick to read” – Ms. T. T, age 48, housewife.Some have a tendency of only noticing in the image but not reading the line.“I saw the candy but I don’t know which kind of” – say Mr. H. N, age 33, driver.
  25. 25. 85% say what they have seen (FSPU) is kind of normal TVCs,short or quick one.10% say that is an advertisement for the sponsor of the program.25Báo cáo kết quả nghiên cứu dự án màn hình gạtRESEARCH RESULTThe view point/awareness of FSPUmm.Sponsor ‘s TVC10%Normal TVC85%Other opinionsBáo cáo kết quả nghiên cứu 25dự áán màn hình gạt5% have other opinions:“… A signature for m broadcasting” – sayMr. T. K, age 19, student.“… Film is so short that it is put to lengthenthe duration” – say Mr. H. V, age 18,student.“… It’s not an advertisement but a channelfeature” – say Mr. V. P, age 17, 11th gradestudent.“In your opinion, what is the or the last TVC in spot break you have just seen?”
  26. 26. About 20% respondents think that short advertisement lead to lower cost and less time.Others have different awareness about the length of FSPU.“They maintain advertising to remind the consumers” – say Mr. V. N, age 23, security staff; Mr. H. V,age 22, sales staff.“Probably they don’t want to annoy the viewers” – Ms. H. B, age 22 , sales staff.“It’s unnecessary for well -known product/ brand names to advertise too long” – Mr. Q. H., age 22,interpreter“The shorter, the less boring” – Ms. H. T, age 39, housewife.26Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportRESEARCH RESULTThe view point/awareness of FSPU“… Why do they have such a short advertisement? Why not a long one as usual?”
  27. 27. There was a respondent who also associated FSPU with advertisements on foreign channels.“They probably simulate the advertisement on Discover Channel which is short and has nodemonstration. I have watched it many times to see the Canon model” – Mr. A. T, age 40,officer.Some supposed that short advertisement make audiences curious or attractive:“At the st time I don’t get what it is, thus I have to wait for the next time” – say T. H, age 15,student.“After watching it, my son asked me “Dad, why is the egg broken”, which makes me have towait for the next time to get the answer” – Mr. H. H, age 45, carpenter.27RESEARCH RESULTThe view point/awareness of FSPUFull Screen Pop Up Research Report
  28. 28. • In term of “other people”, young people tend to think of their peers only. Meanwhile, older people,especially married ones, think of not only their peers but also older generations.• A majority of young respondents told FSPU would still get people’s attention as normal TVCs due toat their age “nothing is too fast“ and they are interested in something new."What makes people curious will catch their attention," Ms. N. H, 16-year-olds student.• But there were some other young people think wisely:“… Probably the older who have poor and slow vision can’t see it as clear as we can” ," Ms. T.H, 15-year-olds student.28Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportRESEARCH RESULTAudience’s assessment about Full Screen Pop -up (FSPU)“In your opinion, when watching TV at home can other people pay attention to such shortadvertisements with no voice -over?”
  29. 29. In term of “the others” , the youth tend to think about their peers. Meanwhile, the adult, especiallythe married one, often think about not only someone like them, but the children and the older aswell.Most of young respondents think that FSPU draws the same attention as normal advertisementsbecause “nothing is too fast” at their age and they are interested in something new.“These make us curious so that we’re supposed to wait for the next time to actually know whatit is” – say Ms. N. H, age 16, student.However, there are some young respondents who have wider think:“… Probably the older who had poor and slow vision can’t see it as clear as we can” – Ms. T.H, age 15, student.29Báo cáo kết quả nghiên cứu dự án màn hình gạtRESEARCH RESULTAudience’s assessment about Full Screen Pop -up (FSPU)“In your opinion, these short advertisements, no demonstration, can catch the viewers’attention when seeing them at home?
  30. 30. There is no problems if FSPU has no voice-over, many respondents say, with the following conditions:Product must be familiar to audience.o “People can understand fast Advertisements once they already know the product" - Ms. H. T, 39years old, a officer.Must have impressive factors to attract audience’ attention.o “Realize an 10% more is enough, " Ms. T. H, 25, NV VP.o "I prefer understandable short advertisements by too long ones are ungainly "- Ms. H. D, 43years old, treasurer.30Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportRESEARCH RESULTAudience’s assessment about Full Screen Pop -up (FSPU)
  31. 31. The majority of female respondents agree that:FSPU can make children curious.Women can see FSPU as normal, maybe even more attention because of its specialpositions.Older people might not pay attention because of its length.A female respondent raises an idea that : "If there is an additional voice "OMO is added 10% more“in FSPU, women will pay more attention because many women only hear, not watchadvertisements" - Ms. N. D, 26-year-old cashier.31Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportRESEARCH RESULTAudience’s assessment about Full Screen Pop -up (FSPU)
  32. 32. The young tended to be interested in this short TVC as FSPU“I like it for it’s quick, brief and nimble” - say Mr. T. K, age 19, student.“Short ads don’t make the viewers lose their interest” – say Mr. D. H, age 15, student.“Repeatedly long advertisements are too boring to watch. Familiar products only need shortadvertisement for viewer to recognize it.” – Ms.T. H, age 15, student, and Mr. Q.H, IT staff.With familiar products like OMO and COMFORT, most of them say that FSPU advertisement isappropriated because:“Seeing “OMO” is enough, the more is unnecessary” – say V. N, age 23, security staff.“Everyone knows that soya milk is good for health, no need to introduce” – say Mr. T. T, age36, KCS staff.“I don’t like it too short, but no need to be long when you already know that product” – Ms. T.H, age 38, tailor.32Báo cáo kết quả nghiên cứu dự án màn hình gạtRESEARCH RESULTComparing FSPU with normal TVCs“How do you think of these short TVC and other normal ones?
  33. 33. Most of them say that they would prefer the long TVCs if:Advertising for new product and they can get their brand name or product features in longduration;Advertisement pattern is always changed in order not to make the viewers bored;Advertisement with lively and funny (many of young and middle-aged respondents mentionVinamilk ads as their favorite, while male respondents are fond of Heineken and Tiger ads).33Báo cáo kết quả nghiên cứu dự án màn hình gạtRESEARCH RESULTComparing FSPU with normal TVC“How do you think of these short TVCs and other normal ones?
  34. 34. V. CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATION34Full Screen Pop Up Research Report
  35. 35. CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATIONFull Screen Popup (FSPU) get the attention of the majority of the respondents due to its first andlast position in a spots break.TAM data of TNS Media on HTV7 from Jan – Jun 2012 show that FSPU have the higher rating pointin comparison with other types of advertisement of the same break.The attention level to FSPU is related to the gender and age group of the audienceFemale groups ‘s attention level to FSPU is higher than male ones;Young audience tend to pay more attention to FSPU than older audience.FSP at the first position get more audience attention than the last.In the last position of a spot break, the audience’s attention level of FSPU depended on2 main factors:The attractiveness of the main program, for e.g, if the content of film/ series was not attractiveenough, the audience tended to switch channel or stop watching when it came to theadvertisement time. Therefore, they would miss the FSP at the end of spot break.The duration of spots break – When the audience acknowledged that the break is longer, theyshall switch channel or do other things than keep watching.Conclusion35Full Screen Pop Up Research Report
  36. 36. Main characteristics of FSP get the audience attention were:Brand nameDesign/ particular details of product (Detergent bag, Comfort bottle or 2 effigies in Comfortcommercial ad, soya bean, strawberries..)Attractive promotion information such as “10% more”Signature color of the products or product category (For e.g: Purple for Comfort, or pink forchewing gum)Most of the audience can recognize the product, brand name or key messages of FSPUadvertisement of well known brand such as OMO or COMFORT or less well known brand as soyamilk FAMI.Even with new or least well known brand such as chewing gum CENTER FRUIT, they also getattention from young audience who might be curious and interested in new things.FSPU Ads for new products fail to attract the older audience group, and the possibility to get brandawareness from those is also lower.Conclusion36Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportCONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATION
  37. 37. According to the majority of audience, the characteristics of FSPU such as the short duration and novoice recorder are the advantage of FSPU when it is used for well known brands/products, theaudience will easily recognize the products through its brand name or particular details.FSPU has positive effects on media aspects.Remind audience of the products which they are using or have used/known.Remind audience of the products which they’ve seen on TV or other placesStimulate the curiosity and encourage audience to try/use the product (by watching the adscontinuously), especially with children and young age group.FSPU will be more easily accepted by the audience than repeated normal ads without improvementin content.Conclusion37Full Screen Pop Up Research ReportCONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATION
  38. 38. CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATIONIn most of the cases, FSPU should only be used to advertise for well-known or common products.In some cases, FSPU for new or less well known brand/ product can play the role of a “teaser”, but inmost of other cases, we must carefully consider before making decision because the effect might beunder-expected.Products which are advertised on FSPU must be as much different as possible from the next TVCsor the previous ones. In this study, some respondents get confused that FSPU was a part of the nextor the previous advertisements.To enhance the audience’s attention to products on FSPU, we need to focus on or emphasize thedetails that describe the ts for consumer such as: “10% more” or the signi cant features of theproduct.Small-sized details should not be used in FSPU due to respondent can not catch as such shortduration.With new product, FSPU should be used for short and easy to remember brand name such as OMOor FAMI. Long or foreign brand name such as CENTER FUIT should be avoided.RECOMENDATION38Full Screen Pop Up Research Report
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