SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-group: Avalanche


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SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-group: Avalanche

  1. 1. SFSU ISYS 363-01 FALL 2013-F13R GROUP: AVALANCHE
  2. 2. Introduction Collaboration has a different meaning compared to just 5 or 10 years ago. In 1979, when Bell South created the advertising theme “reach out and touch someone”, I’m sure they never imagined what that idea would mean in 2013. Collaboration through technology became tools to help solve problems, make decisions, and present ideas among groups. Tools Considered for Collaboration SkyDrive-File synchronization Prezi-Presentations Mighty Meeting-Video AffinityLive-Workflow Management Podio-Application Integration
  3. 3. Features Needed: SkyDrive Prezi Mighty Meeting AffinityLive Podio Slideshows, online viewing of office files, location and people tagging Presentation media, Zooming User Interface, Online collaboration feature Real-time content synchronization, whiteboard sharing, video conferencing Database centralization, client personalization, CRM App integration, project management, built in marketplace To be expected: User friendly, video conferencing, document sharing capabilities, developed security programs/systems, regular program updates with new features, reliable customer support Criteria Selection: Video conferencing, user friendly, established customer base, around the clock customer support, online collaboration features, file sharing and storage Market Leaders: SkyDrive & Mighty Meeting
  4. 4. SkyDrive Pros Cons O Free service of up to 7 GB of storage that can be openly accessed via file sharing. Can be supported with word Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. O SkyDrive is completely integrated with Microsoft office O Can be shared on Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and most importantly LinkedIn. O Have to purchase memory if you want more than the 7GB that it comes with O Severe Filename limitations make it nearly impossible for companies that want to use it as a cloud based file Storage. O Cannot be supported on XP
  5. 5. Prezi Pros Cons O Free, Web-Based, Non-linear presentation software that allows movement to become a part of the presentation which employs a Zooming User Interface (ZUI). Give presentations that wow factor. O Features an online collaboration tool that allows up to ten people to co-edit their presentations in real-time. Available for iPad, and allows user to download Prezi’s for off-line use. O User can add several types of media files such as image, audio, and video. Prezi’s may be embedded into web pages and blogs. O Learning curve for those that are use to linear presentations such as PowerPoint. It may take some time to become familiar with the Zooming feature. O Not easy to print handouts, it’s difficult to position shapes exactly as they are on screen, so the user may resort to using screen shots. O Limited design options with the free version regarding the backgrounds and fonts. Cost for the off-line desktop version is $159 a year.
  6. 6. Mighty Meeting Pros Pros O Mighty Meeting will work on any platform (Windows, iOS, Android) O Real-time content Synchronization while using all different devices (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop). O This product can be used at any time and from any location. O Only allows 6 users to Video conference at the same time. Could be a problem with larger groups at school or work. O Occasional Glitches when using Video and Whiteboard synchronization O Free version provides limited services that may be necessary for business use.
  7. 7. AffinityLive Pros Cons O AffinityLive works with many other applications such as GoogleApps and Microsoft Exchange O Able to track and manage projects, create and send invoice, and track reports. O Able to integrate with Quickbooks and social media pages to enhance user experience. O Does not offer any video or voice conference. O Basic subscription is too similar to other services a higher cost O Advance features for businesses requires higher subscription cost
  8. 8. Podio Pros Cons O App is free or $9 a month for unlimited O Can structure and customize the apps O Don’t need to use email O Can’t sort out the companies apps alphabetically O The service often drops when your phone does O Random updates will appear on the android or apple software
  9. 9. And the winners are……. SkyDrive MightyMeeting
  10. 10. References www.prezi.com Prezi - Advantages and Disadvantages - Instructional Tech Talk instructionaltechtalk.com/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-prezi Jeff Herb Prezi-Pros and Cons | Megan Kruse's Blog megankruse.wordpress.com/2010/05/24/24 Mighty Meeting http://blog.mightymeeting.com/ http://www.computerworld.co.nz/article/489775/app_review_mightymeeting/ http://www.webosnation.com/app-review-mighty-meeting-touchpad