Lab'InSight 11-12-2012 Biomass to Energy CTA-TeTTRA


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Lab'InSight 11-12-2012 Biomass to Energy CTA-TeTTRA

  1. 1. Technology Transfer and Recruiting in Rural Areas December 11th,2012 (Strée-Modave)
  2. 2. TeTRRA: SUMMARY• Duration project: 3 years, possible 4 years• Start: 2010-10-1• Funding: Interreg IV-A and national co-financing (except for Limburg, the Netherlands)• Partners: 12: including Zuyd Hogeschool, FH Aachen and Universiteit HasseltCommon goals: The stimulation of Innovation- and Technology transfer in rural areas in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion and the SME‘s
  3. 3. TeTRRA: PARTNERS AND ASSOCIATED PARTNERSThose 12 partners gave their all for your interests: adjacent areasAssociated partners:Germany: HIMO Innovationszentrum, IHK Aachen, KreisDüren, WFG Kreis Heinsberg, Kreis EuskirchenBelgium: Innovatech, Interface Université de Liège,Fondation Rurale de WallonieNetherlands: Kamer van Koophandel, TechnologiezentrumZuyd-Limburg TCZL
  4. 4. TeTRRA: ISSUEWhere are the sticking points Do you think it‘s important that your innovative enterprise has access to the latest knowhow and cooperates with universities (of applied sciences) to be able to succesfully entre into world-wide competition? Do you know the Meuse-Rhine Euregion has numerous universities and universities of applied sciences and other research institutes? Do you want to take advantage of those favorable circumstances? Do you want to keep close contact and an intense cooperation with actors from the scientific world? Is it worth a lot to have a direct and informal contact with future employees? Just to get ahead in this time of shortage of high skilled people.
  5. 5. TeTRRA: OBJECTIVESStimulate the transfer of technology and the cooperation betweenuniversities and the innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SME) in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion.To reinforce the exchange of applied science between universities andbusiness/industry.Stimulate and deepen contacts and networks among the companies.Tackle the shortage of highly skilled and well educated staff.
  6. 6. TeTRRA: RELAIS-STATIONWhat we actually do for you! Relais-stations are there for you in your region to advise you and to provide you information. Through individual talks with entrepreneurs we: - get knowledge of your specific needs. - find the right partner to cooperate with. - find the scientific partner to transfer a technology. We support you finding bachelor- and master study assignments like subjects for final projects, traineeships. We support you finding trainees, examination candidates for your company.
  7. 7. TeTRRA: RELAIS-STATION IN PROVINCE OF LIEGEBasse-Meuse Développement (BmD)rue Perreau 18/01, B-4680 OUPEYETél. : + 32 (0)4 264 31 80 - Fax: + 32 (0)4 264 35 - www.bassemeuse.beGroupement Régional Economique Ourthe-Amblève (GREOA)Place de Chézy 1, B-4920 HARZETél. : + 32 4 384 67 88 - Fax : + 32 4 384 74 - www.greoa.beMeuse-Condroz-Hesbaye (MCH)Avenue Delchambre 5, B-4500 HUYTél.: + 32 85 21 36 36 – Fax: +32 85 25 – www.mchonline.beWirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft (WFG) OstbelgiensHütte – 79/20, B-4700 EupenTél.: +32 87 56 82 01- Fax: +32 87 74 33 –
  8. 8. TeTRRA: OTHER ACTIONS (1/2)Participation at events, in which you may be interestedWe give you free access to TechnologyAtlas .
  9. 9. TeTRRA: OTHER ACTIONS (2/2)As part of „Profs on tour“ professors and university teachers visit yourcompany, which gives you the opportunity to present yourself and yourcompany in your own environment.As part of the activity „Campus meets companies“ groups of students exploreyour company through study visits. Such arrangements make it much easier toget in contact with potential professional employees.„Companies meet campus“ brings your company direct to a university via a„Roadshow“. This activity gives you the opportunity to meet professors anduniversity teachers. (KIB for instance)