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Automotive Digital Advertising for Car Dealers


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Automotive Digital Advertising for Car Dealers... …

Automotive Digital Advertising for Car Dealers...

For more information on various services available for car dealers, visit and join the online network set up by Ralph's ADP Social Media Reputation Management Team at

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  • Why do we ask dealers to register at before we recommend any digital advertising?The OEM Digital Advertising Program is designed to leverage each dealer’s existing search engine rankings by researching the “organic” or natural listings that dealers do not pay for, before buying any paid search listings. By first testing the most important search words and phrases, the relevant keywords used by local in-market car buyers that already show the dealer prominently listed, can be excluded from those that the dealer pays for. This strategy allows ADP to bid on only the most effective keywords that the dealer is not already getting for free, then shift the remaining budget to display advertising on web sites used by the dealer’s local customers. Eliminating the practice of bidding on the wrong keywords or Geotargeting outside the dealer’s effective market area allows ADP to provide OEM X and OEM Y dealers with a blended online advertising approach that maximizes the showroom, phone and dealer website sales opportunities generated.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Digital Advertising Dealer Summit
      November 18, 2008
    • 2. Marc Cross – Jordan OEM XDealer Best Practices
    • 3. North American Digital Traffic Map
      Content Deleted
    • 4. OEM X
      OEM Y
      Content Deleted
      Content Deleted
    • 5. OEM X
      OEM Y
      Content Deleted
      Content Deleted
    • 6. Introductions
    • 7. Nationally recognized speaker and author on Automotive Digital Marketing, Advertising, Lead Management and CRM Practices
      Led team that generated and managed 144,000+ leads at a single-point Phoenix dealer in 2 years
      Managed dealership sales team that delivered 4,000+ vehicles to Internet Leads and website phone calls in 2006
      20+ year background in developing Digital Marketing strategies and lead management implementations for dealers and car companies
      Managed first retail automotive pilot program for Google Audio while in beta testing at Courtesy Chevrolet in 2005, 2006 and 2007
      Started generating Internet leads in 1986 using CompuServe ISP access and vehicle listings on defense contractor BBS’s in San Diego
      Reynolds Consulting/Cyber Car Catalyst of the Year in 2001
      AAISP/Digital Dealer Magazine Internet Sales Manager of Year 2006
      OEM Digital Advertising Program Director at ADP Dealer Services
      Ralph Paglia
    • 8. Prior to supporting OEM X full time, held
      multiple positions in OEM X Retail, including
      as Sales Manager in a High Volume Detroit
      OEM X Dealership
      Started working with Internet leads in 1996, and one of the developers of the original Salespoint app in 1998.
      Since 1999, Supported OEM X and OEM Y online efforts in Automotive Lead Management and CRM Process design
      Half a Car/Cyber Car Group consultant. 
      Key developer in the OEM X Suite of e-tools and Internet sales process training. 
      Has conducted seminars in all 17 OEM X and OEM Y sales Regions, Field Personnel Training, and New Dealer Training
      Doug Mitchell
      Content Deleted
    • 9. Specific Media - 2 years
      Tripled district sales in first year
      Key contributor to overall auto category success of Specific Media - #1 Heavy Auto Property
      Specializes in local auto business success online – Tier II & III
      New York Times Co.- 3 years
      Ran in the NE region
      Developed business as the #5 local website in the nation
      Alcatel - 6 years
      Director of Business Development - Networking Division
      Technology solutions to drive business process improvement
      Scott Jones
    • 10. OEM (tier 1), HDAA (tier 2) and Dealer (tier 3) Websites
      Inventory Aggregation Portals (Autotrader,
      Lead Producers and Resell Aggregators (Dealix, OEM Leads)
      Specialized Microsites and Landing Pages
      URL and domain management portfolios
      CRM and Lead Management Tools
      Automated Email Marketing and Communication systems
      Assigned Resources and Business Processes
      Search Engine Optimization
      Social Networking and Reputation Management
      Digital Advertising
      Search Engine Advertising
      Content and Demographic Network Ad Placements
      Behavioral Targeting Campaigns
      Retargeting Campaigns
      Site, Services and Event Sponsorship Campaigns
      What is Automotive Digital Marketing?
    • 11. Automotive Ad SpendShift to Internet
    • 12. Digital Media Spending Growth
    • 13. Digital Spend % - TIER I / TIER II
      Tier I and Tier II spend has increased as Internet shopping activity has grown
      Source: Ad Activity, SEM/Display
    • 14. Digital Growth - Retail Sales
      Internet Sales as a % of Retail sales continue to grow in importance
      Source: CKS Sales Match
    • 15. Content Deleted
      % of OEM X buyers research on-line
    • 16. Moving beyond “Why Digital”
      AIU – Automotive Internet Users – J.D. Power
    • 17. Why doesn’t dealer advertising have the same impact on sales that it had a few years ago?
      1. IDC Study, U.S. Consumer Online Behavior Survey Results 2007
      2. 2006 National Automobile Dealers Association Data
    • 18. Only travel is more influenced by Online media
      Source: DoubleClickTouchpoints III
    • 19. “Which one of these information sources was most important when making decisions about buying your vehicle?”
      R.L. Polk 2007
    • 20. Newspaper spending is declining
      Includes auto manufactures, national dealer associations, individual dealerships and other market vendors, excludes auto insurance and retail companies.
    • 21. Dealer Lead Management
    • 22. Lead Management
    • 23. Quality Response
    • 24. Keys for Success
    • 25. Resources
    • 26. Digital Marketing Consultant (DMC)
      Ron Kelly – Southwest
      Content deleted
      Content Deleted
    • 27. Resources
      Lead Management & Reporting
      Content Deleted
    • 28. Resources
      Home Portal
      Content Deleted
    • 29. Templates
      Digital Ad Guide
      Contact Directory
      Events Calendar
      Resources – Home Portal
      Content Deleted
    • 30. Resources – Home Portal
      Content Deleted
    • 31. Resources – Home Portal
      Content Deleted
    • 32. Resources – Home Portal
      Content Deleted
    • 33. Metrics
    • 34. Metrics – Data Collection
    • 35. Dealer Overview
      Lead Response Time
      Leads Details Report
      Resources - Metrics
      Content Deleted
    • 36. Dealer Overview
      Content Deleted
    • 37. Dealer OverviewNew OEM X Sourced Leads
    • 38. Dealer Overview – 30 Day Match
    • 39. Dealer Overview – 60 Day Match
    • 40. Dealer Overview – 180 Day Match
    • 41. Dealer Overview – Long Term Follow Up
      20 Sales in 30 Days
      25 Sales in 60 Days
      29 Sales for 180 Days
      50% of our customers purchase after 10 Days
    • 42. Dealer Overview – Lost Sales
    • 43. The vehicle shopping process takes about three months for the average AIU
      Source: 2007 J.D. Power and Associates New Study
      Based to AIUs
    • 44. Lead Response Time – LRTUpdated Nightly
    • 45. Lead Details
      Content Deleted
    • 46. Lead Details
    • 47. Lead Details
      Content Deleted
    • 48. 71%
      It’s not just about generating leads
    • 49. The other 80% of car buyers that use the web
      Beyond the lead
    • 50. Digital Marketing Consultants
      Digital Advertising Guide
      Three-Tiered Dealer Approach
      Do it Yourself
      • Region DMC’s & OEM Program Guide
      Help You do it
      • 2 Day DA Setup/Training visit
      Do it for You:
      • Professional Produced Ad Creatives
      • 51. Prenegotiated Network Pricing
      • 52. Monitor & Report Performance
      • 53. Budget Optimization
      • 54. Co-Op Preapproval/Assistance
      • 55. Special Partner Incentives
      OEM X and OEM Y Digital Advertising Program for Dealers
      Content Deleted
    • 56. Digital Advertising – Phase 1 Approach
      Do-It-Yourself Digital Advertising
      Although it may seem complex, many forms of digital advertising can be done without extensive training. We share with you some of the latest ways you can get started, many of them at no cost!
      Content Deleted
    • 57. Digital Advertising – Phase 2 Approach
      Digital Advertising Setup & Training
      An introduction to the tools, processes and know-how needed by dealers to get up and running with online advertising – 2 days of in-dealership hands on process definition, building and launching actual campaigns!
      Day 1
      Day 2
    • 58. Full Service Digital Advertising Solution
      OEM X has partnered with ADP to offer your dealerships some of the most advanced advertising solutions that are available today.
      Digital Advertising – Phase 3 Approach
      Turn-Key OEM Program Solution covered in detail later this AM….
    • 59. Ralph Paglia
      Director - Digital Marketing
      OEM X and OEM Y Digital Advertising Program
      ADP Dealer Services
    • 60. Retail Experience with Digital Advertising (2005-2007)
      Web Generated Phone and Lead Volume:185% Increase in 18 months 1,800 - 2,100 leads a month (before) 5,200 - 5,900 leads a month (after)
    • 61. Retail Experience with Digital Advertising (2005-2007)
      • Sales to Leads/Calls from Digital Marketing: 352% increase in 18 months 74 – 90 units a month (before) 300-335 units a month (after)
    • Consumers visit an average of 6 dealerships, but they are visiting only one dealership per brand.
      Digital Advertising is an effective way to increase a dealer’s selection as the one OEM dealer that the consumer visits.
      Consumers Compare Brands Online Dealers are Competing with Other Makes… Online!
      Are you planning your shift for maximum effectiveness?
    • 62. Search Engines are the primary tool used by car buyers for filtering dealerships
      Dealer Websites are now an extension of the dealer’s showroom and local brand
      What you need to knowPre-Selection Filters - Car Buying Starts on Web
      Are you planning your shift for maximum effectiveness?
    • 63. 1. Online Display Advertising
      Ad Networks
      Automotive Websites
      Local Media Websites
      National Websites
      Behavioral Targeting
      Contextual Targeting
      2. Search Engine Advertising
      CPC/PPC/Sponsored Links
      3. Offline Ad Cost Efficiency
      Google Audio (radio)
      Google Print (newspaper)
      Google TV
      Digital Advertising Advantages
    • 64. Over Half of all Dealers use Search Advertising
      You compete, whether or not you participate!
      Dealerships Using Search Advertising
    • 65. Which Dealers use Search Advertising today? Why do they sell more cars?
      Search Advertising by dealers is rapidly expanding, many of the SEM service providers used by dealers have opaque fee and service charge policies that result in highly diluted returns on dealer Search Advertising investments. The most successful dealers are managing their Search Ad campaigns in-house or using DA service providers with fully disclosed fee structures.
      J.D. Power 2007 (DSOBS)
    • 66. Digital Advertising:
      What To Measure
    • 67. What should dealers measure?
    • 68. What does it look like when we evaluate a Digital Advertising Campaign (4 month metrics)
      33,257,657 Impressions Generated – How many times the ad was seen
      29,528 Click Throughs - Visits to the dealers web sites, landing pages and micro sites
      2,248 Leads Generated - Electronic Leads and Phone Calls Generated
      174 Vehicles Sold – You know what this means!
      $71,801.30 Campaign Cost –How much spent on Digital Advertising Campaign
      $2.16 Cost per Thousand (CPM)- How much to get 1,000 Impressions
      $2.43 Average Cost per Visitor to dealer’s site
      $31.94 Average Cost per Lead Generated
      $412.65 Average Cost Per Vehicle Retailed (PVR), (compares to $620.55 YTD)
    • 69. Digital Advertising Examples:
      Search Engine Advertising
    • 70. Also called Cost-Per-Click (CPC) andPay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Ads are called “Sponsored Links”
      Digital Advertising:Google Search Engine Advertising
      Content Deleted
    • 71. Also called Cost-Per-Click (CPC) andPay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Ads are called “Sponsored Links”
      Digital Advertising:Yahoo! Search Engine Advertising
      Content Deleted
    • 72. Which Digital Advertising Networks contractually participate in the OEM Program Program?
      Specific Media Advertising Network
      ABC and affiliate stations, CBS Sportsline, Disney Internet Group, E! Online,, Food Network and hundreds more.
      Google Advertising Network
      Site examples: CNN, MySpace, New York Post, Macworld, HowStuffWorks, Univision, AutomotiveForums, Swapalease, Kudzu and thousands more.
      Yahoo! Advertising Network
      Site examples: Ebay Motors, Yahoo! Autos, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Email, Comcast, AT&T,, WebMD, Forbes and thousands more.
      Jumpstart Automotive Media Network
      Site examples: Consumer Guide Automotive, J. D. Power & Associates, NADA Guides,,, Motortrend, Car and Driver and many more.
    • 73. Display Advertising on Consumer Facing Websites
      Digital Advertising Examples:
    • 74. Animated Online Display AdvertisingBehavior Targeted Dealer Ads on National Sites
      Content Deleted
    • 75. Geotargeted Display Advertisement placed on 2009 OEM X F-150 section inside
      Content Deleted
    • 76. OEM X Dealer Display Advertisement placed on 2009 OEM X F-150 section inside
      Content Deleted
    • 77. OEM X Dealer Display Ad placed on consumer info site – Geotargeted within 35 miles of store
      Content Deleted
    • 78. Types of Online Advertising Buys:
      Pay for Placement by Time (fixed monthly fee)
      Pay per Click (PPC or CPC)
      Pay per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
      Pay per Conversion (CPA) Leads & Calls Generated
      How to Get it Done:
      In-House: Do It Yourself
      OEM 2 Day Digital Ad Setup and Training Visit
      OEM Digital Advertising Program for Dealers
      Outside SEM Service Providers & Ad Agencies
      OEM X Dealer Advertising Fund (HDAA) Association
      OEM X OEM Digital Ads
      How does buying Digital Advertising work?Can dealers use online ads to drive Traffic?*
      *Traffic = Showroom, phone and visits to your web sites
    • 79. Page 31
      Digital Advertising How To: Google Adwords
      Content Deleted
    • 80. Every OEM X and OEM Y dealership should have a Google AdWords account for the capability of communicating quickly and cost effectively within their PMA
      Google Adwords is used in:
      DIY Digital Advertising
      OEM Program Training Scope
      OEM Program Managed Campaigns
      Access Requirements & Cost:
      • 81. Valid Credit Card
      • 82. $5 to activate Dealer’s account
    • Even when outsourcing a Search Advertising budget, it’s important to have an Adwords account that can be used for instant marketing communications…
      Google AdWordssupplies coaching and guidance at no charge
    • 83. “We were unable to process your request to add and/or edit your keywords. Adding these keywords would increase your account's total number of keywords beyond a manageable amount. Please add either fewer keywords or reduce the number of existing keywords in your account.”
      Buyer Beware: Tip #17When SEM providers claim “Millions” of Key Words… They are lying! Anyone who has pushed the limits of Google Adwords has seen this message
    • 84. Promoting Your Dealership
      Online and Offline
    • 85. Google Audio (Radio) - Available to Dealers in all 3 tiers of OEM Digital Advertising Program
    • 86. Re-activate Google Audio Ads.Since you last advertised with Audio Ads, we've introduced new tracking and targeting features. Now you can track phone calls, website traffic, conversions, revenue, and more metrics generated by your radio campaign. You can access over 1600 FM and AM radio stations, including stations in local regions as well as Top 10 stations in the largest US markets. Get help from an Audio specialist | Dismiss this message
      Google Audio (Radio) - Available to Dealers in all 3 tiers of OEM Digital Advertising Program
    • 87. When we check on Albuquerque for Rich OEM X, we find 24 Radio Stations have provided Google with direct access to On-Air inventory…
    • 88. What would be available to Rich OEM X, running Radio Spots 24 hours a day, bidding a limit of $5.00 CPM listeners basis?
    • 89. Rich OEM X would get 8,042 spots
      24 radio stations
      Total cost of $10,611$1.59 CPM avg. bid
      Net cost of $1.32 per Spot
      Running Radio 24 hours a day:
    • 90. What if we ran Rich OEM’s Radio Spots ONLY DURING WEEK DAY DRIVE TIME, On 24 Albuquerque & Santa Fe Radio Stations?
    • 91. Running Radio Spots DURING PRIME DRIVE TIME,
      on 23 Radio Stations in Albuquerque/Santa Fe market,
      Rich OEM X would get 3,335 spots at $8,932 total cost,
      $2.13 CPM = $2.68 Average Cost per Drive Time Spot…
      (Dealer was paying $85 for same spots using local radio sales channels)
    • 92. Normally we would check the box “I already have an ad” and then upload our 30 second radio spots to be pushed directly into each stations rotation software and then broadcast
    • 93.
    • 94.
    • 95.
      • With Google Audio, the auction allows bidding on STATION CATEGORY, not call letters, and the terms are CPM not per spot or campaign budget totals…
    • After a OEM X or OEM Y dealer opens their Adwords account, they can see radio stations participating in their local market
    • 96.
    • 97.
    • 98. Houston – Google Radio
    • 99. Houston
    • 100. Digital Advertising How To:
      Google Print – Newspaper Advertising
    • 101. Back to the Campaign Summary Screen, we see that bidding on local newspaper advertising is also available
    • 102. Digital Marketing Print Ads… Let’s see if we could save Rich OEM X any money on buying newspaper display ads.
    • 103. If You MUST Have Newspaper… Try saving thou$ands using Google Print!
    • 104. Do you advertise in San Francisco?Reach more San Francisco customers by advertising in newspapers! We've made it easy to choose from 20 San Francisco area newspapers (from the San Francisco Chronicle to the El Mensajero). Create an ad in minutes, and set a price that's right for you. Learn more | Dismiss this message
      Google Print (newspapers)See what newspapers auction ad space in your market
    • 105. Get local with Google Print AdsTrying to reach customers in Phoenix? We have 14 Phoenix area newspapers from the Arizona Republic to the Navajo-Hopi Observer. We'll even help design and run a newspaper ad campaign with you, based on your goals! Learn more | Dismiss this message
      Google Print (newspapers)See what newspapers auction ad space in your market
    • 106. In this section, we check for newspapers in Rich OEM’s market that have signed up with Google Print
    • 107. Select Newspapers
    • 108. Google Print - Houston
    • 109. Google Print – San Antonio
    • 110. San Antonio Newspapers
    • 111. Google Print - Dallas
    • 112. A step-by-step process allows us to select the section of the newspaper we would like our advertisement to appear in…
    • 113. Next, we select the size of Newspaper Ad we want to run. In this case we know that Rich OEM X likes to own the whole page
    • 114. We bid on the Saturday editions…
      We bid on the Sunday editions…
    • 115. First Google starts selling radio, Then they put Newspaper ads up for auction - Now TV?
    • 116. Digital Advertising How To:
      Google TV – Local Cable TV Advertising
    • 117. $150 a Day for a Dealer to be on Cable TV?
    • 118. Google Incentive Example$2000 Ad Credit to Produce TV Spots…
    • 119. Dealers can use Google Adwords to manage multiple types of advertising campaigns…
    • 120. Digital Advertising How To:
      eNewsletters and Online Chat
    • 121. eNewsletter Marketing to Dealer Email Database
      White Listed – Gets through Spam Filters
      Drives Traffic –Dealer designated websites
      Turnkey - ADP supplies Pro written articles & reviews
      Locally Focused Articles
      Segmented & Targeted by dealer’s customer types
      CAN-SPAM Compliant
      Re-engages Dealer Websites visitors and gets them back to Dealer Websites – Recycled Sales Opportunities!
      Content Deleted
    • 122. Digital Advertising How To:
      OEM X and OEM Y Dealer Advertising Co-op Program
    • 123. Tier III Co-op Program
      Launched April 1, 2008
      Objective: Generate incremental Tier III advertising by reimbursing 50% of qualifying dealer advertising each month
      Eligible Media:
      TV & Cable
      Digital, Magazines
      Direct Mail/Circulars
      Outdoor & Transit
      Newspaper, Radio
      Alliances, Sponsorships & Events
      Internet Advertising
      Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
      Banner & rich media
      Content Deleted
    • 124. Through Oct. 31st:
      If total ad space of a newspaper, magazine, direct mail circular, outdoor/transit, radio, & TV/Cable ad features 50%+ Sonata, Santa Fe of Tiburon, the ad will be reimbursed dollar for dollar
      if the total ad space of an internet ad or sponsorship/alliance/special event features 100% Sonatathe ad will be reimbursed dollar for dollar
      Through 12/31/08, “Clearance” can be used outside of the traditional Model Year Clearance or Year-End Event campaigns
      Notable Co-op Program Enhancements September 2008
    • 125. Tier III Co-op: Getting Started
      Program info available via website
      Program binders shipped to all OEM dealers in July
      Co-op HQ:
      Phone 866-969-8667
      Hours 8:30am – 5:30pm CST
    • 126. OEM X and OEM Y Dealer Advertising Co-op Program
      National advertising, HDAA and HDAA advertising, and your local advertising all play a critical role in moving consumers toward the purchase of a new OEM X or OEM Y vehicle. Through clear, consistent, brand complementary advertising, we can continue to build a powerful marketing presence that enhances our base of satisfied, loyal customers and drives sales growth. To help you create brand-enhancing new-vehicle advertising that keeps current customers coming back, OEM X Motor Company (FMC) and the OEM X and OEM Y Dealer Councils are pleased to launch the OEM X and OEM Y (OEM) Dealer Advertising Co-op Program. All OEM dealers are automatically enrolled in this program.
      Media available today from the OEM X Digital Advertising Program for Dealers
      Media available in the near future from the OEM X Digital Advertising Program
    • 127. Action PlanWhat will you do when you return to your store?
      Check List Items
      Lead Management; Internet, Phone & Showroom
      Download/Print Advertising Guide from
      Assign Roles and Responsibilities; whose job is it?
      Identify What’s Missing
      What’s your message?
      Who’s your target?
      Google Adwords - Set up a dealership account
      Google Adwords Training – Get Adwords Certified
      Too Much? – Then get help from OEM Program Consultant
      Outsource? – OEM Program Program is a trusted resource
    • 128. Dealership Results?
      Examples from the real world of selling OEM X vehicles in today’s market
    • 129. Buying Radio Spots in Phoenix, we ran 4,961 Thirty Second commercials at a total cost of $10,666 resulting in a cost per spot at $2.15 each. The equivalent average cost per spot buying the same Dayparts and reach through local radio media salespeople would have been over $50 per spot
    • 130. Reach More with Less
    • 131. Content Deleted
      Digital Advertising Campaigns using 3 types:
      Digital Audio Campaigns (local radio)
      Site Placement Targeted Campaigns
      Keyword Search Advertising Campaigns
      Albuquerque - Santa Fe, NM MarketJanuary, February and March 2008
      OEM X DA Dealer Pilot & Proof Of Concept
      Rich OEM X Digital Advertising Pilot
    • 132. Digital Advertising for Dealers Case Study – Paid Search and Web Site Display Advertising
      Content Deleted
      PLEASE NOTE: Case Study, your results will vary because no two advertising campaigns generate identical results!
    • 133. Digital Advertising for Dealers Rich OEM X Case Study – Digital Audio Campaigns (Local Radio)
      Content Deleted
      PLEASE NOTE: Case Study, your results will vary because no two advertising campaigns generate identical results!
    • 134. Content Deleted
      Rich OEM X BEFORE
      Previous Month before Digital Ad Campaigns (Nov 21-Dec 29) = Same Days Tracked
      Website 800 Sales Line = 272 Total Calls
    • 135. Content Deleted
      Rich OEM X AFTER
      Increase in Sales Calls
      From Dealer Web Site
      Digital Advertising Campaigns (Jan 21-Feb 29) = Same Days Tracked
      Website 800 Sales Line = 476 total Calls
    • 136. Rich OEM X 2008 Results
      #1 in sales volume for their region in February 2008
      January-April 2008 Sales Performance:
      120 TOTAL NEW CARS 31.9% increase from 2007
      217 TOTAL NEW TRUCKS2.8% increase from 2007
    • 137. Digital Advertising Call To Action
      Go to www.OEMDigital.comand get a no-charge Search Engine Analysis sponsored by OEM’s Digital Marketing Team
      An OEM Digital Advertising specialist from ADP will review results with you.
      Content Deleted
    • 138. “Digital Advertising is like the wild west right now, with all manner of snake oil being peddled to dealers as the latest and greatest digital widget that will cure all that ails your dealership…”
      Dealer Blog Comment
      Buyer Beware
    • 139. Content Deleted
      Value SpendingFor Dealer or Supplier?
      This is an example of a dealer with both a paid Search Advertisement and his site organically listed at the top of the page when the dealership name is searched.
      This is an example of a dealer with both a paid Search Advertisement and his site organically listed at the top of the page when the dealership name is searched.
    • 140. Content Deleted
      Value SpendingSomewhere else!
      In this example, when we searched for Rich OEM X, the dealer’s sites and departments are prominently displayed at the top of the search results without any paid search ads… This frees up the dealer’s ad budget for use where more needed.
      In this example, when we searched for Rich OEM X, the dealer’s sites and departments are prominently displayed at the top of the search results without any paid search ads… This frees up the dealer’s ad budget for use where more needed.
    • 141. 15 Minute Break
    • 142. Welcome Back
    • 143. OEM Home Portal
    • 144. Scott Jones
      Automotive Sales Manager
    • 145. About Specific Media
      • Online ad network created in 1999
      • 146. OEM X Strategic Partner since 2006
      • 147. Charter member of the OEM X Digital Advertising Program
      • 148. Premier network of trusted consumer branded sites
      • 149. Suite of advanced proprietary audience targeting technologies
      • 150. Data insight into 95% of all online consumers
    • Types of On-line Advertising
      • Only bid on words/phrases you want
      • 151. Only pay if customer clicks
      • 152. Task-based behavior, seeking info
      • Primarily text-based advertising
      • 153. Limited choice (Google or Yahoo!)
      • 154. Competing with manufacturer for key words
      • Convey message graphically – better aligned with non-digital ads
      • 155. Target ads to in-market shoppers
      • Unlimited choice – who to choose?
      • 156. Ensuring proper measurement of key actions
    • Does Display Drive Search?
      Based on a study performed by Microsoft in August 2007, a strong connection exists between display and search:
      • Display ads significantly drove search clicks.
      • 157. Display ads had an impact on both search impressions and clicks.
      • 158. Great opportunities exist to increase reach through paid search campaigns.
      • 159. Display drives a significant increase in branded search terms during and after a campaign.
    • Typical San Antonio Online Auto Plan
      Display Plan Lacks Efficient Scale
    • 160. How can I get Efficient Scale?
      Ad Networks
      What are Ad Networks?
      • Collection of on-line ad inventory across many publisher sites
      • 161. Allows advertisers to make a single buy and touch users across the web
      • 162. Ad Networks vary in quality and type of inventory
      • 163. Most networks allow for different types of customer targeting
    • Audience Reach
      Specific Media reaches over 81% of unique in-market car shoppers online, over 11 times greater than other endemic auto sites.
    • 164. Geographic
      Target car buyers in specific locations
      Target prospects whose recent online behaviors indicate high interest in purchasing a car
      Target prospects while they are viewing automotive-related content on the Internet
      Target prospects based on your ideal market demographics
      Target prospects who have already visited your website – leverage all media
      Types of On-line Targeting
    • 165. Retargeting
      Retargeting gives advertisers the power to connect with past website visitors in a simple, cost-effective and non-intrusive way
      The most valuable users on the Internet are the past visitors to your website
      98-99% of website visitors leave without completing a transaction
    • 166. Retargeting
    • 167. Retargeting
    • 168. Behavioral: Data is the Name of the Game
      Baseball Player Who is it?
      Kansas City
      3rd Base
    • 169. Targeting Auto Intenders with Scale
      Publisher A
      Specific Media Universe
      • 1000 name brand publishers
      • 173. 153M+ U.S. unique users
      • 174. 10,775,000 Auto- Heavy Users
      Total US Online Population: 189,134,000 unique users/month
      Source: ©2008 comScore, Inc
    • 175. Tracking User “ABC123” (Heavy Auto User)
      Content Deleted
      Like in the baseball example it takes more than one data point to ensure this is a user we want to target
    • 176. Why Use a Network like Specific Media?
      Buying All Consumers Locally:
      • No targeting or insight – shotgun
      • 177. Several individual buys – no coordination, duplication
      • 178. High funnel strategy vs. selling today
      Specific Media Network:
      • Many of the best local websites
      • 179. Coverage includes local geography only
      • 180. Only buy in-market auto customers
      • 181. Leverage Tier I campaigns/scale
      • 182. Optimize campaign over time
      Target Market
    • 183. Online Advertising Case - Truck Leadership
      • Mid year 2007…Silverado within 5,000 units of X-Series
      • 184. Chevy riding wave of new truck…next X550 still a year away
      • 185. Limited budgets – big broadcast plan not possible (normal course of action)
      • 186. 30 years of Truck Leadership at stake!!!
      Truck Leadership Campaign
      Half – In-Dealership Support (Truth About Trucks)
      Half – Online campaign targeting in-market truck shoppers with SM
      Did This Actually Drive Sales?
    • 187. So…What Happened?
      2007 YTD
      12 mos. 2007
      Content Deleted
      Other Insights:
      • Vehicle Disposed (conquest vs. repeat)
      • 188. Share of Garage (other sales opportunity)
    • Thank You
      Scott Jones
      Automotive Sales Manager
      Specific Media
      603.580.1006 /
    • 189. Turn Key Solution
      OEM Digital Advertising Program for Dealers
    • 190. What is it?
      How does it work?
      Who does the work?
      How much does it cost?
      Why would I use it instead of self managed or other suppliers?
      OEM X and OEM Y Digital Advertising Program for Dealers:The “Turn Key” Solution (#3)
      OEM Program
      Campaign Manager
    • 191. Reputation Management
      Connect Dealers with Customers
      When They Research and Pursue Passions
      withADP provided
      Website Ad Networks
      Connect Dealerswith Customers
      When They Go Beyond Web Sites
      withADP provided
      Digital Buying of Offline Media
      Connect Dealers with Customers
      When They Search Online
      engaging withADP
      Search Advertising
      OEM X and OEM Y Digital Advertising ProgramProvides Dealers with access to a comprehensive and professionally managed solution that utilizes OEM X Motor Company buying power
    • 192. Two Pricing Components:
      $495.00 a month Account Services
      Campaign management
      Professionally produced animated Ads (Flash)
      Weekly/Monthly reporting and conference calls
      OEM Dealer Ad Co-Op Preapproval (when relevant)
      $$$ Media Buying Budget is Determined Monthly
      Monthly media spending limit is listed on contract
      20% of total ad budget is recommended minimum
      OEM X National Pricing on Ad Network Media Buys
      12 month agreement w/30 Day cancellation clause
      OEM X and OEM Y Digital Advertising Program for Dealers “Turn Key” Solution
    • 193. Turn Key Solution
      Maximum (cap) on monthly media buying for dealership is listed on the initial contract
      Planning - OEM Program Virtual Marketing Representative (VMR) Campaign Managers plan each campaign by working directly with dealer
      Execute - VMR’s then execute the campaigns by:
      Develop and get approvals on all creative
      Traffic Ads on the Internet (network & site placements)
      Report - Review monthly performance with dealer to determine next month’s campaign activities and media mix allocation
    • 194. ADP has assigned a team of highly trained, experienced digital advertising professionals to manage campaigns for OEM X and OEM Y dealers who participate in the OEM Program Managed Solution.
      The Virtual Marketing Representative (VMR) communicates with dealers:
      • Weekly reports and conference calls
      • 195. Approval of campaign creative
      • 196. Manage budget to results
      • 197. Monitor performance by network
      • 198. Monitor performance by campaign
      • 199. Be the dealer’s marketing manager
      ADP Digital Team
    • 200. Targets 7 key “in-market” consumer behaviors
      Popular websites display dealer advertising campaigns
      Get a quote
      Virtual test drive
      Search vehicle inventory
      Trade-in value
      Specific make/model search
      Special financing
      Display Advertising: Flash Banner Ads
      Example of a 728 x 90 size Animated Flash-based Display Ad
      Content Deleted
      Example of a 300 x 250 size Display Ad
      (Animated Flash)
    • 201. Turn Key Solution
      Content Deleted
    • 202. Skyscraper Display Ad
    • 203. Leaderboard Display Ad
    • 204. Inline (Rectangle) Display Ad
    • 205. See Examples of Animated OEM Program Program Ads by clicking on thumbnails
      Content Deleted
    • 206. The biggest mistake would be to do nothing!
      Key Dealership Action Items
    • 207. Question and Answer Panel
    • 208. Surf and search the web, learn the landscape
      Dealership Name
      City Name and OEM X OEM Y or model
      Non OEM X OEM Y competitors name
      Open Google Ad Words Account
      Page 12 of Digital Advertising Guide
      Request Free analysis on
      Key Dealership Action Items
    • 209. Content Deleted